Joey Collucci was easily the best looking guy in Apple Valley.

He was Italian, dark, crazy handsome and had an amazing body with muscles that seemed to burst out of everywhere; and, he didn't have to work to hard at—but he did anyway. He was the starting quarterback who also happened to be a pretty nice guy, and fun to hang around with. He wasn't bookish, but he wasn't stupid either, he did what he needed to do academically and then just pretty much threw himself completely into football. He'd made All-State in California as a sophomore and managed to maintain that high level of performance all the way through our senior year in high school.

When we were in high school together, everybody wanted to be Joey Collucci. Me included.

On the other hand, I was like the anti-Joey. Thin and fairly average looking, I was also fairly non-dark and fairly swimming in my shirts—I barely filled them out. I ran track and was at no risk of making All-State when I was in high school; I'd barely been able to make All-Me. I studied way too much, because I'd intended on going to a great school for college and I'd hoped they'd give me lots and lots of scholarship money. I was also a pretty nice guy; I would definitely have wanted to hang around with me.

And for reasons that weren't totally clear to me, he liked me to fuck him.

So I wasn't complaining.

We'd found each other in a quiet moment in the locker room showers late one afternoon during senior year. We were both nude and trying like heck not to look at each other (well, at least he was trying). Of course, I lost control of my dick and had to face the fact that Joey could see I was getting turned on.

He grinned when he realized what was happening to me.

And of course he had me right there. Nobody even had to say 'hello.'

We'd spent a few weeks together with me tutoring him in his classes. Joey got better grades and I got the privilege of sitting inches away from him. I barely remember how we wound up having sex the first time—but, it was totally fucking amazing! After that, we did it again and again. Like brushing your teeth.

To both of our great relief, with the exception of a couple of my nutty friends (Andy, the Leeman twins, to name three), pretty much nobody in the entire school figured out our secret.

And even my friends who were onto us would absolutely not have imagined that I was the one doing the majority of topping. To look at the two of us, the casual observer who might have even dreamed that Joey and TJ were doing the nasty would certainly have reached the only obvious conclusion that shrimpy little TJ was taking a pounding from big hunky Joey's massive man-meat. And not the other way around.

But it was the other way around. Despite my build, I had a big dick. I was very proud of my eight and one third inch penis—I even liked when guys teased me about it (well maybe, just a little bit). Unlikely as it was for track-star-wannabe like myself to actually be so well hung, there wasn't a whole lot I could think of to do about it. So me and Joey made the best use of my cock. In fact, I assumed that was what Joey liked best about me.

I did take my share of poundings from Joey of course. Oh well, I guess I'm just a giver.

But, for the most part, Joey preferred to bottom. I think he felt like my little butt might get ripped to shreds by his thick dick if we overdid it. And he's probably right.

So now since I was home for the summer it was time to complete my sexual Apple Valley round robin.

I'd already done my duty up in Oregon with the Leeman twins. Me and David had sex while his brother Danny was out and about with his fierce running rival Smash. Me and Danny eventually had sex. And of course I took on the two of them. I like a challenge. Actually I mostly just like a good three-way from time to time.

And, when I'd finally gotten back down to Apple Valley and hooked up with my best friend Will, I had event taken him on. At Andy's urging of course, the perve.

Then came Joey's turn. For the past few weeks, as the summer heat really soared, so did my sex drive. About now, it was "all Joey, all the time." But only when the two of us weren't just working out (Joey) or just working (me). I needed the money; Joey needed the muscles.

One of my favorite things to do with Joey was to strip him naked and throw him onto his back with his legs in the air (like I could). I'd get on top of him and man-handle his big beefy arms into a knot behind his head. Of course he could totally get out of this particular hold if he had wanted to, but he'd pretend to be pinned, and I'd pretend to not have to try too hard to hold him there.

Splayed out before me naked like this, I could do whatever I wanted to. He'd play along, pretend to be trapped, and just take whatever I dished out.

I could sniff him with my nose from head to toe, but the silliness of being sniffed always made him giggle, especially when I got to the area under his arms or on either side of his scrotum.

I could lick him, but this tended to wear me out and I'd run out of spit by the time I got about mid-way down his torso.

I could just touch him lightly with a finger or two. I'd heard that there was some kind of Asian sexual thing where all they do is rub your skin ever so softly and somehow you wind up cumming even without your dick being touched. But Joey never did, one of us would always not be able to stand it anymore and we would wind up popping a cock into a mouth.

Or best of all, I could just sit back and enjoy the view. After many years of football, Joey's body was pretty much in perfect shape. I never got tired of just staring at him. And despite the fact that we'd been eating his mother's fantastic Italian cooking all summer, he had that 19-year old thing going on where he never gained an ounce, no matter what. Joey's skin was naturally olive, and he kept his chest hair trimmed up nicely. He could collect water in his abs if he'd been out in a rainstorm with his shirt off.

And his cock was thick and fat and delicious. Hard or soft, it got naturally pushed up toward the sky by his hefty ball sack. As if his scrotum didn't want to steal the show and felt as if Mr. Dick should be front and center. It made me smile to look at it. Or drool.

All things considered, Joey's cock wasn't his best feature.

That would have to be his mouth.

Joey's mouth had to be the most gorgeous and at the same time the most skilled part of his body. His lips were thin but soft. His teeth were perfectly straight and bright white. But behind all that, sort of the business end of his mouth was where Joey's true talents lie. He had a strong tongue that could wrestle my head to the ground or lift my dick up off of my belly. And his throat was definitely built for giving head. It was designed just right—wide open and sort of like a cave that a train could drive right into. When Joey swallowed my hard choo-choo train all the way up to my pubes, he didn't gag and his teeth never touched me; I felt like my body (or at least that particular part of my body) had merged with his. And maybe best of all, Joey always seemed to have an endless supply of saliva. While my mouth never seemed to have enough, Joey was happy to oblige. Just a nice wet kiss from him, and I'd be in business.

Now that we'd left high school and gone on to college, Joey and I had edged away from each other.

We'd both had our share of sex. Me at Boston University with some guys on the track team (and on the wrestling team too, plus one guy from gymnastics, oh yeah, and one hockey player). He at Humboldt State with pretty much anybody from the entire study body that just really wanted a night with a super hot muscle stud.

But at least for the summer between freshman and sophomore year, at least for right now, this very minute, we were both going to make the very most of it.

And for some reason, Joey was crazy as hell about me.

Yet again I had him on his back. It was late morning and we'd gone for a nice long run. The sun was out but it was a little cooler than usual for a summer in Apple Valley. Joey was buck naked; his summer tan highlighted the whiteness of the area from just below his hips to about mid-thigh in an exact replica of his board shorts. Despite my religious use of SPF 105, I tended to burn and looked pretty pale and ridiculous lying on top of Joey.

For this exact moment at least, I'd kept my blue running shorts on, but nothing else.

Joey smiled at me, obviously thinking that I was just about to slip his cock into my mouth. But I didn't. Instead his dick was left to lie there, hogging up the room, begging for attention. I moved my hand to touch it and saw it throb once, growing a little, taking up even more space on Joey's lower abdomen. I grinned but pulled my hand back. I was content to just watch and see what it was going to do, all on its own.

Joey's mouth gave a little silent 'ah.' My hand masturbated the air above Joey's dick, and in less than a minute, he had a full-on erection.

I moved my mouth to hover over the tip of Joey's dick but didn't actually touch it. It throbbed again, reaching up for my tongue.

Joey said a silent 'ah' again, but I still left his dick alone.

"Come on," Joey pleaded. "You can see what you do to me."

I smiled and shook my head.


I breathed air out of my mouth in the direction of Joey's cock head.

"Ah," he said, this time audibly.

I took one finger and wet it with the tiny bit of saliva at the front of my tongue.

Joey smiled, thinking I was finally about to pick up his hard, fat penis and wrestle it into my mouth. But I didn't.

Instead, I lightly brushed my wet finger along the shaft of Joey's cock, from top to bottom.

"TJ!" Joey said his voice higher than usual. One of his hands pushed my head down toward him. I resisted.

I laughed.

A tiny stream of pre-cum slipped out slit at the top of Joey's cock. I blew air at it and Joey shuddered.


Joey had had enough. He lifted himself up off of the bed, taking me with him. His arms put me over his shoulders and he ripped my shorts down and off of my legs. When they were free, he threw them across the room and they smacked against the wall.

Joey moved me in front of him and I straddled his waist. Our mouths found each other and Joey's tongue slammed down my throat. I could feel the heat from Joey's dick warming my asshole. I could feel the pre-cum from the tip of his cock softening up the entrance. Joey took his lips away from mine just long enough to lick the palm of his huge hand. He kissed me again as he lubed up his cock shaft.

Still in mid-air, I kept my arms around the back of Joey's neck, pulling his face closer to mine. Joey held me aloft with one arm and guided his hardness into me with the other.

"Oh," I said involuntarily into the back of Joey's throat as the wide girth of his penis penetrated me. I'd had him up there plenty of times by now, but I never quite got used to the feeling right at the start. Joey's cock was so thick when he was turned on like this that I sometimes felt like he'd put his arm up there inside of me instead of his cock. I opened my eyes and peeked over my shoulder just to reassure myself which part of Joey was holding me up under the shoulder and which part of him was up my butt.

"Don't worry TJ, I've got you," Joey reassured me.

Joey walked around the room with me. Somehow he managed to thrust himself more deeply into me even as we moved about.

I took my mouth back to get a breath of fresh air and tilted my head backward, looking at the ceiling.

"Holy shit," I said, "it's like you're bigger than usual. Is that possible?"

Joey pursed his lips into a smile. I was feeling the entire length of Joey's penis in me right now, all the way from my backside and up into my chest. Fuck!

"Nope," he said. "Just the same as usual."

Joey flipped us around, placing me against the wall. Now I was between a rock and a hard place, and I had a rock hard cock up my middle. My eyes rolled back in my head.

With the wall supporting some of my weight, Joey now used his arms to lift me up and down on his dick. Like you'd dribble a basketball with two hands. The sensation of being impaled by Joey's huge cock was electrical and touched every single part of my body. As Joey bounced me around, my own hard-on flopped against Joey's stomach. Neither of us had paid any attention to it, Joey had no free hands and the sensations inside my butthole were so amazing that I'd forgotten completely that I even had a penis.

Joey's hands spread my ass cheeks more and I opened up even a little more to allow the entrance of the full fatness of his cock. We kissed like we'd never done it before, our tongue and teeth exploring the deepest parts of one another's mouth.

"Oh god, Joey," I said. "Let's never stop doing this."

Joey smiled and thrust his hips up into me even further.

"Ahh," I moaned.

Joey moved me away from the wall and I arched my back and tipped my head away. I used my feel against Joey's butt cheeks for leverage. Joey had one hand behind my back and finally grabbed the base of my dick with the other. I held onto Joey's shoulder with one hand and let the other float up over my head like a rodeo cowboy.

"Yee-haw," Joey said as he stroked the length of my cock, all the way up and down. I was such a fountain of pre-cum that Joey didn't need to put anything at all onto my dick shaft. The entire eight and a third inches was already totally lubed up from my own jizz.

Joey plunged his dick deeply inside of me. He was pretty much fucking the cum right out of me. After just a few pumps into me and a few pumps of his slick hand on my weenie, I came with an explosion. I tried to scream but couldn't. Every bit of my strength went into shooting a massive load of white semen all over the fucking place. Joey's steely cock kept hammering away at my backside as I shot more and more and more cum. It landed on Joey's chest, on my chest, on both of our arms, on the floor, and even a little on Joey's jaw.

"Whoa," he said.

I looked up to see and Joey softly set me down onto the bed. He spread my legs apart like a wishbone and pressed himself lightly between them. That warm, sleepy post-orgasm ecstasy washed over me from my toes to my head and Joey slowed down the rhythm of fucking me.

He leaned down to kiss me lightly on the mouth and I opened up. Too weak to resist. Too happy and contented not to just keep going. He made love me like this for a few moments, and then eased himself into a more upright position.

My dick was spent, but continued to throb in sync with Joey's back and forth motion into my asshole.

Joey propped my legs onto his shoulders and positioned my butt close to his thighs. I looked up at him and gave him a 'thumbs up' with my eyes. 'Yes, you can keep going, don't fucking stop.'

Tenderly, quietly, Joey kept up, his hips moving back and forth against my butt. Lightly, ever so lightly.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the ride. I was a sticky mess, and the air now felt cool against my skin. At the same time, the inside of my body still felt warm. I didn't want this feeling to end. Ever.

Joey popped the big toe from my right foot into his mouth and sucked on it gently. Gradually, he added more toes, one at a time until all five were inside Joey's lips. And he kept fucking me, his thick dick a machine. Never stopping, never slowing down.

Joey switched between my feet, licking the balls of my feet and nuzzling each toe one by one. Sometimes he would stop to make sure I was still on board with all this. I gave him a smile, so he kept up. Fucking away. My butt was his, as long as he wanted to keep doing this.

Somehow, Joey's seemingly endless supply of spit kept my feet wet and cool, a nice contrast from the hot warmth my ass felt.

In time I got hard again. Joey noticed and took hold of my cock. The mix of pre-cum and sperm had dried like glue on my shaft, so Joey found a little more saliva and slathered it up and down. I squirmed in his hands as he got me going again.

After what seemed like forever, Joey finally came. He made no effort to pull his dick out of my butt as he did. Not that I would have let him anyhow. Without pulling out of me, Joey managed to get me off for a second time. My second climax wasn't anything like the first, but it still surprised the both of us as I bucked my hips up and down and shot a stream of clearish sperm in a neat little line up to my belly button.

Joey lifted my neck up off of the bed and our eyes met. Then our lips. We held onto each other for a long time. Neither one of us speaking. Neither one of us moving. In truth, I was pretty much unable to move anyway. Joey cuddled up onto bed beside me. We moved a pillow around, pulled the bed spread up over us and fell fast asleep.

It was early afternoon when we woke up. Outside Joey's window, the sun was high in the sky. We both yawned and stretched.

"Wanna do it again?" Joey whispered as I blinked myself awake.

"Um," I said. I wasn't sure I could.

Joey glanced at the clock. "Fuck," he said in a whisper. "My cousins are coming over."

I smiled.

"Girl cousins or boy cousins?"

Joey happily smiled.

"Well, a little of both. I have one cousin you've already met. Tino. Plus I have a few more that I don't think you have. They're from Italy."

"And what are their names?" I asked.

"Um. Well the younger one is Sergio, he's 18, but he looks 12. And the older ones are Mario and Luigi, they're twenty."

I laughed. "And how old do they look? Mario and Lu...?"

"Luigi. I don't know, 20 I guess. They're not really boys anymore, they're men."

I laughed again.

"Seriously? Their names are Mario and Luigi?"

Joey nodded. He smiled. "They twins."

"Twins, really? Could they have named them anything more Italian than that?"

Now Joey laughed. "Probably not. And they look pretty Italian too. Sort of like Caesar."

"Julius Caesar?"


"I guess I don't know what Julius Caesar looks like, that was a long time ago. And he's not from Apple Valley."

Joey grinned. "You're funny when you're naked.," he said.

I ignored the compliment. Of course I was funny when I was naked.

"And I suppose that Mario and Luigi are totally hot, right?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

Joey shrugged his shoulders, then gave my right nipple a light pinch. "I don't know, maybe I guess, they're my cousins."

"So they're totally hot?"

He rolled his eyes.

"I can't wait to meet them," I said with an evil grin.

"That's what I'm worried about."

Joey wrapped his arms around my head to playfully smother me and keep me from fantasizing about hot Italian 20-year old twins. I licked his arm pit to tickle him and he stopped. His mouth locked onto mine and we kissed each other. Joey's lips pushed my head backward until I was once again a soft piece of Play-Doh.

This had the intended effect on me. I forgot all about Mario and Luigi and got an erection besides.

"Should I get dressed?" I asked.

Joey lifted up off the bed to give me a good look. He shook his head. "Nope, you're fine."

"Joey, I'm a cummy mess," I protested. "And, thanks to you, I somehow have a boner again."

He smiled again. "Trust me," he said. "You're fine."

He gave my cock a squeeze. "And you're boner is excellent."

"Dude," I said giggling, picking up on Joey's valley-speak.


Twins. As if the Leeman twins weren't enough twins for one lifetime. Now we had Mario and Luigi. Twenty was a good age though, with all that knowledge of the world; the Leeman twins were only nineteen.

Joey's mobile phone rang. He looked at the number and smiled. Then he pushed the button to answer.

"Bon Giorno!" he said.

Uh oh.

For the next five minutes or so, I eavesdropped on Joey's phone conversation with one of his cousins; I'm not sure which one. Apparently Joey's Italian was only just okay and whoever he was talking to's English was also just okay. It was one of those tortured discussions where a lot of things got said slowly and a lot of things needed to be repeated. In the end, it sounded to me like they were already in Apple Valley and heading over soon.

Joey put his phone down on my chest when he was done talking. It was warm from where his ear had been.

He didn't say a word. He eased himself down onto the bed and popped my dick into his mouth.

I tried to wiggle away. I had no idea how long it would be before we were having some visitors.

"Joey!" I said in a whine. "Tell me what's going on, who was that? What did they say?"

He ignored me and deep-throated my hard-on, all the way down to the base.

"Aah," I said lightly. Despite the fact that I was still half-way trying to get him to stop, the sensation of Joey's tongue felt really good. Again.

He lifted his head up and replaced his mouth with his hand, stroking me up and down a few times. He looked at my cock with a smile, as if it was the first time he'd ever seen an erect penis.

"Aah," I said again, this time a little louder.

"Nice dick, TJ," Joey said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said. "I know, I know. But what did your cousin say on the phone? Are they on their way over here?"

He resumed my blow job.


"Mmm hmm," Joey said, not opening his lips from the sides of my dick shaft.

"Well, fuck! Don't you think we'd better get cleaned up?" I pleaded.

Joey looked up at my face. It was hard to smile with my cock in his mouth, but he did the best he could.

"Mmm hmm," he said.

"So, then yes? Yes? We need to get ready? Right now? And we shouldn't be trying to get me off? Yet again?"

"Mmm hmm."

I gently lifted his head off of me. His lips made a little suction pop when I finally got him completely away from the tip of my dick.

"So let's go then, right? I'll jump in the shower."

Joey looked sad.

"Come on Joey!" I said again. "You said yourself that Guido and Luigi are headed over here right now!"

He chuckled. "Mario. Mario and Luigi. And Sergio too."

"Whatever. Fuck."

Joey took one last long look at my penis.

"So does your dad have a giant weenie? Just like you?"


"Your dad? Is his dick big too?"

"My dad's dick? You're asking me about my dad's dick?"

He nodded. "Is this like a family thing?"

"Joey, I don't know. I guess so, I mean, I haven't really looked at it."

"Come on TJ, I know you. Yes you have. You've probably looked at it every chance you got."

It was true. I had always tried to catch my dad on the way to or from the shower. Or even in my parents' bedroom when my mom was not around. But this wasn't the kind of thing that you just go around admitting to people.


I sighed heavily.

"I guess. You know, maybe."

Joey grinned. "So it's big, right? Just like you?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, I mean, it's not like I've seen my dad with a hard-on or anything."


I was bright red.

"I don't know, well yes, well maybe, I mean, yes, it was actually, you know, kind of...."


I got up from the bed and headed to the shower.

"Yes, goddammit! I have seen him, okay. Yes. And yes, it's pretty fucking enormous. Okay? Satisfied."

I closed the bathroom door behind me. I pulled back the curtain and turned on the water. Joey opened the door and entered the bathroom with a huge smile on his face.

"Seriously TJ? Pretty fucking enormous?"

I turned around and faced Joey.

I looked down at my own penis, which hadn't managed to become totally soft yet. "Yes. My dad has a big dick."

Joey kissed me lightly on the lips. "So does mine," he said. "I think it's a Collucci thing."

Now I smiled.

"And would Giuseppe and Luigi be Collucci's too?"

"Yes," Joey said. "They are. We've got a very big family of Colluccis."

We both grinned at his joke. "Big Colluccis, that's sort of funny."

Joey gave my balls a light tug. I eased away from him and closed the shower curtain. The hot water felt good on my body. Enough talk about the family penises for the time being. But my dick still wasn't soft.

Two hours later, I found myself sitting at a huge dinner table, surrounded by Colluccis. Some were jabbering on in Italian, some in pretty lousy English. But they all were somehow hot. And, of course, after Joey's disclosure about his dad's dick, I found myself paying extra attention to the front of his pants. What a depraved 19-year old I was turning into!

As Joey passed me the bowl of pasta (which was designed to feed an entire city, by the way), he caught me stealing a glance at his dad. His lips curled into a thin smile and he lightly shook his head. He knew exactly what I was thinking.

"So TJ," Joey's dad said to me from his place at the head of the long table, "Joey told us you are on the track team at school. That must take up a lot of your time. The practices and all."

I had a mouthful of some kind of chicken so I couldn't really speak. I waved my hands in front of my face to explain, but Joey saved me.

"TJ runs middle distance mostly. The 1500, the 800, you know, anything longer than a sprint, but not like a marathon or anything."

"Yeah," I agreed after forcing a swallow.

Joey's mother chimed in, "And little Sergio here, he runs on a track team too, back home in Italy."

Sergio grinned when he heard his name mentioned.

He too had a mouthful of food and couldn't speak. And he also waved his hands in front of him to explain. One of the twins, either Mario or Guido I think, threw a rolled up napkin across the table at their younger brother.

Joey helped again.

"Sergio is a sprinter. You know, short distances like the 200 or 400 meters."

I looked at Sergio, he was kind of blushing. It was cute. It made a nice contrast with his long, wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyebrows. When we had been introduced, I'd made note of his lean upper body but thick legs. Typical sprinter.

"Sergio is really built down below," Joey said, knowing I'd probably already taken notice of this fact.

Now Sergio turned even brighter red.

"No, no," Sergio protested.

"It's true, TJ," one of the twins said. "Below the hips, Sergio is very, very big."

He laughed when he said this. The other twins punched him in the arm, pretty hard.

"Silenzio!" Sergio said to his brothers. I figured out that he wanted them to shut up.

They each made pouty faces, but they were completely unable to be quiet.

The rest of dinner was a total food orgy. Chicken, sausage, pasta, loads of salad and vegetables, cheese. I hadn't ever seen a dinner like this before. And everybody just seemed to be able to pack it in and keep talking at the same time. Usually everyone at once. Half English, half Italian. The whole meal was totally chaos as far as I was concerned. But everybody was laughing so much and teasing each other, I tried to just chill out and go with the flow.

After dinner, we all helped Joey's mom with the dishes. There was a mountain of them. When we were done, his parents excused themselves and went upstairs to their room.

That just left me and Joey, plus Sergio and his twin brothers.

We sat there on the patio of Joey's backyard, sharing a bottle of wine. It was a beautiful warm night outside, not a cloud in the sky.

You could tell that Joey's cousins were brothers; the three of them looked pretty similar. You could also tell that they were Italian. They each sort of had that dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin thing going on. Mario and Luigi were the most alike, of course. Both of them had scruffy little 5 o'clock beard growths that made them look a little bit older than their 20 years. They were my height and slim, but I wasn't sure about the Julius Caesar thing that Joey had mentioned; they both kind of reminded me of some Formula One race car driver I'd seen on TV. Joey told me that they both played soccer—they kept calling it 'futbol' of course.

Sergio was taller than his older brothers by an inch or two and seemed to have gotten a concentrated dose of Italian good looks. His hair was big and wild and totally out of control, kind of a distraction really. But his face was stunning; perfectly tan, perfectly chiseled, and he seemed to be unable to do anything other than smile. His teeth were sparkling white and perfectly even. He was wearing a black, sleeveless shirt that showed off his great arms.

The twins were always giving Sergio a hard time, teasing him mercilessly about his looks, about his body that he worked so hard to keep in shape, about his constant training for the track team, and about his relentless pursuit of fashion.

In my book, Sergio was doing pretty frigging awesome on all fronts. But the razzing from his older brothers was non-stop. He took it pretty well, I think, and he tried to give back what he got, but in the end, he was no match for his older, more experienced brothers.

They were all speaking English on my account. After a while, we brought our glasses into the kitchen and went into Joey's bedroom. His room was sort of a converted garage. Totally private, and totally isolated from whatever the rest of his family was doing in the other part of the house.

"So TJ, tell me about Boston. Is a good place to go to university?" Sergio asked me.

"It sure is. It's a very good place. In fact, Boston is known for having a lot of great colleges. There are a quite a few of them. Harvard. MIT, Boston College, Tufts, the list goes on. Are you considering coming to the States for school?"

"Yes, I know Harvard. I have always wanted to come to America. It is very nice here."

"Do you like snow, you kind of have to like cold weather if you want to live in Boston?" I asked.

"Yes, very much," Sergio said. He went on to explain something about why he loves snow, but I'm not sure I got it. His accent was so strong; it was really a struggle for me to figure out what he was saying. Sometimes Joey had to help out. Between what I think I heard and what Joey translated from the Englitalian, I think he said that he had done some skiing in the Alps when he was in high school, but I wasn't absolutely certain.

"I have legs very strong," Sergio said.

His brothers laughed at how he said it, but I understood.

"Very big too," he added.

"Yeah, that's nice," I said.

"And that's not all that's big," Mario or Luigi said.

Sergio blushed again. He made a hand gesture toward his two brothers that probably meant something bad in Italian, but that I didn't get.

"We should have a contest," Joey said.

"What is a contest?" Sergio asked.

"You know, a competition, a game," Joey explained.

"Yes, I know what is competition," Sergio said. "What kind of competition?"

I had a sinking feeling I knew what kind of game Joey had in mind. I started to turn my own American shade of red.

"Oh, it's no big deal, really," Joey said, waving his arms in the air to emphasize the point. "It's just that my buddy TJ here is pretty big down below too."

Sergio smiled. He was thinking about where this was going.

"Down below?" Sergio asked.

"You know, down below," Joey said again, as if that was explanation enough. "Down below his best. TJ is pretty well hung too. Just like you are."

The twins were laughing and joking with each other.

"You mean....?" Sergio's eyes moved downward to his own crotch. Then he looked at me for support. Not at my crotch though.

"Trust me on this Sergio," Joey said. "From what your brothers have told me, you've got nothing to worry about."

"Joey come on, the guys just gotten here. He's probably jet lagged or something, give him a break," I pleaded.

Joey chuckled. "TJ, jet lagged makes you sleepy, it doesn't do anything to the size of your cock."

Sergio looked like he'd just figured out what his cousin was talking about. "My...cock?"

"Si, fratello," Luigi chimed out. "Your pene, your really big pene, fratello."

The next minute or so was a blur. Everybody (except me) started talking really, really fast in Italian. There was a lot of arm waving, and Joey, Mario, and Luigi pointed to Sergio's package a few times. Finally, Joey brought them all back to earth. And into English.

"So, what do you think Sergio? Will you do it?"

Sergio stared back at Joey with a thin smile on his face. When he spoke, Sergio's English was crisp and precise.

"TJ and I will go out of the room. Then we will come back," he said.

"That's it? What do you mean? You will come back?" Joey asked.

"We will come back without pants."

Joey smiled. Sergio's brothers hooted and hollered. Apparently I was the only one in the room who didn't know exactly what was being planned.

"Capische?" Sergio asked.

"Yes, we capische," Joey answered. "Only don't be too long in there with TJ. The rest of us will be eager to see you return."

"Don't worry cuz," Sergio said with a giggle. He used an exaggerated American accent.

"Joey, what exactly are we doing here? What is all this about not wearing pants?" I asked.

Joey put his hand on my shoulder. "TJ relax. We're just having a little fun here. My cousins Mario and Luigi claim that Sergio has a really large penis, bigger even than any they've seen."


"And, I tried to explain that you have a really large penis too, get it?"

I stared poison darts at Joey. "No," I said. "I don't get it."

"We're just going to have a little contest here. You know, just us guys."

I sighed. "Joey, this is ridiculous, I barely know these guys, this is pretty weird."

"Come on TJ, it will be fun. Besides I'm sure you'll win anyhow." Joey put both of his hands on my shoulders and gave me his best earnest look.

I pouted.

"TJ, come on," Luigi said, pronouncing the words slowly and carefully. He was obviously following the conversation since he was in the same room as us.

"Yes, TJ, come on," Mario added. Just for good measure.

Joey drew me toward him to try and hug me. I resisted. "TJ.......please," Joey sang out.

I looked at the ceiling and shook my head. "This is silly."

"Yes maybe. But it's hot too," Joey said. He never took his eyes off of me.

"So if I do this, I mean, Joey, you know my dick, er, penis, is not very big when it's soft. It's just when it gets, you know, sort of hard..." My voice trailed off.

Joey was grinning. "So then you'll do it, right?"

"Come on TJ," Luigi said again. "Please."

I grabbed Sergio by the arm and escorted him out of the room and into the bathroom. We closed the door behind us. I locked it. Once we were safely in the bathroom, Sergio and I just stood there on the rug and looked at each other. Both of us probably felt the same way about this whole thing. On the one hand, it was always nice that guys thought I had a big dick and wanted to look at it. On the other hand, know...

Actually, maybe there was no other hand.

Sergio got right down to business. He unbuttoned his short pants (they went all the way down to mid-calf, actually). He had on tiny little blue underwear. And his brothers were right about his legs. Oh my god, they were huge! Very strong and very defined. Typical sprinter. And oh man! Look at his feet! They were gigantic, really long and thin, but his toes were kind of short. They reminded me of a stretched out version of my own feet. Really stretched out.

Sergio looked at me looking at him. He was obviously waiting for me to follow along and take off my pants too.

I smiled. "What the fuck?" I said.

I took off my pants and my underwear in one piece and wriggled my feet out of them. Sergio's eyes landed on my dick. I wasn't completely soft. After all, I was standing in a small room with a hot Italian sprinter who was wearing only his underwear.

Sergio sort of half-grinned.

"Is that," he paused, searching for the word. "Is that...?"


He nodded. "Yes, yes, that's it. Is that semi-hard?"

"Yes," I said. "I am semi-hard. And if you keep staring at it, I will no longer be semi-hard, I will be totally hard."

Sergio laughed.

"It's big," Sergio said.

I nodded with a smirk. "Yes, I know. Just wait, it gets bigger."

I gave my dick a flip with my finger, sort of like a dog does to straighten his fur after somebody has been petting him.

"I have not seen, I mean..." Sergio was stumped for the English word again.

"Lots of penises," I suggested.

"Well no, I mean, yes, I have seen many penis," Sergio said.

This conversation was so damn cute. That alone was going to give me an erection. And, right on cue, my cock gave a little shudder and stretched itself out. Sergio took note of it. I tugged on the soft loose skin on the underside of my dick, and it lurched outward again. It was fun to watch Sergio's eyes, as my dick grew and grew.

"Still semi-hard?" Sergio asked.

I looked down. "Um, well, yeah, well maybe I guess," I said. It was actually more hard than semi-hard, but I thought this might be too difficult to explain.

"Can I, you know, touch it?" Sergio asked.

"No!" I said. "You need to take your own shorts off, you know, and then we can go out there and join the party again."

Sergio was clearly flustered that I said no. As he took a step backward, I could see that his own package, inside his blue underwear, had done a little growing of its own.

"Oh, sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry about it. You can touch it if you want to, later. Just right now, you need to lower your underwear so that we can have our little parade out with the gang."

Sergio looked into my eyes and slowly lowered his underwear. I made a little gasp as his fat Collucci cock sprang out. What a family!

"I haven't really ever touched anybody else penis," Sergio explained. "I don't stand so close to anybody in the shower at my school."

"That's okay, I usually like to have people touch my penis," I said. "You can do it now if you want to."

"My brothers, they touch my penis," Sergio said suddenly.

I wasn't surprised by this. "They do? Do they touch it a lot?"

"No, just sometimes. They teach me to..."

"Teach you to what?"

"Um, I don't know the English word."

"To masturbate? Your brothers teach you to masturbate?"

"Is that when you rub and the white comes out?"

I laughed.

"Yes, that's what happens when you masturbate. You mean that you didn't know how to do that? Your brothers are teaching you?"

"Yes, they teach me. It feels very nice," Sergio said.

"I'll bet," I said.

He didn't understand.

"I mean, I agree. Masturbating feels nice." I shrugged my shoulders. "Is that all you've done? Masturbate?"

He turned red.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to," I said. This poor guy!

"No, no, it's okay. It's just that, well, I have done other things, but, you know, not with girls. I have done other things with boys my age. Like me."

I slapped him on the shoulder and gave him a big smile.

"Good to know Sergio," I said. "You should definitely come to Boston."


"Yes Harvard. Or any other school I go to Boston University, BU. You could go there too."



"Okay, then I go to BU."


"And you will look me around when I go there, right?"

"Right. I will be happy to look you around."

We heard a little yelling and shouting from outside the bathroom. Apparently the natives were restless. I slapped Sergio on the shoulder again. "Let's take our shirts off, and get out there. Let's give them what they want."

Sergio looked down at his dick. It was ridiculously thick. It really looked like a salami resting heavily against his thigh. "Do you think my penis is as big as than yours?"

I grabbed hold of my dick from the base and waved it at him. "You're kidding right? I mean, look at me. I'm nothing like yours. I don't think there are many anywhere much like yours."

He laughed.

"Do you think?"

"Yes, I think. No come on, let's go. You have a really nice dick. You should be proud of it."

"Okay. Then I am proud."


He looked into my eyes. The tension in the air was super thick. I wanted to kiss this guy so much it sort of hurt.

"Do you think they will want to masturbate us?"

"I hope so," I said, meaning it.


"If they ask, we will say yes. Okay?"

My semi-hard cock was now happily on its way all the way to hard just at the very mention of this. Sergio noticed and smiled. Then he put his hand behind my head and pulled my head toward his. He put his mouth over mine and kissed me. His tongue was delicious! It felt really Italian to me, if that's possible.

Oh boy.

Another runner! And now the guy was thinking about coming to Boston too. Just what I needed. Somebody else for me to run with and fuck around with. I seemed to be collecting them like butterflies, even without a net.

Sergio and I flipped off our shirts at the same time. Then I opened the door of the bathroom. We both had erections as we walked into Joey's bedroom.


TJ Tachet

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