My name is Ted Sherman, I work for a major chain of Grocery Market Superstores in the Midwest, I was hired in at entry level rightr after I graduated High School, thinking I could work and attend a local community college evenings, I worked in the Produce dept.

I had worked for the company for almost ten years, now in my late twenties, actually twenty eight, I was now being transferred to a newly opened store of the same chain at a closer location to where I live, which would be much nicer and save me on gas and time in travel.

Along with this move, came a new position, because of my expertise and almost ten years experience, came a raise financially and the positionand responsibilities of being the new stores head produce Manager.

I would actually be doing the hiring and fireing and ordering, for my own Department, takeing care of the displays and setups and just being totally in charge of the guys in my department.

We had gotten the whole store set up and opened, I found out that it was going great guns, and I was being overwhelmed and needed at least one more full time young man to help me in the produce, I had several young studs, and they were studs too, mostly high school students working after school and on weekends, and I might add, self centered and homophobic, and me being gay, well that was absolutely a no no, but I needed someone that could be there during the days and a couple evenings a week to be my, so to speak, assistant.

I had this young man named Tommy Calwell come in for an interview.

I noticed his sweet smile, his rather shy demure attitude, but he really wanted to work, so I hired him.

He was an absolute doll, I wanted to hug and kiss him so bad I almost ached.

Now Tommy was just your average Kid or nineteen, he was not a jock or built like a god or even totally well built at all, but he was how shall I say Stocky. and as cute as a teddy bear cub, but he was extrememly polite he called me Mr. Ted, I told him drop the Mr. that Ted was just fine.

Tommy was a great learner and so strong it made me surprised, man he could lift heavey boxes I couldn't, he had such powerful arms and legs. Tommy was an only child, he grew up without a father, I guess he never knew who his father was.

I would even say that Tommy was a chunk, not overly fat just maybe 5'7' tall and stocky built.

I thought he was actually gorgeous but then I have been without male companionship for quite some time now, the closest thing to another guy I had come in a long while was my hand stroking as I looked at a gay video or magazine.

Tommy had more than proven himself to be capable of learning the job and being my right hand man, I was so proud of his learning capabilities, I was setting at a table in the back, we were having a sandwich, some chips and a Coke, I was praising Tommy for his job well done.

Tommy smiled his sweet smile at me, 'Well! its all because I have an awesome teacher,' Tommy said.

'I smiled and said, well your a great understudy too.'

Well I had to take a leak and I got up to head to the mens room for employees there in the back of the store, and I noticed that Tommy was following me.

I stood at the Urinals and took out my half hard cock, needing to piss something terrible and started letting the urine flow, and I noticed Tommy had came to the side of me and took out his cock and was pissing in the urinal next to mine.

I looked down and Damn that little stocky dude had an extremely thick cock, it wasn't but about four inches long but damn it was thick, but it was't hard either.

I felt a twinge in my stomach and caught Tommy staring at my swollen half hard cock and I watched as his eyes came up and met mine and he just smiled but didn't say a word.

I was wondering all that afternoon if he might be someone that would be interested in a little fun.

It was after we had changed a produce display that same afternoon, and put all the sale items in their proper displays, that I looked at Tommy and asked him, 'Hey Tommy got any plans for the evening, it's Friday night you know?'

'Nah, just watching television, and staying home as usual.' he said.

'Hey Tommy, how would you like to come with me to have some Chinese food for supper and then go back to my place, we can rent a movie or something, you know just hang out and do guy stuff? you could even sleep over if you'd like,' I said.

Tommy's face lit up with a big smile like a little kid, and said, 'Wow that would be awesome man, Friday nites have always been so boring for me, But Sure man, I would love too. Should I bring some extra clothes for staying over, pajamas, or something?' he asked.

'You are kidding aren't you, Pajama's, what grown man these days wears pajamas? unless he's in the hospital or something.' I asked. 'Most guys our age sleep in their underwear or naked most of the time,' I said.

Tim blushed and smiled and looked at me, 'Do you sleep in the nude?' he asked. 'Why Yes Tommy, don't you?' I asked, 'Well I would all the time but yeah, sometimes I do, mostly when I think Mom won't catch me.' he said.

'Well Tommy come on over and spend that night with me and we'll sleep however you want, hows that sound.' Tommy smiled at me. 'Sounds great,' he said.

We went home and got changed into some good clothes and I picked up Tommy at his Mom's home at six that night and we went out to a Chinese Buffett and Tommy loved it, he had never gone out and eaten before, I began to realize this kid had been kept in a hole or something, he never got to go to school functions or anything like that, he never went to video arcades and lived a very sheltered and secluded life, Hell he was like a monk or something, I was starting to feel so sorry for Tommy.

We got back to my apartment about nine and I offered Tommy a glass of wine or beer, which he had never had the pleasure of tasting either.

Tommy liked the beer, and we were setting on the sofa side by side in my apartment, Tommy started to let himself calm down from being so uptight.

I looked over as we chatted and I asked Tommy if he had a girlfriend, 'No, never could find one that would go out with me, I always thought I was to fat or something or maybe to ugly, I know I'm not a hunk or something like other guys in school, I'm just me.

'Can I tell you something personal and you won't get mad at me,' Tommy said.

Tommy got really serious 'I think I might be, You know, queer, a faggot' he said.

My earS caught that one clearly, 'wow Tommy, for goodness sakes what makes you think that, Have you ever done anything with another guy?' I asked.

'Not yet but I have always wanted to do something with a guy, I love to see guys cocks, and I'm always wondering what one feels like, or how it tastes, I have heard of guys sucking each others cocks, and I use to get dick sized cucumbers out of the garden and grease them up and fuck myself in the ass, and I love the feeling of having it inside me, Am I Crazy or something, I have always wanted to like girls but I just don't, Oh I like them alright but I don't want them.'

I was listening intently at what Tommy was saying, and wanted to break out and just yell 'Thank you God, for sending Tommy my way,' but I didn't I held my composure.

I was aching inside to strip Tommy and begin showing him just how wonderful sex between two guys could be.

'Do you want me to leave?' I heard Tommy say.

'For Gods sakes Tommy, why would I want you to leave. The nights just beginning. I plan on us both enjoying each other is that alright.' I said.

Tommy looked puzzled at that statement, I told him to come closer to me on the sofa and he slid over next to me, and I looked into his sweet adoreable face, and I began to caress his face, lightly gliding my fingers around his cheeks and across his lips, 'Tommy do you realize how beautiful you really are, and I leaned in and kissed his sweet lips. I heard his voice gasp as I realized it took him by surprise.

'TED.' he said with a smile, 'wow. I never been kissed before, that felt awesome' Tommy said.

I looked into his dreamy eyes and said, 'their is lots more where that came from, and I leaned over and really kissed him this time, sliding my tongue into his mouth, letting it linger against his lips and tongue, Tommy was like he was hypnotized, he just layed back and let me have my way with him.

I slid my hands up his sweat shirt and felt his soft yet hard stomach, and when I got to his nipples I heard a loud moan as I began to tweak them with my thumb and forefinger.

'OH shit man, that feels awesome. I have never felt anything like that before.'

I took Tommys hand and led him to my bedroom, and I began to strip Tommy slowly, by the time I got to his boxers he had a full blown hardon.

I was pleasantly surprised despite Tommy's stocky body and the slight roll of extra waistline, his cock and balls were really nice, his cock was fat, very fat, looked like it might be a good six inches around and his balls were like bulls balls big and thick, and nicely hanging below his good six and a half incher. He was a doll.

I began to play around with Tommy's cock and I thought he would faint. Tommy was in a state of Euphoria as I took his cock and began sucking on it.

Tommy couldn't say anything, I think he was in limbo by now, but he was holding with tight fists to the blankets of my bed, he had almost pulled the covers off, as I sucked his cock.

I stopped long enough to raise Tommys chunky little ass up and I dove into my heaven, I love doing the rim jobs on my med, and Tommy almost flew off the bed when My tongue flicked his little hole. 'Holy Fuck that feels so fucking good.' he said, as he gasped for breath.

I felt him shift his position, 'I want to do this to you Ted, and Tommy started stripping me naked, I was in love with this little imperfect chunk, but he as a gorgeous young man to me.

Tommy was a beginner and I could tell he had only seen uncut cocks in magazines and was totally taken by my uncircumcised cock, he loved it, and layed there playing with my foreskin and licking it and almost making me cum with just diddling with the tip of my cock, then he had me turn over, I was his willing toy for him to enjoy all the things he had so longed for and I felt his young sweet tongue delve into the crevice of my buttocks and I felt that warm tongue penetrate my anal opening, and felt almost faint, Tommy was enjoying a new found freedome,and I just layed back and enjoyed the pleasure he was causing in myt body as he did.

Finally after driving me nuts with the sensations he was causing I felt him slide back my foreskin and began to lick on the sensitive exposed head of my very hard cock, I was about to the point of blowing his young mouth full of my seed, I had my hand behind Tommys head and was slowly and sensously silpping my cock into and out of his mouth, he loved it, I felt his teeth a couple time but it was nothing I couldn't handle, he was learning.

Tommy was massaging and sucking on my nuts, as well as fingering my asshole in the midst of sucking on my aching cock, I wanted to nut so bad I was hurting, and then I felt that boiling back in my groins I felt my nuts giving that churning feeling as I prepared to fill Tommy's mouth, 'AW Fuck Tommy Im going to cum, here it comes and I stared almost convulsing as my balls emptied its contents into Tommy's throat, I felt his throat start a little gagging as my cum flooded his mouth, but Tommy held out and took every drop and swallowed, truthfully, and I guess it was because of who he was, it was the most memorable blowjob of my life, but I wasnt' done with Tommy that night.

I began to come down off my climax high and Tommy was wiping cum of his lips and lay back and I leaned over and let my mouth go over Tommys thick cock, it took me all of about five suckes to feel him grunt loudly and raise his young ass upward and hold down on my head and I felt his cock jerking inside my mouth as he flooded me with his cum. I was in outter space with his cumming in my mouth, I was not going to stopp untill I had drained.

Well needless to say, We messed around all night, I fucked his ass like it was our wedding night, Tommy fucked me and that thick stocky cock almost split my asshole, but I loved it.

I would guess we both got off that night about four times each, we finally cuddled and fell asleep about 4:30 in the morning, it was the most wonderful night of my life, and I'm sure for Tommy, well he would say the same thing, I can't tell you how many times in the next week he would steal a kiss from me in private in the back room, and grab my ass and squeeze it, and then tell me how awesome Friday night was, but along with that was the promise of the next Friday night, that seems to be our night together, Tommy is no longer in his shell and he is now outgoing and awesome, I guess I'm a romantic, but if it was legal, I would Marry that young, stocky, not terribly handsome but above average wonderful guy.

And I could not have hired a more wonderfull and awesome assistant. Ciao.



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