Forty Five Days #1

By : A. Williams

     I walked down a poorly lit corridor beside a man who seemed to hate his job even more than he hated me. The hate showed in his wrinkled and hardened face brighter than a flashing neon sign at a cheap motel. I eyed him up and down, his body said he was too young to look so old. My mind told me his years of working here in this place, around these people, had taken years off his life.

     As we continued to walk, I glanced around at my new surroundings and noticed up the dark gray painted walls, near the 20 foot tall ceiling there were bars covering the small windows. The one foot tall by three foot long windows were there to let in light, of that I was sure.

     They looked almost comical being bared over. They were too small for a grown man to crawl through, too high to climb to and who would want to break into this God forsaken place anyway.

     I laughed out loud at that thought and the sour-puss jail guard barked, “No laughing… No talking and I wish I could tell you, all of you” he raised his muscled arm and gestured in a sweeping motion left to right, “no breathing but the state will decide that for me. As far as I am concerned we law abiding citizens would be safer and richer if all you criminals were dead,” he said as his gray soulless eyes twinkled and a demon inspired smile spread a crossed his face that sent chills down my spine.

     I could visualize this guard having an orgasm while flipping the switch on my electric chair or when he stuck the needle in my arm. And all I was in jail for was a driving under the influence of alcohol charge. God damn these 45 days were going to be like HELL!

     “Attention facility… Five minutes to lock down…. Five minutes to lock down,” I heard the man on the speaker say as I carried what I now owned in a clear 2 by 2 foot tub. “Hurry up, we need to get to the housing unit before lock-down,” the sour-puss faced guard said. We stopped at a windowless metal door labeled G-max housing, he pushed a small button and through a speaker I heard, “Control.” The guard answered back, “88.” the door clicked, he pushed it open and said, “Hurry, cell g-4… down on the left.”

      I walked through the door, it shut with a loud thud and clank of metal behind me. I heard the man on the speaker again, “Attention facility one minute till lock down…. one minute till lock down.” I increased my speed somehow knowing that I better be in that cell before a minute was up or I would be in more trouble and more trouble, I did not need.

     I hurried through the closing door and watched it magically finish on its own. ““Attention facility….It is now lock down….all inmates should be in their assigned cells with the door closed securely behind them….lock down….conduct a head count and call it into booking.” To my disbelief I was in jail. Fuck… fuck… was all I could think.

     I was hit with the smell of sweat and a stale odor like the place needed a good airing out. I looked around my small stuffy cell and met his intense gaze. I allowed my eyes to roam over his body. He was laying on the top bunk on his right side, head propped up on his right hand cupping his masculine chin and handsome tanned face. His left knee was bent toward the ceiling with his right leg tucked under it.  He was only wearing a pair of silky boxers and with his legs splayed open, I could tell those boxers were having trouble keeping his large package from showing.  

     He was muscled up but not too much, just enough to warrant caution before a fight. His tanned body was covered with a dusting of black hair that matched his eyes and long curly head hair. He was gorgeous, yummy I thought but my friends words rang out in my ears, “Whatever you do, Andy, don’t tell the other guys you are gay.”

     I realized I was staring at him when he spoke. “You must be my new cell-mate," he said stating the obvious, his voice was deep and raspy. “Yeah guess so.” I replied. He slid off the top bunk, eyeing me up and down as he walked to me. He stopped shy of touching me and I noticed he was my height… 6 foot 3. “Not bad…not bad at all. What are you in for?” He asked. “D.U.I.” I replied. “What’s your name?” He asked. “Andrew.” I answered. “Set your stuff over there,” he said pointing to another tub like mine. I moved around him, brushing his body with mine and set my tub beside his.

     When I stood, I saw he was climbing back on the top bunk and I gasped. He had tattoo of a king cobra all coiled and ready to strike that covered his wide back. He snickered, “Nice isn’t it? It was worth all the money and pain. That’s one of the reasons they call me Snake. Maybe you’ll find out the other two while you are here sweetheart.” He winked. “The lights will be dimmed soon, never off. Bed time sweetheart,” he said lying down on his bunk.

     I kicked of my orange sandals along with the orange and white striped shirt and pants that were called our uniforms. I put on the thin rough sheet over the pad that was supposed to me my mattress. I pulled the scratchy wool blanket over my tired body knowing sleep would be a welcome visitor tonight.

     I tossed and turned, the hard metal form under my thin pad boring into my meat and hurting my bones. Snake was sawing some serious wood and I had only been asleep what seemed like minutes when I heard the man of the speaker again. “Attention facility… meal service is beginning.” I heard Snake moving and climbing down from the top bunk, “Get up Andrew, you need to make your bed and dress out in your uniform.  The guards will be coming to do their inspections of the cell,” he said as he worked.

     As he made his bed his lower torso was almost in my face and he was sporting some serious morning wood in those boxers. It was all I could do not to reach out and touch it, put my mouth on it. His smell alone was making me hard and he could clearly see that as I stood up from my bunk. “Nice … very nice,” he said with a wink and a smile. We came out as the guard went in and proceeded to tear up the beds looking for contraband.

     I wondered why we made the beds just so the guards could tear them apart. “Trays, line up,” a guard yelled. We lined up in alphabetical order by last name to receive a tray of 2 boiled eggs, dry biscuits, applesauce and unflavored cream of wheat. YUM….YUM. I’m going to lose some weight while I’m here, I thought.

     Snake sat at the head of the steel table and motioned for me to sit to his right. When all 24 of us were seated, Snake rapped on the table for everyone’s attention. “This is Andy, my new cell-mate and we all know what that means,” Snake said holding his hand to his ear with a big smile on his face. “Hands off,” everyone said in together.

     Seems I was the only one who was left out of the loop, I would find out later what that meant. After chow, some of the guys made phone calls, some watched T.V. and some went back to their cells. I notice one guy, David was trying to talk to Snake. All I heard was Snake saying, “I told you, it’s done. You need to look for someone else man.”

     I went back to my stuffy cell and tried to get some much needed sleep on my hard bed. I heard Snake come in, “Close number four,” I heard him say. I felt him sit down at the foot of my bunk as the door closed.

     “Andrew, are you awake?” he asked. “Unfortunately, yes, how in the hell do you sleep on this damn thing anyway?” That got a laugh out of him. “Guess you get use to it.” I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me.

     “Did you hear me this morning at chow telling the guys about you and saying hands off?” I thought for a minute, “Yes, what does that mean anyway?” I stupidly asked.

     “Means you belong to me.” Snake said matter of fact like. “What?” I sat up. “Like I’m your bitch?” I asked. “Yes, but with you, for some reason …. I want you to want me… want to have sex with me,” he said softly.

     I was so turned on, my 10 inch thick cock was so hard but I was unsure. “Is this what you and David were talking about, was he your bitch?” Snake rolled his eyes, “Yes, he was a way to cum, what I feel with you is more, shit I’m getting weak.”

     “No…no … Snake, what’s your real name, please?” I asked. “Jessie, but I like Jess,” he smiled and I melted. He was my type and I had been attracted to him from the start. “Jess do the guards allow sex in our cells? What are the rules about it, I only have 45 days and from all I’ve seen so far…I don’t want to add time to my stay at this lovely place?” I asked joking and uncertain.

     “Sweetheart, all I have to do is flash some green backs at them and they’ll put the black mat over our window and look the other way.” Jess said triumphantly. “I have so many connections its unreal,” he said smiling again.

     “Really, what you in for Jess and how long have you been here?”  He stood, hearing the guard coming, he place 2 one hundred dollar bills over the window and immediately a black mat covered it. He slid the money under the door and came back and sat on my bunk.

     “See, just like that. We have 2 hours alone… just you and me. I’m thinking I want to see you naked, comprende?” he said smiling.

     “I understand, but hold on now, a guy who is willing…can’t be your bitch…now can he?

     His eyebrows rose, “Andrew, you gay?” he asked stunned.

     “All my life,” I replied in truth.

     “I would have never guessed, so much easier now…If you like, that is?” Jess said taking my hand.

     “We got days, months to kill come on Jess, what are you in for Man?” I asked determined to know.

     “Breaking and entering….I robbed a jewelry store… all most got away with five thousand cash and seventy thousand in jewels… almost. I’ve been here almost two years and I’m just waiting for them to transfer me to the prison over in Montgomery. Got a total of 5 years to serve altogether.” He told me with a sad look in those beautiful black eyes……

Part #2 soon………………thanks for reading and posting………….A.


A. Williams

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