I went to bed finally after a long day of errands. I decided to jerk off reading some of the hot stories on gay demon. I stroked my thick hard 8" cut cock til I blew my load in the palm of my hand and then licked my palm clean. I hate wasting cum. I got comfortable and then fell asleep. What seemed like a few minutes later, I woke up. But it was de finally morning and I could hear noise outside.

Even though it's was just another Sunday, plans of doing laundry, clean and more errands, something was different. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something was different. I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. I wasn't wearing any clothes as I have rediscovered sleeping nude. I walked up to the toilet and grabbed my dick and started to piss. I didn't hear it hitting the water, but hitting the floor and walls. What the fuck I though and looked down to see what was going on. I looked at my cock as if it was a new toy. Somehow in the night, my foreskin had regrown, reappeared, I don't know what happened, but it was back. I pulled back the 1/2 overhang and finished pissing. Then I cleaned up the mess my new cock had made.

I went and laid on the bed and just played with my new skin. Fuck, this is amazing!! Playing with the overhang, swirling the skin on my head. Pulling back the skin, the aroma of an uncut cock, I was soon rock hard and oozing precum. I wanted to jerk off again, but I didn't want to stroke it again. I called by favorite sexy fuck buddy and told him to get over to my place right away, I had something for him.

He was at the door in about 30 minutes. He looked do damn sexy, 6'4 225 trimmed hairy chest, dirty blond hair, caramel colored eyes and just fucking hot !! Picture a young Willian Shatner, but taller and that's him.

So what's so damn important ? He asked

Well, I know you love my cock, especially deep in your ass, but you have to try the new cock I have.

New cock ? He asked

Yep, here, look. I pulled down my shorts to reveal a beautiful uncut cock.

What the hell ??

I know, I went to bed and I was cut. I woke up this morning and there's an uncut cock hanging between my legs.

And why did you call me ?

Cuz you the first one to get my cock, I didn't even jerk off, my first pleasure is gonna be you sucking my uncut cock and fucking your ass.

He just leaned to me and started kissing me. As we kissed, we walked to the bedroom, taking his clothes off. His hot body and aching hard cock was turning me on. He backed me up to the bed and lifted me to sit on the bed.

Now suck my uncut cock, let me see what it feels like. He got into his knees and started to lick my balls and lick up my shaft. Watching him tease me and seeing my new cock was making me crazy. I was rock hard and still had 1/2 of overhang and precum was oozing out of the tip of the skin.

My sexy man was licking up my ooze like it was a sweet desert. I caught some if my ooze and tasted it. It was as sweet as sugar and thick.

He started nibbling on my skin causing my to shiver from head to toe.

Fuck that's good you sexy fucker. Keep it up.

He pulled back the skin and began sucking the head that was even more sensitive than before. After a few minutes of him sucking the head, I felt myself getting close to shooting.

"Ok, get on the bed. I got fucked this way years ago and it's your turn now."

He jumped into bed, on his chest. I aimed my cock for his sexy hairy ass. I stroked my cock a few times and a huge drop of precum slowly oozed out. I quickly pulled his cheeks apart and let the ooze drip onto his pink hole. Just seeing my precum on his hole, made my cock ooze more onto his hole. I then started to finger his hole with my precum. Between him being horny as fuck and my syrup, my finger slid right in. I worked one, then two , and finally three fingers to loosen his tight hole.

" remember the last time you fucked me to the moon and back, well today is your lucky day. I'm gonna fuck you good "

" ok, do it, fuck me good and hard, use my hole."

I did something I always wanted an uncut guy to do to me. I pulled my skin all the way forward and pushed all the extra skin into his well lubed ass. Then I slowly sank my thick 8" uncut cock into his tight hole. I stretched his hole slowly, he was raising himself onto his elbows, gritting his teeth as I sank deeper. I stopped to let him get used to the thickness of my cock. Then I slowly started in deeper and back out slowly. Once I felt his hole loosen up, I started to go a bit faster and harder.

" fuck me, fuck me harder. He whimpered.

So I did as he told me and I fucked him hard and deep, hitting his prostrate every time I went in and out. I could feel that feeling, when I was gonna be cumming soon. After another few deep thrusts Into his hot ass, I felt his ass gripping my cock, locking me in place. I knew he was shooting his load onto the bed.

He was panting , covered in sweat. I felt his hole loosen up a bit and I really rammed his ass, like a madman fucking. Soon my balls started to pull up to my body and in a few more thrusts, I blew my load deep into him. I felt my cock spasm what felt like a dozen time, filling him with the biggest load of my life.

Damn, I'm beat now and dehydrated. That was a huge load that I thought would never end.

I don't know what happened, but that's the fuck I've wanted for you for a long time. And that thing you did with your skin, putting in my ass first, then sliding the rest of your cock in was awesome. I've never been fucked like that before. I didn't feel any friction, my ass isn't on fire. But it felt so damn good and the fact you blew your load in my ass felt great.

Well, I'm not sure where this skin came from, but I'm glad I have it. Hopefully forever.

I hope so too, now let's take a nap.

Kevin rolled over and to my surprise and his, there was his rock hard uncut cock.

Are we in the foreskin triangle ?? I've got a foreskin now too. This could be good, I want to fuck you hard and dump my load in your ass. I've always wanted to cum inside you.

Let's nap first, then you can dump as much cum in me as you want.

Ok, let's get some sleep



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