Scott and Brian found quickly embraced each other and passionately kissed each other. Brian moaned loudly as Scott's tongue roamed feverishly in his mouth. Neither Brian nor Scott had ever felt this intensity towards anyone before. Scott wanted to make sure that he pleased Brian in everyway possible, and Brian was more than happy to receive all of it. Brian let out a whimper as Scott found his very erect and very sensitive nipples. Scott kept his arms wrapped firmly around Brian as he started to stumble from the excitement, or the excessive amounts of alcohol.

They made their way onto Scott's bed where Brian started to take control. He broke their passionate kiss and started to make his way down while gently leaving kisses on body. Scott let out a whimper of his own as Brian pulled away from his lips, but he was once again satisfied when he felt Scott's warm lips trace his jaw line. Brian continued his journey until he reached his destination. In less than a minute he had himself and Scott in their birthday suits.

'That may have been a world record.' Scott said laughing.

'If you thought that was good, you ain't seen nothin' yet.' Brian joked. Before Scott could respond he quickly engulfed Scott to the root. Scott had not been expecting that and he let out a loud moan and tossed his head back. Brian was very pleased by this reaction and tried to speak, but it can out as unintelligible.

'Didn't your parents ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full?' Scott teased. Brian was not amused and decided to teach him a lesson. He removed his mouth from Scott's cock and engulfed it once again. Scott was in pure bliss, as his eyes started to roll into the back of his head as his body prepared for what would be possibly the biggest orgasm of his life. All of a sudden Brian stopped, and arose from his knees and started to walk to his bed.

'B...Brian where are you going?' He asked confused.

'To bed.' He responded.

'B...But' Scott stammered. Brian was very amused to finally see Scott so flabbergasted, and he had to keep his back turned so that he didn't laugh. After a bit more teasing he turned around to let Scott know that he was joking. He went back down on Scott like a champ, and soon had him shooting his biggest load yet.

'That was amazing!' Scott exclaimed panting.

'Now it's your turn." He said excitedly until he noticed the sheepish look on Brian's face.

'What's wrong?' He asked becoming very concerned.

'I...I already had mine.' Brian exclaimed quietly. Scott looked on the floor and saw that he had indeed released himself. He pulled Brian up off of his knees and lay beside each other staring in each others eyes. Brian still seemed a bit uncomfortable with his early release and Scott sensed it. He pecked him on the lips while gently caressing his face.

'Brian don't worry about it, it happens to the best of us.' Scott said trying to comfort him. Brian appreciated it, but there was more than that which made Brian uncomfortable.

'Scott, I don't know what came over me. I didn't even care about pleasuring myself; I just wanted to make you feel good. I've never felt like that before with anyone.' Scott was surprised and relieved to hear that Brian had felt the exact same way as he did. Something inside of him started to feel funny; it was a sort of warm feeling. He pulled Brian closer to him and the feeling grew stronger as their bodies became closer.

'Brian I feel the exact same way, and I have to take back something that I said earlier. I don't want to see other people. No one else makes me feel like this, and I doubt anyone else ever will. I know we agreed on this being an open relationship, but...' Scott was interrupted by Brian gently pressing his lips on his.

'You talk too much.' Brian stated briefly as he connected their lips once more



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