I woke up in pain. My skin was hot and burning, my skull was pounding, and I could hardly breathe the thick, smoky air. Smoke?

I tried to move, but something was restricting me. It took me a second to realize I was being carried. There were big, strong arms cradling me, hauling me along. They made me feel safer, and sort of kept me from initial panic. I wanted to speak, but the fire was roaring around us and my throat and chest hurt too much. I needed air, needed to breathe. I was suffocating. I slapped the chest I was pinned to (a big, hard, broad chest, I managed to notice), trying to get their attention before I passed out. I saw black spots in front of my already watery vision, but the person just kept maneuvering through my building, towards the front door as quick as possible.

Finally, thankfully, a blast of cold, crisp night air hit me, and I saw dark sky and the tops of trees and red flashing lights. We were out. The big man that had been carrying me set me down on the front lawn, kneeling over me as I wheezed and coughed and sucked in fresh air. He supported me with one arm around my shoulders, the other pulling a gas mask from his face.

"You all right, Buddy? Hey, can you speak? Can you look at me?"

I shook my head, still unable to do much else but try and force the nastiness out of my lungs. I felt like I had been stabbed in the chest, it hurt so badly. The man that carried me out stayed by me and kept saying comforting things to me. "It's all right, take your time. You're all right; you're safe now." He had a deep, rich, voice, one that put me at ease.

Finally, I was able to breathe semi-normally and look up at him. Holy fucking shit, even in the dark, he was the most perfect thing I had ever seen. Broad-chest, thick, defined arms, and a face chiseled out of marble. He had light, close cropped hair that complimented his sharp features, and bright eyes, maybe gray, that flickered over me in concern. I'd have sworn he was an angel, an orange halo from the flames behind him silhouetting his massive form. My formerly comatose cock sprang instantly to life as I gaped. Then I felt a breeze, and remembered I slept naked.

"Here," he murmured, taking off his thick, yellow jacket and wrapping it around my shoulders. I was so relieved he hadn't noticed my arousal before he covered me. The heavy coat was several sizes too big for me, and thankfully, hid my inconvenient erection. He helped me stand up, unsteady on my feet as I was. Two medics came over; a small woman shined a flashlight in my eyes as an older man took me by the arm and gently pulled me away. I was sort of in shock, and noted that the big hunky man had disappeared somewhere as I was led to the back of an ambulance. I was checked over and left alone, sitting on the back bumper in the rough yellow jacket. I wondered where the handsome fireman went, and if I would be able to thank him for saving my life.

I hadn't had the chance to see what my apartment looked like; they parked the ambulance away from the building and they hadn't let me look back. Not that I was attached to the place; I spent most of my time wishing the damn building would burn to the ground anyway. Lucky me.

I could see some of my neighbors being treated; nobody seemed to look much worse off than me. Shocked and smoked, maybe a few minor burns, but alive. I noticed my cock had independently decided to stay hard, almost painfully so.

A police officer came up and told me that the fire had been started by an unattended candle on the floor below me, offered his sympathy, and asked for any insurance information he could take down. I absentmindedly rattled out the info, knowing nothing valuable was destroyed (almost all my stuff was sitting in storage, waiting for me to move somewhere bigger), all the while thinking, 'do you have any clue what it feels like to wake up in a burning building, being carried away by a stranger, utterly clueless? Not even knowing how dangerously close you were to death? Do you realize how fucking terrifying that is?' He eventually filed away, leaving me alone again.

Suddenly, my fireman was towering in front of me. He was as stunning as he'd been before, his muscles bulging under his white T-shirt and suspenders. His hair, I found, was blonde, his eyes a steely gray. He was covered with sweat and smelled like smoke.

"Hello, Sir. You're in shock, and might not recognize me-"

"You're the man that carried me out," I said quietly, staring up at him. I was trying to resist the urge to tackle him and lick the beads of sweat off his smooth skin.

He smiled a little. "It's good to see you're coherent, especially after the number the smoke must have done on you."

I nodded. "Thank you for saving me. I just...thank you."

He smiled, a gentle, sincere twitch of his lips. "I'm just doing my job."

"I'm sorry about the jacket. I would give it back, but I still don't have any clothes." I felt my face starting to get red out of embarrassment, so I looked down.

"Do you have anywhere to stay? Family or friends; someone nearby?"

I shook my head no. "I'll probably try and get into a shelter or something 'til I can call my sister. She lives out on the East Coast."

He coughed uncomfortably. "Look, I'm not really supposed to do this, but...if you want, I'm going home right now. This was the last call before I go home for my weekend. You've got nowhere to stay, and I can get you a hot shower and a bed, and something to wear. I guarantee it's a hell of a lot better than a shelter..."

I looked up at him, uncertain of whether or not he was serious. His gray eyes met mine, almost nervously, and he ran his hand over his short golden hair. He was an Adonis. And he was asking me to come home with him. I nodded, trying not to look too eager, and said, "I'd appreciate that. Thank you so much, Mister...?"

He gave me a gorgeous half-grin that would rival any model's. "My name's Levi." He looked away, a little embarrassed. "It's short for Leviticus; my parents are assholes."

I almost managed to laugh at that. "I'm Nicolo. My parents are Italian."

He smiled again, and my hard-on twitched a little. He explained that he had come in with the other firefighters on the truck, and that if I would be willing to stay here for forty-five minutes at the most after they left, he'd be here in his own vehicle. I waited after the authorities had dispersed, sitting on the street corner, waiting.

Nothing to entertain my mind, I stared at the practically demolished building I had lived in for three long, eventful years. It was far from an ideal home, but it had been my home. Now I was homeless. At least I was alive, I thought. It could be a lot worse.

Something snapped inside of me. It hit me, how close I had come to dying, and tears began to stream down my face. My resolve all kind of flew away at once, leaving me a frightened, lonely kid who'd just barely escaped my doom.

Levi saved me saved my life. If it weren't for him, would I have made it out of that fire? I could only remember the smoke, the suffocation, the heat all around, and being in his arms. I was alive now because he had been there. I thought about what might have happened, if he hadn't been on duty, and shivered in dread I didn't have to wait long; he was there in just over a half-hour, pulling up in a big silver truck. Of course a man that big would drive a truck, even in the city. I honestly doubted he would fit in a car. He hopped out when he saw my body racked with sobs. He came and crouched by me, one massive paw resting on my shoulder. I leaned against him and sobbed loudly. All the fear, all the emotion, was bombarding me beyond reason, possessing me like nothing had ever done before. Levi seemed a little bit tense, but put his arms around me, comforted me. He was somewhat anxious the entire time, but his presence still calmed me down. Having a big, strong man like him near me made me feel safe (and reasonably horny. Great, because this needed to get awkward).

"I-I'm so sorry," I said after I got my voice back. "I don't usually break down like that. It just kind of all came rushing out of me at once, how much the fire scared me. If it weren't for you..." I looked away so he couldn't see me tear up again in the shadows.

"I know. It can be intense, especially when you wake up in the middle of it. You lost your home and your sense of security all in an instant; you have every right to be a little overwhelmed." He gently squeezed me, and I felt a sense of comfort slowly drape over me. Somehow, Levi made me feel better, like I had more of a grip than before.

He helped me up and led me to the huge truck. We rode in strangely relaxed silence as I recovered from my little episode. I don't know how, but he knew not to speak, to let me rest. It was warm and comfortable with him, and I think I almost fell asleep on the way. The next thing I knew, we were in front of a much nicer building than my old one, and he was holding the door open for me.

Now, I'm not a tall man by any means; my friends call me a twink poster boy, and I wasn't exactly on my toes that night. That being said, I had trouble getting out of a truck with what had to have been a fifteen-inch lift without flashing my semi-hard package to my host. I kind of stumbled on my way out, but he caught me with one perfect, bulging bicep, setting me down gently. I was paralyzed in amazement. He was so strong he could pick me up with one arm.

"Wow," I said quietly, looking up at him. He grinned and shrugged modestly, saying something about how it was no big deal.

He led me through the hallways of his building, abandoned at that hour. His apartment was on the third floor, and a lot bigger than mine. He had a great view of the city and decent decorating skills.

"You can take either bathroom, I'll take the other one. There are clean towels and soap in both. Let me know if you need anything."

I took the first one, taking a quick but thorough bath, since there was only a tub. It felt so good to get rid of the soot and smoke for the clean scent of Axe, letting hot water soak and loosen up every part of me. My dick was hard as a rock, standing with only the head above water, and I sighed. Levi probably would have thought I was a total creep, with a constant boner around him if he had seen it. I thought about jacking off, but I knew I would be way too loud; I tend to be a moaner. Instead, I stood up until I was cold and my cock begrudgingly went down, then stepped out and wrapped a fluffy towel around my slim midsection. I stared at my own chocolate, bloodshot eyes in the mirror, thinking of what had happened. It didn't seem realistic, that something so drastic could happen in one night. I shook my head, letting the water fly from my dark hair and letting it fall the way it wanted to before heading out to join my host.

I found Levi in the living room, flipping through the different info-mercials. I sat there, ogling him like a pervert. I couldn't help it; the guy was wearing nothing but navy blue gym shorts, showing off every sexy, splendid inch. His biceps looked almost as big around as my head, even though they weren't flexed. He had washboard abs and absolutely huge pecs with a light dusting of hair and a treasure trail-something I personally went nuts for. His nipples were hard from the cool air, and stood out proudly, two pink little nubs. His legs were toned and thicker than anybody's I had seen before, with a light, soft layer of golden fur. And through his gym shorts, I could see the prominent outline of a very big, very thick, flaccid cock.

So much for getting rid of that hard-on.

He saw me and smiled, looking me up and down. "Feel better?"

I nodded, hoping he didn't see the tent in the towel, though it was painfully obvious. He got up and walked into the bedroom, beckoning for me to follow. He was digging through his drawers, and I was staring at his ass as he bent over...that tight-yet-somehow-bubbly ass.

"You look about the same size as my little cousin, and I know he left some sweatpants here last time...Aha!" He stood up with some very small pants in his hands, ones that would definitely fit me, a grin of achievement on his face. He came close to me and handed over the sweats, his gray eyes traveling down my body before he could stop himself, stopping at my package as it pointed out to his legs. He looked back up, and realized I caught him. He stepped away quickly, his face getting red, his eyes looking everywhere but at me. He kept opening his mouth and closing it, like he didn't know what to say, how to excuse himself.

Seeing what he needed and being too impatient to let him work up the courage, I strode over to him, brought his head down to my level, and kissed him deeply. He sat there, stunned, unable to move. I pulled back, looking into his eyes. He just stared at me, wide-eyed. Somehow, he looked so innocent that way, so much smaller than he was. Then he seemed to break open and stood tall, pinning me up against him and taking my mouth. The only sound for several seconds was the sweatpants hitting the hardwood floor. His kiss was hungry, needy, almost desperate as he clutched me to his chest. I was dangling at least a foot off the ground, unable to move anything but my head as I passionately kissed him back. He pulled away, panting, staring at me.

"Do you know how hard it is to resist?" he asked me quietly, pain in his eyes. "I had to wait twenty-five years for that kiss."

I finally realized why he had been so reluctant to jump in, so shocked when I made the first move. One tear rolled down his amorous, masculine face. I kissed his cheek gently, stopping the tear in its tracks.

"It's okay," I whispered in his ear. "You're okay."

He squeezed me tighter and kissed my neck, trembling violently. I felt crushed, but it was a good crush, the kind I didn't mind being stuck in. He sucked on my neck, and I threw my head back and moaned. It felt so good, having his mouth on me, having his big, muscular arms around me. His cock was grinding against my own through the fabrics. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, pulse rapid with desire.

"I want you so bad," he whispered, his voice hoarse and cracking. "I've never..."

It seemed impossible that this man, this big, gorgeous man, was a virgin. The way he acted, though, made me absolutely sure he was telling the truth. I managed to free one of my arms and wrap it around his neck, pressing my lips to his forehead. "I understand," I murmured. "I know how hard it is to try and repress who you are, what you want."

"I can't do it anymore."

"Then don't."

He pulled back and looked at me again, as if it were too good to be true for him. I swear I could get lost in those stormy gray eyes. He softened his hold on me and carried me to the bed. He was so careful, like I was some precious, sacred thing that he could accidently break with the slightest misstep. He laid me down, my legs spread slightly, my arms stretched above my head, and stood over me. "I don't know what to do," he said quietly, his tongue flicking out to moisten his full lips. "I don't know how."

"Do what you would want done to you," I told him. "I'm yours, right now. Just do what feels right."

Tentative, he leaned down and kissed me again, his tongue probing my mouth with calm, slow affection this time. One hand rested on my shoulder, the other lightly rubbing my chest. His hands were rough and warm, and felt so good on my skin. There was something so wonderful about the way he touched me, so exhilarating, like he wasn't the only one learning. I moaned into his mouth, trying not to move too much; I wanted him to do what he needed first.

He moved his mouth down and over my body. His kisses were so soft, and still driving me nuts. I found that I was already trembling, letting out small, lustful sounds underneath him. He worked his mouth over every inch, across my shoulders and arms, over my bare chest and to my nipples. His pink velvet tongue went out and experimentally flicked the little bullets, forcing shudders to roll off of me like euphoric waves.

He took a few minutes with each of my nipples, licking and sucking, finishing with a gentle bite to each one. He laid his head down for a second, closing his eyes and listening to my heart beat. I watched him as he felt my pulse against his cheek, like that was proof I was actually there, that I was real. He looked at me and smiled, and in that moment I felt more cherished and admired by this big, beautiful man than I had ever been by anybody.

He stood up, reminding me how huge and powerful he was. If he wanted, he could do absolutely anything he wanted to me, and I wouldn't be able to stop him...not that I wanted to. In the state I was in, I would have volunteered to be his plaything, his toy. I wanted to tell him how much I wanted him to take me, but coherent words failed to come to mind. Instead, I made some sort of whimpering noise, trying to communicate with moans and eyes.

His gaze trailed down, down, until it rested on my towel. Slowly, he unwrapped me, a gift just for him. His eyes got wide when he saw my cock sticking up into the air. The bulbous head was slick and shiny with precum, as it dripped down my shaft and into the dark, curly hair surrounding it.

"Oh my God," he whispered, awed. No one had ever been awed by my cock like him, no one had ever been so thoroughly turned on by it. I bit back a moan, wanting him to touch me there so badly. "It's gorgeous," he murmured, staring at it with desire. He leaned down, and very gently, pressed his lips to my swollen, red cockhead, giving it a sweet kiss. It wasn't what I was expecting at all, and really kind of cute, regardless of how masculine he was.

He got a taste of my precum and gave a grunt of delight. He lapped at my head for more, sending shivers of pleasure up through my spine and into my limbs. His tongue was so warm and rough; it drove me wild. I groaned and moved my hips up towards him, wanting him to take me in his mouth. As much as I trembled and shook and jerked my hips up towards him, he would only sit there and lick me and kiss up and down my shaft. Part of me was cautious for the sake of this studly virgin, but I could only be teased so much, as worked up as I was.

At my wordless insistence, he took my head in between his lips, tasting and savoring me. It was so hot and moist in that full, handsome mouth. He knew not to use his teeth, to lock his lips tight on my shaft. Somebody had done research, even if they lacked practice.

"Oh, fuuuck," I whimpered, my head turning to the side. I felt him laugh, delighted in what he was doing to me, the vibrations from his lips making me moan loudly.

I reached down and stroked his cock through his shorts, wrapping my fingers around the thick tool. His magnificent abs clenched and he made an 'mmph' noise. It was such a turn-on to know I was the first man to touch this big, lovely cock, to feel the weight of it as I pleasured him. As I played with him, he slid his mouth down the length of my rod. He slid his tongue around, getting me all wet and slick. He hesitated about halfway down, when I could feel the back of his throat. I wanted to tell him he didn't need to take all of it, but before I could come up with words that sounded human, he shoved the last few inches down his throat.

I bit into my arm to keep from howling too loud. He stayed completely still there, adjusting to the feeling of a cock in his throat, fighting his gag reflex.

"Holy shit, Levi," I moaned, once I got myself under control. "Are you sure you're a virgin?"

He smiled around my cock, then started to slowly move up and down. Oh, God, it felt good. Every time his nose touched my pubes, he would act like he was swallowing, like he was milking my cock. I held his hard rod, stroking furiously, licentious sounds coming from me the entire time. The front of his shorts were soaked with precum. We gave into the moment, becoming a single, ecstasy-filled mass. He fucked my hand, and I ravaged his virgin mouth, for what seemed like hours. Blissful, wonderful hours.

Finally, I felt it welling up inside of me, and by the way he was thrusting into my hand, I could tell my sexy fireman wasn't too far behind. "Levi...Ooohhh...I'm...going...going to...Ah!" I didn't know if he wanted to swallow on the very first time, so I did my best to warn him. When my moans drowned out my words, I stopped to squeeze his shoulder. He pulled down his shorts, gripped my hand firmly and put it back on his bare cock, sucking even harder. 'Fuck it,' I thought, and jerked him off, my hand going into overdrive.

I felt myself throb in his mouth, then everything else kind of faded a little into the background. I know went rigid all except for my wrist, my hips thrust up to meet Levi, my cock buried inside his sweet throat. My hot seed shot into his mouth, and I could only hope I didn't drown him. Colors flashed in front of my eyes, brain cells were fried, and I found that I was screaming. The only thing that didn't change was the pace of my hand. Suddenly, Levi shuddered above me, and his thick cock pulsed, spraying his warm, sticky cum on his chin...and on my belly...and all over the bed. Still, I kept jerking him, and he kept sucking me, both of us pushing each other far past what was healthy or sane.

I gave out first, my orgasm fading. Levi was still cumming, deepthroating me with everything he had, my seed dripping out of the sides of his mouth. It was too much; he was tormenting me with the sensations. I pushed his head away while I still had the strength, black starting to seep in around the edges of my vision. He stood up, gasping, as the last of his orgasm swept through him. I swear his eyes rolled back in his head as he flopped forward onto the bed, deciding to take a very sudden and well-deserved nap on my legs. My body was so weak and limp, wasted from my orgasm, and I felt like I was melting into the warm, soft bed. All the exhaustion caught from the night caught up with me, and I passed out.

I woke up to food smells. The curtains in the room were drawn tight, but I could sense that it was late in the morning. I had been covered up with a warm, fleece throw blanket. I was comfortable, and wanted to go back to sleep, until I remembered Levi. I wrapped the blanket around my waist, realizing the cum had been wiped off me while I was asleep, and shuffled out into the apartment, following sounds and smells until I found the kitchen.

I realized I was staring like a creep again, but I didn't give a shit. Levi had his back turned to me, chopping something up, humming some song I didn't know. Oh yeah, and he was buck naked, wiggling his sweet ass in time with the tune.

"Good morning, sweet Nicolo," he said cheerfully. He turned around with a big grin on his face, openly checking me out. "How did you sleep?"

I made a sleepy, affirmative noise, still trying to wake up. He chuckled, a sound that made my cock stir, then crossed the distance between us and swept me up into his arms. He held me like a child, his lips pressed against mine. I sleepily returned the kiss as his tongue probed my mouth, playfully wrestling with my own. He seemed like an entirely new person--happier, lighter. It suited him.

"Thank you for last night," he said, tucking his face into the crook of my neck. "I needed that so much more than I thought."

"You have a lot of natural talent. I've never cum so hard I passed out, especially from a blowjob. It's hard to believe you're new to it."

He pulled back and nodded, looking proud and sad in equal parts. "I've been with a couple women, but I never liked it enough to take it all the way. I've only ever wanted..." He trailed off, almost like he was afraid to say the words.

I kissed him, half to console him, half to feel his lips on mine. It worked to cheer him up and make me moan again. He had made pancakes, and I let him hold me in his lap as he talked, feeding me with one hand and stroking my back with the other, his thick, rough fingers running up and down my spine. He seemed so completely overjoyed to have me there, excited to not be alone anymore.

He talked about his life, his job, friends, family. I learned a lot of things about him. One thing I learned, which made a lot of sense, was that his parents were red-state, Old-Testament Christians, and at the ripe young age of fifteen, had caught him looking at another boy at church. They sent him away for a year to be 'cured'. They tormented him, forced him to think it was only right to deny himself, made him believe it was evil to want other men. He had a faraway, remorseful glint in his eye as he spoke. I was aghast that he had to endure something so terrible; it sounded like some kind of awful nightmare come to life.

I threw my arms around him, shaking with rage at his parents, rage at the fucking world we live in, wanting to do anything to make him feel better. He hugged me back for a moment, then unhinged me. He began petting me again, calming me down, a gentle, absolutely beautiful smile on his face. He looked like someone who had been healed.

"When did you realize...?"

"That I couldn't keep it up?"

I nodded.

He looked thoughtful for a second, then said, "Last night, when I pulled a gorgeous boy named Nicolo out of a burning building."

I don't think I've ever heard words so powerful in my life. I was utterly speechless. He leaned in and took my mouth again, deeply. It felt like he was claiming me, somehow. I felt surrounded by him, safe and protected, and I knew he was mine as much as I was his.

He carried me into the bathroom, his mouth never off of me for more than a couple seconds, and deposited the both of us in a warm shower. He washed the dried sweat from last night off me, and I did the same. I touched him as much as I could, my hands moving everywhere, loving how firm and strong and powerful he was. He looked at me with lustful eyes that mirrored my own. He could do anything; a man like him could own the world, and for now, he was completely mine. "Go easy on me," he pleaded, reminding me that for the time being, I was the leader, the teacher, as I showed him what it was like to wholly love another man.

I grinned and dove onto his right nipple, my lips and tongue playing with the sensitive bud. Levi gasped loudly, his arms sliding around me and holding me closer. One of his hands cradled the back of my head and gently pressed me into his chest. "I love that," he whispered. "I never knew that could feel so good."

I nipped the sensitive skin, hiding my playful smirk, listening as I made him moan. I did it again. He had to make an effort not to squirm, it drove him so wild. There was his sweet spot, I thought to myself, that little thing every guy has that drives him wild. I wanted to be gentle, but it was so tempting to play, at least a little. Being so close to him, flesh to eager flesh, was better than any drug.

I took his right hand and put it on his nipple so he could pinch and squeeze it himself. I lovingly tormented the other, licking and teasing. He wanted me to nibble at it, but he was too proud to beg for it...yet. I slid my teeth along the hard bullet, determined to make him ask. It was new for me, being in charge, and I was having a little bit of a head trip. I knew, now, why Tops got such intense satisfaction.

"Please, please," he finally gasped as I lapped at it. He was breathless, panting, squeezing his other nub brutally. His whole body trembled, shaking against my own petite frame. Knowing I had him just where I wanted him, I sucked hard on the nipple, putting on the sharp pressure of my teeth at the same time.

Levi let out a long, shuddering moan, his knees almost buckling. His head went back and he stared at the ceiling. I could feel his stiff, throbbing cock jerking down below, stabbing my navel.

I kneeled in front of him and worshipped that flawlessness. He looked like a god, the soft light hitting him just right, the hot water cascading down his magnificent, sculpted body in thin, steamy rivulets. It hit me, how erotic the sight was, of this naked, hunky firefighter, soaking wet in the shower with a big, helpless hard-on, roughly tweaking his nipples as he anxiously waited for a mouth, my mouth, to take his oral virginity. He looked down and watched as I kissed and sucked his thighs, loving how they felt in my hands and my mouth as I played with them. He let out a happy, deep sigh and leaned against the wall, spreading his legs a bit to give me more access. His cock began to leak slick precum, especially when I rubbed up against his inner thighs, practically nuzzling his full, heavy balls. I ignored how hard I was, refusing to take any attention away from this stud, even to pleasure myself.

He shivered as I ran my pointed tongue along the underside of his half-hard dick. He tasted good; fresh, and salty from the clear man juice trickling down the length of his beautiful tool. I wanted to take him in my mouth, feast on him, but I knew I would have to take it slow. This was something that was going to stick in his mind forever, and I wanted it to be the best thing he'd ever felt.

Instead of diving right in on his rod, I used my tongue to its full advantage, running it around the base of his cock, along and behind his balls, then back up and around. When I wasn't staring at his beautiful package, I was looking up at his heaving torso as he tried to breathe, or at that handsome face staring down at me, surges of pleasure flitting through his cloudy eyes. This man I was servicing was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he murmured, then looked dumbfounded when I started to laugh at the irony.

When I calmed down, I leaned in slowly towards his cock. He sensed it coming and leaked more delicious precum in anticipation. I exhaled, my lips an inch away from his dick, letting my hot breath blow over it. It was my last attempt at flaunting my power over him before I gave it all. "Nicolo," he pleaded loudly.

I gave him an innocent, puppy-eyed look before taking the head in my mouth. I stayed for a second, enjoying the way he stared down at me, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape. I waited until he started breathing again, then began to bob up and down on his rod.

"Oh," he said, his voice surprisingly calm. He had a blank, dazed expression on, like he was trying to comprehend that this was really, actually happening. "Oh."

I slipped down further, and his 'Oh'-ing turned into a long, lusty, "Ooooohhhhhh." My own dick was throbbing and aching by now, and it twitched almost in time with his heaving chest. I felt his thick fingers running through my brown curls, and his hips started to carefully move a little, gently fucking my face. I slid my tongue all around his swollen red cockhead, then pulled up so I could run the pointed tip of my tongue across his slit. It quickly became a rhythm, my hot, wet lips moving up and down his shaft, his hips gently rocking. I took what I could, but despite having sucked my fair share of cock, he was just too big to deepthroat without choking myself. I used my hands on the last couple inches, pacing them with my mouth.

Levi was holding back, I could tell. He was shaking with need, but still his hips moved with an agonizing, deliberate slowness. I pulled back and jerked it slowly so I could speak. "Let go," I said, quickly lapping at the head again. "This is all yours."

"I want it to last," he whined desperately.

I smiled. "Just let it happen. This won't be the last time. If you want, I can do this again," I kissed the shaft, "and again," I swirled my tongue over his head, "and again." I went down until he was touching the back of my throat, suppressing my gag reflex. I began to suck with a new passion, determined to make him cum. He made a husky groaning noise and spasmed.

After a few more passionate moments, he pushed me away by the shoulder, pointed his beautiful cock at my face, and started to viciously jerk himself off, his face set in concentration, his hand practically a blur. I opened my mouth wide and looked up at him, my hands going around to knead that firm ass.

His beautiful eyes snapped open as he came, dark and fierce with lust. He let out a deliciously primal growl as every perfect muscle tensed. His knuckles were white as he tightly clutched his erupting cock; I was surprised he didn't injure himself. His firehose went off on me, shooting his thick, creamy seed in my hair, down my throat, all over my face, running down my chest in hot, gooey streams. I was amazed by my sweet muscle-stud; he just kept cumming, like his cock would never run dry. He sat there, staring at me through squinted eyes, the purest, most intense orgasmic pleasure I've ever seen radiating from him. His entire body was struck with tremors, making me feel like I was enduring my own personal earthquake.

Eventually, the powerful jets of cum subsided. Levi was breathing heavily, and stared down at me with a faint, utterly satisfied smile. He lost the strength in his legs right then, and abruptly slid down the tile wall, landing with a thud in front of me.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked, laughing.

It took him a second to focus, but he eventually gathered the willpower to grin and nod. I thought he was unbelievably adorable, masculine but dazed and helpless. My own personal teddy bear.

I leaned forward and kissed him. He kissed me back with more passion than I thought he was capable in that state. Sluggishly, he pulled me in closer and licked my face. He tasted his own cum, maybe for the first time, and grunted in delight. I straddled his thick thighs, languishing as he cleaned me off. His tongue moved dreamily over my skin as he lapped up his own delicious cum. In turn, I ran my hands over his big, bulging shoulders and biceps, hypnotized by his perfection. I latched my mouth onto the base of his neck and sucked on the skin to mark him as mine. He groaned quietly, starting to regain his strength.

Needing to have my cock touched, I ground up against him, lifting myself so he could get at my chest easier. I hadn't cum yet, and I was still so hot; I needed release, and it showed. I whimpered when his tongue passed over my sensitive nipple. My throbbing, painful tool slapped against his abs and smeared my precum all over him. He looked down at it, and I felt his dick start to rise again at the sight of me. He poked me gently in the thigh and sucked my neck, making me cry out and hump faster. Oh, I was so close; I could feel my balls rising up, that familiar last tingle as I went all the way...

He put his hands on my hips, stopping me from rubbing against him. I was at the very edge, positive I was about to explode. I bit my lip hard, waiting for that release...which gradually backed off, only a mouthful of precum dripping down onto Levi, rather than the huge load of sweet juice I had been expecting. I groaned and wailed, feeling so unsatisfied, knowing I would need to start all over again. This had to be revenge, I thought, for teasing him before I sucked his dick.

I looked into his eyes, flushed and panting and filled with pure desire. He stared back evenly. I waited until I got my breathing under control, groaned again, and buried my face in his neck. He held me, and I knew he had a bemused smile written on his angelic face.

"I'm sorry," he murmured insincerely. "That wasn't fair of me."

"Two more seconds, you big jerk. That was all I needed," I whimpered, hitting him in the chest with my fist (which had no effect whatsoever).

He tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle the laugh that started deep in his gut. "Can I make it up to you?" He pulled my head back gently to look at me straight-on. His smiling eyes suddenly went serious. "Nicolo," he whispered hesitantly. "Would you let me fuck you?"

There was something so passionate, so raw in those gray eyes, I knew I couldn't say no. To be honest, I had been waiting for him to ask me that since I met him. "How else would you make up for ruining what might have been the best cum of my life?" I smirked, giving him my cheekiest 'Hell yes, fuck me' grin. He looked dark, suddenly, and gave me a haunting, predatory leer. He was ready to be a big boy now.

He unceremoniously stood, hoisted me over his shoulder (careful not to crush the rosy, engorged, dripping thing between my legs), turned the shower off and hauled me to the bedroom. We were both dripping wet. Neither of us cared. He tossed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me, pinning my shoulders into the bed and taking my mouth with his...then biting my neck and shoulder, growling, and going back up for another rough, primal kiss. All the time he was grinding his hips up against me, stimulating himself but leaving me unable to move enough to get any satisfaction. I felt tiny under him, and realized again how easily he could do anything to me. I was helpless to this wild thing, and that fear alone almost made me cum.

He ran his hands all over me as we kissed, and raised me up a little to get to my ass. I felt him pinch me, and I yelped, then moaned into him. I lifted my hips more to rub my dick against his, but he moved up himself, leaving me with nothing for stimulation. He pulled back, a cocky grin on his face. He brought his hand to my mouth, gracefully brushing against my lips. I took each finger into my mouth, nibbling and sucking and getting them all wet and sloppy.

Levi let go and sucked and nipped down my body, leaving little bite marks on my skin. I whimpered around his fingers. "Shit Levi, that feels--Oh, ohhh!"

He sat back on his haunches above me and pushed my knees to my chest. He grinned at me, cocky, then looked down at my ass. The hunger was unmistakable. I saw him shiver, then go down to suck and nuzzle my cheeks.

"Do you want me inside you?" He said when his mouth wasn't on me, his voice rough and confident again.

"Yes, Levi. I want your cock deep..." I trailed off and gasped when he pushed his fingertip against my hungry opening. I involuntarily tried to grab at him, but he wouldn't let me take him in yet. He sat there for several long moments, just brushing his slick finger against my hole.

He wouldn't even give me the slightest reprieve. I was in fucking Heaven. He waited until I was sweating and moaning uncontrollably before he finally gave me one long finger, sticking it deep inside and slowly fucking me. I cried out in ecstasy and thrust my ass towards him as much as possible. I watched him, and knew he was getting almost as hot and impatient as I was. His dripping rod was pointing and reaching for me. He wanted to fuck me long and hard, and we both knew it.

Within a couple moments, he had added another finger, then three big fingers were being forced up my horny ass. It felt fantastic, euphoric, even, but I still wanted his fat dick inside me, impaling me, making me feel filled and possessed by this hot, unbelievable stud.

"LEVI, STICK YOUR HUGE FUCKING COCK UP MY TIGHT ASS! I NEED YOU RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" I howled at him. He looked like he could already cum on command at this point, and I knew I would go off if he so much as breathed on me wrong. I needed to be fucked, I needed to cum, and I needed him to cum inside me.

Without a hint of hesitation, my man withdrew his fingers and lined his stick up with my ass. He rubbed his cock once or twice, smearing the precum all around for lube, then pushed his pink cockhead in.

He was big. He was 'holy shit, how is this physically possible?' big. I yelled in pain and clung to him when he so abruptly popped in; I felt like a virgin myself, for a moment. It hurt so badly my orgasm backed off, leaving me with more time to build up. Levi watched me with dark, concerned eyes and waited until I could hold his gaze. His former, cocky demeanor had gone straight out the window. "Are you all right, Nicolo? Did I hurt you?" he kept asking.

I took a deep, shuddering breath. "You're huge," I murmured. "Take it slow at first, okay?"

"All right. I'm sorry."

I smiled. "Don't be sorry. Just be gentle, at least in the beginning. Then you can fuck and pound to your heart's content."

He nodded, a faint, reassuring smile playing on those perfect lips, a hopeful yet lascivious light in his face. My pain had brought him back into his own virgin head.

His eyelids fluttered until they were nearly closed, and slowly, he began to thrust his rigid dick into my ass. He was tender now, loving and kind as he made love to me. It took several moments for him to fully sheathe himself. I personally thought it would never end, it was so damn long and thick. He kept that same tender, steady rythym, letting me adjust to the ginormous stick in my ass, despite the look of need and pain on his own face.

I yelped when he hit my prostate, sparks flashing in front of my eyes. "Nicolo?" I faintly heard.

"Ohhh, do that again," I begged, wiggling my ass around to stimulate him.

He started rubbing back and forth against the cluster of nerves, over and over, sending me over the moon and back. I groaned and threw my head back, when he began to suck on my neck. "Levi...Levi, ohhh, you're going to make me cuuummm..."

"Not before I get to fuck you," he growled. In an instant, I was on my shaky hands and knees, and he was gradually rocking his hips faster, his cock having never left my hole.

He still retained some self-control, and kept his ears open for any sign of distress. I was open and ready for him now, though. "Give it all to me, Levi. I'm ready, and I want that big fuckstick of yours."

To say he gave me said fuckstick is an understatement. He started to fuck me so hard I fell forward onto my face, my arms giving out and my ass moving into the perfect position for his tool. He pistoned in and out of me, hitting my prostate with each plunge and making me scream until my throat was sore, too. I had never felt so damn full and complete. I felt like I was made for him, and vice versa. Not long after that, he rammed over and over into my guts so hard I had a system overload, and ceased to have any coherent thoughts. I was transformed into a howling, sweating, trembling mess, about to explode, or have a heart attack, or both.

It only took a few minutes for him to lose it. He cried out; sometime afterwards I would realize he'd screamed my name. He thrust into me one last time, spraying jets of hot cum deep in what felt like my chest. He bent over on top of me and bit into my shoulder, a brutal, primal love bite. He drew a little blood, but that sensual, agonizing feeling was what sent me over the edge.

My orgasm was so intense I literally couldn't feel my body. I was washed away in waves of the most concentrated euphoria I had ever known. Absolutely nothing in that moment mattered, save for the other being that had given me this, that seemed somehow irrevocably entwined with me. If I could have formed a thought, I might have considered the idea that he'd split me in half, and now I was dead and in Heaven.

I slowly floated back down to earth, a surprisingly steady and comfortable journey. I was still panting, twitching with the aftershock, covered in sweat. I managed to pry open my eyes, to see the world's most beautiful, no-longer-a-virgin man looking back, cradling me in his arms like the defenseless, newborn babe I'd become as he lay back on the bed. I couldn't move a single tired muscle. I tried to thank him, but it came out as a bunch of strange syllables. He grinned and kissed me deeply in understanding.

In that moment, I didn't care about being homeless, didn't care what problems the future might hold from the fire, the cause of this blessing in disguise. Instead, I sighed happily and passed out in those strong, safe, loving arms, utterly at peace with the world.




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