I'm Luke Rivers and here is my story.

In my sophomore year of high school, I was fairly well built from using my dad's workout equipment hat he had in our spare bedroom. I was only a little over five-eight and compact. With dad's encouragement and that of the wrestling coach, I joined the wrestling team.

After lots of coaching and practice I became the top wrestler on the team, winning nearly all my match's and recognition to the school.

Also bringing recognition was our up and coming football quarterback, Bradley O. Davis. He hated the name so he used the letters of his first and middle name and everyone called him 'Bo'. When our current quarterback graduated at the end of the year, Bo would become starting quarterback for the next two years.

The main problem with Bo was his attitude and the way he treated people. He was all football and no other sport was as prestigious as being on the football team, no matter how good you were.

His fiends consisted only of the better players on the team and he would bully and belittle the smaller guys. To be honest, very few students or teachers liked him.

He thought he was God's gift to the world. Truth be known, he was so disliked, he had trouble getting any girls from our school to go out with him.

He never spoke to any members of any other sport, thinking that they were below his status level.

Then when our junior year started, everyone noticed a huge change in Bo, but no one had any idea what had caused it. Bo began speaking to everyone even if it was just a 'good morning'.

He was more respectful to the teachers and other students. Instead of knocking books out of other students hands, if a student dropped a book, he'd quickly pick it up for them. His change was the topic of everyone's conversations.

I was shocked when after the first six weeks of school, I saw him in the stands at one of my wrestling match's. I won my match's and when the event was over and i was heading to the locker room, I heard 'Hey, Luke!'

Turning, I saw Bo headed toward me. I didn't even know he knew my name.

I paused and when he walked up to me, he said, 'Hey, man, I just wanted to say you looked great out there and congratulations on your wins. From what I saw it looks like you might win state again this year.'

'Thanks, Bo. I hope I can. There are some good wrestlers out there this year.'

'Well, good luck any way.' Then after a second, he said, 'I also want to apologize for the way I treated you last year. I'm truly sorry.'

'Apology accepted. That's in the past now so, let's forget it. From what I've seen so far this year, you seem like a damn nice guy. Just stay this way.'

'I plan to. I learned a lot about myself over the summer,' he replied, then asked, 'You have any plans for after you shower?'

'Uh, no. Why?'

'Well, I was wondering if you'd care to go get a burger and get to know each other better.'

'Well, sure, I guess.'

'Great! I'll be waiting out in my car or you.'

I showered and dressed and found Bo waiting in the parking lot. I got some strange looks from other students that saw me get in the car with Bo.

We went to the local hangout and he insisted on paying for our burgers and sodas. Then we drove to the lake where we sat at a picnic table and talked for hours.

Bo and I became close friends and his new attitude didn't revert back to the old Bo. He was a pleasure to be with, funny and witty and never got upset if he was the center of a prank or joke.

Everyone at school liked Bo by mid-term. He was always willing to help whomever needed it.

Our senior year was a blast and Bo was voted Homecoming King by a landslide. We talked abut college and he told me that he had received a football scholarship to State. I said hat was where I was planning on going.

'Hey, lets be roommates. I think it would be fun.'

'Sounds good to me, I said.

He asked what I was going to major in and I told him Finance. He was planning on majoring in physical therapy.

Graduation came and we celebrated afterwards by getting drunk at his family's lake house, ending up skinny dipping in the lake.

As we clowned around we both got boners and in our drunken state, sat in chairs on the shore and jerked off together, laughing like young kids doing something forbidden.

The next morning, once we sobered up, we talked about what we had done.

'Hey,' I said, every guy does it. You and I both do it at home.'

'Yea, your right. Besides if we're going to be roommates, we will probably see or hear each other doing it in the room.'

'Probably,' I said.

'By the way,' he said, 'you got a pretty good size tool there.'

Blushing, I said, 'That comes from my dad.'

'Have you seen his?'

'Yea. I've seen him in the bathroom getting ready to shower several times. His looked bigger than mine.'

'Damn! I wish mine was bigger.'

'Hey, yours isn't that small. Besides, I've heard its not what you got but how you use it that counts.'

'Yea, I guess you're right,' he answered.

Later that day we went skinny dipping again and after getting back to our chairs, Bo began stroking again. I turned and saw him and surprisingly for some unknown reason to me my cock began to stir and get hard. Soon, I was jerking mine off.

Bo and I went to the lake house several times during the summer and each time, we'd swim and jerk, but it wasn't discussed. We just did it.

Summer ended and Bo and I headed for state, both our car's pack full. We had been assigned as roommates per our request. We unloaded the cars and got settled in then explored the campus, then later the town.

Bo had football practice and I had wrestling practice. Afterward, we'd shower then go eat dinner then return to the room and study.

After a few weeks, while studying, Bo slid his chair back and turned to face me.

'Luke, can I ask a question?'

'Sure. What is it?'

'Well, first there's something I never told you. Whenever I could back home, I'd go nude. I love he freedom it allows. My question is, do you mind if I go nude here in the room?'

'Hell no. You have a right to do what you want in here.'

'I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't be offended if I did. That's why I asked.'

'Hey, it's not like I haven't seen you nude plenty of times before,' I replied.

I knew that the 'old' Bo would have just done it and if you didn't like it he'd just say 'tough shit'.

He stood and immediately removed his briefs letting out a big 'AHHHHH! That's better.'

I had to laugh.

'Try it sometime and you'll see what I mean,' he told me.

'I just might.'

Two evenings later after dinner, Bo had to go to the campus library to do some research. While he was gone I decided to see how it felt to go nude for an extended period.

Two hours later, Bo returned and when he walked into our room, he saw me and laughed and asked, 'Well, what do you think?'

'Okay, okay, you were right. It feels great.'

Soon we were both nude and lived that way whenever we were in our room. We slept that way also.

Then, one night after our mid-term break, I went to bed before Bo. I was in bed with my covers over just my lower legs and feet, sleeping soundly.

Later, I was awakened. The lights were out and someone was kneeling next to my bed. His hand was ever so softly, rubbing my cock. It began to stiffen and soon was rock hard. I barely opened my eyes to see Bo staring at my hard cock, still gently rubbing it.

Never before had another man touched my cock, except my doctor. The feeling was erotic and intoxicating. I decided to pretend to be asleep and see what he'd do, if anything.

TO BE CONTINUED....................





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