It has been a while since I posted something.

Things got really fucked up when I introduced Kyle to my brother. I have been with both of them, so I know what they're like. I shouldn't of been surprised when they started getting it on together.

Since my fun times with Kyle have stopped, I decided that it's time to settle down with Mr Right.

I have been looking for guys on grindr and other apps. After a few weeks of looking. I finally found someone that could hold a real conversation.

His profile name was shypaul and his picture was amazing. His profile said that he was looking for a relationship, not just sex. He seemed perfect.

I sent him a message to say hi. He replied within seconds. We did the whole small talk thing for a while, before deciding that we should meet up.

We figured that we should meet in public, so that we didn't get tempted to pounce on each other. We agreed to meet in Starbucks for coffee. I couldn't wait to meet him, so we made the decision to meet the next day.

The morning came and I woke, nervous for the day to come. I would usually only meet guys for a fuck, the thought of a date had my heart racing.

I jumped out of bed and started to get myself ready. Stepping into the shower, I felt my heart pound. With the water running over me, I leaned against the wall and tried to get myself under control.

Finished washing, I left the cubicle and wrapped a towel around my waist. I went back into my bedroom and opened the wardrobe. I eventually chose what I wanted to wear, dried myself off and got dressed.

It wasn't until I was about to leave the bedroom, that I realized what time it was. I only had half of an hour before we were due to meet. I knew I shouldn't of agreed to meet him so early.

I rushed into the bathroom and finished getting ready. With my hair looking as good as I could make it, I ran downstairs. I took my keys and wallet from the coffee table and left the house.

After getting into my car, I took a deep breath to calm the nerves that still lingered. I drove into the town centre and found a parking space right outside of the coffee shop.

I figured I should let Paul know that I was there. I reached into my pocket and pulled my phone out.

"I'm outside Starbucks now babe." I texted

"I'm already inside" he replied, almost instantly.

I left the car and walked into the shop. It was almost empty in there, so it didn't take me long to find him. Paul was sat in the far corner, watching me walk across the room.

Approaching the table, I couldn't help but think about how good he looked. His pictures did not do him justice.

"Hi..." I leaned him and kissed his cheek. "Have you been here long?"

"I only got here a couple of minutes before you." Paul said.

"Do you want..." I peered into the empty mug in front of Paul "another coffee?"

"Yeah..." Paul reached into his pocket, "I'll get it."

"No you will not." I said.

Paul gave me one of the sweetest smiles that I had ever seen, flashing his perfect white teeth. I smiled back at him, before walking toward the counter. Paul followed behind me.

We ordered our drinks then went back to the table. Just as we got to the table, Paul's phone began to ring.

"I'm sorry, I have to answer this." He said. 

"Ok babe." I said.

Paul went over to the door and walked out of the shop. He answered the phone and started to pace outside of the window.

I began to eye him up. His jeans showed off his little butt perfectly. I was almost hypnotized while watching it wiggle when he walked.

I got a great look at his crotch as he turned to look through the glass. Enjoying the view, it took me a second to realize that he had caught me. I looked up at his face, to once again see that amazing smile. He finished his call then came back inside.

A member of staff came to the table, delivering our drinks. The waiter was hot, clearly muscle bound and with a tattoo peering out from under his collar.

He was the kind of person that you didn't want around while you were on a date. I'd expected Paul to have some reaction to the guy, but there was no sign that he was interested in him. The guy went back behind the counter.

"I saw you looking at me." Paul said.

"I know..." I picked up my coffee, "I couldn't help myself."

I sipped at my black coffee, unsure of what else to say. We had already been through all the small talk when we were chatting on the app.

"What shall we do after this coffee?" Paul said.

"Erm...", I placed my coffee on the table, "you could come to my house and hang out."

"Well...." Paul slid his finger around the rim of his cup, "I would struggle to keep my hands to myself."

"What do you want to do instead?" I said. 

"How about a walk on the beach." He said.

"Sure..." I looked through the window, "it's a good day for it.

It was a beautiful day, warm and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. 

"Let's go then." Paul said. 

"Ok babe..." I gulped down the last of my coffee, "the beach isn't going anywhere."

"I know, I just want to be out in the sun." Said Paul.

We both stood up and walked toward the exit. Without thinking I opened the door and held it open for Paul to walk through. 

"Such a gent..."He went through the door, "thank you."

Paul started to walk down the pavement, away from my car.

"Where are you going?" I said.

"To the bus stop." He said.

"I'm driving babe." I said.

"Oh..." Paul came back toward me, "I didn't think."

"Hop in then gorgeous." I said.

I opened the passenger side door and let Paul sit in the seat before closing it again.

I jumped in the driver's side and started the engine. We hadn't moved from the parking spot when Paul placed his hand on my leg. I looked down at his hand, turned to face him and smiled.

I pulled out and started down the road. After turning the radio on, I placed my hand on top of Paul's. His fingers wrapped around mine, holding me tight.

"I'm glad that you sent me that message last night." He said.

"I'm glad that you replied babe." I said.

"Why did you decide to message me? He said.

"Well..." I lifted my hand to flip the indicator, "a couple of reasons really."

"Like what?" He said.

I rested my hand back on top of Paul's.

"Your pic was amazing and your profile said all the right things."

"You liked my picture that much." He said.

"Yeah, mainly your smile and your beautiful green eyes." I said.

Glancing at Paul, I saw that he had gone red.

"Come on..." I hit the indicator again, "You must be used to getting compliments."

"Not from someone that wants more then my ass." He said.

I squeezed his hand a little and brushed my thumb over his fingers. He squeezed my hand in return.

It took me a while to find somewhere to park. I eventually found a space near the pier and pulled into it.

After turning the engine off, I unlocked my seatbelt and leaned toward Paul. I placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, then quickly jumped out of the car.

Once Paul was out of the car, we walked along the pavement, toward the beach. We hadn't gotten far when Paul grabbed my hand. He held it tight while we walked.

We walked down a a set of stairs that took us right onto the beach.

"It's busy here." Paul said.

"Yeah..." I looked over the crowd, " let's go this way."

We strolled along the sand, still hand in hand.

"This is nice." Paul said.

"Yes, it is." I said.

I have never been the kind of guy that flaunts that he is gay. I would normally avoid holding hands in public. This was different, I couldn't care less. Holding Paul's hand felt right, like his hand belonged in mine.

We walked further down the beach and found a quiet spot.

"Shall we sit for a while." Paul said.

"Yeah." I said.

We took a few more steps and sat on the sand, side by side. Paul leaned into me, resting his head on my shoulder. We sat in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the sounds of the water.

After being lost in the moment for an unknown amount of time, I reached my hand up and started to gently run my fingers through Paul's blonde hair.

"I could really fall for you." I said.

"It's the same for me..." Paul lifted his head, "I started to fall for you in Starbucks."

I looked into his bright green eyes and saw all the sincerity in them. I couldn't stop myself anymore, I moved in to kiss him. As soon as my lips connected with his, he started to kiss me back.

All self control abandoned me, my hands started to run over his slim torso. I pushed forward a little, forcing Paul onto his back. Moving on top of him, we started to make out harder.

Paul is very different to my usual type. If you have read my other posts, you will know I like muscles and ink. Paul is slim, smooth and tattoo free. Although he is the opposite, he turns me on more then anyone that I have ever been with.

Moving my hand over his amazing body, I made contact with his crotch. He was hard, so much so that I could feel it throbbing through his jeans.

Paul moaned into my mouth as I squeezed his cock. With our tongues still massaging each other, I began to unfasten his jeans.

I slipped my hand beneath the dark denim and took hold of his rod.

"Fuck me..." Paul took a deep breath, "right here."

I looked over my shoulder, to check that we weren't about to be caught. There was nobody close enough to see what we were doing.

After pulling my hand free from his jeans, I forced my it into his underwear. I gripped his solid cock and began to stroke it.

Paul quietly moaned as his sneakers dug into sand. We made out a little more while I took him to the edge. His moans became louder, he started breathing heavily and his fingers dug into my skin.

"No..." I released his pre covered cock, "not yet baby."

"That was close." He said.

After giving him a minute to compose himself, I kissed him again.

"Turn over." I said.

Without hesitation, Paul rolled onto his front and pulled the back of his pants down. With his butt out in plain sight, I couldn't help but notice how perfect it was.

I tugged on his shirt, forcing the red fabric up his back. Gently running my fingers over his skin, I caused him to shudder.

"Babe..." Paul looked over his shoulder, "I need you inside me right now."

I looked into his eyes and saw desperation behind them. I ran two fingers down the crack of his firm ass. He gasped and put his head back down, resting it on his hands.

I brought the same two fingers up to my mouth and spat on them. I pressed my wet fingers against his hole. I teased his opening a little, before pushing inside him.

His tight hole gripped my fingers as I moved them further inside him, as far as I could get them.

"Fuck yeah!" Paul said.

"Your ass..." I slid my fingers out a little, " is amazing.

Forcing my way back inside him, I felt my cock trying to break through my jeans. I pulled my fingers out of his ass and moved on top of him.

I pulled at my fly, opening it. My solid cock sprung free when I pulled my jeans down. I pushed my rod against Paul's hole and pushed inside him.

I slowly drove my cock deep inside him and started to gently fuck him. We moaned almost in sync, while I moved in and out of him.

Reaching up, I took hold of one of his hands. I held I tight, pushing it into the sand. I started to kiss at his neck as I picked up the pace.

Fucking him hard and fast, I felt myself filling him with my pre. His ass gripped my cock as I bit into his neck. I thrust hard as I sank my teeth deep into his skin.

I released Paul's hand and grabbed a handful of his hair. Pulling at it, I began to pound him hard.

With my cock slamming into him, I felt myself getting close. My whole body began to quake.

"Oh fuck...." I thrust inside him again, "I'm gonna cum."

"Yes, fill me up baby." Paul said. 

With another hard thrust, I began to erupt. I shot one of the biggest loads that I'd ever done, deep inside him. I started to slowly grind in his ass, making sure he got every drop. 

"That was amazing." I said. 

It was the quickest that I had cum in a long time, but Paul's ass felt so good, I couldn't hold it back. 

I pulled my cock out of him, while placing a couple of soft kisses on his neck. I moved to one side, sliding off his back. 

Paul rolled over and quickly grabbed his cock. He started to stroke himself slowly. 

"No...." I grabbed his hand. "Don't cum yet." 

"Why?" Paul said 

"I want you to fuck me when we get to my place." I said

"Ok..." Paul released his rod, "let's go." 

We quickly jumped up and sorted our clothes out. Holding hands, we walked back to the car. 

At the car, I opened the passenger door for Paul again and planted a kiss on his plump lips before letting him climb into the seat. 

We made our way back to my house, knowing what was going to happen when we got there. 

What happened next is a whole other story.....



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