Well, there I was gazing at the facility that would be my home for the next few weeks. I had often thought about what could go wrong with a gay guy entering a fire academy full of potentially hot guys. But I decided that I could handle pretty much anything at this point and not many other jobs would put you up, train you, and give you a decent pay at the same time. Another incentive not to fuck this up beyond repair. I was 3 days past my 21st birthday, sexually reprieved, confused, and quite honestly....a little scared. I wasn't too shabby in the physical feature region, I was about 6'3' tall, weighing in at just under 200 (almost at the cut off for the academy), with crew cut black hair and brown eyes. It was a long ways away from my high of 300 pounds that was for certain.

I only even applied for the academy after a family friend tipped my father off that the city would be hiring again soon and wanted fresh recruits. I knew, or was hoping, that I wouldn't get accepted so that I could continue down my no-responsibility path, but that was now over. Here I stood about to check in for 6 weeks of absolute misery (or so I thought). It was a rather cool night for the ending of the summer, which was a good thing I thought, if we were to be out running as soon as we checked in.

As I was walking down the path just passed the gate, I noticed a few other guys carrying green and black bags on their back. Most of them extended from just over their heads down to below their butts, hiding the view of which I desperately hoped to get to see. 'Shit' I thought to myself, 'I haven't even made it through in-processing and I'm already trying to look at asses, this is going to be harder than I thought.' As soon as I stepped through the big double doors I found a line of what I could only assume were my fellow cadets, and I seconded that first thought with a big pain between my legs. There was a foul smell, the kind you'd expect from an old building coupled with about two dozen freshly showered men. There were at least 25 guys standing in front of me, each not saying a word and from the side glances I caught (without trying to be noticed) they were indeed hot, out of my league some would say.

After about 25 minutes of waiting in line, I felt something tugging on my sack that I had transferred from my side to my back. 'Hey guy, my name is Brad' the guy standing behind me said. I turned around and as a result of being caught off guard by this strangers' awesome gaze, I hit the guy in front of me (now behind me) with my sack. 'Excuse me' I said, rather embarrassed. 'No problem man, I guess we're all a little nervous', he shot back a little smugly. I extended my hand to shake that of the man whom had introduced himself, 'Thanks, my name is Jake' were the words I was able to get out. Brad was pretty hot, and while checking him out I missed the whole initial conversation it seemed like. He was a little shorter than I, with blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that I knew would be cut sooner or later. He was wearing a very tight shirt that showed off his pecs and abs defiantly, huge arms and what I could only assume to be strong thighs and calves as well.

As I quickly attempted to snap back into the conversation before he noticed I was checking him out (too late for that), I heard the word 'girlfriend', 'horny', and 'new to the city'. That didn't help because I started thinking why he was telling me all of this in the first conversation I've ever had with the guy, and still hadn't spoken anything other than my name. I quickly glanced around and noticed that we were the only ones talking, albeit quietly and wondered what that was about, and then I felt a familiar feeling. Any other time it would have been more than welcome, but standing in a line waiting to check in talking to a guy I'd expect to be on the cover of GQ or something, it was not welcome in any way. 'Hey man, it was nice meeting you and thanks for the introduction, but I don't think anyone else is talking and this is a great way to stand out.' I said quickly, and turned around hoping I could concentrate on the lights hanging from the ceiling and make this pending boner go away.

There wouldn't be a way to hide it, fully erect it was 8.5 inches long, and thick, with a big mushroom head. 'Damn it, damn it.....' I kept repeating until finally it felt like the sensation was subsiding and I was going to be able to pull this off. I started to count the guys in front of me left before I reached the desk and it was down to 6, just a little while longer. The guy I had nudged with my bag had sat his own down on the floor, and I could see a pretty defined buttocks right in front of me. 'I should just turn around and walk back to my truck right now' I thought, 'If I'm having so much trouble to begin with, how will I ever be able to face them in the showers and while changing.'

Unbeknownst to myself, I still had my eyes fixated in the general direction of the guys ass while I heard what appeared to be footsteps coming in my general direction. I looked up to see a uniformed man, probably mid-30s or so. I thought of a pressing iron because of the way his hair looked, and he was about 6' in height. Because of the uniform I couldn't tell whether or not he was muscled or just filling the uniform out well, but he didn't look happy at all. 'I hope you're staring at the floor Mr.......' the guy said. 'Banks, Jake Banks' I stupidly stuttered out. 'Cadet Banks, I'm Chief Officer Whitman' he said. I thought to myself, 'Oh boy, could I be in trouble before I even get started?'

***I have great stories to share, but haven't considered myself much of a writer. In an effort to put these on paper I am trying this out. Feel free to email me with your comments or suggestions, but keep in mind I'll hopefully progress as I go along.



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