I looked out the Transport Jet window and saw the Jungle below, Shit from up here it looked peaceful and quiet and rather calming, and beautiful, I guess every place has it's own natural beauty, and my thoughts went back to basic training, I was stationed at FT. Leonard Wood Arm Base in Central Mo. for my basic training, and I had trained for infantry, with a side training in Artilary, I was top of the platoon in targeting, yea thats right, Me, number one, I, although proud as I was, was really thinking I'm really a number one A Fuck up. Oh well no matter, we were coming in for a landing in Vietnam, and I was getting nervous, as I guess all the military men were, Not knowing wether they would be going home alive or being taken home in a bag, God that was unnerving. The other problem I was having was that I am a gay soldier, and at the time of the Vietnam war there were not that many openly gay serving, The don't ask, don't tell Policy hadn't been formulated yet, Johnson was still President,

We Landed and there was a military convoy waiting to take us to the compound where we would be stationed. My First Lt. was introduced to me and said alright men, fall in and gave us the orders to load up into the Personal Carring Trucks that would take us out to the Parimeter, where we were assigned tent living quarters.

I Was awe struck at the First Leutenants looks he was fucking gorgeous and I couldn't wait to see his naked body in the company showers there, which consisted a large tent with five or six shower heads in it.

While I was there I had finally gotten a look at the Lt.s naked body in the shower, and he saw me staring and just kinda smiled, and came over to me in the showers and looked down at my cock and said, soldier, put your gun away for now, mabye we can take some target practice a little later, and I looked down and My cock was standing up Like a peice of artilary, Fuck Man I was embarasseed, The Lt. just said, man Its alright we'll get to it later, and Its alright with me. I couldn't believe my ears, A fucking second Leutinant, and I am going to have sex with him, what a fucking thought, I walked out of the shower tent with a happy face.

The next day the Lt. came by and said the platoon was getting ready to go on a 'Charlie Hunt'. I said A Charlie Hunt, What the hell is that? He said, Well soldier, we go hunting for the enemy, and He's Called Charlie, I said Oh!. we got our geer ready and our Ammo Packs, Cleaned our rifles and made sure we had everything we were trained to have for a raid, and we took off into the Jungle, we had gone about four miles and were going into this clearing and we came under fire, The second Lt. took a bullet in the lower left leg, and I said Man, I can fix that for you and I got out my medical kit and put wound cleaner and antibotics on it and noticed the bullit had gone clean thru and came out clean and I put this powder on it and bound up the wound, I was told by the Second Lt. that I needed to dig in, Untill we could get some help back there to pick him up. He could still walk and He and I dug a foxhole and It was big enough for the both of us, I helped him down into the hole and we just kinda set there and waited, Needless to say I was scared shitless, and the Second Lt. whose name was Paul, said I can help you relax man, Your breathing so hard and need to calm down, I said yea I know, He said, Maybe I can help, and He leaned over and said Travis (thats my Name) He said open your legs, I said what? He said open your legs and I said how will that help? he said believe me I've been here for almost thirteen months and I have been thru almost every kind of battle and I know from personal experience, it helps, I said O.K Man, and I got in the best position I could and the reached over and Undid my amo-belt and my trousers button and I thought What-the-Fuck?, and he started unzipping my trousers and I just layed back and let the second Lt. have whatever he was looking for, He reached into my trousers and found my dick and fished it out, and by the time he got it out it was almost Hard, He just said, just at ease soldier and relax and just let the feeling take over and forget about where you are for the moment, I said O.K. Sir, The the Lt. leaned over and took my hardening cock into his mouth, I gasped for air and said, oh fuck man, you keep that up and I'm going to cum in your mouth, He just looked up and said that's the idea soldier, I just spread my legs as far as I could and let him continue his sucking of my cock, man I didn't know if this was a military manuver or just a fullment of his desire, I really didn't give a shit I started kinda humping as much as I could in a foxhole, and he was slurping as best as he could and I started fee Iling that feeling down deep in my groin, and my stomach started that lurching and jumping and breathing started getting heavy and said Oh Fuck Sir, and he was grunting and sucking and going um huh, yea, and my body went rigid and i could feel each pump of my cock as it shot cum into the Second Lts. Mouth and he sucked and just kept sucking untill I finally said Sir, Sir, I think thats all there is, I'm dry and my cock was so fucking sensitive that I couldn't stand to hardly touch it. and the Lt. looked up and said Man Soldier, that was an Fucking Artilary round you just shot off there, and I smiled, I said yes Sir, I always shoot a heavy Load, the Lt. said we must do that again soon and I smiled and said Your right Sir, It does have a calming effect. He just smiled.

We finally got some help and got the Lt. to the medical tent, and since the wound was a clean one and I had treated it quickly and correctly the Leutenants Leg was healing nicely and he was not sent away for further treatment but was able to stay with his platoon in the compound.

That was in May, I guess about August there was an Offensive attack on the 'cong,(Charlie) and we were dug in and I had this young Private named Kerry In my fox Hole and I noticed he was a partial Oriental I guess, at least he had Oriental eyes,jet black hair, and he was knockout gorgeous, we chatted and I tried to relieve his tensions with talk about home and He said he was raised In Oklahoma City, and His parents had adopted him and he was a newborn baby when he was brought to America, His natural was an Marine from what he understood and His mother was Korean, but he was full fledged American, and I said thats really cool Kerry, He said sometimes it's not, But I have had a better life here in America than I would have had in Korea, Well Kerry finally told me he had been drafted and he didn't really want to come to Vietnam and was Scared senseless I said Man I know what you mean, I said the first battle I was in, My First Leut. helped me get out of my frightened and scared state and clamed me down, He said do you know what to do? I said yes I do Kerry, Kerry was kinda nervous and shaking and just plain scared, do you want me to do it to you? He really didn't know what I was gonna do, He said Fuck yea Man, I dont' care what it is, I said alright then, and I reached over and started unbuckling his belt and he looked kinda funny at me and I said just lay back and close your eyes and I noticed he layed his helmet covered head back against the dirt wall of the Foxhole, And I started undoing his trousers and he kinda went Ughmm, and I finally got to his underwear and I reached into his boxer shorts and found a very niced sized uncut cock, dark skinned and it was already hard as a friggen rock, and he said what you gonna do? I said make you calm down and relax, and he slid his ass more down to give me better access, and when he did He said man I want you to know I'm not gay, and I said what's gay got to do with anything, I slid his foreskin back exposing that beautiful head and my first thought was I thought Orientals were suppose to have litte cocks, I was stunned to see this little guy had a good seven, thick, inches and a very nice sized set of balls. I started rubbing his balls and slid my mouth down onto his cock and he started grunting and saying man, Oh fuck man, I looked over and one hand was on my helmet and the other was digging dirt from he foxhole wall, fuck he was making funny noises and breathing heavy and saying fuck man nobody has ever sucked it like that before, fuck man not even my girl friend back home, I just kept working to give him the best damn blowjob I could give, and I was really wanting his boyman cream with a passion and I was about to get a mouthful of it, and he was on his knees with his trousers down to the ground and he started pushing up with his ass and stuffing it down my throat deeper saying awe fuck Travis, awe fuck man, He started almost jumping and bucking and almost doing a dance there in the hole with his cock in my mouth and grunted a heavy grunt, and said AWE Fuck Man! and Unloaded that delicious cum into my mouth, I just swallowed,just savoring ever drop of its awesome taste, and kept sucking and finally he said aw fuck man, you gotta quit and I stopped and whiped my mouth off on my sleeve, and said Kerry your cum tastes awesome, he just smiled and said I wish my girlfriend thought so, and he just laughed, I helped him up to getting his trousers back on, the next morning Kerry had slept while I watched for four hours, and the I would sleep while He watched, I was asleep in the hole and I was dreaming about a boyfriend I had back home and having sex with him, I was feeling sorta strange like In the dream something wasn't right because I couldn't lay down to have sex with my boyfriend David,my legs were kinda cramped up, I was really getting into the sex in the dream and I was getting close to cumming, I was panting and grunting and about to shoot my load and I felt the cum boiling up in my groin and I started shooting, and I came awake and Kerry had taked my cock out while I was asleep and was sucking me off while I slept, He looked up at me and I saw my cum running down his chin and he just looked at me, and said I hope youd didn't mind, it seemed like your body enjoyed it even if you were asleep, I said Kerry it was awesome, buy why, He said I wanted to help calm you down, you were dreaming about someone name David and was talking to the cong and saying weird things and so I thought If I did you like you did me, I said It did the trick, and reached over and said Kerry, and I pulled his body next to mine and Kissed him on the mouth and clean my cum off his chin,with my tongue.

We were dug in for about a week and I let Kerry have my asshole for a time or two, The first time Kerry fucked me was about one in the morning we were awaked by far away gun fire, And I Noticed Kerry was sorta rubbing his crotch and I said Kerry whats goin on man, he said I need a fuck, I really miss that, Oh I love the blowjobs you give but I want to stick my cock into something so bad I said I can help there too, He said really, I said yea man, Me and My boyfriend used to fuck like madmen back home and I love to get fucked, Kerry smiled and said man that sounds awesome. I watched as he undid his trousers and slid them down and I reaced into my back pack and found a tube of vasoline, the closest thing to lube we had there, and I said here and I started by lubing up my ass, He put some on his cock and got up behind me and started pushing his cock into my manhole and fuck it felt great, I started shoving my ass back and he went to the hilt and fuck he started fucking me like a fucking machine he was balls deep into my poopshoot and I was feeling it with great pleasure and after about five minutes of this I felt his fingers dig into my thighs just about my ass, and I heard his sounds and I knew, I could feel it comming, and he started that bucking as he pumped into my ass and god it felt wonderful, I shoved back and My sphincter muscle felt his cock as it pumped his cum into my ass, each pump of his cock was a volly of cum, and it felt warm like hot water inside my bowels, His breathing was rapid and labored and I started blasting a shot of cum as I stroked along with his fucking movements God that was intense, I hadn't had a cock in my ass for almost a year and a half, It was great. Kerry said fuck man, that felt just like a tight, tight, pussy, and I said I give it a good try, and he laughed, Kerry and I were good buddies and got together as often as we could get away for sex, untill we shipped out, I often wonder where that Second Lt. is now, and How Kerry is, if he married his girlfriend or whether he went like me. He sure the hell enjoyed our Foxhole Love affair. I think of them with fondness often, and only hope for the best for them both.

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