'Oh, fuck!' I cried as my cum shot sailed a good ten feet across the room. It narrowly missed the man responsible for the load.

'Damn, boy! You needed that didn't you?' crooned my lover, Drew. Despite the fact that he had already shot his seed into my tight ass, he'd stayed rock hard until I could have an orgasm. Which I desperately needed...

As I climbed off of Drew's prick, I kissed him softly on the lips. 'I love you,' I whispered in his ear and climbed off the bed to shower before my class. I grabbed a towel from the closet and glanced back at Drew on the bed. He was sleeping, or at least pretending to be...I stared for a moment, thinking about how happy I was with him.

Over the last month, I'd become somewhat of a celebrity on campus. My role as Romeo was widely celebrated, and people would always tell me how much they enjoyed my performance. Even some of Drew's fraternity brothers...

As I set about my routine, I thought about how lucky I was to have everything going so well in my life. I had Drew, a nice bit of fame going, and my grades were better than ever.

As I let the shower warm up, I took in my reflection before the steam fogged up the mirror. A handsome 20 year old stared back at me with green eyes and dark hair. I had a bit of stubble growing in on my face, but I didn't mind. While I had always preferred to be clean shaven, Drew admitted he liked men with some fuzz on their faces, so I decided to keep it.

I showered, cleaning every inch of my body. I stretched and relaxed, knowing I had time to do so.

After about 15 minutes, I turned the water off and pulled back the shower curtain, and saw my body's reflection in the mirror. My cock bouncing between my legs, balls nice and low. Abs cutting into my skin. I was glad to have worked on fitness during Romeo and Juliet. The sword fighting had really helped too.

I dried off and sauntered back into Drew's room. Luckily, he was just elected president of his fraternity, and he was able to get his own bedroom, a private bathroom with a tub, and a walk in closet. I hardly spent any time in my own house anymore. He had great stuff, and was so classy. Not to mention we were the same size, so I would wear his clothes if I needed to. Today was one of those days.

Passing Drew, now actually asleep in his bed, I went into the closet and retrieved a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, careful to pick one that didn't have his Greek letters on it. After I styled my hair and groomed myself to make sure I looked good, I walked over to Drew, watching him sleep for a moment. With a kiss to his forehead, I left him there, naked, with only one leg and his thick member covered up. He was too beautiful.

I loved him.

Since it had been a month since we'd made our relationship official, some of his fraternity brothers knew I stayed over. They didn't seem to mind me walking through their house. As long as I wasn't around for their rituals and members only practices. That was alright with me.

As I left Drew's room and walked down the stairs, I ran into Alex, one of Drew's frat brothers. He was about 5'11" with platinum blonde hair, cropped short to his skull. He had bright blue eyes, and always seemed to dress like a surfer. He hardly wore shirts half the time. Today, he was wearing a green tank top, but seemed to have misplaced his pants...his tight white boxer briefs clung to a package that I tried hard not to look at, but unfortunately failed...


'Hey, Alex!' I said, trying to pull my focus away from his bulge. 'Forgetting something?'

'Yeah, dude. I did laundry last night and now I don't have any clean shorts. Gotta bust out the jeans again, man,' he answered. 'You doin' okay?'

'Yes, thanks, Alex,' I said. 'I'm just on my way to my history class.'

'Cool, man, have fun!' he said, smiling a nice smile.

With that, he wandered past me to continue up the stairs. Temptation got the better of me, and I snuck a peek at his ass. I was greeted by what appeared to be a white bubble floating up the stairs. Although I had just cum all over Drew's room, my dick stiffened a bit at the thought of Alex's tight butt...

Immediately I felt guilty. How could I even be thinking about another guy when mine was so fantastic? I mean, yeah, Alex is very attractive, but I should be happy with Drew!

Life is confusing sometimes...

I spent yet another history class contemplating what had preceded it...the first time was when I had sucked Drew off in the bathroom, and now this...after a while I had to force myself to pay attention and get over it. Just because I thought another guy was sexy doesn't mean I love Drew any less.

After class let out, I headed over to the dining hall, where I was supposed to meet Drew for dinner. We now preferred to sit at our own table away from our Greek brothers, due to tensions. Strangely enough, they let well enough alone and let he and I eat in peace.

I wandered through the line, getting a few items. Not much, though. I wasn't very hungry. My stomach and mind were still churning, consumed with guilty thoughts about Alex and his tight ass. Grabbing a drink, I then sought out my boyfriend, Drew. He was sitting in the corner of the cafeteria in a booth made for two. He looked so beautiful as I slid in across from him.

'Hey, stud. How was class?' he asked, smiling as he did so.

'Eh, it was alright. I couldn't really pay attention.'

'Thinking about our afternoon romp, eh?' he grinned, making me smile. It had been my first orgasm in a week. As if reading my mind, Drew continued. 'I'm sorry we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together this week. Well, at least that way. Normally when I get back to the room I'm so tired that all I want to do is just cuddle up next to you and sleep.'

'Hey,' I began, grabbing his hand. 'Don't worry about it. You just started your presidency, and we both knew it would be a hell of a job. You'll get used to it, and we'll have to just fuck when we can! I love falling asleep in your arms just as much as I love feeling that cock of yours inside me.'

'Mmm, you keep talking about cocks and I'm going to bend you over this table right here and now.'

'Tempting, tempting,' I teased. 'But I'm starving, and I'm sure you are too. Besides, I think that plowing me in public at dinner time would hurt your reputation a bit, and I don't want that. But I also don't want everyone here to see your body. It's mine.'

'Oh, really? I was under the impression that my body was mine,' he said, giving me a coy smile.

I couldn't help but laugh. Even after a month, he still knew how to surprise me. I absolutely loved that about him.

As we settled into our food, I couldn't help but look around at everyone else in the room. I thought of how I would just be part if a crowd if it wasn't for the man across from me. It made me happy to know that someone out there loved me, no matter what.

So I decided to come clean.

'Drew, can I tell you something?'

'Sure, babe, you can tell me anything.'

'Well, it's kind of a confession...'

Drew just looked at me.

I breathed in. 'Okay, so I've been wrestling with guilt all day, and I feel absolutely terrible about this, so I just need to tell you. As I was leaving your room, I ran into Alex on the stairs. He wasn't wearing any pants, just underwear and I couldn't help but look at his package and then as I left I stared back at his ass and I just feel really guilty because you're all I should need and I love you so much.'

I pretty much said all of that in one breath. After a moment of staring at me, Drew began to smile, and laugh, and he grabbed my hand again.

'Oh, Topher, I love you so much,' he said. 'I figured something was up with you, but this is nothing! So you looked at another guy's bulge and his ass! Alex is hot, you'd have to be blind not to notice. Besides, he already told me he caught you looking.'

'Oh my God.'

'What? He was very flattered. And I'm ecstatic that you were honest with me. I knew I could trust you.'

'Drew, you are so incredible. I've just been in agony all afternoon, and I'm so glad you're not mad at me.'

He leaned across the table and kissed me softly. 'I'm never breaking up with you.'

I turned red, which only made him chuckle. 'You are so adorable. So, moving on past that, what do you want for your birthday?'

Oh, damn. My birthday, I'd almost forgotten! I turned 21 tomorrow.

'I don't really want to do anything but spend all day and night in your arms. Tomorrow is Saturday after all. No class! I don't want to get wasted, either. I want to remember my first birthday I spend with you.'

'Okay, fair enough. But at least take one shot with me tonight. I've already got something up my sleeve. Now, you go to your room until 8:00, and then come over to the house, and I'll be waiting.'

My heart began racing. Hopefully this was a romantic thing. After a quick kiss, I left the cafeteria to head to my room. It was close to 6:00 now...what the hell was I supposed to do?

I spent about 30 minutes pacing about in my room, thinking about what lay ahead. I was nervous and excited. I trusted Drew.

Even though I had showered about four hours ago, I felt like I needed to again, this time taking extra time to make sure it was clean. After I was done, I had only 30 minutes to go.

I dressed in my own clothes this time, choosing a red t-shirt and some tight jeans, no underwear. It would just complicate things later...

I wandered out of the house, a few of my brothers wishing me a happy early birthday as I went. I felt special. It's not every day that you turn 21.

I got to Drew's house at 7:58, two minutes early. I knocked, and he opened the door immediately.

'Good evening, Mr. James,' he said, his tone sending shivers down my spine.

'Good evening, Mr. Wallace,' I replied.

Drew looked beautiful in a white button up shirt, sleeves rolled up to his forearms, a pair of khakis cupped his package well. God, he was so perfect.

'Come in, please,' he said, and taking my hand, he led me past the front door. I was expecting to go to his room, but instead he picked me up and carried me down the stairs to the basement. It triggered a memory in me, and before I knew it, I remembered why. This was where we'd fucked for the first time.

The basement hadn't changed in the two months since, only this time the pool table had a candle on it, and two small pieces of cheesecake lay on fancy plates.

'Happy birthday, Topher,' Drew whispered in my ear, and my heart felt like it could burst. It was the sweetest thing! I kissed him on the mouth, and he eagerly responded, causing my cock to start rising up in my jeans.

After a moment, he broke away and I nipped at his neck, playfully.

'Whoa, stud, not yet. Let's enjoy this moment for at least a couple minutes.'

And I giggled as he set me on the pool table. Drew sat across from me as I tasted the cheesecake on the table. It was delicious.

We sat in silence, taking in each other in the candlelight. I thought of how lucky I was, yet again. My man was the best ever.

Soon, the dessert was gone.

'Now can we fuck?'

'There's that attitude I love,' he said, smiling. 'But not yet. I have another surprise for you. Now, I don't know if you'll be into this or not, but I think you will be. Besides, he's kind of wanting to get to know you better.'

Confused as to what was happening, Drew hopped off the pool table and walked over to a closet. Opening the door and grinning, he looked over at me, and I looked inside.

Alex was standing there in nothing but those white boxer briefs. Hot damn.

'Hey, Topher. I figured you liked what you saw, earlier.'

'Oh, God, I'm so embarrassed!' I said, my face flushing. Drew rushed to my side.

'No, baby, don't be embarrassed! This is part of your present! You remember how last week we talked about how you've always wanted a threesome?'

Suddenly, everything clicked in my head. Drew had taken my words to heart and was wanting to make one of my fantasies come true. While it was a tad awkward having it thrown at me, I couldn't deny Alex's sexy ass or cock.

'I want you and I to fuck him together,' Drew whispered in my ear. 'He's aching to feel your cock, babe.'

'Oh, hell. Bring it on.'

With that, I beckoned Alex to me, and I kissed him on the mouth, exploring his mouth with my tongue. Drew stepped in behind him and began massaging his ass with his hands. I felt Alex rubbing the front of my jeans, in which my prick was rising fast. I knew I had to get it out soon.

Ending the kiss, I pushed Alex's head between my legs and humped his face a bit. My mouth found Drew's, and suddenly my cock was out in the air. My pants ended up around my ankles and Alex took me in his mouth.

'Oh!' I moaned, loudly. Taking a second to look around, I saw Alex's blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock, Drew had taken off his khakis and shirt and Alex's underwear had been torn off of him, the pieces scattered around the floor. His gorgeous ass mesmerizing me as Drew fondled it.

Breaking his mouth away from mine, Drew took this time to warm Alex up for the pounding to come. His soft tongue found Alex's hole, and I about blew my load. Watching my man tongue someone else's hot ass was so erotic and sexy. Alex began to moan and push his ass back into Drew's face.

'Oh, fuck me man, just stick that cock in me!'

'You want it, Topher? Come get it, he's ready.'

I didn't need telling twice. Drew and I switched places, and I found myself behind Alex's ass. Wanting a taste for myself, I stuck my tongue on the beautiful pink hole, and Alex quivered, then forced my face into his ass with his strong arms, shouting out as he did so.

Pulling my head back up for air, I placed the tip of my hard cock into the hole, and gently pushed forward, sliding into the recesses of that perfect ass.

'Oh, fuck!' I shouted, not expecting the pleasure I felt. I'd never fucked a guy before. Finding a rhythm was easy, seeing as Alex began to work in the middle of Drew and I. When I would thrust, he'd move up on Drew's cock with his mouth. We were like a well oiled machine.

'God damn, babe, seeing you fuck someone is so fucking hot!' Drew moaned as I saw him stiffen, and he began shooting his load into Alex's mouth. Alex gobbled it up, hungrily. I knew I was close to cumming.

I just kept staring at Drew, in the throes of pleasure, with Alex licking the remaining cum off of Drew's throbbing cock, and I couldn't keep it in anymore. I shot a good quart of cum into Alex, who's ass seemed to pulse and shake with every burst.

'Oh, fuck yes!' I shouted. Alex stood up off of my cock and began jerking off his hard member. Drew and I both got on our knees and began sucking and licking on his shaft, his thick prick between our lips. After only about thirty seconds, he shot a thick wad across the basement floor, shouting as he did so.

We collapsed in a sweaty heap on the floor.

'That...that was amazing!' I cried, smacking Alex on his firm backside. 'Thank you both so much!'

'You're welcome, babe. It's all for you!'

'You felt so fuckin' good man!' Alex said, and I couldn't help but smile.

After a couple of moments, Drew stood up and again went to the closet, this time pulling out a bottle of honey whiskey, and three shot glasses.

'In honor of my Topher on his 21st birthday, let's take a shot!'

I couldn't refuse. The honey whiskey was sweet, yet it burned a bit on the way down.

It was the best night of my life.



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