I have always been very optomistic in my thoughts about life, thinking that every thing usually comes full circle and works out for our benefit, and there is no such things a happen stance meetings, I guess I would have to say that I have this inner feeling that there is a master plan for us and we each in his own way fullfill our own destiny and take our own pathway down life.

I had just arrived at the State University in Colombia, Mo. I was going to study education and athletics and probably be a Teacher maybe go on and get a Doctorate and become a College Professor, I really wasnt' sure at that point.

I had always been rather proud of the fact that I took care of my self, eating the proper foods, exercising, building myself up, swimming, and just all round keeping myself in good physical shape.

I had come to realize that I was a gay young man, nineteen years old, and I had never really spread my wings, now here at State University I would get my chance.

I was away from home for the first time. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, in that my mother and father both knew I was gay and had totally accepted me for who and what I am. I had come out to them in a private conversation when I was seventeen, and my Dad just put his arms around me and said, 'Gay, Straight or somewhere in between, your still my boy and always will be, and I love you son, with all my heart, and whatever you choose in life I will be there for you.' I cried that day and I realized that not all young gay men had that kind of love and support from their parents.

Well I arrived at Colombia, got settled into my dorm room, and I was setting, looking out the dorm room window when the door popped open and there stood this bull, god he was like a refrigerator, He just smiled at me and said, 'you must be Matt, Im Taylor, glad to meet you I guess were going to be room mates.'

Matt stumbled in with his belongings, and flopped down on the other bed there in the room. He just smiled, 'you are rather a nice looking dude Matt, how old are you?' '19,' I said. 'your a year older than I am,I need to find someone that can buy us some booze.'

I just said,'Im sure there are a lot of guys here that are old enough to buy you some booze.'

He said, 'Do you drink, or are you a puzzy boy?'

I felt a little stung by the way he said it. I said,'I have a drink on occasion but it has not become a way of life for me.'

Taylor had a way with words that kinda pissed you off, it was not so much what he said, but how he said it.

Several weeks had passed and I had begun to notice dispite Taylors rude and uncouth mannerisms and his vocal barbs, He was a really good looking, well built guy, He had chest muscles that made most guys jealous, his legs were thick and heavy muscled, and his bicepts were like stove pipes heavy armed and veiny like a body builder or weight lifter. He was really quite gorgeous. Then one night he had been out partying with some buddies and he came back to the dorm room, three sheets in the wind.

He was, as my Dad use to say, Snizzeled, and flat assed drunk. He was so happy and glib, I was reading a book and Taylor came over to me, and said,'Hey Matt, you look like you could use a hug, and then he grabbed me and Hugged me and started giggling a drunks giggle. I was sorta stumped with his actions. He had picked me up and said, your one sweet guy, you know that? and your pretty damed nice looking too.' 'Here Let me show you how I feel about you,' Man he was totally wasted.

He Looked so serious at me and said, 'Hey Matt, I have wanted to do something ever since I met you, ya know, I want to, 'Aw hell', and He grabbed me and kissed me on the lips, I liked to shit.

Taylor was kissing my mouth like I was his girl friend, sticking his tongue into my mouth and licking on my ears,kissing my neck, really just plain making out with me. I could smell that liquer and I knew he was not himself but damned, I was enjoying the fuck out of this, I just let him continue. I watched his glassy eyes as he started to take off his shirt and then he said, 'Take your clothes off Matt.' I said, 'what?' He said, 'Take off your shirt, I want to make out with you, I said, 'your shitten me, Right?' He said, 'Fuck no, man, your one hot looking dude, I've noticed that ever since I saw you the first day.'

I started to strip and I watch Taylor as he stumbled back on the bed and he took his runners off, and then undid his trousers and his tee shirt. God was his chest ever beautiful, and his stomach was what My dad use to call a washboard set of abs, so muscular, with a beautiful treasure trail of dark curly hair flowing down into his briefs, and seeing that package when he got his trousers off bulging out tight in his briefs left me almost speachless.

I had secretly desired this but I would not have let Taylor know this on my life. I could feel my own cock about to split the material of my boxers sticking out hard and thick, all seven inches. When I dropped my boxers, He looked at my package and just said, 'Oh whoa, god man your beautiful,' It was then that I realized that Taylor was not the person that I had seen on the outside, he was a closet gay, or he wouldn't have come out like this unless he was totally wasted like he was now.

I just let him do his thing to see just how far he would go, It didn't take long to find out.

Taylor walked over to me naked and absolutely gorgeous, so perfectly built, heavy muscled like a bull and outstanding looking, His cock was about seven inches or so long, a little longer than mine but mine was really thicker than the average guy but his cock wasn't shabby looking in the size department, and he had a set of balls like the body he had, Bullish, big, heavy and hanging low, I had to restrain myself to keep from jumping down on my knees and start kissing his nuts and stroking his gorgeous cut cock. His cock was dark skinned with that light pinkish end from the circumcision scar up toward the beautiful head, God it was awesome looking, My mouth was watering and I felt like I would explode.

I watched as he reached out and played with my nipples making me go almost ballistic, and then he reached down and took my balls and my cock into his hand and just started letting the game begin.

I was wilting from the feeling, I had been several months since I had felt the warmth of someones hand against my nuts or my cock. Taylor was making my sensations sing with feeling.

HE looked up and said,'Matt, I want to make love to you, but I was afraid of how you would feel about me and doing this before now.' I just smiled and said,'Taylor, I have been wanting your body ever since I saw you naked in the shower that day in the mens locker room.

He just smiled and said, 'Well then, let the games begin,' he dropped to his knees and took my cock to the pubic hair into his mouth, God he must have really loved it because he was moaning and being more vocal than I was, and I was really enjoying it and expressing my feeling with sounds.

Taylor was getting almost wild as he rubbed my nuts with his hand and sucked my cock, I could tell he was not a beginner, he had definately done this before, He was and expert at knowing just how to lick and work the shaft as the used his tongue and his lips on the sensative head, I was about to take of down the runway. I was feeling my nuts tighten and draw up close to my body, and I felt it as I grabbed his head running my hands thru his hair, and he was enjoying it all the more.

As Drunk as he was I was totally surprised at how hard his cock was standing at attention like a soldier at dress parade.

I knew I was about there and he evidently knew it too. He started to deep throat my cock and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my whole body to his face as I felt the tingling in my balls and groin, and that awesome feeling of pumping began down at the base muscles of my very hard cock, and it started pumping out my cum into Taylors mouth, My body jerked and I just grunted as I pumped out shot after shot untill I could shoot no more. I just layed over against his body as I started to come back to reality.

God did what I think happen just really happen, Taylor, Gorgeous, big, muscular Taylor just drank every drop of my cum, I was absolutely astounded at this fact. I looked up at Taylors face and he said,'Matt, how was it, did you enjoy that?'

I could only say, 'Man Taylor besides being totally a surprise, It was the most awesome blowjob I have ever had.'

He smiled and stroked his still hard cock. I walked over to him and said,'Would you like to fuck me?

I love getting fucked with a good looking stud like you.' Taylors face looked like I had turned on a bright light when I had said that, 'OH Fuck yea, Its one of my favorite things.'

We got on his bed and he started to kiss me again, I said, 'God Taylor this is awesome, I had no idea you were like this,' He smiled and said, 'Yeah, I had to know for sure about you first.' I realized that Taylor didn't sound drunk anymore, I looked into his eyes and said, 'Taylor, you haven't really been drinking have you?' He smiled and said, 'no, I just wanted it to appear that way for an excuse in the event that you weren't gay. Then I could blame it on the liquer.'

I smiled and said,'Well are you sorry?' He said,'Are you crazy, this is amazing,' I reached over and got some lube and slathered some on his cock and worked some into my love hole. I layed back on my back and raised my knees to my shoulders and I watched as this gorgeous, bullish, awesome looking young breeding stud slid his big cock into my ass, I have had a dick or two in that opening but never have I felt about one like this one. I was about to explode. I wanted to give Taylor the ride of his life. God, he was moaning as he sunk that love log to the nuts into my asshole and I wanted more if he had been able to give it. Taylor was almost yelling as he came to climax it only took him about ten minutes and he was Ramming like a jackhammer, hard heavy and he was holding onto my shoulders and he was sinking it to the balls every thrust, I was in heaven, no other words could explain how it felt. I loved his cock, and I knew this wouldn't be the last time we did this. I knew he was getting ready to blow when his face turned really red and he started to pull my hips closer to his cock, and blowing and gritting his teeth, finally he yelled,'Oh My fucking God, and he sunk his cock to the hilt, held it tight in my asshole, and it started filling my intestines with mancream, That feeling took my cock over the edge and I started fireing off another round, I was a mess, covered in cum and Taylor just layed over ontop of me right in the pools of cum.

Taylor bathed me with the most loving, gentle kisses as he rubbed me and told me how much he had enjoyed and loved what we had just done.

We layed that way and fell asleep and woke up with dried cum all over us leaking out of my ass and we got up and got ready and went to the mens room down the hallway, and we took a shower together, I couldn't speak, I was like I was in a dream world and didn't want to wake up and loose the feeling of the afterglow.

Well, I went to all of Taylors games and activities, we became like lover and boyfriends after that.

I will say that my first impressions of Taylor if had they been the real Taylor, would have left a very bad taste in my mouth, but Things are not always what they seem, and first impressions are not always the right ones. Taylor and I were roommates, and yes lovers all thru college and we live together now, I teach History at a local High School and he is the Athletic Director. Life takes some strange turns, and usually they are for the best. Ciao.



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