One year ago today my life changed. But the story begins months earlier. Being horny and newly single I wanted to meet some new men, I wanted to be fucked. I checked out a few web sites and found one that was not about finding a mate as much as it was about sex. It was a bondage site and I was excited and nervous to post my info. I was 27 at the time, 5'9", 150 lbs, dark brown hair and in some pretty good shape. My last boyfriend was a gym rat and to spend as much time with him as possible I joined him at the gym five days a week. The advantages were many, he was hot as hell and watching him workout would get me so horny I couldn't stand it. Also, being he was so hot we received plenty of attention, looks and offers. The biggest reward I did not realize until we broke up. I was no longer the thin guy; I had developed a body that equaled the studs in porn. I was lean, muscled and happy.

Interested in expanding my sex experience I checked off all the options that sounded worth trying. While my ex was hot, his idea of sex pretty much meant being naked and sucking and fucking. Both are awesome, but sometimes a little spice would be nice. So I went for it. I also posted one picture of myself, cut off at the neck, wearing tightie whities. I loved that pic!

That first week I received a pretty good response from guys all over the country, I enjoyed the attention.

Then the guys near by started to hit me up. It was frustrating at first because I wanted to fuck around with guys like me and those guys were not responding. I was pissed and horny so I answered one of the several replies I had from guys who were older and out of shape. This guy was in decent shape, and in his late forties. I agreed to go to his place. Being green I was surprised when he answered the door. He was about ten years older than the pic and what he said and about 40 pounds heavier. Being so horny I could burst I went in. The sex was all right and he didn't turn me on, but he was so into it and really made me feel hot. We didn't get into anything on the line of bondage; it was pretty much the same thing as with the ex, except he tied my hands to the bed. I realized I was pretty vain only wanting hot built guys but something about getting manhandled and used by a guy who wasn't turned me on. Being treated like a body to be used for his pleasure was hot. I agreed to come back.

I did go back and answered some other ads. Every time the guy was older and in worse shape than he had said. I found myself, getting fucked by fatter older guys a couple of times a month. The scene turned me on. As I became use to the guys not being the hot porn stars I wanted and relaxed the ties and leather came into the scene.

After six months and about a dozen guys I received a wink from a guy without a picture. Normally I ignore those winks but this time I winked back. He sent an email and the way he wrote I decided to reply. He was not like the other guys who wanted my ass over at their place as soon as possible. We spent a month emailing and, by his request I did not jack off or hook up with anyone else during that time. We discussed the scenes we were into and what we were not into and what I was willing to try.

Finally after that long month he invited me over. I was so charged up I could barely keep my hands off my dick. When I arrived he answered wearing baggy sweat pants and a hoodie but he had a mask on, I hoped he was dressed in some hot leather and was hiding under the sweats. I came in and he told me to take off my clothes. I was hard and naked in seconds.

After getting me horned up to the point to shooting my load he told me to stand. I was ready to me used. Instead he told me I had two options. A, go home, no sex, no porn, no touching my dick and call him the next day, or B, he would fuck the hell out of me. Before I could answer he added the trick question. If he fucked me that night it was a one-time fuck. He likes to fuck guys once. Unless the guy agreed to become a sub for him. During our earlier chats we had told me about his subs and it was always hot. So I could get fucked by him, or agree to become his sub. I got dressed and left.

Every day that week I would call when he told me to and I kept my hands off my dick and my cum built up.

That Saturday I went to his place. He was wearing the same clothes. He commanded me to strip and he put a blindfold on me. Then I lead me down stairs. I was so hard I could not stand it I wanted to cum. Once we were downstairs he cuffed my wrists behind my back and told me to kneel, then sit on the floor. Then I was told to place my forehead on the floor and wait. It felt like hours, waiting, I was hard and horny and alone. Finally he came downstairs and told me to kneel. I did. I waited, shaking, for what he would do next. Then, one finger stroked my rock hard cock from base to head very lightly. I shot, I came and the pleasure pain was more incredible than any I had every experienced. Once I finished he removed my blindfold and to look not at him, but my cum all over the floor. He commanded I like it up.

Once I was done he freed my hands, handed me my clothes and told me to come back in a week, no cumming, no sex, no porn. It was a long and frustrating week.

That next Saturday I arrived, striped down at his command, was blindfolded and lead into the basement, he tied my arms above my head to the ceiling and my legs spread apart and left. After a terribly long wait I heard footsteps. He was not alone. For what felt like hours I listened as this man used and fucked another guy in the same room I was tied up and blindfolded in, unable to see or touch my cock. I shot my load. The guy commanded the lucky bottom to lick it up off the floor.

After they left the room he returned, again I dressed and left.

The third week Saturday I arrived and he commanded I strip. He then gave me an option. I could get fucked that night or I could go home and come back on Tuesday. I was puzzled and he could tell. He then gave me the option. If I come back on Tuesday I would be staying, moving in, submitting to him 24/7 for a year.

I was terrified. Finally he would fuck me and after weeks of this extended foreplay I was desperate to get fucked and even more desperate to be fucked by him. I thought of our many conversations and email about what he was looking for and wanted. He played me so well. He knew I was being evicted from my apartment at the end of the year. He knew I was broke and only able to find part time work. He knew I was horny as hell. I agreed. He handed me an envelope and I left.

Inside were instructions, what I could bring, what not to bring and what time to arrive. Wearing cotton socks, jeans, a cotton sweatshirt under my winter coat, with one box of papers, and two boxes of my things I arrived at six PM sharp. I pulled the car into the garage. Once inside the house he asked if I ready and willing to commit. I said yes. He instructed me to stand in a corner.

There was some noise as others came into the room. I was curious and terrified. What the hell was going to happen? Again he asked if I was ready and willing. I agreed. Then he commanding I turn around.

There were two other men in the room with cameras. I was told not to speak unless spoken to and to remove my clothes placing them in front of me. Standing there naked while two guys filmed me, I was asked if I was surrendering myself to my Master. I said yes. He than took my clothes and tossed them into his fireplace. My eyes were wide; I was only allowed to bring those clothes with me, no others. Now I was not able to leave, it was December and the temps were near zero.

Next He came to me, walked behind me and placed a collar around my neck, he then locked it with a click that sounded like a heavy metal gate slamming shut.

He attached a leash to the collar and began leading me to the basement, one camera ahead and one behind as I made my descent. The only thought in my head was what the fuck had I gotten myself into!

In the basement He attached metal handcuffs to my wrists and hooked them onto a metal ring on the ceiling. He then walked away, the two other men filming and looking at me with lust, I was terrified. These two guys were in there forties, average looking faces and bodies from what I could tell. They did not speak.

Then He returned. This time without the sweats. During the entire time I had been at his place he always wore the same sweats and that mask. The mask was on, but the sweats were gone. He was dressed in leather boots, leather crossed his chest and he was wearing a leather thong. He was not fat but had a body that was solid. He was hot as hell, looking at me like I was privileged to feast my eyes on him, and I was.

He barked commands at me about not speaking unless granted permission and to do exactly as he said. H then told me that tonight I would be fucked. Terrified and overjoyed, at last he was going to fuck me.

I did not get into detail about the time I listened as he fucked the other guy, this is about my experience so I skipped over it, but what I can let on is that it was going to be the best fuck of my life.



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