Brian could barely get the key in the door as he excitedly rushed into his dorm. He was on his final year of college and couldn't wait to meet his roommate; he only hoped that he could take a joke. Brian was a bit of a prankster, and had gathered a few enemies at his old college. As he opened the door his mouth hit the floor, his roommate was gorgeous. He had brown hair the fell in front of his face like a bang, but Brian could still see his piercing green eyes. He only had on a pair of basketball shorts so Brian saw his well defined six pack. He stood at about 5'11" and about 178lbs. There was a long pause before either of them spoke.

'Hi I'm Scott.'

'Brian' he said barely able to get the words out.

Scott helped Brian get situated and the two really started to hit it off. Scott could barely keep his eyes off of Brian. He'd never seen someone so you unique and he knew it would be hard to keep his hands to himself. He loved how Brian's strawberry blond hair contrasted amazingly with his icy blue eyes. Brian had taken off his shirt and Scott was pretty sure he had an 8 pack on his lean tan body that was no more than 160 pounds. All topped with his 6' frame.

Since they were both new to Miami University they decided to walk around and look for a decent place to eat. During the entire walk Scott could barely breathe from laughing at all of Brian's jokes. They'd decided on a small café about three blocks away from the school and agreed that this would be their go to spot for a delicious meal. They returned home very exhausted from their long flights so they quickly drifted off to sleep completely oblivious to their mutual attraction.

As time progressed Brian and Scott became great friends and spent majority of their time together. One night after returning from a party Scott decided to express his feelings to Brian. Brian had lie down on his bed trying to sober up.

'Hey Brian I think you need to lay off the alcohol man you're starting to get a belly.' He knew that Brian was proud of his body, and wouldn't take that lying down.

'I could take you!' he said laughing and charging towards Scott. The two often wrestled around with each other enjoying the feelings of each others body. Scott normally lost their little wrestling matches, but due to Brian's buzzed state he was easy pickings. In a matter of three minutes Scott had him pinned to the floor. He enjoyed watching Brian squirm and he felt his 8 incher coming to its full glory. He waited until Brian tired himself out to make his move. He looked into those beautiful blue eyes and kissed him. He got nervous when Brian didn't respond, but when he looked into his beautiful blue eyes he was reassured. After Scott broke the kiss Brian spoke.

' kissed me?' he said almost like a question. Scott just nodded his head and stared at him intently. Brian seemed at a loss for words so Scott spoke.

'You and I have been roommates for about three months and we've spent almost all of the time together. You told me that you were a player back home, but you've not been with anyone since you've met me.'

'I...I.' Brian tried to express his feelings, but couldn't seem to get the words out. Scott leaned to so that his lips were only centimeters away from Brian's slightly trembling body.

'Do you want to kiss me?' Scott asked. Brian was silent but leaned in a little and parted his lips, and that was all Scott needed to close the space between them. Electricity was the best way to explain what they felt once their lips connected. Scott's tongue slipped into Brian's mouth and he moan contently as he accepted the warm intruder. Brian's tongue made it's way into Scott's mouth as the kiss became more passionate. Scott parted from their kiss panting as Brian let out a small whimper from what was his best kiss ever. Scott helped Brian up and neither of them could stop stealing glances at each other and giggling like love struck teenagers.

'Okay I guess it's safe to say that we're both about as straight as a circle.' Brian said laughing. Scott let out a small chuckle.

'Yes, but were do we go from here?'

'I'm in if you are.' Brian said

'I agree, but we are still very young. Could we have an open relationship?'

'Absolutely, I actually prefer it!' Brian said excitedly.

'Now get your ass over here and fuck me!'



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