Normandy Beach, one of the pivitol battles of the World War II, I was a young communications specialist for the Army, I was only nineteen years old. I must tell you I was about to piss my pants, guys were dropping like flys all around me, and I was scared shitless.

I layed flat down in a trench, waiting for orders to move out, and search out, and destroy the enemy. I was almost shaking it was so intense there, but I was only one of many, I had lost so many buddies in just that one day. I sat in a trench and just sobbed, but I knew that life goes on, and you got to do, what you got to do.

We had taken the shoreline, and gotten behind the point where the Germans had dug in, and had either killed them or took what we could alive, prisoners.

Well Captain Summers, our captain, had came in looking for several men to go ahead into the interior of France and radio back to the main platoons and troops where there were clear spots, and where there were encampments of the Nazi's.

Well the Captain said, 'Belsher,' I said, 'yes sir,' he said, 'I need your radio expertise on this mission, you need to go with Sargent Ellis,' Of course I just said, 'Yes sir.'

The group left the main platoon and set off on foot into the interior of France, toward this one larger city in France, we knew that we could be surrounded at any time by the German Nazi's.

We had gone about two days and we were in the Rural country side, and we had found a big deserted barn over beside the main road, to take up refuge in for the night. We had set down inside the barn and started to break out rations for supper and make coffee, I heard the Sargent say, 'Quiet, I hear something, We went dead silent and three of the soldiers were checking outside the barn for any sign of anything, or anyone, and we heard the sound of a motorcyle, it was a german officer, he was comming up the road toward the Barn and The Sargent said, ' If he spots us he'll turn us in to the troops ahead, Lets get him,' and The Sargent and two guys went outside and hid in the bushes next to the road, and when the German soldier came close, they jumped out and stopped him, and took him and his cycle into the barn, they frisked him for weapons, and found some courier papers to a SS Colonel, I dont' remember that Colonels name, but the Young German officer's name was 'Gerhardt Schroder.' They asked him questions, and One of the American soldiers was quite fluent in German, So they finally interrogated him enough to get the information that they needed, about where the German troops were up ahead and how many, you know the ususal info.

They decided that they would go up ahead and try to locate where they were encamped, and then come back and radio to our main troops back behind us and give the enemys cordinance and position ect.

They opted to leave me to watch the young German Leutinant, I was just kinda nervous and sorta scared but his young man looked to be about twenty or twenty one, I just kept looking at him and We had fixed it so he couldn't get away we had stretched his arms out and tied them to the Manger stall in the barn and he was unable to really move, both his hands and arm were very secure, they had also blindfolded him, but after about two hours of staring at him, I was noticing just how good looking this young man was, I was trying to be as nice as I could, and I did notice he was as scared as I was, I got up next to him and held a glass of water up to his lips and he sorta drooled it and I giggled and he smiled, then I fed him some food, and he liked that too.

I noticed it was getting dark, and he was standing up, and had been for about seven hours, I was I guess sorta feeling sorry for him, and I took one hand at a time and readjusted where his hands could be tied down at the ground board on the fence, and then the other, that gave him the freedom to lay down, yet sorta setting up. I noticed that He kept motioning to me that he had to take a leak, Well I could help him out there, before I let him get in that laying position, He was still tied up while standing and I undid his trousers and dug his dick out and pulled his German foreskin back and let him piss, he said something in German and smiled at me, I took it to mean Thanks. But I will say here, this young man, did have one awesome looking cock on him, and as I held his cock I was getting a boner, I felt myself sorta massaging his cock. Fuck man, I couldn't believe myself, here I was with a Nazi, officer and I was thinking about getting it on with him, I just said to myself, 'what the shit, Man, who's gonna know but me and him?' 'and I don't think he's gonna tell anyone,' I just helped him down and retied his hands to the lower part of that fence.

I got his hands retied and checked his blindfold, and then when I was sure It was o.k. I leaned my rifle against the other side of the fence. The German Officer was leaning back against the fence and I got down to his face with my face, I was getting so fucking turned on, this German dude was really a hot, awesome looking guy, his face was beautiful, blond headed, blue eyes, very little facial hair, and he felt the heat of my face against his and I leaned over and licked on his lips, my heart was racing, he jumped a little, startled, and I just kept licking his lips, after about four minutes of me licking his lips with my tongue and then kissing his earlobes, he started to get the message.

He started kissing me back and was really seeming to enjoy it, I started undoing his shirt, I unbuttoned it and opened it up and I beheld a beautiful muscular chest with a light covering of hair, God man, this guy was really built nicly, I rubbed his nipples and heard him moan a little like he was liking it, and he mumbled something in german, I didn't understand I just felt like he was enjoying it. After kissing his stomach and his chest and sucking on his nipples and feeling his stomach jerk and lurch as I kissed and sucked on his muscles, I went back up and he kissed me like a sex starved maniac.

Then I moved my hand down and started rubbing his crotch area and then I knew for a fact that this young German Officer was enjoying what I was doing.

I undid his trousers, and opened them up and then reached into his underdrawers and I took his pants and grabbed his beltline with both hands and pulled his trousers down, and I noticed he raised up his ass like he wanted it, and I was going to do my best to have a day of good Foreign relations, I slid them down to his boots, and I just gently started to worship that awesome cock of his, it was at least eight inches long, harder than flintrock, and looked to be six inches around, it was a work of art.

I leaned down and started by sucking on his very ample nutsack, licking and nibbling on the skin of his scrotum, and he really started to saying something in German, God his cock tasted like 'filet mignon' to me, I loved that sweaty awesome odor that his crotch was giving off and the taste of that uncut cock was intoxicating, I was not in a war, I was in an orgy, and I was loving it.

I felt him moaning and pushing up with his ass as I went to the hilt with my mouth, I was in heaven, god I needed this, it had been so long for me, and if my guess was right so did he.

I kept up the swirling my tongue aroung the cock head and he would jump from the sensation as I did, He was leaning his head back and I had sucked his cock for about twenty minutes, I felt his cock getting harder and tighter, and god it felt awesome, the head was flaring out and thickening up, and then he Groaned really loud and Said something that I didn't understand, his legs tightened up and he shoved his cock upward,and his cock started that jerking motion as he shot my mouth full of cum, god it tasted awesome, and I was gulping it as fast as I could, I don't think he had cum for months, judging by the size of that load.

I finished up by sucking him as dry as I could. licking his cock head clean and licking untill his body was lightly quickly jerking as My tongue touched his cockhead.

I looked at his face and he had a really satisfied look on his face. Damn man, I knew I was, but I hadn't gotten off yet.

I kissed him again and said something to him, which I don't think he understood.

I reached down and undid his boots and took them off, slid off his trousers and then, his underwear, then I raised his ass up and started tongueing his asshole, he went wild, god he loved it. then I got some petroleum jelly that I had in my pack, and lubed up his rectum, and I think by that time he had gotten the message of what I wanted to do.

He just raised his legs and let me have access to his love channel, I slid my pants down and my cock was thick and very stiff and ready for action leaking pre-cum, I held it at the officers asshole and I just leaned forward and impaled his asshole with my cock, He let out a loud grunt, and said something like a curse word in German, I just started fucking him like a madman, after about ten minutes he was getting into it and muttered something that I took to mean 'fuck me man' boy did I ever, I jammed my cock to the hilt and his manhole was so hot and tight, I was building up to explode like a valcano. I punched and hammered and he was raising his ass back up against my balls and I felt his ass start to tighten around my cock and I started fireing off like a machinegun, shot after shot untill my ammo went dry, I just fell over on top of the German Officer, and he mummbled something, and i felt cum all over his stomach, awesome, sticky, thick, creamy cum, He had cum againd while I fucked him.

He just looked up at me and smiled.

After I had calmed down and gotten my strength back, I got up wiped my cock off, and the cum all over his stomach, then dressed him back up and put his boots back on him, and then I got dressed and, I had just gotten us all back together, and was giving him another drink of coffee, if I remember right, and the others had made it back, just as I was standing up and said 'Hey, Belsher,' Did he give you any problems? I said, 'Not a bit,' actually he was really quite a nice prisoner, and quite accomodating,' and I smiled at the Sargent.

Well they had gotten the coordinates of where the troops were. and we send word by radio of their position, I never did get to have sex with this young Officer again but I have a life long memory of what we did in that barn in France. I Personally enjoyed 'fraternizing with the enemy.' Truthfully, that was one of my most memeorable monments of the war.



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