I arrived home after my hot session with the coach to find my official letter of acceptance had arrived and they wanted me to go to up there in a couple days for a physical and to meet the player's and coach. I couldn't believe what I had been working towards for so many years had finally come true and even my spinning mind couldn't distract from how happy I felt just then.

My mom organised a small party and a few friends and family came, including Tina. I didn't really know what to do around Tina, I felt guilty that I had cheated on her but I didn't regret it and I knew our relationship was not going to go any further. However, I couldn't break up with her that night and when we had sex that evening I found easier to imagine I was fucking the coach.

A few days later I set off early to drive up to the college, nervous and excited about meeting Coach Miles again and also kind of horny. Me and Coach Daniels had not had the opportunity to fuck again as he said it was too risky to do it in his office and that we would have to find somewhere else so I was craving some man sex and I had a feeling that Coach Miles might give it to me.

'Hey Luke, great to meet you again' Coach Miles greeted me in his deep voice as we shook hands.

'You too sir, thanks for giving me this opportunity'

'I'm sure you'll make the most of it. First thing to do is go and get your physical, if you go to that room there the doctor is waiting. The other new players have already had theirs' He said pointing to a room behind him.

'Ok cool'

He showed no hint of embarrassment or remembrance from what had happened last time, I guess he had to get used to it if every player has gone through this. I knocked on the door of the room and was told to enter by a gravelly voice.

'Hey, you must be Luke' the doctor stood up and smiled at me. He was a tall black guy and I could tell he had a great figure as his shirt clung to his muscles.

'Yes, nice to meet you'

'I'm Doctor Evans, I guess you've had a physical before so there is nothing to worry about'

'Oh yeah many times, I know the deal'

'Great, well if you want to take your shirt off and sit on the bed'

I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my defined body and I could have sworn I saw him take a quick look as he put on his gloves on and got ready. He started with the basic questioning and then soon moved onto doing a few tests.

'So what position do you play?' he asked as he took my heart rate.


'Nice, I used to be a college quarterback until an injury stopped me playing. That's when I decided to be a doctor'

I guess that explained his great body and we continued with our small talk as he completed some more tests.

'Ok, everything's fine so far, can I ask you to stand up and take off your pants and underwear'

I did as he said; this time I definitely caught him looking me up and down as I quickly took off my clothes. He began to examine my dick and balls, lifting them up and squeezing them. I know it wasn't sexual but my dick was beginning to respond and grew a little. I had to really concentrate to prevent getting a full hard-on and I hoped that he hadn't noticed.

'That's all fine. So the final test is the prostate exam. If you could just lie on the table on your side'

I did as he said, so that my ass was pointing out, towards him. I felt something cold rub around my crack and push against my hole.

'This might be a little uncomfortable' He said as he pushed his finger through the muscle. It sank in easily and he began to probe inside of me. My dick was definitely responding now as he repeatedly touched my prostate, luckily I don't think he could see.

'Luke, have you ever had anal sex?'

'Ummm' I replied, a little shocked at the question.

'It's ok, this is entirely confidential'

'Yes I have'

'When was the last time?'

'A couple days ago'

He said no more as he pulled his finger out and I was about to get up and put my clothes on quickly so that he wouldn't notice my hard on. When I felt a warm breath on my ass and before I had time to react his tongue was probing against my hole. I moved myself around into a better position to give him easier access and he drove his face deeper into my ass as I moaned loudly. He really knew how to eat ass as his tongue flicked around inside of me, teasing me and causing my dick to leak precum all over his table.

'Stand up and bend over the table' He said as he pulled away. I did as I was told and felt something bigger push against my ass and braced myself for the entry.

'Awww fuck' I yelled as he popped through.

His dick must have been real big as it was pretty painful when he sunk into me and didn't give me any time to adjust before he started pounding me hard. He loved to plow hard and when I got used to the size of his dick I loved the way it felt in me and I begged him to fuck me even harder.

'Oh yeah fuck me' I moaned as he got faster and faster before slamming really hard deep into me.

'Uhhhhh' he yelled and I felt his balls unleash a load into my guts. He rested a moment before pulling out.

'You gonna clean me off?'

I turned around and dropped to my knees to see the dick that had just been inside of me. It was at least 9 inches long and as thick as a beer can, I couldn't believe I took it all inside me. I took his softening cock into my mouth, getting a taste of his cum that had just been in my ass. I pulled off and stood to face him, my own dick sticking out with precum glistening on the end.

'I don't do this for everybody but that ass was so great I feel like I owe you' He said as he crouched in front of me and swallowed my cock. Even if he didn't do it that often he sure knew how to suck dick and as he deepthroated me I felt my balls contract, releasing a load down his throat.

'I do that for even less people' he said as he pulled away and swallowed my cum. 'Well I think Coach Miles will be pleased with the results from the physical, go and join the rest of the team in the locker room'

I quickly dressed, still sticky with cum and some leaking out my ass and walked to the locker room, where coach Miles was giving a speech to the team.

'And here is our final new scholarship winner, Luke Croft' he said as I entered, and motioned me to go and stand at the front with him. 'Ok guys lets go out for a quick practise together, and try and get to know everyone'

We all changed and headed out to the field, we did a quick warm up and then some drills. The team all seemed really cool and during the practise I noticed that Hunter who had been at my trials had also got in. When the session was over I walked over to talk to him as we made our way back to the locker room.

'Hey, you got in as well?' I said as I walked up to him.

'Well kind of' He smiled at me.

'What do you mean?'

'Let's sit down and talk' We moved over and sat on the bleachers as the rest of the team left.

'Well I got on the team 2 years ago' he continued.

'What? How come you were at the trials?'

'Coach wanted someone to help initiate the fun and get you to join in'

'So it was all set up?'

'Pretty much'

'Why does he do that?'

'Do what?'

'Fuck the players'

'Coach believes that a team who fucks together, wins together'

'So all the guys on the team have sex with each other?'

'Yeah we have to'

'Shit, does it happen often?'

'Come with me'

We stood up and left for the locker room. When we arrived I was stunned to see all the players and the coach naked most were sporting rock hard dicks. When I looked a bit closer I saw that there were already 4 guys bent over, with one cock in their ass and one in their mouth.

'Here he is, our final newbie' Coach shouted as I entered.

'Bend over next to the others and get ready to meet the team' he continued.

I bent over next to one guy, who turned and tried to smile at me with a big cock in his mouth. I felt something wet and warm across my hole and moaned loudly as someone began to tongue my ass. However, I was soon quietened when a big dick was thrust into my face which I eagerly started to suck on.

'Aww shit coach this fucker has already a got a load up there' I heard the guy eating my ass say.

'Well get in there and eat it' Coach yelled back.

I felt him bury his face even deeper into my crack as the guy in my mouth pulled out and was quickly replaced by another. I soon felt something bigger brush against my hole and I pushed out to welcome the dick into me. I took it pretty easily after already having a dick in there today and he began to fuck me hard straight away.

'Fuck this newbie, knows how to take dick' he moaned as he pounded away.

My moans were stifled by the cock in my mouth but I loved the fucking he was giving me and my dick was still rock hard. When he started to moan even louder I knew he was shooting inside of me, giving me my second load of the day and when he pulled out another dick quickly entered.

I'm not sure how long it continued, but the 4 other new guys and I continued to get fucked and suck for quite a long time. I lost count of how many dicks I sucked on or were in my ass as the other players moved around between us, some giving us their sweet loads. I was enjoying myself too much to care, and I had to admit I was a little disappointed when the coach told us to stop.

'Alright guys, hold it there. You new guys can get up' Coach said.

'You have all shown you're gonna fit in well with this team but now I think it's time for us to play like a team and show you we can take as well as give'.

He started pointing out 5 of the guys stood around, who moved over and took the place we just had. I was pretty shocked to see him pick out Cole, a huge guy and the star quarterback but he quickly came over and bent over, revealing a hot muscle ass.

'Over you go boys, and the rest of you can make your own fun' Coach said as each of us 5 new guys got a man to fuck.

I rushed over to Cole, who was already sucking on a dick and I hungrily began to eat his ass. His ass tasted so good and I could tell he hadn't showered after practise, giving him a sweet, musky man smell that made me even hungrier to eat his hole.

My own dick was dripping in anticipation and I couldn't wait any longer to fuck him. I stood up and plunged in, his ass was pretty tight but he took it well and I was soon fucking him as he moaned around the cock in his mouth. His muscle ass felt so good I was in my own world, not really noticing what was going on, until I felt something push against my hole. I turned my head and saw coach stood behind me.

'You had such a great ass, I had to have it again'

'Oh yeah coach fuck me'

I lay over Cole's back to give coach easier access to my ass and he quickly plunged in to my quite loose hole. We formed a fuck train and as I pounded Cole, I was fucking myself on coach's big dick, It was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced.

Things got even hotter when I looked around to see everyone else involved in some kind of man sex. Some were just sucking, some were eating ass, some were making out and some were fucking. It was so fucking hot to see all these muscle studs at it and I noticed Hunter was sat riding on a big dick.

Everything was turning me on so much I couldn't stop myself form blowing deep inside Cole, I think my orgasm then triggered coach to shoot inside of me, filling me up with yet another load of cum. When coach withdrew I quickly pulled out from Cole and dropped to my knees to clean his cock off, like I had done to the doctor earlier.

'Oh fuck that's hot' coach moaned. I then felt something wrap around my dick and realised Cole was cleaning my dick off too.

'I thought it looked hot and it was' Cole said as he pulled away.

'Why don't you eat his ass too, lots of sweet loads up there' Coach said to him.

Cole turned me around and pushed me down; giving him access to my hole, which he quickly stuck his face into. I could feel cum running out of me and him hungrily lapping it up, not wasting a drop. When he pulled away I grabbed him under his shoulders so he stood up and forced a kiss onto him. He quickly reciprocated and I got a taste of the loads from my ass as we passionately made out.

'I think you're gonna fit in well here' he laughed as we broke away.

'Me too' I replied before going into make out again.


Chris Miller

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