It was the day before the Christmas Break started, I was making my plans to head for home, I was to pick up my airline ticket the next morning and fly back home to Kansas City for the Holidays.

I was all packed and set when my cell phone rang, it was my Mother, she was so upset and taking so fast I could hardly make out what she was saying.

I finally got her to calm down and she said that Dads older brother, Uncle James,had had a stroke and they weren't expecting him to live, she said they were takeing a plane to L.A. to be with him, and I totally understood being that he was Dads Only living relative, and a brother at that, My sister Sherry had been told them them that she wasn't going to come home either, due to the situation.

I felt rather worried and shocked at the same time. Uncle James was only three years older than my father, and had always been a blast to be around, he was almost always the life of any family gatherings. I would miss him if he didn't make it, immensly.

I told mom not to worry about me, I would just stay on campus and make due for Christmas, The Cafeteria was even putting on a big Christmas dinner for the students that wouldn't be leaving for the Christmas break, it would be fine. I would miss seeing them but I would be coming home during spring break anyway.

I told her to tell Dad I loved him and give Uncle James my love for me.

I said goodby and hung up the phone.

I just went up to the room and unpacked my bags, came back to the common room, thats when I noticed a young jock named Jason, walking up the sidewalk to the Frathouse.

Now Jason was one of those guys that makes you feel weak in the knees to be around, you begin to shake and you end up creaming in your briefs just to be in his presence.

One of those campus studs that every one, male, or female wanted to be best friends with, and he was in my Frathouse as a member.

I had seen him on many occasions and always wanted to set down with him and chat, play chess, discuss the worlds problems, let him fuck me, or blow him, or just do anything he wanted to do with me. God he was an awesome looing stud, built, muscular, athletic, and hotter that a glowing ember from a fireplace.

I was standing in the middle of the common room when Jason entered the front door.

'Hey Jason man, whats happening?'

'Hey Lanny, not much really, how about you?

'Just hanging out here and killing the next two weeks,being bored out of my skull,waiting for the classes to start again.'

The days had been going along fairly well and then one afternoon Jason walked in and said, 'man, Im so fucking horney that your even starting to look good to me,'

'I looked over to Jason and blushed, 'your kidding right?'

'Well yeah I guess Lanny, my nuts are aching so fucking bad from needing a release Im hurting,'

I walked over to Jason and sat down beside him and said, 'Jason, are you really needing to get off that badly?' believe me I do have a dick between my legs and I do understand what that need, feels like. I usually just go to my room and stroke my cock untill it shoots out the load,'

'Yeah I know but doing that isn't like that awesome feeling of a good peice of ass or getting a good head job.'

'You can say that again Jason, nothing feels like that.'

Jason looked over to me and I knew what he was thinking, 'Hey Lanny, you mean to tell me that you get sex when ever you need it?'

'Well not as often as I'd like but yeah, for the most part.'

'Here, on campus?'

'Well yeah, When the occasion arises, sure.'

'Well you have a female on the string that I don't know about or something?'

'well are something.'

'I don't get your drift man, you got a girl or what?'

'Well Jason, I might as well tell you the truth I'm gay, I have a close buddy that gets it on with me when we get the chance.'

'No Fucking Shit man, your a fag?'

'Call it what you want Jason, Im a male human being, that just happenes to be attracted to other guys, and I happen to enjoy it as much as you like girls. So if you must know, Yeah Im a Fag, and I am proud of it.'

'Hey man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you with that word, it's just that I've never met a gay man before. Wow!'

He began to pry then and ask questions about what gay men liked to do, I just came out and told him, that a gay man likes the same things that Hetero men like.

'Such as?' he said. 'Well I like to get my cock sucked, just a guy does it a lot better than a gal, when a guy sucks cock he loves what he's doing, and almost nine times out of ten he will take your load and swallow it.'

'I love to suck cock too, just like a lot of guys like to eat their gals pussies, there is nothing more awesome than that feeling of a hard, throbbing, cock sliding on my tongue and pushing against the back of my throat, and then feeling them unload their cum into your mouth.'

'Wow, no shit, sounds almost like being straight except being another guy instead of a gal, and you do really swallow that cum?'

'But what about fucking, I love to sink my cock into something thats wet and warm.'

'Hey man, no pussy is as tight, and hot as a nice lubed up asshole.'

'Well Lanny, tell me, you ever done any of those things?'

'Fuck yeah! I love to suck cock, and be fucked and vica versa. Why are you thinking about trying it?'

'Hey man, let just me think about this for a while, O.K.?'

'Hey it's your life do what you want.'

Jason and I went to the cafeteria and had some dinner and returned to the Common room of the Frat house.

We both decided to take a shower in the main shower room there in the Frat house, it was a room with several shower heads in the walls.

We got there and stripped I was almost in a dither about stripping in front of this awesome guy, he was built like a diesel train, powerful, totally sculpted, but I had never seen his privates before, and when I saw them I felt weak, he was hung like most guys want to be. His cock was at least six inches long while still soft, I just starred and smiled and he noticed me staring when he reached down and sorta fluffed his balls and cock at me. I could tell he was enjoying my looking at his package.

It was all I could do to keep from dropping to my knees and engulf that cock to the hilt into my throat, and I just stood there ogling.

Jason just smiled and I looked at his cock, then he said somthing strange, 'Hey Lanny, you don't look any different that any other guy, I mean, you look normal to me.'

I Frowned at Jason, 'what did you think, because I am gay I must be deformed or something?'

'Sorry man,I didn't mean it like that, just I never have known anything about what a gay man is like or all about, thats all.'

Well we finished up with our showers and went back to the commonroom, it was a large open room and it had a fireplace, study tables and a small kitchenette with a refrigerator, and a stove.

It also had some game machines like pin-ball, and some video games with arcade like machines for playing games or just killing time.

We played some games and just had a great time, laughing and we just got along great.

It was about eleven that night when I decided to hit the sack, Jason and I said our goodnights and we walked up the stairs to the bedrooms.

I went into my room, it was of course empty, my roommate had gone home for the Holidays, I was alone in my room for two weeks.

I was down to my briefs and had just crawled into bed when I heard someone knock on my door. 'Hey Lanny, are you asleep yet?'

'No!' I responded, I got up in just my briefs and opened the door.

There stood Jason with a bath robe on and he asked if he could come in and talk to me.

'Sure come on in, why don't you just sleep in Marks bed, hes gone untill after New Years.

'Sounds great man, if you don't mind?'

I realized that Jason really wanted to say something but was beating around the bush so to speak.

I just looked at Jason after he hummed and hawed around, and just ask him, 'Jason is there something you want?'

'Well to be truthful, I was wondering if you'd like to give me a blowjob, Hey I would understand if you don't, this being so sudden and straight forward and all, but I could sure use the release.'

'I know I sound rather homophobic at times but I don't mean to be, I would like to try it with another guy, but I don't want everyone knowing about it.'

'Hey I understand, Come here Jason,'

Jason came over to my bed and crawled in, I slid his bath robe off to reveal a naked god in front of my eyes, He was stunning, and I had him for the night at least part of it.

I layed him back down and began to rub his chest and go over his nipples and stomach muscles lightly, making the muscles in his tight ripped abdomen jerk and jump with my touch.

I heard him lightly moan as I touched and gently rubbed and twisted his nipples and felt his muscles tighten up.

'You like that don't you?' 'Oh hell yeah man, no girl ever did that to me.'

I gently slid my hands down between his hair covered legs and felt his cock an nutsack, those lovely hairy nuts were wanting some attention, I threw the covers back and told him to put his hands behind his head and lay back, he did, and I went to work, 'Just close your eyes and enjoy what Im gonna do Jason.'

I started by rubbing his nuts, and he was enjoying it, then I felt his cock as it tightened up to almost ten full inches of solid hard meat, It looked fantastic, thick, veiny, beatifully shaped and that beautiful pinkish head flared out tight and needing my mouth, I licked the sides and bottom of his shaft untill I had him almost begging, he kept up on his elbows and saying, 'Oh fuck Lanny, wow, thats so fucking awesome.'

I licked back up to the base of his cock head and started licking the head like an ice cream cone. He was about to go Ballistic, then I took that head into my mouth, swirled my tongue around that awesome thick fat cock head, and slid it down my throat, I thought Jason was going to fly away as I began to go for the gold.

I felt his body raise up and he grabbed the covers on my bed and started, jerking inside his body, I felt his stomach as it jerked back and forth, I felt that feeling in his cock as it flexed tigher than steel and then I heard him let out a loud moan and his cock started shooting outs its load like a cannon going off during a battle.

I felt that musty, bleachy sweet tasting nectar of the gods fill my mouth and fill it he did.

At first I wasn't sure I could keep from loosing his load but I stayed the course and drained his cum from his body, and he stayed there with his hands on the back of my head.

'Holy Fuck Lanny, I never felt anything like that before, Jesus man, that was theee most powerful climax I have ever had.'

'Hey man, Im glad you enjoyed it, I guess there is some redeeming value in them Fags ain't there?'

I just smiled, knowing I had made Jason feel fantastic that night.

Jason stayed with me that night and slept in my bed, it was tight but it was cozy.

I awoke the next morning with Jasons almost ten inch cock stuck in my ass crack, with Jason still asleep and pulling my body against him.

I reached around and slicked up his cock with some lube I had next to my bed. Then I shoved some up my shit chute, and then realigned his slicked up cockhead against my asshole, I felt the pains as I shoved my ass back and felt his cock slide into my orafice, god I thought I would bust my load right there. This Gorgeous campus hunks huge cock was all the way up my ass, it was fantastic, I felt his body start pumping and I knew he had finally awakened, I just leaned over forward and he began to fuck me like I was his long lost lover. It felt fenominal.

It took him about twenty minutes and I felt him grabb my hips and pull me tight into his body and he sunk that awesome cock to the balls into my intestines, I blew off my load as he started grunting and moaning and filling my intestines with cum, God was I ever in Heaven at that moment.

Jason, held me close to him and just wimpered as his body finished its last jerks. We layed connected for a long time that morning.

Jason and I got up and went to the showers, as we washed each others body, Jason pulled me to him and started kissing me, I was a little startled, knowing Jason was not supposed to be gay.

Jason just smiled at me and said,'Hey man, I've gone this far, I might as well go all the way, Right?'

I smiled at Jason, and said,'Strange Jason, theres nothing about you that looks gay, Hummmmm!'

He grabbed a towel while laughing at me, and snapped me on my bare, wet ass, and the game began.

Well Jason and I had a wonderful Christmas Vacation there in the Frathouse and when all the other students got back he never treated me any different, we began to have a private study session every friday night, My room mate worked at the local Hospital that night all night long, and well you can figure out what we studied. Jason and I remained intimate for several years all thru College.

Jason finally got up the nerve to suck me off, he hasn't swallowed my load yet, but he plans to do it. And he want's me to bust his cherry asshole in a while, I can't wait.



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