Forty Five Days #2

By : A. Williams

     In jail…In a cell, locked up with the man that seems to lead the crowd and wants me for his bitch !

     But I am SO willing, he is my type and gorgeous. What a great way to spend the next forty five days. Bring it on!

     “Let’s get the mats on the floor, shall we?” I asked hopefully. “Good idea my man.” Jess said smiling. We worked in silence as we made a bed in the floor for two people. I stripped as Jess intently watched, naked I laid down, “Your turn.”

“Damn man … you’re so sweet looking,” Jess whispered.

“Come… taste me and see if I am really sweet,” I joked.

     “My pleasure,” he said undressing, his eyes never leaving mine. God, he was beautiful, nice and hairy. To my disappointment, he left his boxers on and crawled over me and took my hard cock in his mouth.

     I was shocked but pleased as he sucked me but something was different. “This is the second reason they call me snake,” he said pulling off my aching cock and showing me his 6 inch long tongue. He could almost… almost wrap it around my thick dick. “Damn Jess, I’ve never seen a tongue that long, damn man let me feel that again,” I begged.

     He went back to sucking me. Yes… hell yes, damn, this feels amazing…better than any oral I have ever had before.

     I wanted to feel that long tongue on my hole and inside me. So I begged, “Please Jess use that long tongue on my ass.”

“I can make you cum with it alone, I’ve had tons of practice,” he said proudly.

“Show me… make me cum.” I challenged.

     After a minutes of rimming , he had me reeling and begging for more. “Move your ass on my face,” I begged. Wanting to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me, even though I knew beyond a doubt he was the Master at rimming.

     When I got his boxers off, I was surprised to find his hard 12 inch monster leaking like a faucet just waiting for me to suck.

     I gobbled as much of it as I could letting his pre-cum coat my throat. I wanted that cock up my ass and soon. Never had I had one so long and thick and I had to try and take it, he would demand it and I would not object.

He pulled off my ass, “You want my cock now Andrew, your sweet ass is telling me yes?”

“Please, I beg…Oooohhh yes. Fuck me and make me your bitch.” I found myself saying in lust.

He slipped off my body and lined up between my outstretched legs. “Good bitch, my good bitch.”

     I felt him enter me and little by little all 12 inches filled me. As his balls hit my ass we both moaned, “You are so fucking tight…good little bitch. You love your Masters cock?”

“Hell yes…fuck me raw, Please Master.” I begged

“That’s the way…beg me my bitch.”

     He started slowly… all the way out… all the way back in… all the way out…all the way back in. I pushed back… God he felt amazing. Never had I felt so full and been fucked so deep.

     He fell over me and landing his lips on mine. He started to lick my lips with that long tongue, I opened and was taken over by the best french kiss of my life. God, what this man could do with that magic tongue was unbelievable.

     Between the kiss and his big dick in my ass, I was on the edge. I begged again, “Harder…faster …Please Master.”

     He picked up his speed and I grunted with every deep push. Our mouths locked back together, I was close and then everything stopped. He stopped thrusting in me and stopped kissing me.

      “No…no... no… my eager bitch, you cum when I say you can cum and not a second sooner. Not yet, I want this to last,” he said teasing me. Oh Yeah I thought, two can play this game.

     I flip us over to his surprise, now on top, I was in control. He looked at me smiling, “Yes… fuck me, ride me bitch. Give it to me good,” Jess said happily.

     I lowered my face to his and kissed him deep and hard and he returned all I could give plus more. With our mouths locked back together, I began moving slowly.

     Just small strokes, a few inches up… then back down. I could feel him smiling on my mouth, he loved my teasing. He allowed me my fun but then he grabbed my hips. He started moving me on his long cock faster and deeper and moving his hips along with my body.

     I sat up breaking the kiss, moving off my legs and getting my feet under me on the pad. I started bouncing full strokes on his wonderful filling cock. The sound of our bodies slapping together, whimpers from both of us and our heavy breathing bounced off the center-block walls.

     We were trying to be quiet with our moans, fearing the guards would come and stop our session but it was impossible as we approached our limit.

     “Cum my bitch,” Jess yelled and I unloaded the biggest and most powerful orgasm of my life. My cum covered both our chest and abs. With my ass clinching his thick cock, he unloaded deep in me… over and over…cum spilling out of my overfilled ass and covering the thin sheet.

     I collapsed on top of him and we both lay there spent until our breathing came back to normal. “This cock of mine it the third reason they call me Snake,” he told me, snickering.

     I raised my head off his shoulder and the kissing began again with his cock still deep in me.

Huummm……Maybe these 45 days will not be so bad after all………..

The End…



A. Williams


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