'Cadet Banks, follow me to my quarters and we'll get you squared away and have a little talk.' Chief Officer Whitman directed towards me. I gave him a 'I wasn't doing anything' stare as he turned and started walking. 'NOW!' he shouted and by this point everyone in the building had stopped what they were doing and were now looking at the two of us. Very disappointed and almost at the point of trembling with fear, I started following him with my belongings behind me, not knowing what we were doing but fearing that he knew exactly what I was looking at when he approached me. Without a word he opened a door and held it for me, behind it was a dimly lit hallway that reminded me of a horror film in an old gymnasium.

We walked down the length of the building without as much as a word until we reached an office with his name on the door and no glass window. 'Get ready for an ass chewing Banks' I remember telling myself. Inside, the room was pretty decent size, with a couch towards the hall wall, an oversized desk with a lamp, a computer, and some paperwork piled up on it. There was also a tv and a bookcase off to the side. 'Have a seat young man', he said. I thought about sitting down on the couch but decided I'd be better off dragging a chair in front of his desk as a sign of respect.

'What you were doing back there, we have a name for it and I don't think you wanted me to call you out in front of the rest of the cadets before you've had an opportunity to establish a reputation amongst them' he said rather cheerfully. 'Well excuse me sir, but you already accused me of doing something in front of them so I don't see the difference.' I shot back. Immediately CO Whitman stood up from his desk and started unbuttoning his shirt. Even though he still had a white T-shirt under his dress shirt, I could clearly see what lied beneath was no illusion, he was naturally ripped. That feeling that I had while talking with Brad earlier was quickly coming back, and if he didn't sit back down he would have a bird's eye view to my monster having its own mind.

He chuckled and walked around the desk where I was sitting, 'They have no idea what I called you out for, well okay some might, but they won't dare ask unless given a confirmation by you.......or myself.' I didn't think I was going to like where this was going and for some reason unethical behavior popped into my head. Really? If he was going where I thought he was unethical behavior was about to be the last thing on my mind. Then, the paranoia kicked in. 'I'm sure the guys walk around with their shirts unbuttoned at the station all the time.' my conscious tried desperately to convince me. 'Yea, why was I thinking this was going to go the way I thought/wanted just because he unbuttoned his shirt, he didn't take it off.' A deafening silence filled the room, CO Whitman standing at the edge of his desk looking down at me, and I'm trying not to glance his body over because if he had caught me doing what I'm pretty sure he already knew of, I definitely didn't want to do the same to him.

After what seemed like an eternity he finally broke the silence and said, 'Go ahead son, I know you want to check me out. As a matter of fact, you're not too bad looking yourself and I wouldn't mind seeing what kind of package you've got hidden in those jeans.' He said in a seductive tone. Oh.........my..........god, my heart was racing and I think I was about to break out into a cold sweat. No need for a feeling anymore, all the blood had now rushed to my now raging hard-on, begging to be set free from its jean and boxer captor. Without a word, I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, and slid the zipper down. I could feel the sensation of cool air rushing onto my private parts as my fingers felt the hot air rising from the hole. I didn't need to do anything else, CO Whitman stepped over and grabbed my dick with his hand. 'Mmmm, I can't even get one hand around it, so I suppose a mouth is in order.' And with that he knelt to one knee and put his mouth on the tip of my cock.

So many thoughts were rushing through my head. Should this be happening, was this really happening, how he knew to do this, was I going to get kicked out.........and on and on. All the while Whitman had managed to make it halfway down my shaft, and he wouldn't even need to get a good motion going because I could feel my juices ready to explode. If I ever knew what sticking my dick into a vacuum cleaner felt like, this was the closest I was going to get. Obviously it wasn't his first time. I leaned my head back and focused on the tiles in the ceiling before closing them and letting out a big moan. 'Ahhhhhh, this feels damn good sir.' I said rather loudly. 'Shut the fuck up Banks' he interjected before I could say more, 'We don't want to be heard, but it is good to hear you say something, wasn't sure if you liked what I was doing or not.' And back to sucking my dick he went. I needed this badly, and if you need an indicator of how badly my dick was now starting to ache as the fluids starting building.

'Won't be long' 'Just like that' 'Oh, god you are good'..........followed almost in unison. He reached a hand up under my shirt and started rubbing my nipples. It was a new sensation, and what I needed to send me over the edge. I placed my hand on the back of his head and held him in place, he was going to get ALL I had to give him this day. I shot and I felt him gag a little bit, but it relaxed and the cum just kept oozing out. My hand left the back of his head and he went to pull out 'Wait!' I almost shouted, 'I'm not done' and shoved my dick back in his mouth for one last shot. After that was over he pulled away licking around his mouth with his tongue and stood up.

'Banks.........CADET BANKS' he all but shouted as I felt something hard come across my face. I looked back at him, we were standing in the hallway looking at his office door, and hadn't even made it in the office yet. It appeared all the blood he had now was in his face because it was as red as you can imagine at this point. Oh no! Had I really blacked out all the while having a fantasy of getting a blowjob from Chief Officer Whitman? Indeed I had, and I'd probably be in even more trouble when he got me inside his office. There had been no unbuttoned shirt, no grabbing my dick and definitely no mind-boggling blowjob. One thing was certain though, not only was I pitching a tent with my rock hard boner, but there was a wet spot at the tip. 'Looks like you've had an accident Banks, let's get you cleaned up and you can explain to me what happened and why I shouldn't kick your over sexed ass out of my academy' he said angrily. What exactly was I supposed to tell him at this point? I needed to think of something............and fast.

***I have great stories to share, but haven't considered myself much of a writer. In an effort to put these on paper I am trying this out. Feel free to email me with your comments or suggestions, but keep in mind I'll hopefully progress as I go along.



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