Coach Cliff  became my favourite  coach during my last year in High School. He was fairy strict and took some liking to my team leadership, He kind of remind me of with his nature and looks of Craig T Nelson in the 80's movies All The Right Moves as he stood well over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and lived a macho straight lifestyle. I had caught him a few times giving me a certain sexual look as he sat behind his desk just wearing his tight whites sports briefs. He also was a certified LifeGuard who taught a free basic lifesaving course a few times a year in the newly build pool that the school put in.

 I decided to take his trying course that was going to be held on Saturday night. There was only around 5 people who decide to show up for the course, So when he taught the class on CPR and other lifesaving techniques I was his partner. My heart pounded when high felt his newly trim moustache press against my lips during mouth to mouth when  I began to notice that he was getting a little semi on through his green speedo that he was wearing.

After the training session was all over he then called me into his office for a chat concerning next Wednesday night football came. I felt it once again it was strange that he was slowly playing with himself while I sat across from him, He was trying his best to hide what he was doing during the conversation. It never took to long when I finally got the nerve up to ask him if he could show me the mouth to mouth method once again. I then watch him get up and began to follow him to the medical and training room which was just down from his office.

My parents just bought me a new Puma Track Suit for my eighteenth birthday that shows of my bulge very well, I was on the shorter were my height was just over 5'8 and weight a solid 150 which made me a great fullback for the football team. I was now laying flat on the medical table where I felt his hot lips and state touch my mouth once again as he pinch my nose fairly hard this time. The hot air of his breath may my whole body tingle as he blew it his air into my lungs, I can also smell the sweet tasting mint that he took before we went into the trainers room. 

Right now I felt very relax when my hand slept off the table and started to touch his bulge as he stood right beside me as I lay there on the table. He was really excited as his cock began to get a massive semi on by now as he started to blow another huge load of his breath all down my lungs. 

You can see we are both very excited as I was now rubbing his bulge good and hard as the mouth to mouth turn into a deep huge kiss. I felt my dick explode when he started to touch my hard on that was showing off very well through my track pants and wet underwear that was spurting out huge loads of pre cum. He then began to help me pull off my Track Suit and red bikini briefs that I like wearing. 

I just lay there nervous as hell as he began to move his mouth down to my hard erected hairy nipples as he suck them both very gently as my cock was pounding for his mouth. He work on my nipples for a good 10 minutes before he went down to my crotch and dick and started to suck my 7 plus semi thick cock. He made both of us moan with huge sexual pleasure as the blow job became more intense by now. 

" Fuck Coach  it feel great Sir "

" Love your cock Danny "

" Your juice is so sweet dude"

" Fuck Coach Cliff you are going to make me cum "

" Give it to me "

" Yea "

" Fuck Sir here it comes "

I scream out loud as the cum shot out of me and started to cover Coach Cliff moustache and lips, Coach then walk over to the towel that was laying there on the chair and began to wipe off the huge load of cum before he went into the fridge and grab us both a bottle of Gatorade sports drink. " Fuck Coach that was real nice "  Coach  Cliff was still nervous on what just went down. He then took his time and explain to me that it was his first time every sucking a man cock and tasting cum. " How would you like to shoot your load off Sir " ?Coach Cliff hesitated and told me that he always had a fantasy about fucking one of his players after a game or practise. 

I need to let you know something Sir, What is that  ? I always have a wish like yours by having sex with a Coach or someone who works in authority or another leader roll. " That's sounds good " They both smile before I ask him to break open my virgin hole that night. Coach Cliff walk slowly over to a cupboard and got out a small bottle of vaseline cream before he went back over to the massaged table and lower-down the front of it a few  inches a bit.

" Fuck me Sir "

" You want my dick "

" Yes Coach "

Coach Cliff slowly pull his speedo down just pass his hairy mid section before he rub the vaseline gel all over his cock and my clean shaven hole. I took a huge gasp as Coach Cliff took 3 of his fingers and slowly enters my hole as I was screaming of pain and wash totally excited by now.

" Hang onto my waistband "

" Yes Sir "

" Grab them good and tight dude "

" Yes Sir "

" Tighter dude "

His cock began to go into my Virgin hole fairly slowly as I just lay there totally getting off staring at Coach Cliff muscle and well develop body. 

" How that feel  "

" Nice Sir"

" Give it to me Coach "

" Yea dude "

" Coach shove it in further Sir "

" Oh Fuck yea "

" Oh Shit it hurts Coach "

" Fuck me , Fuck me Sir "

" Fuck Coach love your cock Sir "

The fuck started to get more intense as I was hanging on to dear life as Coach Cliff cock  was sliding in and out of my virgin hole good and hard by now. We both scream out really loud as the fuck became more aggressive as Coach Cliff balls where slapping up against my sweating juicy hole real good deep and hard.

" Fuck I am close "

" Give me your load Sir'

" Holy shit it coming "

" Oh fucking Yes Coach "

" Jesus Christ "

" Here it is dude "

Coach Cliff sweaty body exploded with a huge orgasm as his load shot off inside of my juicy hole as we both yell out of sexual passion from the orgasm that just happen. Coach Cliff body was totally shaking as he pull out of my ass fairly slow. We both took a few deep breaths as Coach Cliff still has a huge load of his cum and my ass juice hanging on his semi hard cock by now.

" Come here Coach let me lick the rest of it all off for you Sir "

I lick the rest of the cum was off his dick as I really enjoy slurping the rest all up. We both took a shower in Coach Cliff office before we both went home for the evening . It was a few weeks later that we both felt comfortable  around each other for what went down that night. The rest of the school year went off very well. The whole school was disappointed  when Coach Cliff got a new job as the Athletic Director for one of the top 10 Ivory League colleges. As for myself I am hoping to get accept into one of the top colleges in the country 





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