I woke up alone in the warm bedroom, which was dark as night due to the thick curtains, even though it was 8:30 in the morning. The air smelled like the sex from the night before, and of him. At first, I thought he was with me, but I shifted and realized he wasn't in his usual spot...snuggled up on top of me. I groaned, disappointed, and dragged myself out of bed, turning off the blaring alarm on my phone. Mornings weren't as sweet when I didn't get to wake him up with kisses.

My already-hard dick twitched at the thought of him. My beautiful little lover had freed something in me, the night I found him. Before, I didn't get a hard-on more than once or twice a week, and morning wood every couple months or so. Ever since we met, however, I had been constantly ready for sex, constantly needing sex. Just looking at him for too long got me hard. He had been happy to oblige me, of course; for the past five days and nights, we'd fucked almost non-stop. We only rested when we needed food sleep, or he had to buy necessities or go to work.

I was so nervous the first time he left. I thought he might not come back, that maybe he had lost interest in me. I sat up all night, waiting for him, my dick hard in my shorts. At midnight, when I heard him come in, I scooped him up in my arms so fast he cried out. Once he calmed down and saw the look in my eyes, he smiled that sweet, knowing smile and kissed me hard. I took him to the couch and laid him down. I straddled him, stripped him (I was already naked), and made love to him. God, did I make love to him. I could still feel his sweaty flesh sliding against mine as I held him tight, as he moaned his pleasure into my ear and dug his nails into my back. We both came so hard our vision wavered, then he nuzzled my shoulder and drifted off, exhausted from work and play. I carried my small, comatose lover into the bedroom and tucked us in before I fell asleep holding him against my chest.

I shook myself out of my fond memories and stumbled into the restroom, relieving myself despite my morning wood. I felt my stomach growl and wandered into the kitchen for a breakfast snack. I threw a couple Hot Pockets in the microwave; not the healthiest thing, but quick and easy. I stared hungrily at the pizza-ish things turn and cook in the box, when my phone started blaring again on the counter. I quickly turned off the mysterious new alarm and looked at the label that went with it. It turned out to be a message for me.

'Hey Baby. Sorry I couldn't wake up with you, I had to run by the insurance agency to sign things before class. I'll pick up something to eat besides pizza pockets this evening. Call me if it's dead at work...maybe I'll come drop you off some REAL food tonight ;) Good luck. I'll miss you. -N.'

I found myself smiling as I read the note over. I already missed my adorable college student. He was studying law, I had learned, between sex and sleep, and worked as a cook to pay for it. He was good at his current job and hobby too; his food was almost as delicious as he was.

I wanted to call him, but I knew he would be busy. I texted, 'Thanks for the alarm, hot stuff ;) I'll call u tonight.'

A text came back just as I finished breakfast. 'K, Handsome. I'll be waiting. <3'

I still had a grin plastered on my face as I stepped into a hot bath. Nicolo tended to do that to me. I exhaled and rolled and stretched my muscles as I lay back, letting the water engulf me. My tub was my favorite place in the apartment, besides my bedroom. It was a cast-iron bathtub with the claw legs, refurbished and repainted to look new. The tub was huge, plenty big enough for all of my bulk. There was something about how deep and warm it was, that made taking a bath therapeutic and kind of sensual. I laid back, my cock sticking up out of the water between my legs. I stared at it while I soaked, deciding whether or not to play with it. It was begging me for attention-every time the steamy water gave me goosebumps it would twitch and throb harder. I had almost never had morning wood this stubborn.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of my cock and gave a light, light squeeze. I could feel my pulse as the blood pumped through the swollen organ. Instinctively, I started rubbing up and down the shaft, letting that sweet, tingling pleasure spread through me. I moaned quietly, loving the feeling of my strong, wet hand on the most sensitive part of my body. I imagined Nicolo sitting between my thighs, sucking my cock and my balls, fingering my hole, his mischievous chocolate eyes daring me to cum in his mouth. I groaned and felt that pre-orgasmic surge, my fantasy bringing me closer to the edge than I'd expected. I wanted to stop, to make it last, but I needed to be at work by ten.

I switched up my fantasy, imagining Nicolo sitting down on my stiff cock. I pictured his face, sweat and bathwater dripping from him, dark hair plastered to his forehead, eyes and mouth contorted in the sweetest euphoria as he took me into his tight ass. I thought of how he would slowly, ever so slowly, sink down into the water, onto my thick, aching rod. His whole delicious body would tremble as he impaled himself, as he pushed me further and further into him. Once I was engulfed by his tightness and hit his prostate, he would let out that helpless little groan I loved, and would almost fall on me. I would sit up and hold him as he leaned against me, shaking and moaning and squeezing my shaft as I gently rocked, massaging my cockhead against that bundle of nerve endings.

I came at the same time as my imaginary Nicolo, my seed pulsing into an ass that wasn't there. I grunted loudly with each jet of white cream that flew before my eyes, my lover's own screams of pleasure ringing in my ears. I clutched my lover to me, holding him tight s my orgasm faded. It wasn't until I sank back down into the hot water that I remembered I was alone. I sighed, satisfied and disappointed in equal parts. I'd gotten my rocks off, but for the first time in almost a week, I had to do it by myself.

I caught my breath, savoring the aftershock for a minute, then cleaned up and got dressed. I meant to grab the mail on the way out, but forgot the key. I didn't think much of it; it's not like important things ever come via postal service anymore anyways.

Work was, as Nicolo put it, dead. Usually, someone would at least call in for a plumbing problem or a cat in a tree, but all day, the guys and I were stuck with nothing to do but hang out and inspect the gear, in case something did happen.

Around eleven, I sat in one of the bedrooms where the guys can get some sleep and called Nicolo, knowing he would be home by then. "Hey Big Guy," he said playfully after one ring.

"Hey Baby," I replied. "Good day?"

"No. I haven't seen my boyfriend at all today. He has to work a twenty-four hour shift, and I'm here at home...all alone..."

"How tragic. Whatever will you do to keep yourself occupied?"

"I can think of a few things..." He sighed, a deep, happy sigh I knew very well, and I realized just what he was doing.

"Where are you?" I asked, my heart starting to beat faster. I could feel myself flushing as blood moved down to my dick.

"In the tub. I've been here a while, thinking of last night. We haven't done it here yet. We really should. I wonder what it would be like to suck your cock underwater."

"I can't wait," I murmured, my hand going down to the obscene bulge between my legs. It was like Nicolo had read my mind and seen my fantasy.

He started giggling, a sound that made my heart flutter. It was actually funny; he had a big tool, especially considering he was such a small guy, and sometimes when he got hard, it was almost like he didn't have enough blood for his brain to function, since it was all in that long, thick rod. When that happened, he'd smile and laugh a lot, my intelligent little twink would transform into a silly, horny boy-toy that wanted nothing more than for me to fuck his sweet brains out.

"I wish I had you inside me," he said breathlessly. I could hear the water in the background, and knew he was already jacking off with quick, hard strokes. "I wish you were here to hold me and love me and fuck me with that big, fat cock. Oh Levi..." he started moaning, a sure sign that he was hot and close.

I felt my own fingers roughly massaging and groping my dick through the fabric. The texture of the denim added a rough sensation that gave my masturbation an edge. "I want you so damn bad," I said. "I want to fuck you hard until you can't move, until you're fucking helpless. I want to ram my cock into you over and over. I want to kiss those juicy lips, I want to suck on those little nipples until you're moaning and begging me to-"

I opened my eyes for a second, and I'm pretty sure my heart stopped. Danny and Dennis, two of the other guys on the fire team (twin brothers, hence the names), were standing in the doorway, watching me, completely shocked. I gaped at them, paralyzed, my hand still gripping my crotch. I could hear a high-pitched cry on the other end of the phone, still pushed against my cheek, as Nicolo achieved his own orgasm.

My lust-addled brain caught up with me after several pregnant, mortifying moments, and I quickly brought my knees up to hide the obvious boner in my jeans.

"Baby?" Nicolo panted, his voice already sleepy from cumming. "Are you still there?"

Still staring fearfully at the men, I said, "Boo, I've gotta call you back, okay?"

"Oh, shit. Did someone find you?"

"Yeah. I, uh, have to..."

He sighed. "Alright. I'm sorry...text me in a little while if you want something to eat, okay? I have a, um, mess to clean up." He let out a last, quiet giggle.

I tried not to smile at that. "Kay Baby. I definitely will."

I hung up and nervously waited for a reaction from my teammates. My face felt as red as a beet. Finally, they broke into big grins and fits of laughter. They cracked up, and I felt humiliated.

"Well well," Danny said, slapping me on the back. "Looks like Levi here has a special friend."

"Jesus, guys, I-I'm sorry, I..." I started stammering, something I had rarely ever done since moving to the city.

Dennis spoke up, still fighting to breathe. "Don't sweat it, Man. It's kind of a relief to know you're human. You've been so quiet about it, none of us knew you had a girlfriend."

"How long have you been together?" Jack asked.

I cleared my throat. "Um, five days, but-"

"Five days? And you're already fucking on the phone? Damn, Levi!"


I smiled shyly. "Gorgeous...but there is one thing...I, uh..." I was having trouble forcing the words out.

"Out with it!" they finally shouted in unison.

"I'm gay," I admitted, looking down in shame. "It's a...a boyfriend, not a girl..."

They both went silent, and I coughed. When I finally managed to look up, they were staring with almost the exact same expression as when they first caught me. Then Danny smiled.

"I told you!" he said to Dennis, slugging him in the arm. He looked at me and winked friendlily, still grinning. "I am a fantastic judge of character, aren't I? I knew, from week one, that you got hot and bothered for other guys. No one believed me, not even my dear old brother, who should know not to question the wiser, stronger, and let's be honest here, sexier son in the family. You sir," he pointed to Dennis, "owe me a shot!"

Dennis punched Danny back. "No I don't! You said he was in the closet! That makes the bet void and null!"

"I was, for a long time," I interrupted quietly. I was a bit surprised that they were so nonchalant about this. I told them I was gay, and they were still cocky and funny and friendly, like always. "I tried not to be like this until I..."

"...met the guy you love," Dennis finished, a weird intuitive look in his eyes. "The man on the phone."

"I swear," I said, "there is definitely something to this whole psychic twin thing you two have going."

"Why'd you wait so long to come out?" Danny asked.

I raised an eyebrow. "I grew up in Mississippi."

"Ouch," they said.

"So how do you like the newfound world of man-love?" Dennis playfully teased.

"Whatever, Denny. Don't act like you don't love sucking dick," his brother said.

Dennis grinned. "Rarely. I'll take a firm little ass over a cock any day."

"Oh, come on. We all know there's nothing quite like a big, hard, throbbing di-"

"Wait, you guys are gay?" My eyes got really big. I didn't believe them. After all, they had girls hanging off their arms every time we went out, without fail.

"We identify as bi, and we usually prefer women..." Danny started.

"...But every once in a while, a nice little twink ass, or in some cases, a fat cock," Dennis jerked his chin towards his brother, "is just what the occasion calls for. Plus, having a twin brother growing up..."

"...Means that we have a chance to experiment before any girls would let us near. Being with men is kind of nostalgic for us." They shared a subtle, mischievous look.

My jaw was on the fucking ground, my eyes bugged out of my head. I was in the closet forever, and after all this time, I'm not alone, even in the department. "Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"There was never any reason to. We didn't know you were suffering," Dennis said.

"I knew," Danny interrupted. "I just didn't want to take the risk and offend you."

I got up and hugged both of them at once. They were decently built, 6' each, but I easily towered over them. I felt a little overwhelmed by relief; here I'd thought that everyone would hate and tease me for being gay.

Danny started to gasp. "Kay, big guy...Crushing us..."

I let them go, and the alarm started blaring. Time to go to work.

I cracked open a soda and fell onto the big leather couch. The call had been for some dumb kid who'd been drinking at a party. He and his friends had found a park, and he tried to get in one of the wrap-around swings for babies and got stuck. He was in tears when we cut the swing off of him, afraid we would accidently cut his dick off.

"Tonight is so boring!" Alan complained, running his hands through his hair and sitting down at the kitchen table, legs sprawled out in front of him. He was the youngest on the team, almost twenty, and although he was a good guy, and good in the field, he had a tendency to speak before he thought it through.

"Be glad for that, Kid," I said, grabbing my phone to check for any messages from Nicolo. "You really want to risk your life?"

Just then, Danny and Dennis jumped on top of me, sitting on my legs and my chest. "Couch hog," they said, bouncing and wiggling on top of me, squashing me. Going out on a call with them was like taking puppies on a trip. They'd be so excited to go and to get back, no matter what it was we had to do.

"Get off of me!" I yelled, laughing. "I can't breathe!" My phone started to play Nicolo's ringtone, and I gave up on tolerance. I arched my back and bucked the twins off and answered my phone. The two blondes stared up at me from the floor with wide blue eyes, surprised by my strength.

"Hey Baby," I said, and they both started smirking at me. Alan and Mark, our fifth man, a quiet, polite guy, stared at me in surprise.

"Hey sexy man," Nicolo said, his voice perky. I could hear pots clanking and running water in the background. "I didn't know if you still wanted me to bring something by or not, since you never called."

"Sorry, I had to run out on a call. I'd love it if you came by, if you feel up to it. I'm starving."

"Okay. Are you in any kind of trouble for earlier?"

I glanced down at the two deviants grinning on the floor. "Nah, I'm good. I'll tell you about it later."

"All right. Well, I'm throwing something together now. I'll probably be there in about an hour...You're sure about this?"

I thought about my reluctance to come out to my peers. I had been so scared of it, thinking they would change their opinion of me. I told Nicolo about it one night, when we were lying in bed. He had told me how hard coming out could be, he was scared to come out to his parents, and that I should only do it if I was ready. The twins knew, though, and their behavior hadn't changed. Granted, they were bi, but it felt like a win. Surely telling the other guys couldn't be too bad, right?

"I'm sure," I said decisively. "This needs to happen."

I could hear his smile as he spoke on the other end. "Okay. I'm proud of you."

I broke into a smile, and Danny and Dennis started to make kissing noises. I rolled my eyes at them, but they wouldn't let up. "Thank you. I'll see you soon?"

"You certainly will."

I hung up and the twins cracked up, falling all other each other on the floor. Alan joined in, after a moment, and Mark even smiled, which was impressive for him. I had been known for quite some time as the asexual man on the team. Alan had a string of casual relationships and a baby daughter (who lived with her mother), and even Mark had a girlfriend who I'd met once or twice, quiet as him.

I was subjected to incessant teasing and incessant questioning for the next hour, but I refused to give the men any more information about Nicolo, or when he was coming. Danny and Dennis were nice enough not to mention a man would be coming, not a woman.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, watching Alan kick Dennis's ass on Black Ops II, when I heard the door open out in the office. I could smell the food smells wafting in, and knew it was time. Despite my telling the twins about Nicolo, I felt a knot in my stomach. My hands were sweaty, and my mouth felt dry. What if someone thought of me differently, started to hate me because this was what I was?

As soon as the bell rang up front, the game paused and everyone except Danny, who was in the restroom, looked up from their respective activities. They shared a look, then looked at me and smirked, then raced each other to the office. When I was alone, I put on my 'fuck you if you hate me' fa├žade and calmly followed them.

In the hall, I could hear a slightly disappointed Alan ask, "Can we help you, Sir?"

I stepped into the room. Alan and Mark had blank faces, but Dennis's showed his understanding. On the other side of the desk, holding a crock pot full of steaming spaghetti, stood little Nicolo. He looked me up and down and smiled. "Hey."

Everyone followed his gaze to me. "Hey."

I pretended the guys weren't there, walked up to him, put his crock pot on the desk, and kissed him. It was the first interaction I'd had with him in almost twenty-four hours, and the instant I touched him, all of my fear, all of my anxiety, was instantly gone. All that was left was him and me.

Kissing him was everything I needed. His lips were, as always, soft and flawless, and he tasted like Heaven. I eagerly let his tongue in as he probed my mouth, and used every ounce of willpower I had to not reach down and grab his crotch through those tight, tight jeans. I felt my dick start to chub up, and wanted nothing more than to throw him over the desk, or pin him against the wall, or lay him on the open floor and pump in and out of him until we couldn't think any more. But, that little voice in the back of my head was reminding me that my friends and work colleagues were watching us, and I stifled the urges.

I found I needed air, so as much as I didn't want to, I pulled away from him. He was breathing heavy, his eyes all lit up, a smile plastered on his face as he stared. I realized at one point, we had wrapped our arms around each other; I supported him around the waist, and he held onto my neck for dear life. "What a welcome," he murmured.

I winked and backed off, but kept my arm around his shoulders. Mark and Alan looked like they were about to have simultaneous heart attacks, while Dennis was trying not to laugh at their reactions. "Guys," I said. "This is Nicolo, my boyfriend. Boo, meet Alan, Mark, and Dennis."

My boy proudly stepped up and shook hands, pulling my teammates out of their shock. He said, "I figured if I was bringing Levi something, I may as well bring enough to share."

The guys let out a cheer for food, and Nicolo was invited to join us for some dinner. We barely left any time for words before we stuffed our faces with Italian food. After the initial food rush, the guys started to casually interrogate us, about how we met, and how long we'd been together.

"We met Thursday night," I said.

Dennis frowned. "You were working Thursday..." His gaze fell on Nicolo again, and recognition flashed in his blue eyes. "You're the kid from the apartments!"

Danny stepped into the kitchen, grabbed a huge plate of spaghetti, and sat beside his brother. "Hey, I'm Danny, the evil one. Oh, you were that naked kid!"

Nicolo's eyes went wide as he looked from one handsome young twin to the other. I resisted the urge to laugh; he'd told me about his secret fantasy to do it with twins. He felt my chest heaving from the subtle, silent laughter, and took my hand affectionately.

"Um, yeah," he admitted, doing his best to collect himself. "Levi was the one who pulled me out of the fire. I don't know what would've happened if my knight in shining armor hadn't been there."

While we were stuffing our faces, the chief came in. Jack was a good looking guy, older, in his early forties, but still fit and clean-cut. He was a nice man, and spent a lot of time getting to know us, but had a tendency to occasionally spend an entire shift in his office, doing who-knows-what. He smiled at us, started to make himself a plate, then did a double take. He frowned and stared at Nicolo, who was sitting by me on the couch, leaning into me.

"Chief, this is my boyfriend Nicolo. He brought food by, and we thought he could stay and eat. Babe, this is Jack Clark, our fire chief."

"Nice to meet you," Nicolo said cheerily, smiling.

Jack nodded, a suddenly concerned look on his face. He grabbed a small plate of spaghetti and retreated to his little room, leaving us to wonder what he had thought about Nicolo that made him change so quickly. The twins cracked a few jokes, though, and soon it was all but forgotten.

After a satisfying, delicious meal, and some more chatting while everyone digested, I decided to give my lover the personal tour of the station. Danny and Dennis gave us identical, immature leers, implying we would turn the corner and then fuck like rabbits in the hallway.

I at least managed to get us into the bedroom before he turned into a bunny.

I closed the door half a second before he pushed me against the wall. He wasn't forceful; he couldn't be, with me, but I humored him and followed along. He kissed me, his breath surprisingly fresh (later, I realized he brushed his teeth during a quick bathroom trip after dinner. Mine wasn't bad either, since I had eaten a mint, just in case something like this would happen).

"Thank you for dinner," I murmured.

"You're welcome. Glad I could meet your work buddies."

Mm-hmm. I'll bet you were especially glad to meet Danny and Dennis," I teased.

He blushed. "They're sexy. How do you not get hard every time you go to work?"

"They are handsome...they're bi, too, you know..."

Nicolo's eyes lit up, then he looked at me with that deep, intelligent stare. "I'll keep my horny hands off, if it makes you uncomfortable. No one can satiate my needs quite like you can."

I smiled. "I don't know. Maybe a foursome would be fun. Your birthday's coming up, right? I think I may be able to talk them into something. One likes fine, silky asses," I cupped his in my hands, "and the other likes big cock," I gently ground my hips into his, implying that his was perfect. "I think they would kill for a sweet little guy like you, and I'm sure I can find a place in all the fun."

My lover looked like a kid at Christmas. He sank to his knees and started working at the buttons on my jeans, hungrily licking his lips. "You are insatiable," I commented, chuckling, and he grinned up at me and took out my half-hard cock.

"You know you love it. Come on, Baby," he said in an irresistibly seductive voice. "I know you can do better than that for me." He reached into my pants and caressed by balls, simultaneously running his wet tongue along the vein on the underside of my shaft. I groaned, and my rod turned into eight and a half inches of throbbing steel.

Nicolo gave me a big, goofy smile-there was my little cockslut!-and pulled down my pants all the way, revealing my entire package. He nuzzled my dick, burying his nose in my thick pubes. I stared down at him in fsacination; before I met him, I had watched and read some things about gay sex, but I had never imagined anybody could be as turned on just from holding a cock, my cock, as Nicolo did. It made me feel so special and sexy, having such a big, erotic organ that was so appreciated and loved.

He went down, after a few moments, and started gently suckling and nibbling on my balls. I felt my breathing getting heavier, my heart starting to pound. It felt so good, to have him down there, getting my full, heavy balls all wet and slick and warm with his mouth. My hands went down to bury my fingers in his glossy, curly brown hair, needing something to hold onto. I was leaking precum by the time he came up and decided to take on my needy tool.

He didn't tease or hesitate at all this time; he knew I needed it now, after hearing him cum over the phone without being able to get my own rocks off. He sealed his lips tight around the spongy cockhead and made sweeping motions with his tongue, sucking me mercilessly. I bit my lip to keep from making any loud noise; the walls were thin as paper, and about as soundproof. Granted, everyone probably knew somewhat what was happening, but I didn't want to gross them out with all my dirty, primal sex sounds.

My knees almost buckled when he rammed several inches down into his throat; at first, I was too big for him to take me, but he'd been practicing a lot and getting mind-blowingly good at it. He stopped for a second, determined not to gag, then slowly slid the last couple inches in. He inhaled the scent of my dick like it was the hottest, most potent thing in the world, then started to swallow.

My knees did give out then, but the beautiful young man stayed fastened to me. I lay on my back and had Nicolo rotate until the damp tent in his jeans was, more or less, aligned with my face (because of the difference in height, I had to hunch over a little to do a sixty-nine). My mouth found the wet spot on his jeans, and I sucked and gently gnawed on it, stimulating him through his pants while my hands went around to knead and grope his bubbly little ass. He moaned around the fat meat in his mouth, which made me moan, and more warm, salty precum soaked into his crotch, the perfect dessert for me.

I undid the buttons of his jeans with my teeth, something I had practiced the past few days, and pulled his pants down to his thighs. His dick was red and swollen, and looked like it hadn't been touched in months. I took him between my lips and sucked hard, making him squeal. I slapped him on the ass, a silent way of telling him to be quiet. He moaned at the pleasure/pain, and rubbed his cheek against my rough palm. I slapped him again, a little harder, then massaged the warm, red spot where it stung. It drove him wild, and he started bobbing his head up and down, sending me even higher with the feeling.

I didn't want the sound of the smacks drawing outside attention, so I only massaged and squeezed, filing that new little piece of information away for later. One hand traveled down to toy with his perfect, pink hole. My fingers fluttered lightly against that tight little boypussy, and he silently begged me for more, humping his ass back towards my finger. I backed off to lube up my fingers with spit and precum, then all at once I started to move my head and slide one finger inside him. He tightened and contracted around the digit, painfully tight, and rode it like a cock. It was so hot, and with my tool being deepthroated and my balls being milked by his skilled hands, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I added a finger to Nicolo's ass, and knew he wasn't far behind. I absentmindedly realized I was thrusting down Nciolo's throat every time he thrust down mine; how either of us was able to breathe, I have no idea.

I was on the edge. A few more seconds and I would be enveloped in pure euphoria, shooting my load down my sweet, gorgeous boy's throat. I don't know why I decided to open my eyes, why they unconsciously traveled to the door; a door that was slightly open, with two attractive, very interested twin faces peeking in, blue eyes watching us intently. Why couldn't the damn doors have locks?

I wasn't shocked, or overly angry. It somehow seemed like something they would do. I might have said something if I hadn't been so close. Instead, stared at the ceiling through narrowed eyes, locked up every muscle in my body, and growled, sucking with everything I had while I came in Nicolo's throat. I tasted my boy's hot seed in my mouth, knew I was making him achieve another orgasm, and that made me explode even harder. I almost felt like I was having two orgasms at once, and it was way too much. I thought I might be dying, and really didn't care too much if I was. My eyes closed in a astonishingly controlled motion, and I felt myself walk out of my own head.

I woke up with my pants pulled up, and my face being lovingly stroked by long, aesthetic fingers. I opened my eyes and realized I was on the floor, my head in Nicolo's lap as he sat cross-legged against the wall, watching me with a joyful, content expression.

"What..." I started to ask, a little worried. Nicolo hushed me and bent down to kiss me. Those slim fingers moved down to stroke my pec, sending a little tingle through my chest.

"You passed out when you came. It's intense, isn't it?"

I nodded, essentially speechless. I didn't know that even happened; as far as I knew, you came and then you passed out. It might be just seconds after you came, but the orgasm definitely ended while you were awake. I knew for a fact that I was still in the throes of ecstasy when I blacked out.

"How long was I out?"

"About five minutes. I was going to wake you up soon. I figured the others would wonder where we went."

I sat up slowly, testing my strength after such an overwhelming experience. Deciding I would live to see another day, I pulled Nicolo into my lap and kissed him. God, I loved this kid.

The alarm started ringing. The fucking thing started blaring, making Nicolo jump, but I was used to the damn sound. I groaned; the damn thing always went off at the worst fucking time! I stood, helping Nicolo along the way.

"What's going on, Levi?" He asked.

"Someone called us out. I have to go save the city."

He gave me that wise look and a sympathetic half-smile. "I'm sorry. I know you're tired. Do you want me to wait here for you?

"No, you've had a long day. Go home and get some rest."

"Okay. Call me when you get back so I know you're okay. Good luck." He kissed me one more time, putting a smile on my face before I raced out the door to the truck.

The electric plant just north of the city had caught on fire. The whole thing was in a blaze by the time we and a fleet of other fire trucks got there. There was no immediate risk to any human life, but it was out in the middle of a big field of dry grass, which made it a huge hazard. It took hours, and hours, and hours to put it out, and a couple guys, none from our station, thank God, were hauled away in ambulances. It was eleven in the morning by the time we had contained and extinguished the damn thing, and an hour after I was supposed to be able to go home.

I made it back to my apartment in record time, afraid I would fall asleep at the wheel. The word 'exhausted' was like the word 'thirsty' to a camel on hump day...and that analogy was the kind of thing that made perfect sense in my mind at the time, just so you have an idea of how fucking wiped I was.

I got home by noon and trudged down the hall to my apartment. I shuffled into the shower, knowing that Nicolo wouldn't appreciate me crawling in the nice clean bed with him covered in dirt, sweat, and soot.

I was asleep on my feet under the hot jet when I heard a sweet, tired little voice. "Levi?"

"Boo," I croaked, ever so slightly revived.

Nicolo stepped into the shower with me, completely naked, and hugged me tight. I wound my arms around him, half because I missed him and half because I needed some support to stay on my feet. "I saw the power plant on the news. I was so worried about you."

"Did you sleep at all?" I managed to ask, working hard to form a complete sentence. I looked down at him and saw his eyes were red and puffy from sleep deprivation.

"No. First I waited for you to call, then I saw the fire on TV, then I couldn't sleep because I was afraid you were hurt. I heard one firefighter died in the hospital early this morning, not being able to get away fast enough when something exploded. A couple others are in intensive care, burns or smoke inhalation. They didn't say who was there, and I couldn't sleep, not knowing..."

I hugged him tighter. "Okay," I said quietly, pressing my lips to the top of his head. "I'm here now."

When we managed to untangle ourselves, he offered to clean me up. I let him; every time he touched me, my muscles seemed to unwind a little more, and he made me feel peaceful after such a long night. Peace was what I needed then. After, he tenderly dried us both off and led me into the bedroom, the bed freshly made and the thick curtains drawn to make the room dark and serene. I lay on the bed where he told me to, then he drew the blanket up to my neck before he crawled in next to me. The last thing I did before sleep took hold was pull him into my arms, to feel him, to reassure him, and myself, that I was all right. My Nicolo, my Baby, was all I needed then, and I had him safe and sound.

That was everything.




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