The blood was leaving my arms and they became heavy. I was so excited to see my Master without the damn sweats on and about to finally get fucked. The camera guys didn't speak, they moved around doing what they do. Being the focus of the cameras was turning me on as much as the rest of the scene.

Master reached out his leather-gloved hand and with one finger stroked different parts of my body. My cock was hard, he ignored it.

He walked behind me, one camera was on my face, and the other followed my Master. Then it happened; pain, sharp, fast unexpected. The leather strap across my back once, twice, three times. Master asked if I enjoyed it. If I wanted more. I replied 'Yes Master' and prepared myself to receive more. Nothing.

Master then placed clamps on my erect nipples. The pain lasted seconds before the thrill overcame. He hobbled me, cockring attached to a chain drawn through a ring attached to the floor. He pulled the chain the pressure on my cock and balls was painful. My erection grew.

Releasing my arms I feel to the floor. This did not please Master. He went for the strap and began striking me repeatedly, angry. I spoke.

This was not acceptable. Master reached down and grabbed my arm with one hand and yanked me up. Pain from my cock reminded me I was still hooked up to the floor. Master looked at me and spit on my face. He barked at me to stand.

He left and returned with what looked like a pummel horse. He put in it front of me and forced my to lean over it. Quickly he cuffed my wrists to the legs. I was fully stretched out, cock to the floor, arms to the floor. He started to spank me. The force was not too intense, it didn't need to be, and each slap caused my body to lurch forward pulling on my cock and balls. The mix of pleasure and pain was sending my mind into orbit.

He spread my ass cheeks. Inserted a finger into my hole. When he removed the gloves and lubed up his finger I don't know, I was so focused on the sensations he was supplying my eager wanting body.

He worked my hole for an extended period of time. Master had used time to toy with me and I realized that going forward minutes and hours no longer applied to me. All that mattered was his attention to my hole, my ass. One finger, two, three, his tongue, dildo, larger, wider, how long he spent working me, loosening me up didn't matter I was in ecstasy. Finally he told me it was time to receive his cock.

I had no idea what to expect, I had never seen his cock, up until a short while ago I had never seen his body. I looked up; a camera was pointed at my face. I looked into it. His hands grabbed a cheek. He made some grunting noises of pleasure.

'I have been waiting to take this ass, make it mine and now I am ready. Are you still willing to give your ass and body to me?'

'Yes Master!' I would have said anything at this point, I wanted him in me.

'Tonight begins your journey. You belong to me.' The head of his cock began to press against my puckered hole. The lube and his work to loosen me were perfect. Without pain or force he slid the head of his cock into my ass. The pleasure was amazing. He held the head just inside and grunted several times. Then he slowly slid the entire length of his hard cock into me. I felt complete.

He slowly removed his cock and spoke again. I was in such a euphoric state I didn't understand what he said. He still held my cheeks spread and drove his cock into me, this time there was some pain, the unexpected full force, full length invasion took me by surprise. The invasion lasted a couple of seconds. I wanted this! He fucked me. Slowly, forcefully, he took his time. The endorphins brought me to a level I had never experienced without drugs.

How long he used my willing hole I don't know. I existed at the moment only to receive his cock, however he wanted to give it to me.

'Are you ready to receive my seed?' His words brought me back to reality.

He rammed his cock into me with enough force the pain from my still chained cock and balls reminded me I was bound. I begged for his seed.

Another forceful thrust and he came. His grunts and groans of pleasure were music to my ears. I felt like I had succeeded in pleasing my master. He pulled his cock from my welled used and very happy hole. He walked around to my face and I finally saw his cock. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I was in love with it. No longer hard covered in fluids, he brought it to my face, I opened my mouth and took in his cock. He worked his cock in and out of my mouth. It grew inside me filling my mouth and working it's way down my throat.

Master continued to fuck my face, taking his time, enjoying himself. He knew I was now his, surrendered.

My mind focused only on his cock, wanting to please him. Wanting him inside me and to give me his seed. I was not a virgin, I had been fucked I the past by many guys and taken even more cock into my throat. But this was different. His cock using my mouth was the only cock that mattered. I couldn't remember the size, shape, texture or taste of any cock before that moment.

Without a word he unloaded his cum into my mouth, he tasted salty, tart, heavy. He kept his cock in my mouth until it had grown soft. I continued to massage it with my tongue.

He pulled out, slapped my ass and spoke.

'Thanks guys go ahead and use him, but no cum inside, use the condoms.'

Still on a high from the experience of my Master, I remained chained and open. The camera guys placed the cameras on tripods, dropped their pants and came to be, cocks in hands. After the pleasure I had received from my Master I didn't care about these guys. I knew I was defeated and had no option but to accept their cocks.

They began to speak; 'wait until you get my cock you piece of shit, I'll show you a good fuck, think you can handle cock, open up cock sucker, ' they went on, I didn't listened, I opened my mouth and let them use it. I heard them complain about using condoms, but they did. As they fucked me, using me, I went back to the moments that just happened with my Master.

A slap across my face brought me back I opened my eyes and saw two cocks pointing at my face; cum hit me, in my eye. It hurt, I screamed. The guys laughed, finished cumming on my face, whipped it around with their cocks. Got dressed and left.

Master came into the room. Undid the cuffs and released my cock and balls. My body was sore and strained from being in the same position unable to move other than by force from being fucked. Master picked me up and brought me into another room. Using my eye that had not been hit with cum I could make out a bathroom in the dim light. Master set me into a large tub of warm water. He cleaned the cum off my face, turned up the lights and when I looked up I saw his face for the first time.

He was a good-looking man, strong features, clean-shaven and he smiled at me. He looked like the image I had when we were emailing. He bathed me telling me how much he enjoyed initiating me as his.

After the bath he gave me a large, soft robe and lead me upstairs. There was a table with food and beverages set out. The TV was on. He asked if I wanted to see a video.

Eagerly I said yes. We sat down, the video started. It was not me! Master laughed and asked me what I expected. I told him and he said that one wouldn't be ready for a few days. This one was the guy he fucked while I was in the other room listening a few weeks earlier.

Memories returned of being forced to listen to him use the other bottom while I watched the action. My cock was hard; I had yet to shoot my load. As I reached for my cock Master reminded me, I did not have permission to touch myself. Frustrated I opened my robe, looked at my hard cock and watched the video.



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