The next thing that Mark is aware of is Rick's alarm going off. Rick got up and took a piss. He came out and looked at Mark, who was just sitting up. Rick said, "Hurry up and I'll give you a ride on my bike."

Mark jumped up and got ready quickly, grabbing his book bag. He followed Rick downstairs and out to his bike. Rick got an extra helmet out of the size case and handed it to Mark. Rick got on the bike and started it, waiting for Mark to get situated behind him. Rick carefully pulled out and started driving to school.

Once they got to campus, they compared schedules and realized they were identical. Both had gone with the recommended basics. Rick said, "I can give you my notes from yesterday and show you around after classes."

Mark was filled with relief. Rick was the only person he knew at school. Despite Ricks menacing demeanor, he seemed like a nice guy.

When they were leaving class and walking to the Rick's bike, Mark asked about his tattoos. "I grew up in foster homes in East LA. When I was young, the gang was my family. I needed them. But we lost a lot of our boys the past few years.

I was tired and wanted to put my guns down."

"I finished high school with decent grades so I applied to this grant program that helps people get out of gangs and go to college. That's how I got here. The tattoos are marks of my gang affiliation, El Monte South Side. "

Mark was fascinated and asked "Did they try to stop you?" Rick's face became grave, "They let me go but retained the right to call on me."

Mark thought about his own happy childhood back in Idaho. He had grown up on a large ranch, with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. They worked hard every day on the ranch. They all played sports in school, and camped and fished on the weekends. Mark tied on his helmet and climbed on behind Rick.

Rick began to drive Mark around the campus pointing out all the important buildings. He took him to student aide to get his check and then to a bank in town. He was about to take him to the book store but then said, "Don't buy any books, since we have the same classes just use mine. Save the money or use it for food." Mark was flooded with gratitude. The books were over $600.

Rick stopped at a subway on campus. They went inside, ordered a foot long meatball sub and split it. They downed it in 2 minutes and got back on the bike.

Rick asked, "Do you need to go anywhere else?"

Mark shook his head. They set off for the dorm. Mark realized that Rick was the only person he knew right now. He was very concerned about what happened yesterday but he was glad that Rick was willing to help him out.

When they got back to the room they began to study trading off books. Around 6:00pm Rick dropped his book and announced, "Bro, my dick needs your attention."

Mark froze, looking warily at Rick. Rick decided to set the boy straight. "See you're going to be my little bitch. You're going to service me and keep me happy. In return, I'm going to take care of you. It's like a partnership. If you need anything, I will get it for you. If anyone fucks with you, I will fuck with them."

Mark blue eyes were wide with fear. He whispered, "What are you going to make me do with you?"

Rick answered, "Chill bro. I will break you in slowly. No ass fucking the first few days."

Alarm and panic registered on Mark's face. Rick walked over to Mark and sat down beside him. He reached up to grab Mark's chin. Rick ran his thumb over Marks sweet lips. "You are going to be a sweet lover for me. I'm going to treat you right. Right now I want to take a shower with you."

Rick took Mark's hand and pulled him up off the bed toward the bathroom. Mark followed on auto-pilot. Rick stripped and started undressing Mark. Mark felt numb. Rick pulled him into the shower and started soaping them both up. He washed Mark's balls and ass. Rick dipped his head to suck on Mark's nipples until they were both nice and hard.

Mark couldn't help his erection. He loved the feel of Rick tongue on his chest.

Rick ran circles with his tongue on Mark's nipples to tease him. Then Rick licked each nipple directly with quick little licks that pulsated and tease the tip making each nipple hard. He continued this spending several minutes on each of Mark's nipples.

Rick straightened up and looked at Mark's face awash in pleasure. He pushed Mark against the tile shower wall. Their dicks were touching and bouncing around each other. Rick kissed Mark deeply on the mouth. It was a very sexually aggressive kiss with a lot of strong tongue.

Mark's chest was flushed and he was breathing hard when Rick stopped kissing him. Rick rubbed Mark's dick in 3 or 4 agonizing slow strokes. Mark ejaculated violently at the end of the 4th stroke almost crumbling to the floor of the shower. Rick caught Mark in his arms.

"Bro, we got to work on your stamina, build you up. You can't keep a girl happy three stroking her every night."

Rick finished washing both of them and pulled Mark out of the shower. Rick told Mark, "The first thing you have to learn is how to suck a cock. I have some videos that we can watch and then you can practice."

Mark followed Rick over to this bed. Rick started his laptop and motioned for Mark to lean back with him against the wall to watch. Rick started a video. A woman was giving a man a blowjob. As she skillfully executed her duties Rick would comment on technique and about what he specifically enjoyed and wanted from Mark.

Rick started another video, this time it was a gay video of 4 guys. One man was on his knees hands cuffed behind his back and blindfolded. Each of the 3 other men took turns fucking the man's face aggressively. Mark's hands flew to his mouth in horror.

"You're going to do that to me?" he cried.

Rick answered, "We will build up to it slowly. Not right away."

"But why?"

"Do you want to go back to Idaho and get married without ever experiencing everything at least once?"

Mark thought about that. He really liked having orgasms. He thought the shower with Rick was really hot.

Mark, asked, "Are you going to hurt me?"

Rick answered, "Not really hurt you. We can play a little rough sometimes."

Mark was mesmerized now by the video. All three men were ejaculating onto the kneeling man's face at the same time. The kneeling man licked their dicks clean.

Rick told Mark that when he unloads in Mark's mouth he wants him to drink Rick's juice down, and lick his dick clean. Mark was incredibly hard now, his dick was pulsing. Rick moved the laptop over and guided Marks face toward Rick's cock.

"Okay start sucking and licking it. Worship it."

Mark tentatively put the head of Rick's dick into his mouth and gently sucked it. Rick let Mark go his own pace at first. He wanted Mark to like sucking his dick. Rick encouraged Mark when he did something well, and corrected him when he needed too. Mark was lips were soft and shy on Rick's dick. Rick started to move his hips thrusting deeper into Mark's mouth. Mark gagged and stopped, his eyes tearing up. Rick talked to him about learning to control his gag reflex, breathing out of his noise, and relaxing his throat with his mind. Mark continued to practice on Rick's dick.

Rick started to pinch and play with Mark's nipples again and occasionally stroked Marks dick. Anytime Rick touched Mark's dick, Mark was unable to think or function. Rick was completely amazed at how completely untouched and innocent Mark was. It made him feel protective and possessive of Mark.

"Mark, I'm going to fuck you every day we are together this semester, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I'm going to milk your balls dry."

Mark was mesmerized by Ricks tantalizing words.

Mark tried to focus on doing a good job on Rick's dick to please him. Rick's hands were on Mark's blond head watching as his dark brown dick slid in and out of Mark's pink lips and pretty white skin.

"Rick said, "Open your eyes and look up at me. That's it." Mark's baby blue eyes looked up into Rick's obediently. Wanting to reward Mark, he switched things up. He maneuvered Mark flat on the bed, Mark's erection bouncing. Rick grabbed Mark's dick and went down on him with enthusiasm, swallowing Mark dick deep in his throat, and demonstrating what they had seen in the videos. Mark lost it quickly in a moan and shudder. Rick drank down every last drop of Mark's semen.

"We are going to keep sucking each other off to build up your stamina. Do me for a while." Mark sat up and started sucking Rick's dick. He emulated Rick's techniques. Rick would compliment and correct him as needed, all the while playing with Marks nipples and massaging Mark's balls.

Rick schooled, "Mark always keep your hands busy rubbing my ass, my balls, playing with my nipples." Mark obeyed Rick and started rubbing Rick's big balls. They continued for about ten minutes before Rick switched it up again.

Mark automatically lay down and waited to be sucked, his dick already hard again. Rick knelt between Marks legs and told Mark splay his legs with your knees out.

Rick mumbled, "Fucking hot man." Mark felt a flush of pleasure at Rick's compliment. Rick leaned down and licked and worshiped Mark's balls ignoring his dick. Mark spread his legs out further for Rick. Mark was so aroused he pumped his hips fucking the air. When he tried to rub his own dick Rick stopped him. Mark ejaculated again with Rick sucking his balls and him fucking the air.

Rick flipped Mark over and told him to get up on all fours. Mark hesitated and asked, "Are you going to put it in my butt?"

Rick shook his head and said, "you're not ready for that yet. But I want to start warming you up."

Mark slowly got up on hands and knees. He felt exposed.

"Damn bro, you have a sweet ass. Look at those cheeks, nice full cheeks. Your skin is so white and perfect. I might fall in love with your ass and want to keep it." Mark felt a little ripple of pleasure at Rick's words. He flinched when he felt Rick kiss his right ass cheek.

"Relax, bro, I'm going to make sweet love to you ass with my tongue. You're going to love this."

Mark waited for Rick's next move. Rick began kissing Mark all over both ass cheeks. Rick began spreading Marks ass cheeks to start licking his crack and Mark tried to stop him. Rick held him still and continued to spread Mark's plump cheeks apart. He licked from the base of Mark's balls up to Mark's asshole. He licked all around Mark's asshole and then finally licked his hole firmly with his tongue. He keep licking Mark's ass for 10-15 minutes. Rick rubbed Mark's balls continuously. Mark started humping air again.

Rick was fixated on Mark's virgin ass. As he licked Mark's hole he fantasized about fucking Mark for the first time. Rick started stroking his own cock. He was so fucking turned on at the thought of licking virgin boy ass. Mark was humping air furiously now. Rick had his face crammed into Mark's lush white ass cheeks. Rick was massaging the cum out of Mark's balls and suddenly Mark ejaculated again falling forward, collapsing on the bed. Rick hopped on Marks back sitting astride him and pumped on his dick into Marks profile.

Rick told Mark to turn his head and open his mouth. Mark obeyed. Rick stroked off into Marks mouth semen coursing and Mark swallowing. Mark leaned his head up and dutifully licked Rick's dickhead clean.

Rick kissed the top of Marks head and asked, "Pizza?"

Thirty minutes later after stuffing their bellies with Pizza.

Mark asked "Are we gay now?"

Rick howled with laughter.

Mark's face registered confusion.

Rick answered, "Dude, I'm just training you up. You're my little pup. How ya gonna sling it to your bitch if you can't find your own dick."

Mark asked earnestly. "Will doing this turn me gay?"

"Dude, when all you dream about is dick 24/7, then you're gay. Until then, don't worry about it. Let's hit the sack."


Mara Copa

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