Ryan parted my ass cheeks to reveal my tight little pink ass, which had never been seen by anyone before. I felt a little excited, but also a little nervous... as i lay there quite still, he lowered his mouth closer to my ass, as i tried to look back at him, he looked up at me with a devilish grin, opening his mouth allowing my fresh load of cum deposited in his mouth to escape and cascade in to the crack of my ass. Still warm, it flowed down my crack and onto my hole. The feeling of my own cum on my ass was quite erotic and i started to immediately get hard again. Raising himself, he kissed up my back, my shoulders, and to my neck. His massive cock pressed against my ass, i could feel him move around until his cock was between my ass cheeks, sliding amoungst the load of hot cum. The feeling was overwheling, as he ground his cock harder against me. His breath labored, as he whispered in my ear 'How does that feel' and all i could do at this point was to moan with pleasure. He lifted his upper body resting on his hands, the angle of his body make his cock tip press directly against my tight hole. Although i was not sure i wanted what was to come next, my body told him otherwise, as my ass raised up, pressing back against him. Slowly i could feel the tension of my virgin ass grow as he guided the tip of his HUGE cock around it, making sure that he was totally coated in my cum. His throbbing cock tip pressed harder against the rim of my hole, he slowly pressed forward till i could feel it 'pop' inside me. I winced with the immediate pain, but he held still till i relaxed a little more. Inch by inch, he slowly slid into me, the more he slid, the more i wanted. When he was totally inside me, i let out a loud moan, to which i felt his cock twitch. What an amazing feeling. After a few minutes to let me get comfortable, he began to slide his massive cock out of me, to which i tried to press back against him, trying to keep him in deep. 'Oh you want me to really fuck you, dont you' came from his mouth. All i could do was moan and shake my head, to which he grabbed my hips and began to slide in and out of me. He became more and more agressive with each stroke, his balls slapping against me, my hole opening up for him. I was in a total state of bliss, while this stud fucking me like i was his total slut. He fucked me for what seemed like hours, pounding me so hard that at one point i came all over the bed... he reached under me, scooping up as much of my cum as he could get, and lubing up his own cock to fuck me harder. I was seeing stars, when he came to an abrupt stop, he leaned over, his mouth close to my ear and said 'You want me to brand you with my hot cum?' To which i only pressed my ass harder against him. He took that as a yes and began to fuck me harder than before, deeper than before.... within a few more minutes, i could actually feel his cock get harder inside me, like steel, and as it began to twitch i could tell he was getting ready to cum inside me. My mind swirled, not knowing what to do, but it felt so good.. 'You ready to be mine bitch?' came roaring from his mouth as he grabbed my hips firmly, ramming his cock in as deep as he could get it... his head arching back as his body spasmed. The first wave of hot cum, splashed inside me, and a warm feeling came over me as he continued to pump his hot cum, wave after wave, he had so much that it actually oozed out from around his shaft and dripped down my ass over my balls and dripped off he end of my own cock. After he had pumped the last drop of cum into me, he pushed me forward onto the bed and collapsed on top of me, his cock still hard and inside me. We lay there together and i reveled in a mixed emoutions of pleasure and pain, contemplating what i had just done... drifting off to sleep......



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