The next day of my summer vacation, I woke up in Oregon.

I think.

I slowly woke up the morning after Danny Leeman's big win in the 1500 in his twin brother David's bed. I was sleepy and tired.

And very naked.

Exactly how I wound up in David's bed—and not on the floor where I was supposed to be—was not immediately clear. I know that last night we all went out to meet Smash. I know that I had a couple beers and beers are not usually very nice to me. But still, you'd think I'd remember a few more details—I didn't think I was that much of a lightweight that I would wind up nude in bed with my buddy David and not remember a thing about it.

Did I have sex with David?

I seem to remember walking slowly home from Snafu, where we'd left Danny and Smash. I also seem to remember grabbing a drink with David at another bar, another place that also somehow didn't card us and believed we were 21. Since both of us were a pretty boyish 19, it was amazing that I'd been sold beer at two separate bars in a college town, not too far from the university. But who's complaining?


The greater mystery was still how I wound up in the bed of the good Leeman twin. I shifted my weight forward a little bit to see if David had no clothes on either.

Uh, yep. Roger that. David Leeman was just as naked as I was.

Of the two Leemans, David was very sweet and innocent. He would someday become an upstanding member of a community, the kind of guy who volunteers to help little old ladies across the street. Danny, on the other hand was definitely the evil twin. He was the opposite of sweet and innocent, and the only way I could see him helping somebody across the street was if they promised him a blow job on the other side.

I looked closely at David's back, which was about 90% of all I could see anyhow. Perfect, flawless skin. Soft too; he was clearly using a moisturizer. I smiled to myself. What a good boy he was. I tried to stretch but I was pretty much pinned in this position. Quietly, I sniffed the air. The three of us had clearly been at a bar last night; the dorm room smelled like it.

David was sort of spooned into me, his back to my chest. My right arm was tucked under him, my left arm casually draped across his hip. He didn't have on any underwear.

Uh oh. Seems like we either had sex or maybe we almost did. Either way, I was going to have to ask him. Kind of embarrassing.

I slowly moved my left arm from on top of David and rubbed myself down there. Nope. I wasn't wearing underwear either. Well duh! Of course we did it. With more than one drink in me, how could I possibly refuse?

Only who fucked who? Surely I was due to top, seemed like I'd been on the bottom an awful lot lately.

I blinked my eyes open and tried to reconstruct the events from last night.

First, me and David left Danny at Snafu. Sucking face with Smash, the arrogant little Asian dude who Danny had beaten in the 1500 yesterday afternoon.

Next, me and David left and walked down the street. I seem to remember going into another bar that was dark. And this one had girls in it.


I seem to remember David buying me another beer. They didn't have anything light, so he got me something not light. I think I liked it.

And that's it. That's all I could come up with.

I tried to tug my arm back but David was dead weight on top of it. I wondered if there was any blood flowing to my fingers. They tingled.

David's butt felt nice against my groin and it got me hard. Um. Okay.

When I was fully erect, the head of my penis trying to poke another hole into his backside, David woke up. Call it telepathy.

"Morning," he said sleepily.


He wriggled backwards until my wiener was strategically placed between his ass cheeks. I was in no position to resist. David reached down and rubbed some spit on my dick. I slid inside of him easily.

"Oooh," David said.

I turned my head to see if Danny was in his bed across the room. Yup. He was, but I couldn't make much out from the weird angle I was at. Was he awake? Was he watching us?

"Oooh," David said again. He rhythmically bucked his hips back and forth, my cock slipping slowly through his hole.

Despite my nervousness about whether David's twin was watching us, I got caught up in the moment. As usual, my dick was in charge and I joined David in the act of fucking him.

It was surprising to me that this could feel so good without any lube. Just a little spit, pretty cool!

I tried to move the hand that was under David's chest but I couldn't. Instead I used my free arm. I licked my hand and then placed it on David's cock.


The Leeman brothers' cocks were practically the same. But if you paid close attention (and of course I did), there were some tiny little differences. David's penis was very nicely shaped with the perfect little curve upward about midway up the shaft. Danny's too. But David's was just like a smidge fatter at the base. Danny's dick was about the same thickness from bottom to top, like a hot dog. The tip of David's cock was extremely sensitive and also a little more plump, sort of like a helmet. He yowled and squirmed whenever I licked it there or rubbed my palm on the end. Danny didn't seem to have the same thing going on at the tip, and he didn't have quite the same helmet thing going on. On the other hand, Danny's nuts were bigger than David's—just a little but they were bigger and hung down lower all the same. They both shaved their balls. And, they both trimmed their pubes; Danny was totally clean up there and just had a teensy bit of shaving stubble stretching up toward his belly button. David left a little fuzz in kind of a rectangle. Both of their dicks were great. I could play with them for a long time and never be bored.

Without really thinking about it, I found myself rubbing saliva around the little hood on top of David's cock. From experience I knew this drove him wild, so I kept at it. This was actually pretty fun.

The sound of our bodies smacking into each other started to make a sound. If Danny wasn't already awake, this was sure to do it. If I knew Danny Leeman, his brain was permanently locked into a sexual mode, and he probably didn't even need to hear us screwing across the room to know what was going on.

I heard his bed creak.

"Well, well, well, what have we here amigos?" Danny's happy voice came from behind me. "A little early morning fuck-fest? I want in!"

David stopped moving his hips. I kept up.

Danny stood over us. He was naked of course. He put a hand on my shoulder. David looked behind him at his twin. He made a face that must have meant something to his brother.

"Okay by me," I said. "A Leeman sandwich sounds fine. Hop in."

Danny flipped back the covers and slipped onto the mattress behind me.

"TJ, are you fucking my brother?" Danny asked.

I stopped.

"Um, yes. Is there a problem?"

"He's a great fuck, right?"

I looked at him. "Um, yeah, but um, how do you know?"

Danny giggled.

"Amigo, please. I taught him everything he knows. How could he not be a great fuck?"

"Uh, okay."

Danny wasn't hard quite yet so he just put his semi-hard cock in the crack of my ass. It was a good thing the three of us runners were on the thin side. There's no way we could have fit into the bed otherwise! In the mean time, Danny licked my ear.

I kept rubbing away on David's uber-sensitive cockhead. He had already been transported to another planet and with my fucking him from behind; he was pretty much unable to speak.

I gave David a break and grabbed hold of Danny's cock. Just to see if I could hurry things a long a bit. I didn't think David (or me, for that matter) was gonna be able to hold off for very much longer.

Danny was mostly hard and was certainly good enough to penetrate me. It was kind of tough getting the angle right while I pounded away on his brother, but after a few tries, I managed to get my butthole around Danny's cock.

With just spit. Amazing.

I had to admit that I'd never been fucked while I was fucking somebody else. At least not in recent memory. It was weird but actually pretty hot. Since I was the meat inside the Leeman brother sandwich, and the best way for us to do this in this position was for me to wiggle back and forth, I did all the work. I thrusted my hips backward and took Danny Leeman deep inside of me. I thrusted my hips forward and sent my own eight and a third inches all the way inside of David Leeman.

"Hey bro, how's that soft little pee pee head of yours?" Danny asked David.

David just shook his head. I think this meant that he heard the question but deemed it not worthy of a response.

I thrust my butt into Danny's groin and felt his floppy ball sack smack into my upper legs. I squeezed hard and then dragged Danny and his dick with me while I kept up the pace on David.

"Woo hoo!" Danny squealed from behind.

Danny reached forward and tried to grab his brother's dick.

"Danny!" David and I cried out in unison.

Both me and David pushed Danny's hand away. But Danny wouldn't give up. He grabbed hold of his brother's dick and tickled the head. David yowled.

I just concentrated on the fucking and tried not to think about the fact that Danny Leeman was stroking his own twin's cock. That just seemed weird to me.

I gave my palm another lick, pushed Danny's hand off of David's weenie and plunged mine deep inside of David. David said "Aaah" and got lost in the moment. I thought I saw his eyes roll back into his head.

After jerking David for another minute, my hand found a little pre-cum leaking out of David's pee hole. I made good use of it driving David crazy.

"Aaaaah!" David shouted as he came in my hand.

"Aaaaah!" I shouted just a few seconds later as I came in his ass.

Danny must have felt my ass clench tightly around his cock.

"Yow!" Danny said.

Danny slammed me a couple more times and then he came too. Just to be his usual goofy self, Danny tried to hit the exact same note that me and David did.

"Aaaaah!" Danny shouted, trying hard not to laugh at the same time.

The three of us just lay there for a few minutes until both me and Danny's cocks grew soft and then slipped out of David and my respective butts. A little of Danny's cum leaked out and I could feel it drip down my cheek.

I felt slimy everywhere. Time for a shower.

The next day the three of us packed boxes and suitcases into their car and headed back down south. It was a long drive and we had to get started early. By noon, we were still in Oregon. There was no way we were going to make it all the way home to Apple Valley by the end of the day. Oh well. Another night in a room with the Leemans. Not sure my butt could take it. Actually, I'm totally sure David's butt couldn't take it.

It looks like Danny Leeman's up.

He was reading my mind.

"Hey amigo," Danny said from the front seat. "Looks like we're going to have to grab some shut-eye in a cheap motel tonight."

"Yup," I agreed.

"It's gotta be really, really cheap," David said. "We're broke."

"Me too," I agreed. "I've got my folks credit card, but let's keep the dollars down. Not too expensive, okay guys?"

"Danny could flirt with the guy who checks us in," David suggested. "Maybe he'll cut us a deal."

Danny smiled.

"No problemo, amigos. I may even flash him a little leg. You guys know how hot they are."

We drove for another few hours, but were still someplace north of San Francisco. We were beat. Just outside of Napa, we found a seedy little flea bag motel with a 'Vacancy' sign out front.

David steered us into the lot. Danny hopped out of the car to go talk to Reception. He had a determined look in his eye. I noticed that the top button of his jeans was unfastened.

A few minutes later Danny came back outside dangling a room key in his hand. He was grinning from ear to ear.

The room was gross. I took off my clothes and threw them on the bed. After having been cooped up in the back seat of a car all day, I announced I was going for a run. I didn't ask either of the twins if they wanted to join me. I needed some time on my own.

That night we ate salad and breadsticks at an Olive Garden. David and I did our best to eat like normal starved college students, but Danny took the routine to a higher level. In addition to salad and three plates of pasta, I think that Danny ate like 30 breadsticks. David and I watched in wonder as Danny kept shoving them in, and we were particularly impressed that Danny managed to swallow a few of them whole. No gag reflex, I guess. After making nearly every breadstick joke the three of us could think of, we headed back to the motel.

Danny was naked in less than a minute.

He put his butt in the air and begged me climb on top. I obliged him by fucking him with my big stick for an hour.

Danny came twice before I got even close; David pinched his brother's nipples and Danny yowled loudly both times. For whatever reason, I was in no real hurry to get off. So, since my hard-on seemed to be pretty happy, I gave Danny a slow, grinding ride and tried to hold out for a while longer. Actually, it was a masterful fuck. I was pretty proud of myself. He moaned in ecstasy and writhed around on the bed like a fish.

David made him useful again by sucking on my chest just before I finally put a stop to all this fucking with a grand orgasm. Danny looked spent.

"Oh my fucking god, amigo!" he said. Then he fell asleep on top of the sheets with my cum dripping down the slopes of his ass cheeks. His dick wasn't even soft. David and I giggled. We both gave it a twang with our fingers and left Danny in peace. Probably to dream about Smash.

I was too tired to do anything else with David. First he wiped me down with a warm wet washcloth from the bathroom. Then we just cuddled. It felt nice to be held by one of my old high school buddies and I fell asleep in his arms; I could vaguely feel David's boner between my thighs.

When we finally got back home to Apple Valley, I was very happy to find quite a few messages from my buddies. Andy had called to invite me over to his folks' place for a BBQ. Joey had called three times but my mom didn't have anything specific to tell me about it (this I could figure out on my own). And Will called.

I tried Joey first but it went into voice mail.

I called Andy and RSVP'd for his BBQ. He teased me mercilessly about my trip up to Oregon to visit the Leemans. But I decided not to play along. If my straight friends had these weird curiosities about my sexual romps with other guys, somehow the phone didn't seem like the best place to get into it.

Then I called Will.

"Hey dude, long time no talk to," I said.

"Oh man, TJ," Will said excitedly. "I've got so much to tell you!"

"Yeah me too," I said. It was easy to slip right back into the comfortable cadence with Will. He and I had been best friends for a few years now. The fact that we were going to college on opposite sides of the country hadn't changed a thing. Of course, the fact that we'd had that one crazy experience at his house that night at the end of his graduation party had not been discussed. In my own mind, that linked us in a way that probably nothing else could. Of course, it was also a little strange. And I had no idea if it could ever happen again.

"I've got a great summer job, TJ. Working at the library in town. They said they might have more openings for the right kind of person. It would be totally awesome to make some extra cash and hang out with you all summer at the same time. What do you think?"

"Wow," I said. I knew I should probably try to make some money this summer, but I hadn't quite figured out how I was going to do that. After the long school year, my brain needed to just chill for a while. But to spend lots of time with my best friend? And not slinging burgers at McDonald's. This was worth considering.

Will and I agreed to get together at his place later that afternoon and talk about it.

I rode my bike over to Will's, tucked it away just inside his back fence like I always used to, then knocked on the front door. Three seconds later, Will opened it up with a huge smile on his face. We hugged. It was really, really fantastic to see him.

Always good looking, now he seemed almost like an adult. He'd gotten an inch or two taller, thickened up, and I could see that living at the beach at Pepperdine had suited him well. His thin dark brown hair was still wet from his shower and there was a tiny drop of shaving cream at that little spot where his ear met his cheek. I reached up and wiped it off with a finger.

Will smiled. His dazzling teeth sparkled in the mid-afternoon sunshine from outside.

He was wearing a white t-shirt tucked into his blue jeans and he was barefoot. His size 13 feet were clean and tan. I made a mental note to get my own white pale feet outside in the sun so they could get tanned too.

He invited me in and we went directly to his room. I'd spent quite a few nights here when we were together in high school. I knew his bedroom well. I'd even jacked off more than once in the spare bed while Will slept, or in the shower adjacent to the room.

It all felt very comfortable.

I kicked off my flip flops and Will and I sat down heavily onto his two beds on opposite walls. We tossed a tennis ball back and forth while we talked. It wasn't lost on me that if we both stretched our legs out fully we could touch our bare feet together. A familiar stirring made itself known beneath the buttons of my shorts.

After a few minutes of catching up on all the essentials. Will loved Pepperdine, loved his roommate, loved his major (History), loved living in the dorms by the beach in Malibu, loved being home for the summer here in Apple Valley. He still had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do with his life, only that he didn't want to follow the typical path of our friends into law school or medical school. It came as no shock to me that Will loved everything about life; he had always been about the most optimistic person I'd ever met. Will even smiled at people from the back seat of the car when his mom used to drive us around town before we were 16. He'd won every senior class award that really mattered to people at our high school. He was a whirlwind of bright lights and happiness, and I was just happy to be his slightly shorter, slightly less better looking, slightly more sexually confused best friend.

Of the two of us, he had the bigger dick too. His was mine but on steroids. But I was certain that I was putting my dick to better use.

"So I've got big news," Will said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Um, okay."

"Are you sitting down?"

I giggled. Of course I was sitting down. I was laying back on the bed about six feet away from him.

"I'm gonna ask Linda to marry me," he said.

My jaw dropped open and my mouth suddenly got very dry. Are you fucking kidding me?

Will smiled.

"What do you think?" he asked.

I was speechless. Ever since Will and I had known each other, since we'd met in freshman English more than 4 years ago, I'd had this indescribable feeling about him. Sort of half way loving being his best friend. Sort of half way loving him like a brother. And maybe a little part of me had other ideas in mind. Living forever on a deserted island maybe where I could hop up and down on the palm tree between his legs to my heart's content. Marriage to Linda was not in my plans.

"Um," I said. "That's great!" I hoped that sounded more convincing coming out of my mouth that it sounded to me inside my head.

"I've got it all planned out," Will said. "Her birthday is in September, just before school starts up again. I'm going to take her down to Tijuana for the weekend, have the ring in my pocket, and do it on the beach one night with a bottle of champagne."

Tijuana. Ewe. He'd be lucky if he didn't get mugged for the ring before he even had a chance to ask her.

"Great," I said. "Sounds amazing."

"What do you think? Pretty rad, right?"

Rad? Well no, it just sounded fucking nuts to me right now. We were only going to be sophomores for crissakes! Who got married this early?

"Yes, totally rad," I agreed.

"And, of course, I'll want you to be my best man," he said.

Oh god.

"Well, wow! That's totally cool! I mean, I'd be honored!"

Will jumped up off of his bed and grabbed my hand. He pulled me up off of the spare bed and we hugged it out again. His arms were so long that my thin little runner's body slipped inside of the bear hug with ease.

"I want to show you some of the rings I've been looking at," he said. Will flipped on his laptop and brought up some pictures of these big diamond rings.

I had no earthly idea what I was looking at.

For the next hour or so, Will and I talked about the engagement plans, about Linda's family, about when they should do the wedding, about where they should live. I played along, but something inside of me was totally dying. This whole idea of Will married—and not strapped to a beach chair on my desert island—was totally fucking crazy to me!

Will went out to grab us some snacks from the kitchen. I fell back onto the bed and closed my eyes. Oh my god! I can't believe that Will is already getting ready to propose to some chick! And I hadn't even met her.

Will returned with some apples (pre-sliced into neat little wedges by his mom), some cheese cubes on a plate, and two Cokes. I drink Diet but didn't feel like arguing the point for right now.

"So, what's the big news from you?" Will asked.

I was munching a cheese cube and had to finish chewing before I could answer.

"Big news? What big news?"

"You know, TJ, like who are you dating? Who are you gonna live with next year? Who can keep up with you in all of those Chemistry and Physics classes?"

I carefully explained that I wasn't really dating anybody seriously. Screwing around a lot, but most of these were not officially to be considered 'dates.' I was keeping the same roommate for next year—Alan from Texas—and I was adding a couple more guys since we had gotten a larger place since we were sophomores. And yeah, my grades were pretty good; I wasn't exactly setting any school records for GPA but if I kept up at this rate, I could probably get into a good medical school someday.

Then we talked about track. I explained how much I was running but that had always been a weird topic for the two of us. Will wasn't a runner and his eyes always seemed to glaze over whenever I provided a little too much detail. I told him how I was considering dropping down to the 1500 for my sophomore year now that my speed had increased quite a bit during freshman year.

That did the trick. Will changed the subject.

"So what about the gay thing?" he asked.

I gulped. I guess he felt like it was time to talk about it.

I paused.

"I mean, if you don't want to talk about it, we don't have to," he said kindly.

I popped a perfect apple wedge into my mouth and looked at the ceiling. I crunched it quietly and then took a deep breath.

"Um, well, you know," I said.

It took a bit of coaxing, but gradually Will got me to talk about it. He and I had always been pretty open with each other. This was sort of just one of those pretty intense things that was not easy to talk about and it had taken me a couple years to figure out that Will and I could actually have this conversation. Over the course of about an hour, I finally opened up. It was totally great to have somebody Will, who knew me so well, to finally not have to hide anything. He knew that I hadn't told many of our friends from high school, and most importantly, he knew that I hadn't told my parents.

After Will seemed satisfied that all the serious stuff was behind us, he got up off his bed again and held his arms out.

"You realize this makes absolutely no difference in our friendship," Will said. "Right?"

I walked into Will's hug for the third time today. This time I got a little teary-eyed.

"Yes," I answered, my voice trailing up.

He held his head back and looked at my face. "We're always going to be great friends," he said.

A tear dripped down my cheek. My lip quivered. I nodded.

He smiled and clapped me on the back.


Will was trying to make the situation better, changing the subject once again.

"So what?" I had no idea where he was trying to take our conversation next.

"So, dude, tell me about the guys in Boston? Who are you seeing?"

I sniffed and rubbed my eyes. "Um..."

Did I really want to discuss the guys in Boston with my best friend from California?

"So...give me some names. Height? Type?"


I forced a smile.

"Seriously Will? You want to know specifics about the guys your best friend is doing it with back in New England?"

He nodded and grinned widely. "Everything. All the details."

I shook my head. "I don't know. I don't know if I can have this talk with you," I said.

Will cocked his head.

"Come on! Are you kidding me? I mean, if you can't tell me, who can you tell? After all, we pretty much know everything about each other."

I stared at Will. He put one of his big hands on his jeans, right on top of his package.

"I'm right, aren't I? I mean, I've never done that with anybody else."

And by that, Will is referring to the fact that he bent me over the back of a chaise lounge and made love to me like a champ at the end of that very crazy night at the end of his high school graduation party. How would I ever forget what happened? Will was hung pretty huge. I'm not sure I was able to walk for a few days.

I blushed.

"Yes, I remember, I remember," I said.

"Good," Will said. "I'm happy to know that you didn't forget about it. I sure didn't."

And what did that mean? Did my deserted island fantasy actually have a chance of becoming a reality?

"Will, you've got a pretty huge penis," I said. "Nobody would forget it."

He smiled. But this time it was a nervous smile. I wasn't sure whether or not Will liked me mentioning how big his dick was. Didn't guys with dicks that big get that sort of comment a lot? Of course they did.

"Yeah," he finally admitted. "Probably."

Just then the house phone rang. As Will jumped up to answer, I got a funny feeling in my stomach.

"Oh, hey Andy! Great hearing from you. How's it going?" I looked over at Will who pulled the phone away from his head; he made a twirling sign with his finger. I rolled my eyes.

"Uh, yeah, sure. Me and TJ are just hanging out in my room shooting the shit," Will said into the phone, using his best cheerful tone.

Oh no. Not Andy. Not right now. I silently mouthed the word 'NO' as loudly as I could.

"Um, yeah, I guess so. Let me check with TJ," Will said a little nervously.

Will cupped his hand over the phone.

"Do you mind if Andy stops by, he's been dying to see the both of us?" He whispered in my direction.

"No fucking way!" I whispered back.

Will looked crestfallen.

I gave him my best 'mad' look.

"Um, hold on Andy," Will said into the phone before covering it up again.

"Don't worry, TJ, he won't stay too long, he's got a date tonight or something," Will whispered.

I shook my head and tried to look miserable. "Okay," I said with a smirk.

"Um, sure Andy, why don't you just stop by? We're in my room in the back."

I went into Will's bathroom to pee and fix my hair. It couldn't have been three minutes later when I returned to Will's room. There was a loud knock on the door. Holy crap that was fast! Was the guy parked just outside at the curb?

Neither Will or I needed to open the door. Andy barged through. As usual bigger than life. His green eyes and bright white smile lit up the room.

After he hugged us both, Andy was bouncing up and down in the middle of Will's floor.

"What?" Will asked.

He kept bouncing.

"What?" Will asked again, this time a little louder.

"So I'm dying to know gents," Andy said in his New York accent. "What are you guys doing cooped up in here? Why are you dudes out enjoying the great outdoors? It's gorgeous outside!"

In unison with me, Will said: "We were talking about TJ's penis." I said: "We were talking about Will's penis."

Andy seemed taken aback. Then he grinned happily.

"Well let's get back into it. I'm sorry I missed the beginning of the conversation. Let's keep going," Andy said.

I rolled my eyes. Will looked at me and laughed.

"I mean, I have to admit, I've seen both of your penises, and I would agree, there's an awful lot to talk about. Who shall we cover first?"

"No Andy, we're not going to talk about our penises anymore today. You missed your chance, we're done" I said.

Andy frowned.

"Unless we want to talk about Andy's penis. We haven't had a chance to do that yet?" Will said joking.

Andy put his index finger on his lips and pretended to think about it. I sighed loudly, hoping that this would underline my view on the subject. I didn't like where all of this was heading (not right now at least).

"Hmm," Andy said after a few seconds. "I guess we could do that. I do like my penis. I think it's a pretty nice one. And all the girls at school who I have honored with the privilege of having sex with me seem to agree."

"Nice," I said. "You're a class act Andy."

"Okay then," Andy said with a smile. "We won't talk about my penis if you think it gets too much attention. We'll talk about Will's."

Will chuckled. "Not much to say, really," he said looking down at his mid-section where his penis could be found.

"Please!" Andy said. "Your dick is like one of the biggest, thickest, most hugest dicks to ever come out of Apple Valley."

Will and I both laughed.

"And I for one am very proud to say that I'm friends with you. You're not only a nice guy Will, but you're hung like a rocket ship. Way to go dude!!"

"Thanks," Will said quietly.

"So Will, let's talk about how you fucked your way through your freshman year at Pepperdine, okay? Or were those little Malibu co-eds too scared of your rocket monster to open their legs up for you?"

"You're such a piece of work, Andy," I said.

Andy ignored my comment.

"Well," Will said.

"Well what? Did you get all the women you wanted at Pepperdine?"

"Um, you know, a couple," Will said quietly. "I was sort of just hanging out with one girl, you know?"

"Okay," Andy goaded. "So? Could she handle your dick?"

"Uh, well, you know..."

"Will, well you know what? I really don't know. That' why I'm asking."

Will smirked and lay back on his bed with his arms folded behind his head. Andy sat on the bed next to him and placed his hand on Will's thigh, pretty close to where I'd expect the rocket monster to be hanging out. Interestingly, Will did not move Andy's hand away.

"Um, we were sort of trying to wait, you know, to wait until we got really serious or something," Will explained.

Andy looked shocked.

"Are you serious?" Andy asked. "I mean, really? You didn't do it with her?"

I have to admit that I was a little bit surprised by this new piece of information as well.

Will pursed his lips, and then he sighed. Then he shook his head.

"No," Will said. "We didn't. She said she wanted to wait."

"And you, do you want to wait?" Andy asked, sounding pretty incredulous.

Will grimaced.

"Uh," he said.

"No," Andy offered. "You wanted to, but she didn't, right? Age old story. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Boy wants to put his thing in the girl's thing. Girl says no. Says she's not that way. Boy says okay whatever."

Will and I laughed. It was pretty true.

"Wah, wah, wah," Andy added, for effect.

"Did she at least give you head?"

Will shook his head no.

"Jack you off?"

Will shook his head no.

"Grope you through your pants?"

Will shook his head no.

"Holy fuck, dude! You've probably got the worst case of blue balls in California. Nobody waits until they get married anymore! Most girls I know give it up whenever they can. I mean, at least for guys like you and me."

Andy looked at me to see if I was feeling insulted at having been left out. My jaw remained open but I didn't say anything.

"And they would do it for TJ too, of course, if you know, he was..."

Andy fumbled for the word.

"Straight," Will and I said in unison.

"Yeah," Andy agreed. "But he's not, so you know, no harm no foul, right?"

I smiled.

"I'm good, don't worry, everybody seems to know which way I lean these days anyways," I said.

They both laughed.

"Well, all I can say is that any guy you're doing it with back there in Boston had better have a really big mouth."


"And no gag reflex," he added.

I shrugged and glared at him.

"I mean, eight and a quarter inches fully hard is a pretty fucking large weenie, right dude?" Andy looked at Will for confirmation that my weenie was large.

I shook my head.

"Eight and a third," I said under my breath.

Andy and Will both busted up. They both knew exactly how long it was. We had talked about it like a thousand times. They both were just waiting for me to get met that Andy had said eight and a quarter just to get under my skin. Which of course it did.

"Okay, pal, eight and a third, if you say so," Andy relented.

Then Andy turned his attention back to Will. This time he put both of his hands on Will's thighs.

"No sex," Andy said to nobody in particular. "Amazing!"

"I know, I know," Will said. "I'm going through a dry spell. Like I said, we're waiting."

"Waiting! Shit dude, why?"

Will didn't have an answer ready.

"Because she..."

Andy dismissed Will's comment with a wave of his hand and a roll of his eyes.

"So you're at least spanking it on a regular basis, right bro?"

Will frowned.

"No!" Andy said, horrified.

"I guess I just kept hoping..." Will said, sort of sadly.

I had to agree. Who didn't jerk off if they weren't getting laid on a regular basis? I mean, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. Sort of like brushing your teeth, but sometimes even more often.

"You're kidding, right?" Andy asked.

Will shook his head.

Andy looked up at the ceiling and whistled. "This is nuts, you know Will," he said.

Will chuckled. "I know it's nuts, you should see mine. They're pretty damn full right now, all the way up to the top."

Andy looked down at Will's crotch. With one hand, he reached down and gave it a light rub.

"Poor little guys," he said with a whimper.

Andy inched his hand up higher on Will's thigh. At the same time, he looked over at me. Then his eyes darted back and forth between Will's crotch and my face.

"Well, what are you waiting for TJ?" Andy said, just a little too loudly. "You're like his best friend, right? Get over here and help the poor guy out! It sounds like he hasn't gotten off since before he started college at Pepperdine."

Andy looked at us again. I was frozen in place. Will looked at my face. I looked at Will's, sort of asking him what I should do.


"Well, it has been quite a while. I can't even remember the last time," Will admitted.

"Weeks? Months?" Andy asked, his voice rising.

Will nodded. Really? How was this possible?

"Holy fuck!" Andy said, for like the tenth time.

Will laughed. "I know, pretty crazy, right?"

"The only thing I know that's crazy is that your best friend here...TJ...he's got like a mouth like a vacuum cleaner. And well, you know, he should be over here right this very minute helping you to have a crazy good orgasm!"

Will laughed nervously again. So did I.


I shook my head. But not very convincingly.

Andy cocked his head at me. "TJ, come on, what are best friends for? I mean, shit dude!"

"Um, well, only if Will..." my voice trailed off.

Andy moved his hand up to Will's zipper and gave it a light tug. Nothing happened. "Let's get these off of you, right now bro."

How did I find myself in these situations? I'd come over to Will's house to get caught up. It had been forever since we'd had a chance to talk. I think that the two of us both really wanted to hear about everything that had happened during our freshman years away at college.

And now this!

Andy had a way of making just about every situation a sexual one. Not that I was actually complaining out loud, of course.

Will seemed to relax, giving in to Andy's persistence; he looked down at his mid-section and undid the top of his pants. But, Will was going a little bit too slowly for Andy's liking, so Andy thought he'd speed things up. He awkwardly pawed at the elastic on Will's boxers. Will didn't seem to be mounting much of a protest so just a few moments later, Will was naked from the waist down. Andy had even taken off Will's socks, freeing up his big feet.

Just for a moment, I took my eyes off of Will and looked at Andy. He was smiling, proud of what he'd done. I smiled too.

Will's dick was flopped lazily on his leg in sort of an S-curve. Whoa. Even though I had seen it before, quite a lot during those last days of our senior year in high school, I was still blown away by the sheer mass of it. I felt a tiny bit of drool form at the corner of my mouth. I slurped it back inside before Andy had a chance to notice and give me a hard time about it.

Will's cock was still soft I think. Even in its smallest form, it still had a thickness and a length that a lot of guys would be proud to have when they were erect. I noticed that Will had kept his pubes pretty closely shaved. Andy taught us that one night back in high school, when the three of us had smoked a whole lot of dope.

Andy rubbed his palms together as if to warm them up.

"Should we, uh, get to it?" Andy asked me, sort of nodding toward Will's slowly growing member laying there beside him.

I licked my lips and looked at Will one last time to make sure he hadn't changed his mind.

"What the fuck?" Will said quietly.

I moved across the room on my knees closer to Will and Andy.

Gingerly, Andy lifted Will's dick up off of Will's leg as if to hand it to me. When his fingers seemed to realize that the base of the dick was still attached to Will, he smiled and then put it back down lightly right where he'd gotten it in the first place. Sort of like he was putting a baby bird back into its nest. He whistled again.

"Man!" Andy said. "That's got some weight to it dude!"

Will smiled.

"Thanks," he said quietly.

Andy looked over at me. "Your move, dude," he said.

I looked at Will's face again. At this point, this was all seeming sort of inevitable. Our eyes met. Exactly what kind of look your best friend is supposed to give you when you are about to give him head I am not really sure. Anyway I'd say that was the look Will gave me.

Andy grinned from ear to ear. He was loving this.

"Cool," he said to the air.

As I moved into place between Will's legs but before I actually started, Will opened his mouth to talk. "Um, doesn't this seem kind of unfair?" he asked suddenly. "I mean, since TJ is so good at this, I mean, maybe he should, you know, maybe he should get us both off."

I froze.

"You know, maybe we should both get blow jobs," Will explained further.

"At the same time?" I asked, doubting my ability to actually get Will's big dick into my mouth. There was no fucking way I was getting them both in there.

Will chuckled. "No, no, no, not at the same time..."

"Good," I said. I looked at Andy. He had absently placed his hands just below his belt.

"I mean, is that even possible?" Will asked.

At the exact same time, I said "No," and Andy said "I've seen it done."

All three of us laughed.

"Come on guys," Will said. "What I mean is, why doesn't TJ do us both, you know, at the same time? I mean, he could be sucking one of us and you know, jerking off the other one."

"Okay," Andy readily agreed.

"I thought that Will was the one with the blue balls. Will's the one who hasn't cum in ages. I mean, isn't that how we started this whole thing off?" I asked them both.

Andy cocked his head and looked at me. "TJ, come on man, be flexible, you know you can do it," he said.

Flexible? Really? Me? I am totally flexible!

"It just seems more fair, TJ," Will added.

Fair? Yes, I'm fair too.

"Pleeeease," Andy begged. "I promise I won't cum in your mouth."

I smirked and glared at Andy.

Okay then. I nodded my head. Andy clapped his hands together loudly. I smiled at my two friends. After all he did say please.

"It does seem fair, right Will?" Andy asked, trying to convince me when I didn't really need any more convincing.

Will said yes. This was fair.

I glanced at Andy's lower half. He was still clothed. Andy caught my meaning immediately. Ever helpful, Andy took off his own pants and underwear. He flung them across the room and they landed with a thud against the door.

"Better lock that," I said to Andy.

He did and was back in a flash.

I was still wedged comfortably between Will's knees. Andy sat down on the bed next to Will and spread his legs. He was pretty clean shaven from his belly button on down, but I could just a little bit of stubble, sort of like a five o'clock shadow popping out. Andy's dick wasn't hard yet, but just the very idea of a blow job alongside our buddy Will was already making him semi-hard. The familiar tubular dick of my crazy straight friend from New York began to slowly stand at attention. The three of us watched Andy's dick do its thing.

"Where do you want me?" Andy said. "On the bed? On the floor? What?"

I smiled. "Calm down Andy. Right there is fine," I said, indicating that he should lie back against the wall just like Will was.

Andy already had a boner and Will didn't. I thought I'd do Will first. I took a deep breath , spit on my left palm and rubbed the tip of Andy's cock, just like I remember he liked. With my other hand I lifted up Will's big slithery snake and licked it all over. Will's cock tasted good, sort of like a combination of Will's usual body scent and whatever laundry detergent his mom used on his underwear. In less than a minute, I had Andy thrusting his pelvis up and down in sync with my hand and I had Will hard.

I swapped back and forth a few times, sucking Andy, stroking Will, stroking Andy, sucking Will.

I was able to get the entire shaft of Andy's hard cock all the way to the back of my throat without gagging. Each time I did this Andy let out a little moan, so I knew it felt good.

With Will, nothing doing. Will's erection was so huge, I could only get the end inside my lips and then let it nudge the roof of my mouth a little bit. It was just too fucking wide to get any further inside of me. I remembered back to the time when Will had fucked me outside by the pool. Back then, I had gotten the whole damn thing inside my ass. It hurt like hell at first, but then after I'd gotten used to it, I just let him slam me as hard as he wanted to. It felt like I was being fucked with a bowling pin of course, but well, I still liked it. On the other hand, today my mouth didn't seem to be able to do with Will's cock what my butt was able to do with it last summer. I did my best, but there was no was way I could get even a third of it past my lips; my jaw just didn't open that wide.

I looked over at Andy who was making quite a loud ruckus. I watched him as he seemed to go to some other planet while I stroked his shaft up and down with my lubed up hand. Andy had had a little pre-cum ooze out of the tip and I put that to good use. Andy was squeezing his own nipples while I was wanking him and it looked like he might be ready to blow at any second. He moaned and bucked his hips up and down.

Will was another story entirely. He was quiet and had his eyes closed. He seemed to be enjoying the moment in silence, in complete bliss. The only sound coming from hi side of the bed was his big, heavy balls smacking against the lower part of his ass as I fist-pumped and sucked him at the same time.

Watching them both enjoying what was doing was pretty awesome. My own dick was hard in my own pants, and I could feel the pressure building inside my ball sack—things were pretty squished inside my boxer briefs. I had jerked off in the shower at home yesterday, but I could easily go again. At 19 I seemed to be continually horny.

Sometimes I drove Andy absolutely wild, pretty much right up to the edge of nutting, then I would slow the pace, ease off on the pressure and let him come down from the clouds.

Putty. He was putty in my hands.

Will wasn't quite so easy. He definitely responded more to me sucking on the upper third of his cock than to my hand stroking his shaft from top to bottom (which was a pretty long way, by the way). Maybe Will was just amazed that anybody could get his massive meat in their mouth. How the heck did girls do it? Weren't girls' mouths smaller than guys'?

Finally Andy could hold off no longer. I happened to be sucking him at the time he came. Somehow the bucking of his hips and the clenching of his abs gave me a little bit of advance warning and I took my other hand off of Will's monster and grabbed Andy's scrotum, pressing my fingers into that little spot between the back side of his balls and the opening of his butt.

"Oh my fucking fuck dude!" Andy screamed.

Andy shot a stream of cum high into the air, and it fell as a long ribbon of white all the way from his chest down to his lower abs. His second shot, curved off to the left and the third landed in a glop near his pubes. As I milked the last few drops from Andy's dick, he shuddered and shook.

"Whoa, dude!" he said, his mouth dry, his voice raspy.

"Nice shot," I said.

Andy smiled. He looked down at the criss cross of sperm on his front side.

"Wow," he said quietly. Then he lay back on Will's bed and closed his eyes. Andy's cock softened up a little but didn't lose any of its length. It pulsed a little and eased itself into that nice no-man's land above his pubes. I watched as a little more of the white stuff leaked from the top of his dick. I had to admit, if there was one thing I might have liked best about Andy, he had a really great looking dick. Nicely shaped, just long enough to be interesting, but not too crazy that I couldn't get the whole thing into my throat. If I was ever asked to describe the perfect dick, I'd have been hard pressed to come up with one much better than Andy's.

"Oh my god, TJ," Andy said with a big sigh. "You're the best."

I chuckled.

Will looked at me as if to say he was ready for me to get back to business. So I did.

Masturbating Will gigantic dick while I tried my best to slurp away up near the very fat end was actually a lot of work. It was sort of wearing me out. It was a really long way up on Will's long cockshaft, and then it was a long way back down again—it wasn't just my hands and forearms that were getting a work out, it was my biceps as well.

But it was fun as hell too. I had nothing to complain about. How many guys like me had the chance to suck off two of their closest friends? At the same time?

I played around with Will just like I had with Andy. I'd bring him up to some crazy height, then let him down. Only to do it again. And again. And again. I felt like I was conducting an orchestra with Will's great big baton.

And Will was still quiet, but I could tell by how rock solid hard he was that all of what I was doing was having the desired effect.

Andy opened his eyes and sat up onto his elbows to watch the show. He was smiling. He sort of lived for this kind of stuff.

After another ten minutes or so of wanking Will, I had a pretty good sweat going on. Plus I had leaked out so much pre-cum from my own dick, and it was all over me inside of my shorts, that I was sort of getting off without even touching myself.

When Will came, he let out a yell like a Roman warrior.

And then he came like a fountain, sort of like that huge one out in front of Caesar's Palace. I'm glad I had taken my mouth off to get a quick breath. There was so much cum that I would surely have drowned in it had it gone into my throat.

Andy's jaw dropped.

I have to admit that even I was surprised by how much of the white stuff piled up on Will's chest and abs. Andy ran to Will's bathroom to get him a towel so it wouldn't drip onto his bed spread and ruin it forever. It was that much. Really.

I came too. But I was a little embarrassed that the whole thing turned me on so much that I didn't to be fondled even a little bit.

And then the best part.

The three of us were clearly in need of a shower, so we took one together. We took turns washing each other's back and chests.

Andy spent an awful lot of time scrubbing my scrotum and in between my ass cheeks. But I'm a good guy, so I let him.

Welcome back to fucking Apple Valley. It was great to be home.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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