Looking over at his grandson, Miles felt his pain. The boy was just 18, about to head off into the world, with the added burden of no longer having a family to fall back on. Damn, his son could be such a pig headed bastard at times. What the hell did he know about being a father, or a man for that matter? The guy had been raised too strictly by his mother, God rest her souls, which was his fault too. He let her raise the kids, while he made the money. It was what they did back then, and now it was all coming back to haunt him.

Johnny was a good kid, had always listened to his father and was even a loner. Miles knew he had issues, but had never pried until now. The whole story had come flooding out, the instant he had let his grandson in, and he sat there now, feeling like he had failed. Deep down he had known that eventually he'd have to confront his past, his secret. He just never thought it would be with his grandson. That was a bit of a shock, as he sat there, not sure what to do or say.

Johnny, as he liked to call him, was a good looking kid. He got good grades, had a chance at some good colleges this fall, but that was all up in the air now, thanks to the pig headedness of his son Charles. He grimaced at that, recalling how he used to call him Charley, only to be chastised by his wife, and by Charles. He hated Charley, which should have tipped him off then that his son was becoming a snob.

Worse was that his wife had turned 'Charles' into a prude, just like she had been. Her devotion to the archaic teachings of her Church had made her a bitter woman at the end, but he couldn't blame her. She knew his secret, and had not left him, instead she had stayed, making his life a living hell at times. Her lectures, her glares could shrivel a person, if he cared.

Looking at the dejected boy, he realized that he was really to blame. He had let her ruin Charles, had twisted his son so that he couldn't accept differences. Hell back then, he too believed that way, despite the feelings he had. Miles had accepted his lot in life, because back then, what else could he do? She had played that one to the hilt, making him feel guilty until the day she died from Cancer.

Reflecting back, he knew that what had happened between him and her, was all because of that single moment of weakness when he was Johnny's age. The Viet Nam war was in full force, and he had been one of those whose lottery number had come up early on. Service back then wasn't what it was today. People went, and the idea of leaving for Canada was still not a talked about option. The war had yet to make the news nightly, and he had shipped off with his unit, his friends to save the world from Communism. Least that was the line back then, just as being who he was, was also believed to be a sickness.

Leaning back in his chair, he could see it all now, reliving those times when despite the horror of war, he was actually happy. He wasn't some sicko either, he hated the job he was doing, but he was away from his own home. Miles was in places where the values he had beaten in to him, no longer mattered. They were different, and even those in his unit seemed different. Back in the States they were just like him, straight laced and narrow minded, out of ignorance. Over there, it changed them. Death being a constant companion helped do that.

He had met Lorne at basic. The guy was amazing, the way he seemed to just adapt to Army life. He was tall, and his feet would hang out over the edge of his bunk which always ticked their drill instructor off. The guy liked to walk close to the bunks when doing bed check, and he always, without fail, would trip over Lorne's feet. It was a standard joke with the unit, and Lorne himself would usually start it off.

No doubt, it was his personality more than his looks which had attracted Miles. The guy was a natural, never seemed angry or upset, no matter how hard the DI would yell at him. He had a lazy type grin that would appear, each time he was being bawled out, that only infuriated the Instructors. Still, he was a quiet type, despite his popularity.

Miles found out about Lorne, one night in country, when they were together in their foxhole. You got to know people real quick in the service. It was impossible to not know, but Miles had been one of those that always had troubles getting in with others. Oh, they all treated him fine, but he was the afterthought when the rest went out on leave. He was like the little kid brother, forced upon the older boys by the mother. Least that was how he looked upon himself, until that night with Lorne.

Even now, decades later he still wasn't clear on how it had come up. They had been in the foxhole, listening to each other breathe, smelling the sickly fragrance of the jungle. It was something you never really got used to, but it still was sort of exciting. The darkness, the smells, all made for an active imagination. Then too, being down in some earthen hole, that reeked, and the closeness, led to some interesting conversations. Still, somehow the conversation had come up about girlfriends.

That was a given, everyone talked about them. Even he had, though being 19 at the time, his experience was a lot less than some others. He blamed his upbringing for that, as his parents were strict Church goers. They were firm about dating, and wouldn't even let him go to dances at school without one of them going too. It made for a rather barren dating life, but he didn't know differently.

Once drafted, he learned real fast to fabricate some outlandish nonsense, just to not get razzed by the others. They didn't question him much, once he told them his parents were big shots in the local Church. That seemed to explain away some of his gaffs, or so he had thought. Lorne however, had seen through it and it was that night, in the foxhole that it all came out.

Looking at Johnny, seeing the tears slowly starting to slow down, he realized how much he had ignored all the signs. He could have done more to help Johnny, but he hadn't. Just like back in 'Nam' he had kept his secret, he kept it at home afterwards. Other than Lorne and his wife, no one knew, but they would now. He sighed, as he thought about that night, about how dark the night had been.

They had two fire fights earlier, but it had all ended for the moment. The top kick had set their lines, putting him with Lorne on one of the flanks. It was a precautionary position, just in case Charlie tried to flank them. They were also out of immediate danger, and contact with the others, which maybe helped speed up the moment. Lorne didn't really mince his words either.

They shared a cigarette, careful to keep its glow hidden, as they talked. Somehow Lorne just said it, came right out and asked him if he ever got horny, and without even waiting for an answer, he began a long monologue about how was always horny. He talked about how he hated the Army, because it drove him nuts. How everyone walked around in the barracks, semi nude or nude. How they bragged about their conquests when most didn't have a clue as to how to really please a partner. It was a strange one sided conversation, but it did get him interested. Hell, he had a boner while Lorne would talk about the guys. Lorne would poke fun at them, about how their asses were too flabby, or their dicks too short or thin.

Maybe that was how it started, but Miles wouldn't swear to it. The conversation had come around to him, about how he seemed to always be covered, as if he had something to hide. Lorne pressed him, suddenly asking a lot of very personal questions. Things that people didn't really talk about then, like how big was his cock, was he ashamed of its look, or size. Sitting there now, he realized that Lorne had known about him, long before they were assigned to that foxhole. He knew, and as the conversation had progressed, Miles came to that realization then too.

Strange how he never recalled that before. How he had known back then that somehow Lorne was putting a move on him. It was coming back to him, as he thought about how he had somehow found himself staring at Lorne's cock. The guy had pulled it out, showing it off. He remembered how Lorne had insisted he touch it, to make sure it was real. Like they didn't have fake dicks then, but he had. He could remember the strange sensations that raced up and down his body, as his fingers trembled while they had reached out and touched Lorne's dangling cock.

Even now, he could remember how it felt, that first touch of another man's penis. Back then, no older really than Johnny was today, he had been a virgin, in all forms of sex. Lorne had sensed that too, which explained his approach. He guided Miles, encouraging him to relax, to just run his finger along the flesh that was a brilliant white in the night's darkness. He could see it as he closed his eyes for a moment.

It was soft at first, but he could feel it growing, as his fingers lightly touched the hot skin. The tips of his fingers brushed lightly over the pole, that seemed to come alive to his touch. It was an amazing feeling really. To know that his touch was making that organ grow, feel excited by him. It made him feel a bit dizzy too, as he felt his own body reacting to the touching.

Lorne didn't seem to mind, in fact his breathing was a becoming a little ragged, as Miles ran his fingers along the shaft, reaching the top, where he felt the head throbbing. His hand had jerked back at that strange feeling, but quickly he put it back, feeling the soft hot flesh under his fingers. He felt the liquid that was beginning to ooze out from the centre of the cock, and he had looked at Lorne then. There was no mistaking that look, it reflected the emotions he had always tried to suppress in himself.

The face had a strange smile, the eyes a glazed happy look to them. Then Lorne put his hand on Mile's and pulled it closer, until it was buried under the open pants. His hand was pressed flat against the man's pubic hairs, and he felt it, the way the muscles were quivering. Lorne was feeling what he was, and his hand began to move on its own. His fingers wrapped around the cock, as he hear a soft moan escape Lorne's mouth. He looked up to see him smiling, and turned back to stare at his hand, buried under the dungarees, the white pole sticking up out of them.

He moved his hand slowly, upwards and out and he felt Lorne move his legs further apart, exposing more of himself to Mile's reach. They didn't say a word to each other, as he began to slowly stroke Lorne's rather large cock. He felt each vein as his hand moved up the pole, then as it moved over the head, he felt the liquid being rubbed down the pole. His heart was beating wildly as he slowly twisted his hand around and pushed it downwards.

It took him a few minutes to realize that Lorne really wanted him to do it, to take it all the way. He had never done it before, to another guy, but he was, and in the middle of South East Asia no less. It was a realization that made him stop for a moment, to look into Lorne's face. Their eyes met, and he knew by the look, that Lorne was just like him, that they shared the same 'illness'. It made it easier, as he began to tighten his grip on the throbbing cock. His hand began to move faster and faster as Lorne moaned softly. He tried to keep silent, but the soft sounds were clear to Miles. The beating of his heart made it seem like the heavens were open, as it thundered in his ears, but he kept his hand moving, faster and faster.

It was a bit anti climatic when he felt the cock seemingly jerk in his grip, then sort of pull back, then rush forward. The sudden sensation of liquid pouring onto his hand made him hesitate a second or two. For that one second, he thought maybe Lorne had began to pee, but then his own experience took over. Just like when he played with himself, he realized Lorne was cumming.

The hot sticky liquid rolled through his fingers, and over the top of his hand, as Lorne grunted a bit. The body had arched upwards, and the sound of his carbine being rustled only added to the thrill of the moment. He found himself thinking about more than just how his hand was tightly holding another cock, but wondering too if Lorne's jizz tasted like his own. He had tasted it a few times, out of curiousity, and the desire to taste another was nagging at him, as he felt the cock finish jerking.

Lorne had merely looked at him, and smiled. It was strange, but he felt strangely satisfied, and yet he ached in a way that he wasn't used to. He leaned back against the dirt, across from Lorne, breathing a bit ragged himself. It was a strange exhilaration that had taken hold of him, as he let his hands rest on the dirt, his legs opened and spread apart. It was that, which spurred Lorne on, as Miles recalled.

The dungarees were done up, the white gleaming cock put back inside, but now Lorne leaned forward, his hands on Mile's crotch. He felt the press of the hands and just stared. He didn't move, as he felt the fingers tugging at his pants, undoing them, and reaching inside. He moaned himself now, as Lorne's fingers took hold of his cock, and pulled it out from beneath the shorts. He just looked, as he tried to make sense of the emotions that were running wild inside. His heart continued to pound, his mind continued to feel confused, as he felt the fingers tighten around the base of his own cock.

No one had ever touched him like that. It made him stiffen a lttile, his legs shooting outwards more, as Lorne's hand began to stroke Mile's cock. It pulled on it, and he felt his body growing harder. His legs were numb, his eyes seemed to be going from closed to open with less frequency, as Lorne's hand began to move up and down on his cock. He felt the strange grip, the way it held him tight, but not too tight. The feeling of his flesh being stretched, by not just the hand, but by his own body. His cock was aching, the pain in his balls growing as he felt his head bang up against the dirt of the foxhole. His hands were digging into the dirt, then he reached out, to touch Lorne's head that was above his crotch. His hands found the growing hair, no longer recruit cut.

He moaned, as he held onto the man, as his body began to buck, to quiver. His hips shot upwards, driving his cock up and he felt himself surrendering to it all, just as it felt when he did it back home or alone. Yet it was different, it was much more intense, and thinking about it, it was nearly perfect. The emotion inside were released, he felt suddenly alive, as his body gave its milk up.

His moans were getting louder, as his body continued to spew its milk. Lorne's hand up against his mouth made him aware of just where he was. He leaned back, biting his lips as his body shook, and came. He leaned there, looking at the wide grin of pleasure that was across Lorne's face. He looked so hot, with his helmet askew, his eyes blazing, and his perfect white teeth gleaming.

It was the first time Miles had any experience with another man, but not the last either. During their time In Country, they found many opportunities to do things, to please each other. It never was more than a hand job, but that too changed once they got back to base camp. Lorne taught him a lot about sex, about friendship then. He was Mile's first, in all aspects, and as he sat there, looking at his grandson, he realized how much he owed Lorne.

'Johnny, I think it is time your grandpa told you the truth, about life, about a lot of things your father doesn't even know, but which you should. I think it is time you knew the truth about me, and about how proud I am of you, for doing what I never had the nerve to do. To be proud of who you are.'

This one is for you Lorne, he thought as he leaned forward, to take his grandson's hand in his, to look into his dark eyes, and to smile. It was time, to live the life he had always wanted, as he began to tell his grandson his secret. As he spoke, he felt suddenly like he had felt when he first touched Lorne, he felt alive.



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