Pretending to be asleep, I waited to see what Bo was going to do next. I soon got my answer.

He continued to gently rub and stroke my hard cock and seconds later I barely heard him whisper, 'Fuck it! I've got to have it.:

Slowly, he lifted my cock to a vertical position and i felt his hot breath on the cock head. Then it happened.

Bo quickly yet gently swallowed my cock. I wanted to gasp at the sudden pleasurable warmth I felt but I managed to refrain. Bo sucked me for several moments, bringing me closer and closer to a climax. He pulled off and as he was gently laying my cock back down I said softly, 'Bo, please don't stop. I'm so fucking close and I've never had his done before.'

Without saying a word, he again lifted my cock and returned to sucking me. Now, I didn't remain silent. I moaned audibly with pleasure.

Soon, I neared my climax and old Bo as much. He continued sucking me and when my cock exploded, he moaned his own pleasure as he took every drop into his mouth. In the semi-darkness, with my cock still in his mouth, I felt him swallow my load.

As he pulled off my cock, I turned on the bed light and looked at him. The star quarterback of the football team and a stud on campus, had just sucked my cock and ate my load. I could hardly believe it.

'Luke, I'm sorry for taking advantage of you like that. I've wanted to do that since our junior year of high school.'

'Is that the reason you changed?' I asked.

'Yea. It's a long story.'

'We've got all night,' I said. 'It might help me understand if I know the whole story.'

'I hope so. Here goes,' he said. 'Back in the summer before my freshman year, I began to be interested in seeing guys at the neighbor hood pool nude in the locker room. I liked looking at them but knew it meant that I was gay. I denied it to my self and to compensate, I began being the jerk and bully I was in school. Then between our sophomore and junior years I spent the summer at my grandparents farm. They had a hand that lived in a room attached to the barn that he lived in. He was hot, built muscular and hairy. After chores, I'd go out to the barn and slip around to his windows and spy on him. after he showered he'd always stay nude and sometimes lay on his bed and jerk off. Little did I know that he had seen me and knew I was watching him. Then one evening I was watching him through the window that was in the barn. he showered and began stroking his cock as he walked around his room. When he got close to the door going into the barn, he jerked it open and stepped around the corner facing me totally nude and boned and said. 'You've seen me stroke it through the windows enough. Why don't you come on in where you can see better?' I was caught so I went inside. He noticed that I was boned also and suggested that i join him. I did and we jerked off together. When I got ready to leave he told me to sip out my window and come back after everyone was in bed because he had more to show me.'

He paused and took a deep breath and I asked,'Did you?'

'Oh yea. I went back out and the door to his room was hidden from the main house. When I came around the corner toward his door he was siting there in a chair toally naked. He suggested I strip with him and I did. I sat next to him and he started stroking me and had me stroke him. Anyway, before I returned to the house he had sucked me and I had sucked him and we'd fucked each other. After experiencing gay sex I found that I liked it. Over the next few days I talked to Buck a lot about my feeling and what I'd been doing to hide them. He convinced me that I was wrong. He showed me that I could still be a decent guy and also be gay and no one had to know. I realized he was right.'

'He was,' I said. 'With the change, everyone started liking you and never suspected you were into guys in any way.'

'Luke, when we jerked together you don't know how bad I wanted to suck you. And was tonight really your first time getting sucked?'

'Oh yea. a couple of girls have said that they would do it but when they would almost get it in their mouth they would chicken out. I loved what you did and how it felt.'

'You don't hate me for taking advantage of you and being gay?'

'Hell no. Bo, you're my best friend regardless of the fact that you're gay.'

'Thanks,' he said as he leaned forward and hugged me. Then to my surprise he looked into my face and said 'Damn, I'd love to kiss you.'

Not knowing what to say I just smiled and turned my head.

Finally, I said, 'I'm not sure about that but you can suck me any time you want.'


'Sure. I stay horny.'

We talked more and he told me a lot about himself, including the fact that he loved being nude with a guy in bed and kissing and cuddling and fondling even if they didn't have sex.

We went to sleep and the next morning I awoke before Bo. He lay on his bed nude and uncovered, and as I looked at his muscular body and large soft cock, I myself began to wonder what it would be like to have total sex with a man like him.

My cock quickly stiffened and as it did he woke up, looked at me and smiled.

'If you want it, it's yours,' I said.

Quickly he was between my legs sucking me again. This time it was daylight and I could see exactly what he was doing and the look on enjoyment on his face.

For he next week, Bo would suck me two to three times a day in our room. And with each day, my curiosity grew stronger and stronger.

Neither of us had classes on Saturday. Friday night were our party night,but on this Friday I suggested that we just go to dinner then go back to our room and spend the evening together. Thinking I wanted him to suck me, he quickly agreed.

After dinner we returned to the room and as usual we stripped. I went to my bed and lay down to one side and as i looked at him I said, 'Bo, why don't you come lay with me.'

Without saying a word he came over and as he lay down I extended my arm and closed it around him and pulled him to me. He turned on his side and lay his head on my shoulder, and his fee hand on my chest. After a moment I asked, 'Are you still wanting to kiss me?'

'You bet I am.'

'Well then, do it and show me what it's like.'

Soon, we were kissing passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouth, trading spit. I found I loved it and that men were better kissers that women.

After we broke the kiss, I looked into his eyes and said, 'Bo, I want to experience what it's like to have sex with another guy. Do what ever you want to me.'

Bo was thrilled and began licking and kissing my neck, then my chest, gently sucking my nipples. I moaned in pleasure as he did.

Then he went lower, to my navel, to my bush, then to my balls, licking and gently sucking them. Then, as he began to raise my legs, I didn't know what to expect. After telling me to hold them up, he spread my ass cheeks and when his hot wet tongue licked across my virgin rosebud I moan loudly. he began to probe my hole with his tongue and it was making my head spin in ecstasy.

After stopping and lowering my legs, he went for my hard cock and sucked me slowly and lovingly.

After bringing me to a roaring climax, he came back up and kissed me. The taste of my own cum in his mouth was awesome.

'Luke, I don't know what made you allow me to do that, but I loved servicing you.'

'I was curious and to be honest, I loved it.'

'Luke, I did also,' he said, then got a serious look on his face.

'What's wrong?' I asked.

'I found out today that scouts for some of the pro teams are starting to check me out. If it gets out that I'm gay a pro career chance goes down the drain.'

'Bo relax. Have you had sex with any other guy on campus? And tell me the truth.'

'No none, although I admit there are some I'd like to have had sex with.'

'Okay then, I'm the only person around that knows you are gay right?'


'So there is no problem. I'm damned sure not going to ruin my best friends chances for a professional career. Now stop worrying.'

'I knew I could depend on you,' he said before kissing me again.

We returned o our cuddling and for the very first time, I reached down and began stroking his cock.

'Ummmmm, your hand feels good,' he said.

'I'm glad,' I replied. Then after another kiss, I knew what I HAD to do.

I began doing to him exactly what he had done to me. As I did, he moaned and as i neared his pubic bush, he said, 'Luke, you don't have to do this.'

'I want to,' I said softly.

Soon I was sucking his nice round firm balls while getting up the courage to stick my tongue up his ass. I did it and found it was erotic and that I enjoyed it.

Then I moved back up and tasted my first cock. The feeling of it in my mouth was awesome and I knew I had to have his load. I soon brought Bo to a climax and as his huge load filled my mouth I began swallowing after savoring the salty-sweet taste.

Moving back up I kissed him and afterward he told me how awesome I was.

'Even for a beginner?'

'Man, you did it like a pro. I'd never have known it was your first time, but what made you do it?'

'For about the last year or so, I've found that pussy just wasn't as exciting as it was in high school. I didn't know why. Then after we started, I realized that I myself had been curious and wanted to at least try it.'

'Is it better or worse than you thought it would be?'

'Much better. I an totally enjoying everything I've done or had done to me.'

'So, you think this could become a regular thing between us?'

'I'm planning on it. Now, would you help me experience another first?'

'Sure, what?'

'Share my bed tonight.'

'My pleasure,' he replied.

Soon we were asleep, cuddled in each others arms. Saturday morning, Bo suggested another first. Our first sixty-nine. It was unreal bringing him to a climax at the same time he brought me to my climax.

We serviced each other daily and the following weekend, after he asked me o fuck him, I begged him to take my virginity. He did and at first I endured pain like I had never experienced before. But Bo was gentle, and by the time he climaxed, I was loving having his big cock up my ass.

Things continued that year bringing us closer together. During the summer, when our parents were at work, either I'd go to his house or he'd come to mine and we'd have sex. Our senior year, we were again room mates and sex was back to our previous schedule.

We both graduated, Bo in physical therapy and me in finance. Bo was drafted into pro football and when I could I'd fly o see him play and after he game he'd spend he night with me in my hotel room.

Then after his first season, I got a call that he wanted to see me about a business deal. I took vacation and flew to meet him. He met me at the airport and took me to his condo.

Upon entering we immediately stripped and had sex. Then I asked him why he wanted to see me.

'Well, for what we jus did,' he said with a laugh, 'but I do have a business proposition for you.'

'What is it?'

'I want you to work for me. I don't trust my agent to look out for my best interest. Also, I have problems keeping up with my appointments. My agent is supposed to help but he doesn't. And finally as you know from college, I'm no good handling money.'

'I know, so where do I fit in?'

'I want you to be my agent, personal secretary and assistant and my financial advisor and handle all my spending.'

'Damn, that's a lot. I'll have to think it over, Bo. I've got good job now.'

'Luke, I'll make it worth your while, believe me.'

'We'll see.'

That night, he took me to dinner with a few of his team mates, simply saying that we were best friends in high school and college and I was like the brother he never had. I was readily accepted as their friend also. But I'd also have loved to get in a couple of their pants. I told Bo that after we were alone. Laughing, he said he wanted to do the same but his advantage was hat he had seen them nude.

That night, after a hot fucking session we went to sleep. At some point I woke up and could tell that Bo was propped up on one arm looking at me. I heard him saying softly, 'Man, I need you with me. I need someone I can trust.'

Not letting him know i was awake, I continued to listen to what he said. Then I heard the unexpected.

'Damn, Luke, I love you so much. You just don't know. I want you in my life forever. I love you, I love you, I love you.'

He lay down and cuddled me and went to sleep. I lay awake thinking. Although I had never said it aloud to myself, I knew I loved him with all my heart also. I made my decision.

The next morning, we went out for breakfast and upon returning to his condo, I said casually, 'Bo, I love you too.'

Stunned, he looked at me and said, 'Huh? What?'

'Bo, I woke up last night and heard what you were saying. I realized that I loved you also. I'll take the job. at least that way we can be together.'

'Will you also be my lover?

'That's what I was planning on, but only under one condition.'

'What's that?'

'It's for life.'

'I wouldn't have it any other way,' he said.

I returned home and gave a one week notice at my job, sold all my belongings except clothes and some personal items and move in with Bo. His second bedroom was 'mine' for appearances, but the master bedroom was 'ours'.

His agent questioned his need for a financial advisor and assistant the day I moved in and met him.

Calmly, Bo looked at him and said, 'Jim, I'm invoking the clause in our contract and hereby terminating you as my agent.' With that, Bo handed him a formal notarized copy of the termination.'

'Why?' Jim asked.

'I don't trust you. It's as simple as that. I've heard of offers for endorsement that you have turned down telling them I said I wasn't interested. Now get out, and if you ever say anything against me, you'll be hearing from my lawyer. And leave all the files I had you bring over.'

When Jim left, I asked how Bo had managed o get him to bring all the files.

'I just told him we needed to go over them and see what we wanted to renew. The dumb-ass fell for it.'

Several days later others that Jim represented called Bo asking why he let Jim go. Bo was honest, for the most part, and told them about the endorsements. We later heard that he had done the same to some of them and that they had fired him also.

Bo had me put on all his accounts and I insisted that any checks written had to have my signature also. Bo was put on an 'allowance' and I started making investments. I made sure he was at all his personal appearances. His popularity climbed.

During the following season, Bo got a surprise.

After one of their home games, we headed out for a late dinner. Realizing he had left his phone in his locker, we headed back to the stadium, where he noticed two other players cars still in the lot. We assumed that they had gone with others and would pick up heir cars later.

Bo parked by the door and we went in. All was deathly quiet. That is until we entered the locker room.

When we entered, we heard moaning coming from the exercise room. Easing in, we saw two of his team mates on a bench, both naked, and engaged in a hot sixty-nine. One was Mark Smith and the other was Dan Cooper, both linemen. We both stood, frozen, taking in what was going on.

Suddenly they realized we were there. Jumping up and grabbing towels they began trying to make excuses.

'Hey guys,' Bo began, 'don't try to make excuses. We know what we saw. It appears to us that you both like to suck cock, right?'

'Bo, man, please don't say anything. You know our careers would be over.'

'Guys, what you do on your own time is your business. However I would suggest you find someplace private to do it. The fact that you're gay doesn't matter to me. You are still my team mates and great fiends. And to prove it, why don't you two come by my place tomorrow night for dinner. Say, about six?'

'Hey man, thanks,' Mark said. 'I'll be there.'

'So will I,' added Dan.

Bo said we'd see them tomorrow night and grabbed his phone and we left.

'Did you ever suspect anything about them?' I asked once we were in the car.

'Fuck no. Not those two.'

'I know you too well,' I said. 'What you got planned for tomorrow night?'

'Well, you up for a four way?'

'If you are, yea.'

We made our plans, at least Bo made our plans.

We had dinner almost ready when Mark and Dan arrived. We greeted them with friendly manly handshakes and after we all had a cod beer, Bo asked, 'I'm just curious. Did you two finish what you started last night?'

With a smile, Mark said, 'Nope. You scared us so fucking bad neither of us could get it up again.'

We all had a laugh and Dad asked, 'Bo, it really doesn't bother you that we're gay?'

'Not in the least. We're both pretty open minded.'

'Thanks,' Mark said. 'But changing the subject, what's it like having your agent and assistant sharing your condo?'

'It's great. We can discuss business anytime. No more trying to get him on the phone. Besides, he is also my financial advisor. I can't spend a dime without his okay. He even gives me an allowance.'

'Let me explain,' I said.

I told them of our friendship from high school and how we were room mates in college.

'Bo never could handle money. If he had any he was going to spend it. I see that he can't do it any more. I make investments and when he retires or God forbid, gets injured and can't play, he will have plenty to live on afterward.'

'Very nice,' Dan said.

We had dinner and a great conversation. Then after dinner as we had another beer, Bo excused himself as planned. After a moment I said i was going to see what was keeping him.

I went to our room and stripped. Bo was already nude and waiting on me. 'You ready?' Bo asked.

'Yea, let's go.'

Walking back out into the living room nude, Mark and Dan were speechless when they saw us.

'Guys, the reason we're cool with you being gay is because we are also. Luke is also my lover.'

'Holy shit!' Mark said. 'You are the last one I would have expected to be gay.'

'We also live this way, so feel free to join us if you want. It's not as we haven't seen each other nude before.'

They looked at us and noticed both our cocks slowly rising. Mark was first to start striping and Dan followed seconds later. Soon they were completely nude with us.

We talked about how we all started with guys and what we all liked to do. As we talked all our cocks became rock hard.

Bo spoke up asking if either had plans for later or the next day. Both said no.

'Well then,' Bo said, 'reaching over and grasping Dan's hard cock, 'why don't we all get to know each other better?'

'Sounds good to me,' Dan said, grasping Bo's cock.

As I grasped Mark's cock he said, 'Me, too.'

With Bo paired with Dan and me paired with Mark we began having sex. Each couple did it all with their partner. It was also my first time with anyone other than Bo.

After having hot sixty-nines and fucking each other, we took a break. Later Dan and I had sex while Bo and Mark got it on. Then after another break, Bo and I had sex next to Mark and Dan there on the floor. Shortly after we were all asleep side by side on the floor.

The next morning after some wake up kissed and blow jobs, Mark and Dan left asking us over to Mark's house the next weekend. We accepted.

Our four way sex continued all season. Bo and I loved watching each other have sex with another guy and it made our love for each other even stronger.

over the next few years, Bo became one of the wealthiest players in he country because of my investments. His total assets were in the upper seven figure range. He had no idea, until the fateful day he was inured and was told by the doctors that his football career was over.

Bo had had fifteen great years in football setting several records. After his retirement he asked me how things stood financially.

'Don't worry baby. You're all set for life.'

That was ten years ago. We,ve been together twenty-four years and couldn't be happier. Bo wrote a book on his experiences in football and it became a best seller. He still makes some personal appearances, and visits youth football teams freuently. Bo was the best thing that ever happened to me.




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