Jacob grabbed his lighter and lit the candles that he had placed all around his bedroom while Scott took off his shoes and socks, pulled off his half shirt and sat on the bed. Jacob melted as he shut off the light and saw his new lover in the candlelight. The soft light made this sweet thing look even nicer though Jacob did not think that was possible. What had started as lust seemed to be changing so quickly. He thought to himself he might just of met the man of his life, at a liquor store no less. He was funny, had a great sense of humor, was easy to talk to and the list just went on.

Scott picked up on Jacob's deep thinking. Is something wrong? You look very far away. No baby not at all I was just thinking that is all, how could anything be wrong. Scott would not leave it there, though Jacob was certainly hoping that he would. What are you thinking about Jacob, if I moved to fast Jacob we don't need to go any further. I always move to fast, I am sorry. Jacob moved up, standing directly in front of him, with a finger under his chin gently lifted Scott's head so he could look into his baby blue eyes. Baby I was thinking that I was falling in love with you. You are not moving too fast, I have never wanted a man as much as I want you. Not just for a good time but for a long time. I would say forever but I don't believe in forever's, things change that we have no control over and forever's only set us up to fail.

With that said Jacob went to back away but that was not about to happen. Scott pulled him closer to him, slid his hands under Jacob's tank top raising it enough so that he could gently nuzzle and kiss his stomach. Jacob was lost; Scott's gentleness was bringing him to places that he had never been before. Yeah he had been with others in relationships before but never like this, never so much feeling, and never so much honesty. It was overwhelming yet wonderful, scary yet so divine. Stopping his gentle kisses he looked up at Jacob with eyes that just seemed to be pouring out emotion, I am so happy Jacob, and the tears started to flow. Jacob was confused, okay I guess this is a new way of showing happiness, why are you crying. Scott sobbed softly, I am happy Jacob. I have been in love with you for so long I don't remember when the feelings started. I am crying because nothing this good has ever happened to me. You are a dream. You are beautiful, funny, sweet, caring and realizing he was starting to sound like he came straight out of a harlequin romance decided he should lighten things up a little, plus being a size queen you have that base covered easily. They both laughed and Jacob climbed on the bed straddling Scott and kissed him on the top of the head. Oh good doggy hey Jacob, does that mean I get a treat for being a good boy. Yes you do Scott how bout a beef flavored bone. They giggled like little kids as Scott fell back onto the bed pulling Jacob on top of him.

In those quick five minutes Jacob realized that everything had changed inside him. Lust was replaced with a feeling not familiar to him but one that he knew. When this night started he was thinking of himself and getting his nut off, now he was thinking of Scott lying there so vulnerable and beautiful. Now this did not mean that he was not horny oh he was that alright but it was in a different way. For the first time he was getting excited thinking about giving someone else pleasure instead of just popping his load off. Scott was going nuts under Jacob; he wanted to feel his new lover so badly. He started pushing his hips up, grinding against him and moaning, quietly begging Jacob. Honey please take me, I want you to have every inch of me to do as you wish. I want to make you the happiest man in the world. Jacob realized that the tender moments would go on but now he only wanted to please the young man under him. Baby I will never take you, we will take each other and with that slid his tongue back into Scott's mouth, ending the conversation for the time being. There would be plenty of time for talking, now it was time to make love to and surrender to the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him.

Jacob started running his tongue on Scott's neck, nibbling his ears obviously affecting Scott as his moaning increased and Jacob was finding himself having to chase him. Scott's back was arching pushing his throbbing cock into Jacob's body and he could not wait any longer. He gently pushed on his new lovers shoulders urging him to move down his body, to the throbbing piece of meat that was again so wet from precum and throbbing to the point it hurt. Jacob took the hint, running his tongue over Scott's hard pierced nipples and following that little trail of hair as if it were a guidance system to nirvana. The closer he got to Scott's cock the louder the groans and the more Scott was squirming all over the bed. Scott's mind was mush now and his body was like a million bare wires all shorting out. His cock was throbbing and hopping up and down like it was doing a jig and for the first time in forever his tight hole was twitching open and shut with anticipation. In between the moans, groans and convulsions Scott begged Jacob to stop teasing him. Baby please take me in your mouth I need it so bad; baby, please. Then as if his love hole took control of his brain, he barked, hell forget that, just fuck me Jacob, please I need that fat hog of yours slamming in me. This was working for Jacob. There was no doubt that his efforts were effective and he wanted nothing more than to completely satisfy Scott. His satisfaction would be automatic if he did that.

Jacob continued his teasing, running his tongue under Scott's cum filled balls, on the inside of his legs and up to but never touching his twitching ass hole. His cock needed to feel some attention now so he turned letting his pre cum dripping cock hang just out of reach of Scott's eagerly waiting cock sucker. The teasing was causing Scott so much pleasure his legs came up into the air on their own and Jacob took the time to suck on his toes and lick the bottom of his feet. No on had ever done that to Scott and he could not of imagined the intense sensations that ran from his toes to his brain and back to his cock. He was bucking on the bed now like three guys were simply fucking the shit out of him but Jacob had not even touched his cock yet. Scott's mind was going into overload. Between the pleasures he was feeling, being touched and that hot cock hanging teasingly just out of reach he swore he was going to lose his mind.

Jacob could no longer hold off wanting his cock back in the warmth of Scott's mouth nor could he control his lust for his lover's meat that was waving around now begging for attention. He lowered his body down slowly sliding his wet meat into Scott's waiting mouth, sliding past his gag reflex without a hitch until his pubic hairs were once again pushed against Scott's nose. He admired Scott's ability to suck dick as he was no where near as good, gagging almost instantly when he tried to deep throat him. Of course it probably did not help that Scott's hips were rocking and thrusting so much you would of thought he was a mechanical bull. In no time Jacob was moaning, Scott's cock sucking was too good and he was not going to be able to hold off cumming much longer. Knowing that Scott was needing to be fucked, he reluctantly pulled his cock out of Scott's mouth with a pop extracting a whine of disappointment from Scott. Please Jacob, I need your cock, please let me have it back. Jacob giggled, don't ever do drugs baby if you get addicted that quickly he chided and rubbed his cock all over Scott's face as he tried to catch it. Don't worry honey I am about to give you my cock in a way that is going to send you over the top. I am going to slide my cock deep into your sweet ass baby. You want me to fuck you don't you Scott. As if it was a 2 second offer Scott threw his legs into the air, grabbed behind his legs, damn near cleaning Jacob out in the process. Whoa there killer don't worry baby I am going to give you this cock just like you need it. Scott however continued whining, begging Jacob to fuck him.

Jacob pulled on Scott's legs bringing his ass straight up into the air and began licking and tongue fucking him like Scott had never had done before. Scott's moans were replaced by screams of pleasure, squirming replaced by paralysis. He could not even beg anymore, it was all who he could do to breath. The taste of Scott's sweet hole was more than Jacob could take. His mind had switched to overdrive and it was time to give Scott what he had been begging for. Jacob stood and lined his massive cock up with Scott's twitching hole. He gently leaned forward pushing just the head of that huge dick into Scott's ass not wanting to hurt his lover the first time he gave it to him but Scott assured him he was fine damn near notifying the neighborhood he was getting fucked as he screamed for Jacob to fuck him hard. No one had been able to take his dick like Scott was saying he could but he figured he would give it a try. He pushed forward and in one single thrust was buried to his bush in Scott's ass. Though a tiny whimper escaped Scott's mouth it was quickly replaced by words of absolute pleasure. Nothing that he said made any sense unless it was the continual request for Jacob to fuck him harder. Jacob was impressed with his new lovers abilities. No one could deep throat him like Scott could and no one had ever taken his whole dick this quickly, fuck most of the guys he had been with never could.

The harder he drove in the more Scott begged for. This guy loved being screwed that was a given but Jacob was noticing that he was not just getting screwed but he was actually working his ass muscles and it was driving Jacob incredibly wild. At this pace he was not going to last much longer If he tried to slow the pace Scott would beg for more and work his muscles even more which just made it worse. Both guys knew the end was near. Scott's cock was jumping up and down like a pogo stick all by itself, his head was thrown back and he was grabbing at his nipples like he wanted to pull them off. Nothing Scott said was making sense now, just one or two words blurted in an occasional release of sexual bliss. His ass muscles were working overtime and it had become obvious to Jacob that Scott's sole intention was to completely drain the contents of his oversized orbs into his ass. Jacob couldn't stop it if he wanted to not that he did but he was not in control anymore. Scott's ass muscles owned his soul and he was just going along for the ride.

As if Scott got clarity all of a sudden, he yelled, certainly loud enough for Mrs. Smith to understand that he was going to cum. His body tensed, his stomach so tight it hurt, his legs stiffened, he pinched at his nipples harder as if that were even possible and with a final spasm his cock started jetting thick white streams of his boy juice. The first shot hitting him in the face but the rest landing in his own open mouth. The site of Scott shooting his load in his own mouth was more than Jacob could take and he felt his cock stiffen even more. In between the gasps for air Scott urged his lover on, baby cum in me, fill me with your seed baby, give me your cum baby. With no more fight left in him; Jacob let loose and filled Scott's well fucked ass to overflowing. Cum was oozing out of his, still cock stuffed ass and at last it looked as though Scott was satisfied. His hands gently sliding over his sweat covered body. Occasionally finding a drop of cum that had been missed and feeding it to Jacob who ate it like it was caviar.

The two lay piled on the bed like they had been in a bad car wreck waiting for their breathing to return to normal. At last, not gasping for air Jacob made his way back up to Scott's mouth and kissed him deeply tasting his lovers own cum. Baby, you are just incredible. I have never gotten off like that in my life. Scott kissed him back sliding his hands over Jacobs's sweaty body. You will cum like that every night if you want you gorgeous hunk of man. That is if you would like me to be here with you every night. Jacob propped himself up on a quivering elbow looking lovingly into Scott's eyes, composing himself. Something was going on with him, he felt a lump growing in his throat, and his eyes burned. He never did this but hey he had never felt like this either so he just let go and let the tears flow. I don't know a lot of things Scott, but there is one thing that I do know. I know that I want you here everyday when I wake up; I want you here when I get home from work and every night when we go to bed. As for orgasms like that every night, honey if that happens I need to get another job cause I will never be able to climb the ladder. They both giggled and cuddled together. As if a switch had been thrown, they both were sound asleep in each other's arms. Peacefully dreaming of their lives together surely as the smiles on their faces gave it all away.


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