Jacob woke first and glanced over at Scott who was still peacefully sleeping. It was not a dream, he was still there and still as gorgeous as he had been the night before. Jacob propped himself up on his elbow and just watched as Scott's smooth chest rose and fell with each silent breath he took. He could not get over how beautiful Scott looked and how fast he had fallen in love with him. So many things were going through his mind. Was he going to fast for Scott? Was he going to fast for him? Was this real or was it just because he had been alone for so long that the mere company was enticing him? All those questions seemed meaningless whenever he looked at Scott. He vowed he was not going to ask any more questions, it felt right, in fact in felt like nothing he had ever felt before. He had not noticed it before but Scott must have been having one hell of a dream as his cock was standing straight up and bobbing around like it had the night before while he had been teasing him.

Jacob decided that Scott had slept long enough and that it was time to wake him up. His plan for waking Scott up was sure to be met with no objections, or at least he hoped that to be the case. Jacob leaned over and gently nuzzled his new lover, kissing his neck, his arms and his smooth chest. He nibbled on Scott's ears and slid his hand under the sheet to find that man meat he had come to love the night before. Scott moaned a little but was still sleeping as Jacob started down the path to nirvana. He tongued each of Scott's nipples, getting them hard and then nibbled to make sure they would stay that way. Down further as if Scott's cock was calling to him. That happy trail, it had to be that hairline that kept leading Jacob to the spot he knew he wanted to be.

He pushed back the blanket revealing Scott's throbbing cock and tightened ball sack and realized that this would be a quick session as it looked like Scott was well on his way with the little help that Jacob had given to now. Scott stirred, more probably from the change in temperature but none the less he moved. Jacob took the opportunity to go down on his new lover. He wanted no excuses and wanted to make sure there was no way that Scott would be able to stop him. He slid his hot moist mouth over Scott's throbbing pole and continued down until he had the entire huge length of Scott in him. His tongue swirled around the head and teased the underside. You know the spot, that sensitive little ridge of skin that makes any male quiver when it is attended to. That was all that Scott's subconscious could take, it needed to be awake so that it could participate in the feeling and excitement that was building. Scott's hand involuntarily went down to his gyrating crotch and he was stunned to find someone there. Up until now he was dreaming, he had no idea that his dreams of Jacob going down on him were stimulated by the actual blowjob he was getting. He quickly grew accustomed to the fact Jacob was giving him head and moaned loudly. Oh baby, honey you are going to make me cum, slow down baby please?

Jacob would have no part of slowing down. It had been his intent to drive Scott over the edge and he knew this would be a quick session, but he also wanted to please his new lover and not allow selfishness to get in the way so slow down he did. He pulled his mouth off of Scott's cock and slid his tongue back up his lovers smooth body. He could taste the hint of salt, sweat from the night before and what was starting now as well. He passionately kissed Scott and reluctantly pulled away to wish him a good morning. Morning to you too baby, now kiss me I need you so bad, don't start teasing me first thing in the morning. Jacob giggled, honey you told me to slow down, you really need to make up my mind. Scott grabbed Jacob by the shoulders and pushed down on them. Guess you made up your mind hey baby? As Jacob let the tip of his tongue touch Scott's quivering dick Scott pushed up with his hips. He needed to feel Jacob's hot mouth. Jacob pulled his head back, oh no you don't sweet thing. I want that cock of yours in my ass honey. If it feels half as good as you were feeling while I was in you last night I need to feel that now. Scott reached over to the end table grabbed a condom and covered his pre cum slicked cock, lubed the condom to assist his lover who by his own admission was a top and really had never bottomed for anyone and proceeded to stroke his cock to a rock hard throbbing member for his lover to sit on.

Jacob needed no encouragement as he straddled Scott, took his lover's cock in his fist and guided it to his twitching hole. As he prepared to impale himself on that huge cock he looked down at Scott who was looking at him so admiringly. Go slow honey take as long as you need, I want you to enjoy this so much. Jacob, half moaning and half hissing from the pain of the head entering him told Scott not to worry, he was going to enjoy this like no one ever had. With that said he relaxed his body and just dropped down burying all that cock all at once. Between the moans and groans Scott was not sure how Jacob was dealing but it soon became obvious. Jacob started rocking on his cock back and forth, side to side then he would push up and drop back down again. All that came from Jacob's mouth were mutters, groans and an occasional O God this Feels so fucking good.

All the movement in all the directions was making it impossible for Scott to control anything especially the impending orgasm. He begged and pleaded with Jacob to slow down but Jacob was lost in the lust of it all. He was driving himself up and down, his hands sliding up and down first Scott's torso then his own. Pleading, Scott tried one last time to slow Jacob down, 'honey please slow down I can not hold back any longer'. Jacob just drove down harder and faster and in a hissing voice begged Scott to fill him.

With one final thrust upward of Scott's hips and one final plunge by Jacob's sex quivering body they both began to dump their man seed. Scott was filling the condom to the maximum capacity and as Jacob felt the throbbing increase in his ass, he started jetting his thick pearly juice all over his lovers chest managing to hit him on his chin once. He was amazed at the amount of cum that he had covered his lover with, more than he had ever done in the past.

The other thing that was amazing him was the how horny he still was, still riding Scott like he was never getting this hot cock again. Though Jacob would have liked to go on forever Scott was done and there would be no more riding for Jacob. He leaned forward letting Scott come out of him and kissed him. 'Baby now that is how I want to wake up every morning', Scott told Jacob. Jacob giggled, tweaked Scott's nipples and pulled the full condom off of his lovers cock. Scott jumped up, holy shit baby I have to piss so bad I can taste eat. Meet me in the shower, honey. I think we could both use it don't you. Jacob followed Scott, realizing that this all seemed so natural, so right and he was certain that he, after all the years of searching had finally found Mr. Right.

Jacob stood fidgeting behind Scott and moaned about how bad he had to go too. Scott, laughed, 'we just got done having sex, yeah know my dick up your ass and now you are going to be shy about peeing in front of me. Baby you have some very funny quirks.'Jacob realized that his shyness was a little silly and stood next to Scott to relieve himself as well. 'See that was not so bad now was it, silly. And look I did not even pee on you.'Scott chided Jacob. They both got done pissing and got into the shower to clean up from the last 24 hours of sex, or at least that was the plan.

No sooner had they gotten into the shower when both started getting hard again. Jacob commented on the fact that Scott was getting hard and stated that he must not have had sex in a year. 'NO that is not it baby, I see that ass and my cock gets to thinking that it is much warmer in there and decides to head that way. The little guy isn't stupid ya know.'Scott giggled, 'Honey I don't know if he is stupid but I know one thing, he is far from little, trust me I know.'Scott asked chidingly, 'does that mean that you don't want it in you again, that can be arranged you know'? Scott you know that is not true, now if your little guy needs to get warm I suggest you let him do just that, it would be a shame for me to have to report you for abuse.

Scott stepped up close behind Jacob and started pressing his throbbing meat into Jacob's ass crack, teasing him with the head passing over his man pussy but not letting it enter, even when Jacob would push back attempting to impale himself again. Patience baby, we have all day, I want to please you so that you will never want another man, another cock or for that matter even leave the house. Scott slid his arms around his lover gently touching every part of Jacob's quivering body. It would be his turn to tease to the limits today. He owed Jacob some serious payback for the previous night. Jacob laid his head back against Scott, turning and offering his tongue for his lover to suck on.

The game was on, Scott would tickle Jacob's hole with the head of his dick and as soon as Jacob would start to push against it he would pull away. Over and over this was happening but Jacob was starting to like it. The feeling in his ass was starting to be something he had never experienced with toys or anything for that matter. It felt like his entire hole was on fire, like little zaps of electricity firing off, and the feelings were traveling through his entire body. The mere touch of Scott's gentle hand to his nipples would send him off moaning, arching his back and begging for Scott to give him what he needed.

Scott was enjoying the control he had over Jacob, he was making this strong virile construction worker beg like a sissy, whining for his cock like he was suffering from withdrawals. It was a wonderful feeling that was making him feel more powerful than he ever had, enough so that he was not sure he wanted to give in at all but in all fairness he knew had teased long enough. Jacob was sliding his own fingers into his twitching ass now just to satisfy his twitching hole, his hands were sliding over every inch of his body, driving himself closer and closer to orgasm. If Scott was not going to please him he was going to please himself and Scott wanted no part of that. 'Are you ready for my fat cock slamming into that little slut hole of yours, are you, are you,' Scott half screaming at Jacob. 'Please, Scott Please fuck me like the little cheap slut that I am, drive me so fucking hard that I feel your meat in my throat.'That was all that Scott could stand, his lover was giving him just what he needed, he was giving in and begging for his pole and Scott was more than happy to oblige.

With a single thrust, Scott impaled his lover on his cock. There was a yelp and then a guttural moan that came deep from Jacob's throat. For a second Scott was afraid that he had hurt him and started to back off but realized that Jacob was not letting that happen. Scott grabbed his lovers hair and pulled him back, put his other hand around Jacobs waste and started driving in deep pounding thrusts. The harder he drove the harder Jacob would push back against him. No matter how much of his cock he was giving him Jacob wanted and needed more. Every thrust was met with a counter thrust, every drive was met by a more insistent push against the meat invading him. The power Scott felt from his punishment was intoxicating, giving him more desire than he had ever had for anyone else ever.

As if Jacob's asshole was getting a mind of it's own, the muscles began moving, constricting onto Scott's massive meat, letting loose and constricting again. This was something that Scott was not ready for and finally Jacob was gaining some control. The thrusts were just as deep but Scott could not will himself to pull back, the sensation was like thousands of little fingers and tongues tickling and teasing every inch of his cock. His control over his cock was slipping fast as well as his control over Jacob. Without warning his cock jetted off, spraying the insides of Jacob's ass with more cream than he had dumped earlier in the morning. With the flood of cum spraying his insides Jacob relaxed and let his lovers orgasm subside. He wanted to cum but he wanted Scott to taste it, to feel it shooting down his throat so he would patiently wait for him to finish.

Scott must have read Jacob's thoughts for without any warning he pulled out of Jacob's well used ass, turned him around and in a single swallow took all of his meat in his hot throat. He sucked, licked, tickled and drew Jacob into him. He was thirsting for the cum as much as Jacob was wanting to deliver it. He slid three fingers into Jacobs ass to help the feelings along and within minutes Jacob was fucking his face with such a fury he feared a bloody nose. His fingers driving into that fucked ass were all Jacob could feel. More sensations as Scott would push his fingers in deep and then spread them wide, opening Jacobs ass like it was Jell-O. Jacob was there, his cock was there, the cum needed to go. Grabbing the back of Scott's head he held him firmly to his bush and started dumping explosion after explosion of cum into his lovers waiting throat. Load after load flowed down Scott's throat and though he tried to pull back Jacob's grip was too tight. He wanted to taste it but would have to wait for the clean up, Jacob was not going to release his head until his balls were completely empty.

Finally Jacob released his death grip on Scott's head and Scott cleaned the remaining cum from Jacob's head. Both spent they slid down the wall of the shower and lay against each other, their tongues probing each others mouths, the water running over the sex spent bodies. Jacob broke away from the passionate kiss, kissed his new lovers forehead and looked straight into his dreamy eyes.

Last night I told you I thought I was falling in love well today I can tell you the fall is complete. Please move in with me, be my lover. With a single kiss and a gleam in his eye, Scott simply answered, 'you are stuck with me for as long as you will let me. I love You Jacob.


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