'O blessed, blessed night! I am afeard, Being in night, all this is but a dream, Too flattering-sweet to be substantial.'

It all felt like a dream. A very hot and steamy dream. Sometimes in had to pinch myself to remember I wasn't sleeping.

After I met Drew at his fraternity house and lost my virginity on the pool table in the basement, we continued our secret relationship. Mostly all we could do was send dirty text messages while we were in our classes and flirt in the religion class we had together, but neither one of us wanted to let the other go.

The reason for our time apart was my fault. I was playing Romeo in our school's production of Romeo and Juliet, and it was so much to learn! The poetry was absolutely beautiful, but sometimes I caught myself wishing that Shakespeare had just come right out and said what he meant.

Needless to say, I was getting depressed. Things were a little tense, and we sometimes ended our text conversations or phone calls a little angry and on edge. I found myself thinking of Drew constantly; those eyes, that body, his beautiful muscular frame, and that gorgeous dick of his...

I haven't had sex in a month, okay!?

Well, unless you count that night where he found me in the library and I sucked him off, but I don't. My hole was hungry for him. I was ready for opening night to get here so I could stop rehearsing so much!

The day finally came! I was excited, not only because of the pre-show jitters, but because after the run was over, I'd get to spend more time with Drew! He still made my heart skip a beat when I saw him, and every time I thought of his promise (to sit in the front row during the production) my stomach twisted into knots. I hope he remembered!

The day passed in a blur! Everyone kept saying 'Break a leg!' when they saw me, and it just occurred to me just how many people might actually come and see this show! It is a classic after all! After my last class of the day, I ran to the cafeteria, grabbed a quick sandwich and then ran for the green room, where I could shower and prepare and eat in peace for a bit. I liked spending time alone in the theatre before we started the show. It made me feel a connection to all those who had come before me, and I could feel excitement coursing through my veins!

Soon, the other actors began to arrive. After applying my stage makeup, I went to put on my costume, which was, thank God, only some jeans, a blue t-shirt and a silver vest. Our costume designer had gone for a modern feel, and I was glad I didn't have to wear tights.

When I returned to my place in the green room, I noticed the others giving me strange looks. As I sat down, I found out why. A single red rose lay in my spot. I felt my face grow hot, and picked it up and took it to the other room. A note was tied to it. It said, 'Break a leg, stud. I'm on the front row. Love, D.'

My heart started doing backflips! I felt as if nothing could hold me back! I knew this was going to be a great show.

I returned to the green room just in time to hear the stage manager call places, and I was thankful that no one could ask me about the rose. It is a little strange, after all. But I loved it!

Now since I didn't have to enter right away, I was able to peek out and find out where Drew was. I passed over the entire front row twice before I finally found him. My lover, sitting in some nice jeans and a red button up shirt. He looked absolutely stunning and so handsome!

The next scene came and went, and the audience was loving it! I had never realized how big of a hit this would be. Especially in such a small town! When I was doing the famous balcony scene, I just pictured Drew up there, and it went so well! The actress playing Juliet was shocked, because we'd been having trouble with that scene.

At intermission, I half expected a text from him, but I knew better. The tension would kill me, and he knew that. Soon, we came to the end of the play. I had to drink the poison, and right after my monologue, I glanced over at Drew, and there were tears streaming down his face! Here was this stunning, tough looking jock type crying his eyes out for me! My heart melted, and after drinking the poison and 'dying' I kept that image in my mind.

I was falling in love.

The bows were over, the curtain fell, and we were thrilled to have received a standing ovation! After a whirlwind exit from the stage, everyone left to go meet friends or family members, but I took my time. If Drew couldn't text me at intermission, he could wait a few minutes more for me. Two can play at that game!

I was just putting the last bit of makeup back into the box when I heard a knock on the door frame.

'Hey you,' I heard, and my insides squirmed.

I turned, and there he was. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. Those pants he had on framed him perfectly, and I nearly fainted out of sheer joy of seeing him!

'Hey,' I replied. 'Thanks for coming tonight. You're the reason I did so well!'

'Oh, how I've missed you,' he crooned, and wandered over and kissed me. My arms fell right around him, and we were locked in a loving embrace, tongues exploring each other's mouths.

When we finally broke apart, he looked sad.

'What's wrong?'

Drew sighed. 'Topher, I just want to tell you how sorry I am. I should make more time for you. I want you in my life. For good.'

'I love you so much,' I replied.

'So, you're not mad at me?'

''Drew, of course not! It's my fault we haven't been able to be together for a long time. I want you in my life forever! I don't ever want to let you go!'

He just stared at me, tears in his eyes, and then 'I love you,' was all he had to say, and we were kissing again.

After several moments, we broke apart. Drew was looking at me with pure adoration in his eyes. 'Let's go up to the stage.'


I grabbed his hand and led him through the back way, and soon we arrived on the stage. The only light came from a single bulb illuminating the pitch darkness of our set. It was eerie, but I didn't care or worry. I was with Drew.

'You were incredible tonight, by the way. I've never been moved to tears by anything before, and you are so talented and such a true actor,' he said.

'I saw you crying and it broke my heart,' I replied. I hoped you weren't crying because I was terrible.'

'Are you kidding? You're amazing and adorable! I thought to myself, what would I do if I lost you like that? And I just started weeping!'

'You are the greatest man I've ever met. Now, I want to skip the conversation and I want you to fuck me.'

He gaped at me, and then looked around. Then, an impish grin appeared on his lips. 'That's my guy,' he said.

He was naked in no time flat, his thick member bouncing up and down, I watched it bounce, and then before I could get to my knees to take care of him, he surprised me by going down and taking my throbbing cock into his mouth.

It was pleasure beyond anything I'd felt before! Yes, he'd fucked me and that was good, but his tongue rolling over my hard dick felt incredible! Moaning loudly, my cries of pleasure bounced off the theatre walls, and it seemed to turn Drew on even more. Then, he was finished. He came back up to kiss me, but I stopped him. 'What was that?' I asked him. 'I loved it, but I thought I was here to take care of you!'

'We're equals, silly. That's for doing a wonderful job.'

After that, I didn't ask anymore questions. It felt wonderful kissing him, holding him...especially since we were so exposed! It was so taboo!

After he treated me, I began kissing and sucking on his erect nipples, standing in the chill air. I slowly moved my way down to his hard cock, kissing the soft head and teasing with my tongue. He was pulsing with pleasure and I smiled, knowing that I turned him on as much as he did me.

Then, suddenly, I took his large member in my mouth fully. He tasted wonderful and shuddered as I did. Crying out in pleasure, he grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face. I loved him doing that. My hands were planted on both cheeks of his round ass, and they clenched every time I deep throated his dick. He kept moaning and I felt him tense, and I stopped just as suddenly. His moment of climax didn't happen, and he looked almost disappointed.

'Don't worry,' I said. I've got other plans.'

He didn't ask, and I didn't explain further. I took him right to the center of the stage, made him sit down, and I straddled him, he played with my tight hole with his fingers for a minute or two while kissing me, and finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I sat down on his fully erect cock.

We both shouted out, and after a few ups and downs, we got a rhythm going. It began to feel so good, even better than the first time. Drew began to grunt with pleasure and it made me so horny, I kept slowing down to prolong the moment.

'You're such a tease!' he crooned in my ear. 'Let me take over.'

I nodded, and he stood up, with me staying put on his cock. He backed me up against a set piece, and with me still suspended in the air, started fucking me at such a fast pace it caught me off guard. My squeals echoed off the dimly lit walls, our moans creating a symphony of sounds in the empty building. Soon, I felt him tense, and I felt his release inside me. At least ten spurts of hot cum splattered my insides. He dropped me off his thighs, fell to his knees, and took my cock into his mouth and began sucking furiously. He felt so good! Too soon, pleasure beyond anything I've ever felt before rushed from me.

'Oh my God!!!' And I came. My final cry echoed around us as Drew swallowed my seed. Every drop.

We collapsed in a heap, holding each other and trembling. We stayed that way for a long time. Finally, Drew spoke.

'That was amazing! I'm so lucky I have you.'

'I was just thinking the same thing,' I said, which was true. 'Let's spend as much time as we can together. For as long as we can.'

'I'm not letting you go for a very long time. I'd be content to just lay here with you until tomorrow.'

'Then why don't we?'

'Because I want to go to your room, and I want to party at your house, and I want to sleep in your bed and wake up with you in my arms.'

I couldn't get dressed fast enough. He carried me back downstairs so I could get my bag, and then we walked back to my house. We walked to my room, sat things down, and then we found the parties.

A lot of people congratulated me, and people knew who Drew was, but he didn't act jealous. He didn't get in the way. He was perfect.

Around 3 o'clock in the morning as I was falling asleep in Drew's arms, I couldn't help but chuckle. Our whole relationship was very similar to Romeo and Juliet. Well, the fact that we were from two houses, both alike in dignity...we didn't die, my house befriended him, and our parents didn't know a thing.

Drew was mine. And I was one lucky guy.



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