Not Long after my first sexual experience with the hottie from the restaurant, Sandy and I decided that we needed some time apart. That was fine with me as I still was not totally sure what i now wanted out of life.

Several times i had gone back to that same restaurant hoping to find that sexy guy, but never had any luck.

It was a typical friday night for me, tired from work, and in need for a drink, so i headed over to the restaurant, sat in the bar and settled in with a couple of drinks. As typical on friday nights, this place was hopping, people coming and going, and quite honestly, i had withdrawn a little with my few beers... Until I felt a hand on my shoulders which brought me back to an awareness. Turning around, there he stood, broad smile on his face, a gleem in his eye, he said, Hi, and asked if the seat next to me was taken. All i could do is manage to get out the word NO, as i stared at this extremely hot guy who i had been searching to find again for a little over a month...He sat, and introduced himself as Ryan.. After ordering a drink, we began to chit chat about normal BS of life, when he asked 'Do you remember me?' It was all i could do to remain composed as the memory of our first encounter flooded my mind. HOW could i forget what he had done to me that night? THe most amazing experience i could have imagined. We continued to chit chat, snacked on a little food, and numerous drinks. Was not too long till i was really feeling the effect of 9 beers. Ryan had explained that he followed us home that night of our first encounter, waited in the parking lot till Sandy left, then snuck in to find me laying on the bed. My cock was growing with every detail he recounted that night, and well it was very obvious that i was totally turned on.

By this point in the evening, i was in NO way capable to drive home, and Ryan suggested that he take me to his place to crash as it was really close by. In my state, all i could really do is agree, so we headed out, and a few minutes later, arrived at his very nice townhouse. After helping me in, he excused himself for a few minutes only to return in a tight tshirt, and a pair of shorts. With the light shining behind him, i could see the outline of his sculpted body, my cock began to grow again, as i could see the outline of his cock in the sheer material of his shorts. We sat and chatted for a little while longer, and he could tell that i was on the verge of passing out, so he stood, and grabbed my hand leading me to the bedroom in the back of the townhouse. The glow of candles lit the room, and i was in a trance like state as he came up behind me, lifting my shirt up over my head and off my body. As he reached in i could feel his hard cock pressing against the curve of my ass, and little did i realize, i began to press back against it. He let out a little moan as he reached around me and unbuttoned my jeans and carefully sliding them down to my ankles, he again pressed against my ass, now only covered in the sheer material of my Calvin Klein briefs. When his fingers dipped under the elastic band of my Kleins, a shiver of electicity shot down my spine. By now, my cock was totally throbbing, aching. As he stood behind me, i could tell that he had removed his shirt and shorts, his hands reaching around to caress my chest, his rigid cock firmly pressed against my ass, i pressed back, and i could feel that he seemed to be very large, and very hard. His breath on my neck as my head fell back on his shoulder, his hands exploring my body. My moans began to get louder as his hands reached my cock, and i shifted my hips to press harder against his own hard cock. Guiding me over to the bed, he helped me climb between the sheets and get settled, then climbed in behind me for a warm embrace. Was not long after that, he rolled me over to face him and for the first time, my lips met his, my first kiss from a man. It was passionate, and gentle for a few minutes, our lips parted and our tongues met, this was so erotic to me. His passion and intensity grew to the point that we were in a very agressive make out session, bodies pressed against each other. When we broke apart he rolled over on his back, chest heaving from heavy breathing, i layed on my side and gazed at his body. My hands traced the outline of his chest, his nipples, until i ended up at his cock. This was the fist cock i had ever touched, let alone seen upclose and in person. Starting at the base, i traced the shape of his cock and yes i was right, it was HUGE, i dont know how big but it was MUCH larger than my own 7 inches, and thicker by far. When my fingers got to the tip, i noticed that it was covered in a large amount of slippery precum. Alot more than i have ever had, so naturally my hand slid over the top, which covered my palm. Using this opportunity, i started to slide my hand up and down his hard shaft, and it grew even harder, like steel. Ryans hips were gyrating, and his moans grew louder........I wanted to take it into my mouth, but i had never sucked another guys cock before and was a little nervous. Ryan could tell my hesitation, and stopped me mid stroke. He looked into my eyes, and said ' Let me show you how its done'. Rolling me onto my back he slide down between my legs, moving my rigid cock up so that he could look up at me. His tongue extended he started to lick my balls, slowly sucking them into his mouth, my head spinning at this point, he continued up the shaft licking like an ice cream cone, until he reached the rim of the tip. Opening his mouth, he took my entire cock deep into his throat. Sucking me, as his mouth slid up and down on my cock, faster, and faster, my head swelling with total pleasure, i could feel my cock begin to twitch, as i approached the point of no return he became more agressive, sucking me harder and faster till i felt the first wave of cum shoot into his mouth, my body arching, as each wave shot into his mouth, he continuted to suck me agressively making sure he had every drop. Just as he finished, my body relaxed and i lay listless. Without warning, Ryan rolled me onto my stomach, and spread my legs. He bagan to massage my ass, and with a quick pop on one cheek i was snapped back to reality. What happened next was totally erotic..



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