As you'll get from other stories, I like a nice big and raw dick and for some reason, even though I am 41, I have no trouble picking up these young sexy big dicked studs who like to fuck their cum into my guts.

At 5'9" 165 with a nice round bubble butt that looks great in a jock (if only we could post pics here), I seem to have become a sexy daddy.

But anyway, back to my story. His profile on BBRTs said he was 24 with 10" cut. "Always stays rock hard," it read, "and few limits."

I hit him up and exchanged numbers to set things up. I've always been turned on by what a guy thinks is sexy to them so I asked him what kind of jeans turn him on. His reply got me so horny for this stud, "Tight tight jeans, no underwear, a cock ring and a bottle of fresh poppers in the front pocket for you when I walk in."

Clearly he liked daddies, but he had me at "no underwear" and the poppers were a total bonus!

He arrived a little later and was a cute young guy. Dark hair and eyes, lean build and sprouting a huge bulge in the tight jeans he promised.

We started to make out and I groped his ass and crotch. Fumbling a bit with the poppers stuffed into the front pocket, I got the bottle out, kneeled down, took a huge hit and buried my face into his crotch. His cock wasn't super thick but he was definitely 10". Poppered up, I undid his belt and button fly jeans letting his big cock flop out into my face.

I pigged out on his dick for awhile while he fucked my face making me choke. Standing up, we kissed some more and he ran his hands down the back of my jeans, over my bare ass cheeks and started to finger my hole.

Leading him upstairs to the bedroom, we stripped down, made out, sucked each other, he rimmed me, and then slid his raw dick into me. He was a sensual lover but fucked me hard from behind.

I was flexing my arms as I propped myself up on all fours and working up a sweat from taking him hard. He kept pounding me and then indicated he was going to blow his load.

I may have said out loud something like "give me that fucking nutt stud" which turned him on even more and with a few more thrusts he was pumping his seed into my ass.

After leaving his cock in me for a bit, he pulled out, and I flipped over on my back with him kneeling between my legs. A beautiful site. His cock still hard bobbing up and down and a big shit eating grin across his face.

I sprawled out, putting my arms over my head panting and mumbling "you fucked daddy's ass good!"

"Well,it's a hot piece of pussy" he said as he started to finger my hole.

I figured he was just playing a little, working the cum back into me but as he kept it up, I noticed that he was putting another finger in, then a third, then a fourth and he was swirling them around going deeper and deeper.

I grabbed his wrist and asked with a giggle what he thought he was doing.

"I could tell as soon as I saw that ass that you like being fisted," was his reply.

I snorted a laugh and told him flat out that I had never been fisted.

His reply was so cocky and confident that I had no choice.

He didn't actually say a word, just grabbed the bottle of BerlinXXX, held them out and nodded his head to take a hit.

I took a couple of hits in each nostril and he says, "Take some more daddy, you know you want this."

Now fully poppered up, he went back to working his hand into my ass and it was a combination of "holy fuck" and "that will never get in there," but then he did.

And he was so gentle. With his hand now right inside, my ass wrapped around his wrist, he stopped and asked if I was ok. I swear my eyes were rolling back into my head at this point and all I could do was grunt some pleasurable noise and take more poppers.

He worked his fist around inside massaging my prostate and it felt like every amazing fuck you've ever had all over again but I panicked a bit and grabbed his wrist and asked him to come out.

He did, but it felt like I was passing a traffic cone.

He was looking at me again with that shit eating grin and although I got a bit scared, I didn't hate the experience.

We talked for a bit and he wanted to try again but this time I got on my stomach, poppered up and he was back inside. This time though, he extended his index finger and pumped through the second sphincter while using the rest of his fist to massage my prostate.

I can't describe the ecstasy I felt at that moment and he kept it up for 5 minutes or more. Every time I tensed up, I'd popper up again and he would work me over again sending me into a fit of orgasmic sensations.

When he pulled out he looked at me again and says "you liked that didn't you?"

I could not lie to him whatsoever, and he finished the night off by mounting me missionary style and pumped another load into my ass while kissing me and whispering how hot Daddy's was. I held onto his ass cheeks as he grunted that load deep inside me.

Not a bad first time experience all-in-all

I haven't done it since, but oddly, he has been texting me asking to do it again so this might not be the last story involving Daddy's ass being fisted.



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