About a week had passed since the football trials and I still was getting my head round what had happened. I kept telling myself that I only did it to get in and that I didn't want to before I remembered that the coach told us we could leave and that not all the guys there wanted their ass fucked again. Whenever I had sex with Tina I couldn't help but think about how it felt to be with another guy, what the fuck had happened to me?

I still hadn't heard about the scholarship and was getting kind of worried that Coach Miles had fucked up my mind and I hadn't even got in. I wish I had stayed in contact with the other guys from the trials to see if they had heard anything but I think we were all too embarrassed after what had happened to speak to each other.

Practise had just finished and I was in the locker room about to shower when Coach Daniels came through.

'Hey Luke, when you're ready I need to talk to you in my office'

'Ok' I replied heading off to the showers, guessing it was about the scholarship.

Since my experience last week I kept stealing glances of my team mate's cocks and asses when we were in the showers. I had never even noticed things like that before but now it was kind of exciting to be surrounded by hot muscled men. After we were washed and dressed I headed to coach's office and knocked on the door.

'Come in' I heard him shout.

'Hey Luke' he smiled, 'take a seat'

'Is this about the scholarship?'

'Yes it is'

'and?' I could hardly contain myself, I needed to know If I had got in.

'Great news, you got the full scholarship'


'Yes, Coach Miles called me up himself and said he was really impressed with you and how you stood out from the rest'

'Thank god' I sighed in relief

'You must have been really impressive at the trials' he smirked at me.

'I guess I know I definitely got the best time for 40 yard dash' then it suddenly dawned on me 'You know what happened don't you'

'Well I don't know the details but I know how Coach Miles likes to test players'

'Why didn't you tell me?'

'You have a better chance of getting in if you haven't been warned'

'Holy shit'

'So are you going to tell me what exactly happened?'

'I don't know it's kind of embarrassing, you really want to know'

'Oh yeah' I noticed how the coach's hand was not slowly rubbing his crotch, a bulge beginning to form.

'To start with he ate our asses, he then fucked us before we all sucked each other and I got fucked again'

'Damn, did you enjoy it'

'I don't know'

'It's ok Luke you can tell me, I'm not going to kick you off the team or anything'

'Well yes I can't get it out my mind it was pretty fucking good'

'You think you want to try it again?' the coach grabbed his crotch, revealing the outline of a big, stiff dick.

'Are you serious coach?'

'Is that a yes?' He asked as he walked round in front of me, his bulge at my eye level.

'Oh hell yeah'

I grabbed his dick through his pants and massaged it before pulling the waistband down and a thick 8 inch dick popped out. I began to jerk it before opening my mouth wide and taking it, I started just with the head, swirling my tongue around as he moaned lightly. His dick was thicker than anything I had before and it took me a while to get used to it; however I managed to start to take it down my throat as he gently pushed the back of my head.

'Oh yeah, take it'

I worked it all the way down without gagging and started to quickly deepthroat him as I played with his balls at the same time. I then started to suck his balls, taking one at a time and switching between them and then going back to his cock to lick up the precum.

'How about we 69?' coach asked.

'I've never done that before but it sounds hot'

'Alright take those clothes off and lie on top of me' he said as he positioned himself, lying flat on his back on his desk.

I quickly stripped and climbed on top so that my hard dick hit his face and I took his big dick down my throat again. I could tell he was an experienced cock sucker as he took me down his throat straight away and I moaned loudly around his thick cock. His fingers began to rub against my asshole and I pushed back to let him know it was ok to go there.

'ahhhmmmm' I moaned as I felt his tongue lap across my ass.

He pulled my legs so that I was sat on his face, his tongue now buried inside me, with his fingers also beginning to probe my hole. I relinquished his cock to give him better access to my ass and he pulled my cheeks apart to bury his face deeper into my crack.

'Awww fuck' I whined as I felt his finger pop through.

My own cock was now leaking precum all over his hairy pecs as I rode his face. I felt another finger pop through and he began to pull my hole apart, allowing him to drive his tongue deeper and deeper into my ass. Holy fuck coach knew how to make me feel good and I wasn't even touching my cock.

'Fuck that's a tasty hole' coach said as he gently pushed me off his face.

'Damn coach that felt so fucking good'

'It's gonna feel even better when I fill it with my dick'

'Aww fuck yeah'

'Come round here and sit on it as you face me'

Coach sat down on his chair, his dick standing to attention, making it look even bigger. I walked over and straddled him and guided his cock to my hole. I gasped as the thick head popped through but kept going and sank further down onto it until I was nestled in his lap.

'You took that like a stud' coach said as I paused to try and accommodate the huge tool inside of me.

'Fuck it's so big' I replied, as the pain began to subside.

'Let me distract you' he smashed his lips into mine and I eagerly accepted his kiss as he began to thrust his hips and fuck me.

We didn't break apart as I started to bounce up and down on his dick, riding it like a horse as my own dick slapped against his rock hard hairy abs. We broke our kiss and coach started to lick and bite my nipples, giving me sensations I never knew my nipples were capable of as I threw my head back in pleasure.

'This is hot but now I really want to fuck you, get on my desk and lie on your back' Coach said easing me off his cock.

I lay down on the desk and grabbed my legs, to reveal my stretched ass, clenching for his dick to fill it again. I shouted as he slammed his dick balls deep into me and began to pound hard. My own cock was still rigid and bouncing on my abs as he gave my ass a good fucking.

'ohhh fuuuck' I heard him moan and I didn't realise what was happening until I felt his cum hit my guts. His orgasm triggered my own load to blow and I shot rope after rope all over my chest and abs.

When it was over he slowly withdrew and cum started to run out my ass. I was shocked when he quickly knelt down behind my ass and licked up all the cum that was running out and sucked on my hole to get out more. He stood up and leaned into kiss me, I kissed him back, tasting the cum that had just been in my ass.

'Damn coach that was amazing' I said as we broke apart.

'Your ass was amazing, but now do you want to fuck your coach?'

'Oh hell yeah'

'Alright, give me your teenage dick'

We traded places and he lay down on his desk, pulling his legs up to reveal his furry muscle ass. It looked good enough to eat and I knew what I had to do.

'I've never done this before but I want to try it' I said as I crouched down and put my face level with his ass.

'Go for it' he growled, putting his hands behind his head.

I pushed my tongue out and got a taste of his musky ass, there was something intoxicating about it and eagerly started eating his ass. I managed to work my tongue in between the tight muscle and I knew I was doing it right when I heard him moan in response. Even though it tasted so good I wanted to get to the fucking.

'Yeah fuck me, use your cum as lube' Coach said as I stood up and aimed my cock at his ass.

I still had my own cum on my chest and I rubbed some along the shaft and against his hole before pushing in. He took my dick pretty easily and didn't seem in much pain as I sunk all the way into him. A look of sheer pleasure appeared across his face and I began to thrust in and out of warm hole. There was something about a man's hole that seemed to milk my cock and it felt so good that I knew my second load would not take long to arrive.

My fucking got harder and harder and coach surprised me by being the first one to shoot. He growled loudly as cum flew out his dick all over his hairy body and his asshole clenched. The feeling of him blowing his load caused my own balls to contract, releasing their seed deep inside of him.

'Ohhh fuck' I shouted as my cock spewed out its load.

I withdrew my dick to reveal a cummy hairy hole, something looked kind of appealing about it so I copied what coach had done to me and started to clean up the mess. The cum tasted even better from his ass and I eagerly lapped at his hole to get out any cum I could. We made out sharing the load between us before we both hungrily swallowed.

'Damn Luke, you sure you're new to all this?' Coach smiled as we broke away.

'Sure am but wish I had discovered it sooner'

'I'm sure you'll make up for it when you go to college'

'Can I ask a question coach?'


'Are you gay, I thought you were married?'

'It's complicated I do love my wife but she doesn't fulfil my needs sexually. Sexuality is complicated so don't let it bother you, just have fun'

'Have you done with any other students?'

'A couple, not for a long time'

'How did you know I would be willing?'

'Coach Miles told me how you reacted so I knew you that you enjoyed it and I couldn't let a hot stud like you pass me by'

'How did you get started?'

'Back when I was in the military. Me and a few other soldiers began to fool around when we horny and bored and it soon led to experimenting with oral and anal. I still meet up with a couple of them and throw a few parties, mainly involving sex'

'That sounds like a party I need to go to'

'Maybe I will take you sometime but you better go before someone comes' We made out again before I ran off to the locker room, satisfied but ready for more.


Chris Miller



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