I’m a rent boy, prostitute. I rent my time and body to anyone that is prepared to pay for sex. What they get from me depends on what they pay.  I don’t care what folk call me or think about me I enjoy my work, and get paid.

I’m Aaron 22 years old 130lbs 5’ 8" tall swimmers body.

It had been a long hard week, literally hard. 2 of my regular clients had been in town on business. Fortunately on different days so I could escort both. My first client was a married 38-year-old guy, with an insatiable sexual appetite and loads of money. He had me for 2 nights. My other client was Pete 58 year old Grandfather. I spent 3 days and nights with him. He likes the company of young guys to fuck and take out, he is more gentle with me. My regular and casual clients help pay the bills so I don’t need to do any other kind of work. 

Sex with my clients was good but I just did not get that excitement anymore, it didn’t deliver the adrenaline surge I craved for. It was taking more and more to satisfy me. I was prepared to take the risk to get that satisfaction. I want a gang of guys to physically over power me and have control of me. Make me do what they want me too. I want them to treat me like shit to physically and verbally abuse me for their enjoyment, No role play, for real so I experience a mixture of both fear and sex.   

I knew just the bar, it’s a straight bar in a run down part of town. I had been in it before with the very same thoughts but chickened out and left. Now I was more desperate to satisfy my needs. I knew a buddy that had experienced what I was looking for one night when he went to the bar.

I had an alcoholic drink to help control my nerves before I made my way to the bar. I pushed open the bar door my ears were blasted by the boisterous noise and a sudden rush of warm sweaty smoky air that hit me.  You could smell the testosterone in the air. Some of the guys had mean unpleasant looks on their faces as they looked to see who was coming through the door. I was a fresh new face invading their territory an area they controlled and which they considered belonged to them. They were a rough rowdy unpleasant looking mob of guys

I made a quick scan of the guys avoiding making eye contact. Heads were turning and looking in my direction I could sense their eyes looking me up and down as I nervously approached the bar. The barman looked at me quizzically as if he thought I had drifted in by mistake. I ordered a beer and stood at the bar. I idly looked around taking quick glances. Fuck my nerves were giving way.  I had not been there long and was about to chicken out agen when a guy came up to the bar. I tried to not make eye contact with him. He tapped me on the shoulder a feeling of fear shot through me. He looked directly into my eyes. "Not seen you in here before dude". "No, I’ve not been in here before" (I was lying) he patted me on the shoulder and laughed, he held out his hand," I’m Eddy," he said. I held my hand out and said, "I’m Aaron."  He squeezed my hand so tight that I winced, he grinned at my reaction.  

"Let me get you a drink what you having?" Eddy asked.  "Same again," I said nervously as I raised the bottle to let him see what I was drinking. The barmen looked at Eddy then gave me a concerned look as he handed me my beer. Eddy pointed to a table where a group of guys were sitting. They were talking among themselves and glancing at me. "You want to join us?" Eddy asked.  "Ok", I said. Eddy turned to lead me over to the table, I looked at the barmen he still had that concerned look on his face as he shook his head from side to side and mouthed "don’t go." I had butterflies in my stomach and my body was experiencing a sense of fear it had never experienced before. I wasn't sure what I'd just agreed to

I guessed Eddy to be about 32 years old 6’ 4" 190 lbs. athletic muscular body. He wore a shirt with the sleeves rolled up revealing his tattooed arms.  Looked to be the sort of guy you would not want to upset. When we got to the table he said, "this is Aaron he’s all alone so I invited him over to join us."  

There were 7 of them, they looked to be the same age as Eddy they were all slim muscular guys. They looked like they had not washed or shaved for days. They had a disheveled look about them, the living rough look. They were a noisy expressive gang of guys. Cursing and shouting. The alcohol was at work. They were smoking, deep inhaling then continuing a conversation in-between blowing smoke down their nostrils and out their mouth. Several empty bottles stood on the table. Fuck this was a testosterone-laden bunch of guys.

Eddy sat me down next to him he placed his arm over my shoulder and kept turning towards me. His face was right up to mine I could smell the alcohol and cigarette smoke on his breath. They were laughing and joking at anything and everything. Rough wild boisterous bunch of guys. Glancing in my direction now and then with a sinister grin on their faces. As Eddy laughed and swayed he kept pulling my face close to his so his stubble which felt like sandpaper brushed my cheek. He got more articulate and tactile. Stroking my back with his hand. I felt his hand inside my shirt stroking my naked back. Now and then he would turn and smile at me and ask if I was ok. I felt him trying to push his hand inside the waistband of my Jeans so he could stroke my naked ass. Having failed he stroked his hand over my jeans giving my ass cheek a squeeze making me look eye ball to eye ball with him. It sent a shudder through the whole of my body. 

Having failed to get entry into my jeans he started to stroke my thighs and unbutton my shirt, all the time shouting and laughing with his buddies. ' His large hand explored my chest and tweaked my nipples. Then his hand traveled on down.  I felt his hand brush over my boner. I looked at him face to face he must have seen the fear on my face.  My hands were on my cock in an instant even though I knew it was too late to conceal.  Eddy shouted at me, "GET THOSE HANDS AWAY, YOU FUCKING QUEER!"  Hearing Eddy, the guys looked at us. 

He unzipped my jeans reached in with his hand and groped me, squeezing my balls and wrapping his hands round my rock hard cock. I continued to struggle as I did he squeezed my balls tighter, "hold still you fucking cock lover, or I’ll rip ya fucking balls off." The fucking pain was unbearable; I soon submitted to his command and stopped struggling. Eddy looked at me and said, "you’re a fucking cute looking kid." He leaned over and shoved his tongue in my mouth kissing me hard. I pulled away as I did I could see the other guys looking and grinning among themselves. "When I saw you standing at the bar I told the guys you were a fucking queer, a queer with a sexy ass that wants fucking. Am I right?"  He squeezed my balls making me grimace and inhale. "WELL!"  He shouted at me as he looked in my face. "Yeaaaa yeah." I managed to say.  He released hold of my balls and said, "Ok drink up we’ll go."  "Where?" I asked. "You don’t need to know," he said 

My heart was racing I started to tremble and breath heavily. I have never felt so scared.  I was having a massive adrenaline rush. Fuck what was I letting myself in for. Eddy had his arm over my shoulder as we walked out the bar.  I glanced over at the barmen as we left he glanced at me and immediately looked away. He either thought he could not do anything to help me or I was going voluntary. 

It was a warm evening with a full moon. With the light of the moon it was easy to see. We walked for about 500yds then we turned down an overgrown path. My body was shaking and my heart was beating faster than ever.  At the end of the path was a derelict house. Old armchairs and a table stood in the yard, Is this where they live? Eddy said  "Strip the gay boy,"  They started to push me about I was being manhandled and slapped around.  I was being mauled by a bunch of wild guys who were cursing and shouting sexual innuendoes at me, as they stripped me naked. I was experiencing the ultimate fear and sexual arousment for the first time in my life. They could see the fear in my wide-open eyes, which encouraged them to be more aggressive towards me.

I was laying naked, prone on the floor when one of them grabbed my hair and pulled me to a standing position.  A hand grabbed me at the back of my neck another hand slid over my belly. It was Eddy he was naked. I felt his hairy chest press up against my back as he pulled my ass into his crotch. He bent me slightly forward as he leaned into me. I could feel his hard cock between my legs, which made me look down. Fuck I could see the large bulbous head of his thick long hard cock pocking out between my legs. I felt his fingers exploring the crack of my ass searching for my hole. I shuddered as his fingers brushed over my anus. His fingers circled the rim of my ass then his fat finger penetrated my hole. 

First one then 2 then 3 fingers. "You’re a tight bitch," he said. He bent me over more, then he reached down and grabbed my balls with his hand and slightly squeezed them. With his other hand he directed the head of his cock towards my hole, pressing on it with all his force making me yelp out.  I instantly moved away from the pain. "KEEP STILL, YOU FUCKING WHORE," he shouted as he squeezed my balls harder, making me grimace and moan. He pressed harder trying to force the head of his cock into my hole.  Every time he did I struggled to pull away only to have my balls squeezed even more, which made me submit to his thrusting. I started to sweat and had tears in my eyes as he relentlessly tried to penetrate me. With a real aggressive thrust the bulbous head of his cock slipped in. The guys were watching as they stripped ready to fuck me.   

Eddy had one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip. He must have been looking down at his cock when he said, His cock looks and feels good sticking in my tight ass. "Look boys."  They gathered round looking at Eddy’s thick hard cock with just the head inside my hole. Eddy had both hands on my shoulders. I could feel his gentle thrusting as his cock slowly penetrated my hole. I was squirming and yelping as it stretched and penetrated my gut deeper. He slapped my ass cheeks and told me to hold still. "Push back you fucking bitch."  My sphincter was resisting I pushed back as he thrust.  I was experiencing excruciating pain. He held me tightly around my waist. His cock suddenly surged full length into my gut making me throw my head back and scream out loud. I pushed on his belly with my hand. He pushed my hand away and slapped me hard on my back. 

We were moving forward with each thrust. Eddy with his hands on my shoulder pulled me back to get a better penetration. He moved his arm around my waist so I was not able to pull away. He continued to thrust up and down deep inside me until his body convulsed.  I felt a warm sensation as he squirted loads of hot sperm into my gut. Pain gave way to a feeling of pure pleasure as he held me tight.  His cock squirted every last drop deep into me. He stood there stroking his hands over my naked chest and belly. Pressing his naked hairy chest on my back. His hairy body was such a contrast to my own smooth body. My legs were trembling as I pressed my ass hard into his crotch.  My cock was painfully hard, ready to burst. Eddy was stroking my thighs, hips and chest. I could feel his coarse tongue licking the nape of my neck when I started to inhale and exhale rapidly I suddenly ejaculated. My cock shot strands of cum out my pee slit. The guys were laughing as they competed to catch my juice in their hands, then make me lick it from the palms of their hands.  "Fuck that was so enjoyable," Eddy said. 

He leaned his head over my shoulder. I felt his hand on the back of my head. He pressed his lips against mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth and kissed me hard.  I felt a sharp pain in my gut as he quickly withdrew his cock and pushed me away from him. "FUCK THE BASTARD," he shouted. Eddy liked impressing his buddies by showing how he could dominate and control me. Instantly I was grabbed from behind and bent over. I was penetrated instantly, making me scream out. I instantly struggled to fight him off, "'Calm down boy you aren't going anywhere until we’ve all fucked you." I squirmed and tried my best to breathe slowly and control myself. As I should do, after all I was only getting done to me what I wanted. I know this is mad, stupid and risky, yet at the same time it’s so fucking exhilarating. (They had used 7 cards from a pack to decide in which order they would fuck me. Ace to 7, ace to fuck me first and so on.) 

They all fucked me roughly having no respect for me. I was just a fuck to them. They held me tight fucking me in a standing position until my legs weakened and gave way, causing me to fall to my knees. The fucking did not stop they even started to fuck my face. All the time Eddy sat smoking and swigging back beer. He had a sinister grin on his face. When they had all fucked me once it was free for all. They fucked me as many times as they could and wanted too. Then they sat around smoking and drinking and verbally insulting me. I lay there with bite marks on my neck and shoulders. Bruised arms and legs from the rough handling and scratch marks from their finger nails. Sore nipples from being sucked hard and bitten. A sore ass, leaking their sperm juices. My throat was sore with a salty piss taste in my mouth. (Some of them had just pissed before they skull fucked me)

Eddy rolled me over so I was on my back then lifted my legs up and rested them on his shoulders. He leaned into me thrusting into me and pounding my ass. Drawing all the way out then thrusting all the way back in. He fucked me for what seemed ages before he shot another load into me. I ejaculated again when he was fucking me. I had been fucked continuously for hours I just lay there exhausted hardly able to move. With a feeling of ecstasy running through the veins of my body.  

Eddy knelt down near me and stroked his hands slowly over my back and butt and down my legs sending a intense sensation through the whole of my body. I could see his semi hard cock and balls swinging between his hairy legs. He slapped my ass several times really hard making me yelp. "The boys hadn’t fucked in a while so they will sleep well. Then when they wake we fuck you some more." "MORE!! Fuck this was far more than the fantasy that I had always dreamed of."  Eddy told the guys to lift me up and carry me into the house. They tied my hands behind my back and tied my ankles. They carried me into a room threw me onto a dirty grubby mattress. Eddy looked down at me and said, "we don’t want you getting away from us till we fucked you some more, do we." They closed and bolted the door there were no windows in the room I was in total darkness as I lay there. Fuck it had been more than what I could ever have wished for. I lay there with a mixture of fear pain and absolute pleasure running through the veins of my body, and there was still more to come!!!!!!!…………….  



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