Rick parked and locked his bike into the rack outside of the biology building. He slung his backpack into place and started walking to class. It was first day of his freshmen year of college at North Carolina State. He had been here for about a week going through the freshmen orientation program. Everything was okay so far except his roommate had not shown up yet. Student services had informed him that he would arrive later today.

When Rick walked in the class, several girls looked up at him with interest. He was about 5 ft. 11 inches tall, dark, lean, muscular but in a wiry sort of way. He had dark hair and olive colored skin, compliments of his mother's Hispanic heritage. Gang tattoos covered his arms and torso from the East LA neighborhood he grew up in. Rick slid into a desk and looked back at the girls in a sexually insolent manner.

The blond across from him flushed in response. He pictured her ass in the air, with her chest pressed again the floor, and him behind her pumping into to her furiously. Lust and pheromones swirled out around him. The flush on the pretty blonds face deepened to her chest. Her blue eyes fluttered at him. He was completely focused on her mouth and the fantasies he was entertaining, when the professor started class.

After his last class at 11:50am he walked back to his motorcycle and loaded his book bag. He had gotten the girls name from this morning and gotten her number after class. He had plans for her. He hoped his roommate would be accommodating. If not, it was going to be a long semester.

He drove his bike back to the dorm building, and locked it up. He ran up four flights of stairs, taking them two at a time. He threw the door room open and bounced in startling his new roommate.

Rick looked down at the blond boy unpacking a suitcase on the floor and said. "Hey what 'sup? I'm Rick."

"The boy reached out his hands to Rick and said politely, "I'm Mark." Mark was an inch or two shorter than Rick and very handsome in a wholesome sort of way. He had clean cut short blond hair and sky blue eyes. He was lean with a wrestler's body. "Just got off the plane, I'm from Idaho."

Mark folded his clothes into his drawers quickly and efficiently. Rick sat down on his bed and watched Mark.

Mark asked, "Where are you from?" "Los Angeles" Rick replied.

Mark glanced at Rick's tattoos.

Rick fit the perfect image of a rapist or serial killer. Mark started to worry about sharing a room with him. Rick lay back on his bed with his hand on his crotch and watching Mark. Mark slid the empty suitcase under the bed. Rick looked at Mark's ass. He rubbed his dick a little through his jeans. Mark glance over at Rick again, saw where Rick's hand was and became uncomfortable.

Mark, said "Later," And left the room. He headed for the housing department to ask about a room change. They told him the dorms were completely full and had a long waiting list. He took out his cell phone to call his Mom, and then thought better of it. He was grown now. He would have to just deal with Rick. And he did not need a big phone bill, he was on a shoestring budget.

He thought back to the way Rick was laying on the bed. Why was he looking at me like that? Mark strict Mormon upbringing had not exposed him to the carnal and seedier side of life. He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders and headed determinedly back to the room.

Mark quietly opened the door. Rick as asleep on the bed in his underwear, his jeans piled on the floor. Rick right hand was tucked into a grey pair of boxer briefs. Mark looked at the frightening tattoos that covered Rick's body. Mark went into the bathroom. After he peed and washed his hands, he opened the door.

Rick's dark eyes opened and looked at Mark, his hands still in his underwear. Rick sat up, and said "Let's order some Pizza. I'm hungry."

That sounded like a great idea to Mark, but Mark didn't know were anything was on campus because he missed orientation. Rick reached down to his jeans and took out his cell phone and dialed a number. He ordered a large Peperoni Pizza and gave the address, and then flipped the phone shut. Mark just stood there watching Rick.

Rick looked back at Mark. "You got a girlfriend back in Idaho?"

Mark nodded.

"Did you fuck her goodbye all weekend?"

Mark was shocked and uncomfortable at Rick's crudeness. He went to his own bed and sat on the side of it.


"No, we are waiting."

Rick looked puzzled, "Waiting for what?"

"I'm Mormon."

Rick considered what this meant. The kid was religious and probably a virgin. Rick had become sexually active at a very young age growing up in foster homes with little or no supervision. Rick's mother had struggled with a drug habit all of Rick's life. He had not seen her in years.

Rick was in college as the result of a grant that provided educational opportunities for gang youth. As a child, school had always been easy for Rick. He found school to be an opportunity to get away from his home situation in foster care. Rick's sexual aggressiveness stemmed from his years in the foster care system, where the rule was fuck or be fucked. At 18 he had aged out of the foster care system. Going to college seemed the most reasonable thing for him to do.

"Mark asked Rick, "How old are you"?

"Nineteen, you?"

"I just turned 18 this weekend. That is why I missed orientation."

There was a knock on the door. Rick jumped up and slipped on his jeans. He pulled a twenty out of his pants and paid the delivery guy. He opened up the box holding it out to Mark. They both started cramming their faces with pizza. They ate until the box was empty. Mark lay down on his bed and closed his eyes, but said "I'll pay for half of the pizza after I cash my financial aid check."

Rick said. "Nah, I got it." Rick turned on a laptop. "Want to watch some porn?"

Mark was shocked silent. Rick took that for a yes turned on one of his favorite videos. He pointed the laptop at Mark's bed and sat down beside Mark leaning back against the wall.

The video started with beautiful young blond women sitting on a doctors table naked but under a paper drape. A doctor walked in the exam room and starts to examine the woman. He pushed her back on the exam table and put her legs in stirrups. He opened her paper drape and began to rub her breast in a mock breast exam.

Mark felt very uncomfortable to be sitting so close to Rick, watching this type of video but he immediately got an involuntary erection. Rick had already started to rub his crotch through his jeans as he watched the video.

The women in the video gasped and moaned when the doctor pinched her nipples hard. The doctor penetrated the women by inserting his thumb in her vagina and two other fingers in her ass. He started to handle her roughly and grabbed her by the hair. He then slapped each breast harshly.

Mark was startled by the content of the video. He thought sex was about kissing and romance.

Mark asked "Why is he hitting her?

Rick said, "She likes it. Look at her. It gets her hot.

Rick stood up and stripped off his jeans and sat back down to watch the video. Mark could see the outline of Rick's erect penis and saw the dark head poking out the top of his boxer briefs. Mark had never seen another dude's dick hard. Rick was rubbing himself through his underwear and watching the video.

Rick glanced over a Mark and said, "Take you jeans off dude."

Mark could barely breathe. He put his hand on the snap and paused, thinking twice about what he was doing.

Rick knew Mark was hard as a rock and probably frightened. He leaned over and unsnapped Marks jeans and then stood up to tug them off. He looked down at Marks tight white briefs packed with his fat bulge. Rick stood in front of Mark and pulled his dick out wagging it in front of Mark's face.

Mark appeared to be in a shock, staring at Rick masturbate his dick just a foot away from his face.

Rick pointed to Mark's crotch and said, "Come on, rub it"

Neither boy was paying attention to the video.

Mark reached down hesitantly and took out his own dick. It was not long at Ricks but it was thick.

"Man you got a fat one. Nice. Jerk it"

Mark lay back on the bed with Rick standing over him.

Mark started to stroke himself as he watched Rick jack his dick. Mark came in only 6 strokes with a shudder.

Rick moved to position himself so that he was jerking himself off directly over Mark's chest. He reached down and pinched Mark's nipple. Mark yelped and looked startled, which turned Rick on more.

Rick was getting close to orgasm. Rick reached down and pinched Marks nipple again. Mark flinched but kept quietly watching Rick. Mark was starting to get hard again. When Rick saw this he slowed his momentum.

Rick pulled Mark's briefs off and jumped astride him. Mark tried to push Rick off but Rick held Mark in place. Rick stopped rubbing his dick and started playing with both of Mark's nipples, watching Mark's face.

Mark was now fully hard, his eyes closed as he focused on the sensation of Rick tugging on his nipples. Rick reached down to stroke Mark's fat dick. Mark's eyes flew open and he looked alarmed. Rick leaned forward and put his dick next to Mark's and began to jack them both together. Mark eyes rolled back in his head. Rick would reach up and pinch Mark nipples every few minutes. Mark was getting close to coming again. Rick was stroking them both hard. He watched as Mark shuddered again and squirt semen all over his own chest and stomach.

Rick raised himself up again and began to beat off over Mark's face. Rick ejaculated on Marks face, neck, and chest. Breathless Rick fell forward on his forearms arms. Sweat rolled off Rick's nose onto Marks stomach and mixed with the semen. Rick's dark eyes looked down into Mark's.

Mark flushed with embarrassment.

Rick leaned back on his heels and hopped off of Mark and saying, "Man, you needed to get off."

Mark sat up. Naked, he stood up and went into the bathroom and shut the door. He took a towel and started wiping off. He looked in the mirror and saw the semen on his face and neck. There were globs in his hair. He turned on the shower.

His legs were shaking and he felt oddly detached. He got in and washed up.

When get came out he found Rick on his own bed in a dead sleep. Mark climbed into his bed and closed his eyes.


Mara Copa

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