The next day, after finding my new found foreskin, and after even became uncut, I decided to see if anyone else wanted to become uncut. I posted on my hook up site about me finding the foreskin triangle. As always I didn't think I'd get any responses. Then after an hour a guy sent me a note asking what the foreskin triangle was. So I briefly explained what it was. He seemed genuinely interested and asked when he could come over. I told him he could come over now if he wanted.

He said he just needed to shower and he'd be by my place in 30 minutes. Ok, works for me, besides I need to shower as well. Finally he arrived.

Hi there

Hi, come on in, have a seat.

Nice place


So how does this foreskin triangle work?

I'm still not sure, all I know is I went to bed and woke up the next day completely intact, my original skin, no scar lines. Do you want to be all natural ?

Weird, and yes, I'd love to be uncut. I was cut really tight and getting hard always hurts like hell, like my skin is gonna rip. Has anyone else entered in the foreskin triangle ?

Yes, a good buddy of mine. I fucked him good and hard and when we were done, I rolled him over so we could take a nap and there it's was, his uncut cock.

Hot !! But I'm all top, so I'm not sure how this will work if you fucked him and he became uncut.

Well, I love getting fucked so we can see what happens.

Ok, let's try it and see. I'd love to feel the joy of just having extra skin and uncut would be even better.

I'm Mike by the way

Hi mike, I'm Adam.

Funny, that's my cousins name and he's a fuckin hottie, but a real ego problem. Let's get this experiment going then shall we ?

Ok, let's go.

We got up and headed to the bedroom.

Adam was a tall handsome hunky nicely muscled guy. 6'2" 200 pounds, blond hair, green eyes and a great body.

He took off his shirt and I saw the soft downy fur that covered his pecs. I went for his nips and began to suck and nibble on them. I think he enjoyed it as he took a deep breath and shivers from the pleasure. He must be wired from his nips to his cock, cuz he went rock hard in just a few seconds, either that or he was super horny and hadn't gotten off in a few days.

I lifted my head and kissed his full sexy lips and ran my hand on his huge bulge. I started to think, this is gonna be trouble.

I want to taste your cock, now.

Ok, suck me.

I pulled down his pants open and there was his cock, hard and throbbing. He was right, he had so little slack that the rim of his head was barely there. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his balls, licking up his shaft and swirling around his cock head. Then I started to swallow his thick 9" cock, inch by inch, it entered my mouth and then my throat. I sucked his cock like a pro.

Mike, my cock, it feels funny.

What do you mean ?

It's tingling, like it's itchy.

Does it hurt ?

No, it's feeling really good.

Ok, then so far no problem, get on the bed, I want your cock in my ass and let's see what happens.

He didn't respond, he just jumped into my bed and started to stroke his cock.

Damn, my cock feels so good. I'm not having any pain from being hard.

That's good. Something is happening then.

I grabbed my lube and lubed up my tight hole and then lubed up this cock. I slowly stoked up and down his hard shaft. As I stroked, the rim of his head became more visible.

Adam, look at your cock head, the rim is back.

Holy fuck, it looks so fucking hot !!

Well, let's see how fucking hot it feels!!

I moved around and put the tip of his cock at my hole and slowly sat on his monster cock. It slowly slid in deep. I leaned back and enjoyed how his cock felt inside of me, filling every spot and rubbing on my prostrate. I could have shot my load right then. But I needed to get back to the experiment and see if he skin would return.

Ready sexy?

Yes, ride my cock

I began to slide up very slowly, then sat down slowly, over and over. I hovered above him and let him fuck my hole the way he liked to fuck.

Fuck, my head, it's almost burns and really itches.

Should we stop ?

No, I want to cum deep in your ass, it so tight and hot, I need to cum!!

Ok, do it, breed my tight hairy ass you sexy stud.

He started to fuck me like an animal, it felt so good, his big thick cock deep in my ass.

Mike, something is happening. My cock is sliding in and out easier, like there's more skin.

Well, just keep fucking me, shoot that load in my ass.

He went into overdrive and pounded my ass like I was a cheap whore.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. I can feel it's gonna be a huge load. My balls hurt it so damn big. Here it's cummmmssssss.

Jet after jet of his hot cum pulsed into my insides. I stopped counting after 8 jets, my ass was happy and full of cock and cum.

Fuck that's the biggest orgasm I've ever had. Your ass is something else.

Thanks, but your cock is the treat that I've needed.

Well, I need to lay down, I'm exhausted.

He slowly pulled his cock out and it did feel different.

Ok, just the tip is in and I want to see what it's like to pull out of a hole with a rim on the head.

He looked down and his cock leaving my hole.

Mike, I'm not feeling the rim of my head at the inside of your hole.

Well pull out and I'm sure you'll be ok.

He pulled out and ...

Holy fuck !!!!

What , what's wrong????

I'm, I'm......

You're what ??

I'm uncut, I have my foreskin back !!!

So it works any which way.

It must, I'm natural again and I owe it all to you and your foreskin triangle. I can't wait to do all the things I've wanted to do with a foreskin.

Well all the tingling and itchiness was the magic happening and your skin returning. At one point I felt something. There was no friction, just pleasure, like when I get fucked by uncut guys. And I was getting fucked by an uncut guy.

How can I repay you mike ? I owe you so much!!

Just come back now and then and fuck me silly with that big cock.

Deal, I'll fuck you anytime you want.


Ok, we need to shower so you can go home and inspect and play with that skin of yours. Since this just happened to me yesterday, I have no idea how long they are gonna stay on us, forever hopefully.

Well, even if it's just today, a week, a month, I'll be happy to know what it feels like. Now let's shower and I want to piss all over you, I've always wanted to piss on someone.

Well I love getting passed on by uncut guys, so let's shower.

Ok, let's go.



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