Paul and I got back to my house and rushed in the door.

After pushing the door closed, I forced Paul against the wall. Tugging at his clothes, I began to make out with him. We kissed hard and deep, groping each others bodies.

I pulled out of the kiss, grabbed both of his wrists and pinned his hands to the wall.

"Tell me what you want to do." I said.

"Before anything...." Paul broke free from my grip, "I need a piss."

"How kinky are you?" I said.

"I've not done many kinky things." said Paul.

"Do you want to?" I said.

"I'd do anything...." Paul quickly pecked my lips, "to please you."

"It's not about me..." I brushed my fingers over his cheek, "I want you to be pleased too."

"What are you thinking?" Paul said.

"About you pissing on me?" I said.

"I could...." Paul took hold of my hand, "I've never done it before though."

"You want to?" I said.

"Yeah..." He released my hand, "where we doing it?"

"In the shower." I said.

I walked up the staircase, closely followed by Paul. Reaching the top of the stairs, I pulled my t-shirt up over my head.

"Fuck, you are fit." Paul said.

"Thanks baby..." I dropped my shirt on the floor, "but I'm nothing compared to you."

Paul instantly turned red, just as he had in the car.

"You need to get used to compliments." I said.

"I'll try." He said.

"You had better..." I kicked off my sneakers, "I'll be complementing you a lot."

I pulled my jeans down and kicked them from around my ankles. Still fully dressed, Paul stepped toward me and planted a kiss on my lips.

I kissed him back, while gripping his shirt. I couldn't be gentle anymore, I pulled at the fabric. His shirt flew open, causing a couple of buttons to pop off and fly down the stairs.

I slipped the remains of the shirt off him. Still making out with me, Paul's hands started to run over my skin. I shivered as he gently ran his fingertips down my ribs. 

He found the waistband of my boxers and teased the elastic while massaging my tongue with his.

He pulled out of the kiss and quickly tugged at my underwear. He pulled them down, just enough to uncover my cock and balls. I could swear that half of the beach fell out of my boxers.

While shaking the sand off my feet, I pulled my shorts all the way down and kicked them to one side.

Paul quickly went to his knees, laughing at the pile of sand beneath me. He wasn't laughing long, I grabbed his hair and pulled his face into my crotch.

Paul's mouth opened, allowing my cock to slam into it. His soft lips held my rod tight, slipping down my seven inches.

"Wow..." I let go of his hair, "that feels good."

His mouth worked my shaft slowly, while his tongue teased my helmet. It was by far, the best blow that I'd ever had.

I was gutted when he stopped after sucking me for just a couple of minutes. He released my cock and jumped to his feet.

"I really need to pee." He said.

"Come on then, baby." I said.

Paul followed me into the bathroom and over to the shower cubicle. I gently kissed his plump lips, then stepped into the shower and got onto my knees.

Reaching up, I unbuttoned Paul's jeans. He reached into his pants and pulled out his meat. With him being semi, it was difficult to tell how big it was.

Without warning, the piss began to flow. Holding his cock, Paul aimed his stream at my chest. The warm fluid ran down my body, coating me well.

I leaned back a little and opened my mouth. Paul got the hint and moved his cock, to point it as my face. His piss was filling my mouth and overflowing down my chin. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of it.

Paul's stream became weak, barely reaching me. The last of his pass ran over my legs and my junk. Opening my eyes, I saw that he was now fully hard.

Still on my knees, I moved forward. I gently grabbed his solid cock. The last few drops of pee landed on my tongue as I wrapped my lips around his shaft.

I worked my way down his long rod. He was definitely longer then me, but he missed the girth. I didn't mind though, it made it easier to swallow it.

I sucked hard, taking his helmet and the remainder of his piss down my throat. I began to work him hard and fast, making him moan loud.

I quickly stopped when I felt him filling my mouth with his pre. I knew that he wouldn't last long, with me not letting him cum earlier.

With my mouth free from his cock, I gulped hard, making sure to swallow all the pre that he'd given me.

"What did you think of that?" I said.

"It was good...." Paul forced his rod back into his pants, "better then I thought it would be."

"Good." I said.

I stood up and hit the power button on the shower. I quickly washed Paul's piss off my skin and turned the shower off.

"Do you want to try something else" I grabbed a towel from the heater, "something kinky?"

"Like what?" Paul said.

"Anything, baby." I said.

I dried myself off and threw the towel into the corner of the room.

"Come into the bedroom." I said.

We left the bathroom, walked across the landing and into my room. Next to the bed, I knelt down and reached under the metal frame. I pulled out a big black box.

"This is my box of tricks..." I pulled off the lid, "see if you like the look of any of it."

I got back to my feet and climbed onto the bed. Laying on my side, I watched Paul peek into the box.

"Nothing in there will bite you." I said.

Paul smiled and started to reach into the box. He began to take items out and place them on the bed, beside me. Each object that I saw, gave me a flash of a memory. Memories of the last time each of them were used.

Paul smiled at me as he reached into the box again.

"What?" I said.

Pulling his hand back out of the box, he showed me what he had found. Hanging from his hand, were a set of metal handcuffs.

"Those are the best..." I took the cuffs from him, "they're a lot better then the leather ones."

"You have used them a lot then?" Paul said.

"No..." I gave them back to him, "those are used on me."

"Cool..." Paul stood up, "I want to use them now."

"Do anything you want, baby." I said.

Paul pushed the pile of items to the bottom of the bed and sat beside me. Taking hold of my wrists, he forced my hands above my head.

Reaching over me, he wrapped the chain around the headboard and locked the cuffs around each of my wrists. The feeling of the metal on my skin, already had my cock hardening.

He gently ran his hand over my chest, causing me to shudder. As the goosebumps started to form, his fingers found my nipple. He squeezed it hard, twisting it a little. 

"Fuck!" I said.

I gasped hard when he squeezed my nipple again. 

"Let me have your cock." I said.

"Oi!..." Paul's hand struck my face, "don't tell me what to do, bitch."

"Sorry, sir." I said.

Paul reached into the pile of tricks and dug around a little. When he brought his hand back into my view, I saw that he was holding a ball gag. 

While climbing off the bed, he placed the gag beside me. I was a little disappointed that he wasn't putting the gag on me. That was until I saw that he was undressing. 

He quickly pulled his jeans down, stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. Eyeing up his package, I saw that his little red boxes were covered in his pre. He was clearly as turned on as I was. 

Paul's hard cock bounced as he freed it from his shorts. Pulling them all the way off, he dropped his boxes on the floor. 

In one movement, he jumped back onto the bed and straddled me chest. 

"You wanted my cock...." Paul took hold of his rod, "now you're gonna get it." 

His solid meat slapped against my face. He lifted his cock to hit me with it again, leaving a trail of pre across my mouth. I licked my lips, lapping at the juice. 

"Open your fucking mouth!" He said. 

Without hesitation, I did as I was told. 

"Good boy..." He slid his cock into my mouth, "now swallow it." 

Before I had chance to start working on his cock, he began to thrust. Using the headboard to hold him up, he started to slowly fuck my mouth. 

I gagged a little as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. He pulled almost all the way out, then all the way back down my throat. With each thrust, his bush pressed against my nose. He had a strong smell of both sweat and cum. 

With his cock not being too wide, I managed to swallow when I felt my mouth filling with pre again.  

"Oh fuck..." He began to pound my throat hard, "your mouth feels good." 

Just as my mouth was starting to ache, he stopped. His wet cock pulled out of my mouth and struck my face again. 

"Fuck me." I said. 

"Are you telling me what to do again?" 

"Yes..." I pulled at the cuffs, "I need you inside me." 

"That's it!..." Paul picked up the ball gag, "open your mouth!" 

Just as I parted my lips, the ball was shoved between them. He pulled the leather strap round my head and fastened it in place. 

"That should shut you up." He said. 

Paul climbed off my chest and moved down the bed. With a firm grip, he forced my legs open and knelt between them. 

His hand wrapped around my throbbing cock and gripped it tight. He started to stroke me slowly, but soon picked up the pace. He was wanking me hard and fast while teasing my balls. 

Without warning he tugged at my balls pulling them as far as he could. I tried to tell him to stop, but the plastic ball stopped the word from forming. 

Just as I felt myself about to explode, he released my cock and balls. He grabbed my legs again. This time pulling them into the air. 

"Hold them there." He said. 

He released my legs, leaving me to keep them up for him. 

I jumped as his hands gripped my butt cheeks. He lightly brushed over my hole, teasing it. Pushing the tip of one finger against my opening, he forced his way in. 

He gently slid his finger in and out me. My ass gripped him tightly with each movement.

He pulled his finger out of me before repositioning himself. His face was now just an inch from my butt. 

I bit into the gag as the tip of his tongue met my hole. He licked at my outer ring, teasing me. He slipped his tongue inside me, reaching as far as it could go. 

Moaning like never before, I wished that I could tell him how good it felt. He ate my ass for a few more minutes, massaging deep inside me. 

He left my ass and sat back up. Looking up at me, he must of seen the pleasure in my face. He flashed a sweet smile, before laying on top of me. 

He kissed my neck while reaching for his cock. He pressed his rod against my wet hole. Pushing himself deep inside me, he released his cock. 

While slowly fucking me, he loosened the gag. He pulled the ball from my mouth and dropped the gag onto the bed. He started to kiss me hard. 

I locked my legs around his waist, making sure that he didn't get away. Our tongues wrestled while his solid cock moved in and out of my ass. 

He pushed inside me, as deep as he could go and stayed there for a second. The pressure against my insides had me feeling like I was about to blow my load. 

He pulled almost all the way out of me, then pushed back inside me. 

"Fuck!..." I gasped for air, "pound my ass." 

He picked up the pace, slamming his cock against my insides. Pounding me hard and fast, he bit into my neck. His teeth sank deeper into me skin as he started to grunt. 

He started to moan loudly when his teeth left my neck. 

"I'm gonna cum." He said. 

After a few more hard thrusts, he began to squirt deep inside me. His whole body shook as shot after shot filled my ass. He kissed me softly while still grinding inside me. 

With his softening cock still inside me, he reached down for my cock. He started to stroke me hard and fast. Our tongues began to wrestle again while he wanked me. 

I moaned into his mouth as I felt myself getting close. His grip tightened around my cock, which took me over the edge. I started to cum, spraying my load over both of us. He stroked me slowly, making sure to get every drop out of me.

"That was amazing, baby." I said. 

"I know..." He let go of my cock, "the best I've had." 

He smiled at me before giving me a quick peck. 

"I'd better find the key to those cuffs." Paul said. 

Paul pulled his cock out of my ass and climbed off me. It wasn't until I lowered my legs, that I realized how much they ached. 

Paul dug into my box of tricks, looking for the key. It took him a minute to find it. Reaching over me, he unlocked the cuffs. 

Free from my restraints, I sat up on the bed. After catching my breath, I jumped off the bed and left the room. 

I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. When I turned around, Paul was in the doorway with a huge smile on his face. 

"What's with you?" I said. 

"You..." He stepped toward me, "you're amazing." 

He placed his hands around my waist. I leaned in and kissed him softly. 

"Your the amazing one, baby." I said. 

I turned around and stepped into the shower. I took the shower gel from the shelf and started to lather myself up. As I was about to rinse myself off, Paul's hand struck my butt. 

"Oi..." I turned to face him, "get in here with me."

I moved to one side, allowing him to get under the water. I let him wash himself before grabbing him and planted a kiss on his lips. 

"Will you stay with me tonight?" I said. 

"Yeah, I'd love to." He said.

Finished showering, we dried each other off. 

"Do you want to watch a movie or something." I said.

"Sure." He said.

We went back into the bedroom. I took the extra blanket from the top of the wardrobe and lead Paul downstairs. Paul chose a movie and put it on. We cuddled up on the sofa, covered with the blanket and watched the movie. 

Mr Right has become Mr Perfect.



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