Adrian couldn't stop. He thought of it all the time. When he went to the car wash and the young men would do the detailing he looked at their lean bodies, round asses and the way their arms moved, the skin so smooth looking. The stock boy at the grocery store with his rough cut hair and attempt at growing sideburns. The mechanic who worked on his wife's car with his work shirt open half way down revealing his chest with its mat of hair and the sleeves ripped off revealing his large muscular arms covered in tattoos, and when he bent over the front of the car to reach down toward the back of the engine bay it took all Adrian could do not to reach down and touch his round ass. Even in church he looked at the young man who led the choir, his light brown hair cut short on the sides but left a little long on top letting it hang down over his forehead and his naturally olive toned skin, so much hidden from sight by the dress shirts and long pants but he could see his wrist and hands, the upper part of his neck and his boyish face.

Adrian had ways to satisfy this appetite, this hunger, secret ways that made him lie and sneak around to places in other parts of the city; places no one would know him. He had tried for a long time to suppress this longing, this need, and for several years he had let the life he created keep him so busy, so occupied putting everything in place, going to college, getting married while still there, both working while he finished his degree and then finding his place in the world, settling in this city, one of many mid-size cities in the south. Then his inner desires surfaced again and he tried online sites, places he could just look, watch other men, hoping that would be enough, and he lied to himself that it was harmless to look, that he wouldn't act out on it, but last year he did act on it.

He'd driven back to his college to a conference where he was on a panel discussion and had spent three days on campus and while he was there he found his eyes wandering, looking at the young men going to classes, sitting in attendance at his panel discussions. He found the two guys who hosted him and the other guest so attractive he was tongue tied whenever he was around them, both having black hair and smooth fair skin, one shorter and muscular and the other tall, lean, his limbs long, his hands delicate. Adrian had been thankful for having a hotel room by himself; thankful his wife had stayed at home. He had masturbated so much during his three days there, thinking of those boys. But it wasn't enough.

He was almost home, only an hour outside the city and he needed gas and a restroom. He pulled off the interstate at an exit that had one lone truck stop, an old place with only a few pumps out front for automobiles. It was late when he got there, having left after their last panel discussion that afternoon and he pulled his car up to the pumps, filled it up and then pulled into the parking spaces to the side so he could go to the restroom and grab something to eat at the diner still open. There were not many people at the truck stop, one woman working the grill, a young guy working the cash register for the entire operation and four men scattered around the diner.

Adrian found the guy working the register, his long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail revealing his long sideburns, to be attractive. He had a rough country boy look about him, a look that made him seem dangerous, something to fear, and it was alluring. Adrian sat at his booth, his eyes scanning the room as he ate a sandwich looking at the other men. Two were too rough looking for Adrian, men who looked liked they had been driving rigs too long. But two others caught his eye. One had his ball cap pulled low on his head, the bill so curved Adrian could barely see his face, but Adrian could see his body as he sat on a stool at the counter, the solid body with the legs that filled out the tight jeans and the arms and shoulders that made the t-shirt fit so snug, stretched tight over the muscular form Adrian couldn't stop glancing over at him. Then there was the guy sitting a ways down the line of booths, facing back at Adrian. His hair cut close to his scalp, with a goatee and long sideburns, he looked like a man in some ad, such as one of those provocative cologne ads.

Adrian had already gone to the restroom before sitting to eat but he saw the guy on the stool nod to the guy with the goatee and they both went down the narrow corridor back toward the restrooms and he wondered what they were doing, if they could really be doing what he had read about online, how some guys hook up at truck stops. Adrian quickly paid and nervously made his way back to the restroom. The door squeaked as he eased it open and went inside and the room appeared empty. He let the door close and stood still for a moment looking around and he quickly realized both men were in two of the three stalls. Adrian wanted to hear what they were doing and he eased into the third stall and pretending to be using it as he lowered his khakis and boxers and sat. He noticed all the graffiti on the partition walls, nasty sexual stuff, images of cocks, telephone numbers, times and dates to be here, to show your hard cock, to get blown, or to blow and he also noticed the hole, large and worn smooth around its edges. Then he heard it, the sound of a cock being sucked, amazingly noisy in the quiet room, with the suctioning mouth working on it. Adrian leaned forward, slowly, anxious not to be seen, until he could look through the hole and he saw guy with the goatee leaned over sucking the other guy's cock that protruded through a hole in the opposite partition. When the guy pulled off the cock and held it in his hand squeezing it till pre-cum bubbled up at the head Adrian saw how thick and vein covered the shaft, saw how it glistened with saliva in the harsh fluorescent light and he saw the guy lean over and take it in his mouth again. Adrian watched intently, so intently he didn't realize how he had gotten down on his knees, his khakis grinding down on the dirty floor and his hardening cock in his own hand as he slowly stroked it, watching the guy in the next stall suck on that cock till he brought the other guy off. The guy getting sucked came hard, nosily, his hips pumping against the stall as he pumped his cum into the sucking mouth. Adrian watched as the guy pulled off the cock, held it up and licked it clean. It made Adrian gasp as he watched the last of the cum being milked out of that cock and licked off.

The guy turned toward Adrian and smiled.

"That was tasty" and he sniggered. Adrian was froze in place, his hand slowly stroking his own cock, and the guy stood up, his own jeans pushed down revealing how hard he was, his own cock leaking. He turned toward Adrian and moved to the hole. "Do me man, come on, help me out."

Adrian pulled back and watched as the cock come through the hole, it so hard it arched upward, bobbing in the air and Adrian, hesitantly, nervously, reached out and stroked his hand down the wet slick shaft, feeling the hardness underneath the smooth skin. He breathed out hard, exhaled his relief, this ability to touch another man and he leaned over and let his tongue touch the head tasting the sweetness of it. He tongued the head slowly, savoring every taste, every sensation and finally he took it in his mouth and did his best to take the shaft into his mouth, working slowly up and down it with his lips, his tongue, getting the feel of a man in his mouth for the first time.

"Come on man, I've got to go, suck me off" the guy whispered from the other side of the stall and Adrian put more effort into it, sucked harder on the shaft as he slid his mouth up its length, only to plunge back down. Over and over he worked his mouth on the cock till he felt the guy begin to pump his hips, short little motions, then he felt the cock flare up larger, swell in his mouth and he knew he was about to get his first taste of cum.

It hit the back of his throat hard and he choked on the first wad of cum to enter his mouth, and the next few wads landed on his tongue, filled his cheeks as the guy's cock pushed in a few more times as he pumped out his load. Adrian swallowed as fast as he could, taking the bitter, salty cum down this throat. The guy pulled his cock back and within a minute he was zipped up and gone, and Adrian found himself alone in the room, his hand still working his own cock. The door opened and Adrian froze as he waited to see who had come in and what they were going to do. Suddenly his stall door rattled and he saw sneakers standing at his door.

"Come on man, let me in and I'll suck that cock for ya."

Adrian leaned over and looked through the gap along the door and saw it was the young guy who worked at the register. He was rubbed his crotch and looked back at Adrian.

"I heard you got James off, but you haven't gotten off yet, have ya?. Open up and I'll take it for ya...come on. I locked the door so no one will bother us."

Adrian unlatched the stall door and the young guy stepped in and dropped to his knees wasting no time in taking Adrian cock. He sucked it down all the way, just swallowed the shaft, and Adrian leaned back letting a low moan escape his lips. Adrian had been so close, but the fright of the guy trying to get into his stall had brought him down, but now that he felt this mouth envelope his cock he was hard again and soon pushing against each stall partition feeling this need to cum rise up quickly. The guy worked his mouth up and down Adrian fast, a hard suction at times and soon Adrian pumped his hips upward, short shoves, and the fed the guy his load. He came so hard he cried out as he pumped out wad after wad, filling the guy's mouth. He pumped his hips till he was spent and collapsed back on the toilet seat.

The guy got up, wiped his mouth with his sleeve and backed out of the stall, smiling.

"That was real good. I hope you come this way again soon" and he turned and left the room as quickly as he came in. Adrian pulled his boxers and khakis up and got himself pulled together and was on the road as quickly as he could. When he got home he was so afraid his wife could smell it on him, that nasty toilet and the cum that he eased into the dark house, it so late his wife was in bed, and he took a long hot shower.

And so it began his search for men, a search that took him to places that scared him, places that were titillating, sexual; places that excited him. There was an old warehouse building with a large covered receiving dock at the rear, two hundred feet of covered raised concrete dock with some old pallets stacked randomly along, or a few wood crates too busted up even for the homeless and Adrian found some men who sneaked onto the property late at night when it was a full moon, and they met at the dock. Adrian showed up dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt and found he was over dressed, most wearing just running or gym shorts and maybe a shirt of some type. Just enough clothing to let the men get to the warehouse but skimpy enough to allow them to get naked quickly. Adrian saw how some were soon stripped bare, bent over and cock shoved up their holes, hard fast fucking, bodies slamming together roughly, men moaning and crying out and Adrian found it frightening even as he undid his jeans, pushed them and his boxers down so he could stroke his cock as he watched one scene after the next unfold. So many men, so many scenes, Adrian couldn't take it all in. Suddenly a guy a little younger than Adrian came up to him, his hair bright blonde, unnaturally blonde and Adrian eyes roamed down his naked body, a lean thin body, his cock hard and sticking out, and without saying anything to Adrian he dropped down in front of him and began to suck his cock. Adrian closed his eyes, lost himself to the sensations of a man's mouth on his cock once again and he felt the guy pull his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, felt him reach around his waist and take each ass cheek, rubbing it, squeezing it and finally he felt him spread them open. Then he felt it, another man, his face pressing up between his cheeks and soon a tongue touching him, probing him there, pushing against his tightness and Adrian had to hold on to the guy in front of him as he moaned and cried out. The guy in front of him, blondie as he thought of him, stood up and kissed Adrian roughly on the mouth, his tongue pushing in, probing around, and Adrian just stood there letting him have his way. When blondie pulled away Adrian felt him pushing down on his shoulders and Adrian opened his eyes and saw blondie holding his hard cock out telling him to take it, to suck it, to bend the fuck over and suck his cock, and Adrian did it; he bent over, opened his mouth and took blondie's cock, sucked it between his lips, felt it slid over his tongue as he pushed his mouth down.

Blondie held him down, made him hold the cock all the way in his mouth, his air cut off, and then he felt a pressure on his hole, the push against it, then a slap on his ass and the painful breach of his opening, of taking a man's cock in his hole and he tried to cry out, tried to breathe and he blew snot and saliva out his nose and gagged till blondie let him go, let him pull back, get his breath, and let him cry out at the penetrating fuck he was receiving. Hard powerful thrusts into his hole, a hand slap on his ass on several occasions and Adrian took it, took the cock in his mouth, sucking as best he could, took the cock in his ass, each hard push into his hole till he felt the guy's hips slam against his ass cheeks, he took it all and he felt his own cock, so hard it ached, bouncing underneath him, slapping upward against his stomach as he was rocked back and forth. It'd never been like this before, his entire body so alive, so sensitive to every touch and he rocked his hips back with the rhythm of the fuck he was receiving. He felt the guy fucking him reach around his waist, take his cock in hand and begin to jack him, the tight fist working up and down his shaft in rhythm to their fuck. Blondie held his head and face fucked him, driving cock through his drooling lips. The guy behind him cried out, the hands on his hips tightened their grip and the cock in his ass drove deeply into his hole and he knew the guy was cumming, the way he held on to his hips, cock buried into his hole, flexing with each ejaculation.

"Goddamn, pump that ass full" blondie said as he slow pumped his own cock in Adrian's mouth being so distracted, watching the guy behind Adrian pump cum into his hole. Adrian felt the guy finally pull out of his ass and when he tried to pull off blondie, to stand up, blondie held him firmly on his cock, wouldn't let him stand up and then he felt it, another cock touch his hole, rub over it, up and down his ass.

"Fuck man, don't play with it, fuck it" blondie said as he held Adrian bent over and Adrian felt it, the cock center on his hole and slide into him. Its entry was so easy, the cock just slipped right through the ring of his opening but the cock kept sinking into him, inch after inch and Adrian realized this was a longer cock than before, much longer, as it penetrated deeply into his hole, pushing in, filling him up.

"Goddamn that's hot; ya got the whole fucking thing in 'em" blondie commented.

Adrian felt the hard burning slaps on his ass, one after the next till his cheek burned then he felt the new cock move within him, back and forth, as it plunged to new depths within his hole.

Muffled grunts around blondie's cock escaped from Adrian ever time the new cock bottomed out in his hole and blondie snickered and laughed as he kept his cock working back and forth through Adrian's lips till he began to speed up, pump his hips faster.

"Fuck man, I'm cumming" and Blondie shoved in hard and Adrian felt the cock in his mouth flex, the head swell up and his mouth flooded with cum. He swallowed as best he could but some drooled out around blondie's cock, ran down his chin and dripped to the ground.

When blondie was spent he pulled out of Adrian's mouth and wiped his wet drooling cock over Adrian's face leaving trails of cum and spit. Then he was gone, disappeared into the darkness. Adrian stood up and the man behind him bear hugged him, held him tightly, and Adrian realized the guy was taller than him, much taller, and his arms around his chest were as big as his own thighs. As he stood there, wrapped up by this huge man, he felt the cock in his hole continue its fuck, the rhythm of the man's hips translated to the probing of Adrian's hole, deeply, each time, and Adrian began to pump his hips, small movements, but enough to add to the sensation, the way his own cock pumped through the man's tight fist and his ass back on to that long cock. The man kissed his neck, bit him lightly, and shoved hard into him.

"Take my load, you fucking whore, take it" the guy whispered in Adrian's ear, his voice deep and masculine. Adrian felt the guy work his cock in him hard, pumping so hard forward it rocked his body forward and then the man squeezed him, held him tight and shoved into him hard. "Fuck, I'm cumming" the man grunted quietly into Adrian's ear. As cum was being pumped into Adrian's hole he felt his own load surge up through his cock and blast out, shooting cum in high arcs in front of him till he was only dribbling cum out his cock.

"Fuck, that feels good" the man whispered as he felt Adrian's hole spasm around his cock. When Adrian was spent the guy pulled out of his hole and wiped his cock across Adrian's cheeks. "Thanks" was all he said and just as quickly as he arrived, he was gone. Adrian stood on the dock, his pants and boxers around his ankles, his shirt still bunched up under his arms where he held it. He looked around and saw the place was thinning out, most men were spent, satisfied, and on their way home. Adrian looked down at his wet cock, it shiny and wet in the dim moonlight. He felt the cum trickle out of his ass and run down his leg and he suddenly felt dirty, realized what he had done and he quickly pulled up his boxers and pants and got himself dressed. When he got home his wife was already in bed and he eased his boxers into a garbage bag, their seat wet with the strangers' cum and he took a long hot shower before going to his marriage bed.

Adrian tried to stop after the warehouse night, saying he'd gone too far, but the memory of the cocks in his hole and in his mouth wouldn't stop, wouldn't fade from his conscious thoughts and a few weeks later he wanted man sex again, craved it, it was all he thought about, and he went online, surfed the hook up sites and tried to get his courage up to answer one, just one, but he couldn't do it. For days he fought this urge. He tried to focus on other things, yard work, doing some maintenance on his car, even calling around to see if anyone he knew in their church needed anything. He found out about a widower who had gotten ill and he went to visit her. When he showed up at her little ranch house in some nineteen sixties neighborhood he saw her car in the carport and one he didn't recognize parked in the drive. He heard a lawn mower but didn't think anything of it at first when he went up and rang the door bell. He waited a long time and as he did he realized the mower was in the back yard moving side to side.

Adrian moved through the carport to the gate accessing the rear yard and he saw a guy mowing the grass. He appeared to be late twenties, dark skin, with dark brown hair, long and unruly in the hot afternoon breeze. He also had his shirt off and Adrian stared at his bare chest, the way it shined in the sun light, wet with sweat, a small mat of hair between his nipples and a trial of hair running down into his jeans. The jeans hung low on his waist and Adrian saw no underwear as he stared at the exposed flesh right along the edge of the waistband, the way it seemed loose, ready to fall away, allowing sweat to run down into the jeans. Adrian hadn't realized the guy was looking back at him, saying something, but when he stopped and killed the mower Adrian snapped out of his trance and looked up at the smiling face.

"Oh...I'm sorry..." Adrian stammered, embarrassed to have been caught staring. "I came to see how Mrs. Oliver was doing. I heard she has become ill?"

"Yeah, grandmother has some virus that has taken a lot of her strength but she'll be fine. She is at mom's recuperating."

"I see...good...good, that is good" Adrian was still stammering, his eyes unable to turn away from the guy. "I guess I should be going and let you finish."

"I was going to take a break anyway. It's hot as fuck out here" the guy replied, his profanity slightly embarrassing to Adrian but not as much as his own inability to stop staring. The guy came over to Adrian and didn't stop till he was so close Adrian could smell his masculine scent, and he watched as rivulets of sweat ran down the guy's chest and stomach.

"I'm Anthony" the guy said, his voice low, "and you are?"


"You like what you see, Adrian?" and Anthony smiled at Adrian, reached out and took Adrian's hand, bringing it to his own chest, rubbing the sweat slick skin with it and Adrian gasped in a deep breath at the touch of the hot flesh against his hand.

"Yeah, I like a man to touch me. Feel me Adrian, put your hands on me" Anthony whispered and Adrian ran his hand down Anthony's chest, over his firm tight stomach and Anthony took his hand and pushed it downward.

"Feel me there, you know that is what you really want, feel me. Feel my cock" Anthony's demanding voice urging Adrian onward, making him act robotic, lost to the spell of his masculinity, this need to touch a man, to submit to him.

"Come on back here were it is more private" and Anthony led Adrian to the back yard, over to a small patio area behind the house, shielded from view by the high fence and shrubs and small trees. Anthony stopped and put his hands on Adrian's shoulders and pushed down.

"Come on Adrian, get on your knees for me" and Adrian dropped down in front of Anthony and he reached up and ran his hand over the crotch of the jeans, felt through the worn denim the cock within getting hard. Adrian didn't need further encouragement as he leaned forward and mouthed the cock through the denim, breathed on it with his warm breath, ran his mouth along the shaft as it lengthened, got fatter, harder, and soon he had the crotch wet with his spit. Adrian reached up and unbuttoned the jeans, pulled the zipper down and saw Anthony was without underwear as his hard cock bounced out into his face.

Adrian looked at the flared head, how the slit gapped open, and he brought his mouth to it, pressed his lips to it and pushed forward letting that fat headed cock push his lips apart and sink into his mouth. Down he went, then pulled back, and down again, over and over, working his mouth on that cock.

"Suck my cock...fucking whore" Anthony spit the words out, raunchy in tone, and he ran his fingers through Adrian's hair, felt the long hair on top tickle his fingers and palms and then he grabbed a handful of it, pulled Adrian's head back, making him look up at him, his mouth gapped open and Anthony spit in his face, into his open mouth, and he shoved Adrian back on his cock.

"Suck me...suck me..."Anthony repeated over and over in a low voice, begging, pleading almost in tone and Adrian held his cock by the base, tight in his fist making it swell up large and he sucked the head, twirled his tongue over it and fucked his mouth on it.

Anthony pulled out of his mouth, took his cock quickly in hand and holding Adrian by the hair, Anthony jacked it off in his face, each ejaculation, thick white wads, spattering over his nose and cheeks, across his lips and the final wads hitting him on the chest leaving round wet marks all over the front of his shirt. Anthony wiped his spent cock off on Adrian's face, smearing his load over his closed eyes, across his cheeks and over his lips.

"Lick it off" and Anthony pressed his cock to Adrian's lips and Adrian took it, sucked the cum off the shaft till it was clean. Anthony pushed Adrian back and pulled his jeans back up, zipped up and fastened them as Adrian watched him.

"Now get out of here; I have a yard to finish" Anthony barked at Adrian, no longer wanting him around.

Adrian drove home with the cum drying on his face, the smell of it filling his nose and his cock ached in hardening pain as it was trapped in his khakis. He was freaking out at how easy it was for a guy to get him down on his knees, to open his mouth and take a cock, suck it, eat its load. He had to do something.

He lay in bed night after night, long into the night, his mind a jumbled confused mess, the way his life was suppose to be set up, his commitments, obligations, the expectations, and none of it was working. He didn't know what he was going to do.

Sunday arrived and it was a thunderous, stormy day. The front blew in at sunrise, high winds and hard rain pummeled the city. Low areas were flooded and many joked about needing an ark. Adrian and his wife got to church as their normal time and with the others made preparations for the day's Sunday School and then the service. The hard rain and wind pushed against the exterior doors and water seeped under them wetting the floor. People arrived wet, their umbrellas turned inside out, and Adrian wondered why it was so nasty on a Sunday morning, thought of superstitions, ancient judgments, manifestations of evil till he was frightening himself. Adrian had already felt more anxious than usual, his seeming so unstable, so unsure.

Sunday School proceeded without incident and afterwards they gathered in the sanctuary, each in his own place and Adrian watched the young choir director during the singing, watched the way he moved and he lusted after him. Wondered what he would look like naked, what it would be like to take his fuck. The choir sat down and the ushers came to the front and took up the offering plates, passing them out at the end of the pews, working front to back, letting the plate run by each person, trying to shame them into putting something into it. Then it was time for the sermon and Adrian finally focused his thoughts, pulled himself together and rose to the pulpit. He scanned the crowd, looking from face to face, gauging their mood, the way he thought they would listen to what he was going to say. Then he saw him, the guy from the warehouse, sitting near the back of church and he caught his breath, his heart began to pound in his chest. Then he saw Anthony sitting with his grandmother, a wicked mischievous smile on his face.



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