Over the next couple of months, it was pretty much business as usual at the Firm. You know, depositions, court filings, motions, hot sloppy blow jobs and ass destroying anal sex (Thanks Angela!).Not to mention Friday Fuckfests.

But since I started working here everyone seems to be in a better mood than when I first started. I guess it has something to do with the fact that they know that my ass and mouth are available at a moment's notice for whom ever may need it. One Tuesday two weeks ago, for example, I got fucked four times and gave five blowjobs! Phew! Just thinking of that makes my ass sore. But I'm not complaining!

As I relate this, things have changed for me in a big way. But that's something I'll get to later. The events leading up to it need to be told first. (Hold your water, girls!)

Last Wednesday, just as I'd returned from lunch with Veronica,(she and I are roomies now, by the way. More on that later too,) Cynthia told me that Debra wanted to see me in her office as soon as I returned from lunch.

"She probably wants her blow job early today," Veronica said.

"I don't think so," Cynthia said. "She has a guest in her office."

"A client?"

"I don't think so."

"Then who?" I was a bit nervous now.

"I really don't know, Ben. I do know that she's gorgeous."

"A woman?"

"Did you suddenly forget where you work?" Cynthia asked sarcastically.

Right then the phone rang and Cynthia went about her business.

"I wonder what this could be about?" I asked Veronica, not really expecting an answer.

She shrugged her shoulders and frowned a bit but offered nothing of comfort to me. As I walked down to Debra's office I was somewhat nervous to say the least. Had I screwed up a filing or something? Was I being fired? I hoped not.

I softly knocked on the door and could swear I distinctly heard someone on the other side say, "That must be her now." I didn't know what to make of that.

"Come in," I heard Debra's voice say.

I opened the door and saw Debra sitting at her desk then entered and saw one of the most beautiful creatures I'd ever laid eyes on.

She was light blonde, almost platinum, her hair in waves about her gorgeous face and shoulders. Her rather large breasts were barely contained in the impossibly tight spaghetti strap pink dress she wore which barely covered her ass. She wore sheer flesh toned stockings and pink high heeled pumps. She was every man's wet dream. But what was even hotter was the fact that she was in Debra's office which could only mean one thing: she was a man.

She looked at me with a slight, sly, knowing smile.

"Hello, Ben," she said in a slightly breathy voice.

"This is Isabella, Ben. She's an old friend of mine."

"Old? How dare you,Debra?" Isabella said with a smirk.

Debra laughed and asked me to sit down.

"She stayed slim. That's a plus wouldn't you say Deb?" Isabella never took her eyes from me as she said it. "She" again.

"Yes, she sure has," Debra said. Then turning to me, "What do you weigh now, dear?"

"I don't know." I was beginning to get really nervous now. What was this all about? And what was all this 'she' and 'her' business.

"I'd say about 140 give or take five pound," Isabella said, looking me up and down. "We could get her into an eight."

I looked quizzically at Debra but she offered no solace, just a sort of blank knowing smile that really worried me. Who was this Isabella? Why was she even here? Forgetting the 'she' reference, what did she mean by

'stayed slim'? She said it as if she knew me. As I said, being in Debra's office most assuredly meant that she was a man, I never really knew any sissy boys around that time either.

I was in sort of a trance by now as Isabella and Debra spoke as if I wasn't in the room.

"What color do you think her hair should be, Isabella?"

"I see her as a redhead."

"Me too."

It was time to get to the bottom of this.

"May I ask what this is all about, Debra?'

At that point, Isabella turned to me and said, "I'm surprised and somewhat hurt that you don't remember me." She paused. "Brittany."

I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it. Was it true?

"It's me,Ben," she said as she tossed her hair. "It's me, Frankie," she said as calm as could be.

It seemed impossible. How could this gorgeous shemale be Frankie? Then I noticed the scar she had on her right hand where she'd gotten stitches after falling off her bike. She cried to me later that she was afraid it wouldn't heal right and that she be too heavily scarred. Yea, it was Frankie all right but I was just utterly amazed.

"Debra and I have had quite a few discussions about you. How long are you going to continue this charade, Brittany? You know and I know you're really a girl. Why do you fight it? It's who you are and you know it.

Remember when we were young boys playing with our mothers clothes and make-up how we would talk about being girls when we were older. How we would have big tits and the boys would all want us. Don't you remember?"

The fact was, I did remember. But I'd blocked it out of my mind and the desires waned until I came to work at the Firm. She was right I had been in denial. It all came back to me the moment I first took Debra's cock in my mouth during my first interview. Up until then, the only cock I'd ever had was Frankie's, or should I say Isabella.

I sat in the chair staring straight ahead contemplating what all this meant. Isabella was right, I did have very strong feminine desires. I know that sexually, since I started working at the Firm, I'd become a woman. I had no real desire to fuck anybody anymore. I'd become a total cocksucking bottom and I loved it. I knew no matter what, that was not going to change.

"Ben, are you ok?" Debra asked.

"Yea, it's just a lot to digest in a short period of time."

At that point, Isabella rose from her chair and displayed her almost 6'5"

inches in heels. She and I were almost the same height when we were 14 year old kids but she'd obviously grown to a much bigger height since then. She went behind me and stooped next to me as I sat in the chair. Her eyes bore a motherly look as she softly ran her fingers through my hair.

As I looked at her close up I could "see" Frankie for the first time. We'd kissed so many times as kids that I knew almost every nuance of her face, and although she'd made many changes there were still things that were the same. Like her eyes. They were still the same beautiful cornflower blue.

"I know how you feel, baby. I fought it for a long time too. Both Debra and I both did, to the point where we both joined the Marines in an attempt to deny and purge our women hood forever."

"You were in the Marines!?"

"She and I both were. That's how we met," Debra said. "After we transitioned, we joined a support group called "Leathernecks to Ladies."

Formed by two transgender exMarines about 25 years ago to help fellow girly jarheads accept their woman hood. I'm still chairwoman of the local chapter. Isabella or should I say Frankie, came to us about four years ago and we helped her to become the beauty you see before you. But she had to accept herself first, just as you need to do."

"You've always been a bottom anyway, Britney,dear," Isabella said as she brushed her hand along my cheek. "You were never really much of a man anyway. There's a girl inside you. Let her out before it's too late. Let her out while she's still a young woman and can enjoy her life. Somewhere down the road you know you'll eventually do it. Do you really want to wait until you're like 50 something? Remember you once told me you wanted a husband. You'd make such a beautiful bride."

Tears began to well up in my eyes. She was right. I did remember saying that once. The idea did intrigue me. The idea of a husband made my asshole pucker.

But I couldn't do it.

I knew my family would disown me and they were really all I had. I really had to think it over.

"I need to think this over."

Isabella kissed my forehead and stood up. At which point, she raised the hem of her dress and lowered her panties and pulled out the cock I hadn't seen in ten years. I couldn't believe it but it had gotten bigger. It was always long at nine inches but it's girth was impressive now rivaling Angela's. When she stuck it in my face I took hold of the shaft and began to lick the head. She arched her back and stretched her neck and moaned.

"You could always suck a dick, girl," she said.

Debra got up from her seat and came over and exposed her gorgeous, rock hard and ready tool and rubbed it on my cheek as I sucked Isabella. I took it in my left hand and stroked it slow. With two great cocks in my face I was in my element, right where I was always meant to be. They were right;

of course, I was a girl and always had been. But I had disappointed my parents so much already how could I do this to them. I know you can't live your life for other people but I couldn't do that to them. I knew they wanted grandchildren and this would be just one more disappointment on top of dropping out of college and living off of them until I was 23 years old.

I'd sucked Isabella for about ten minutes(barely getting half of her rod in my mouth) and turned my attention to Debra. As her familiar cock slid down my throat I heard Isabella ask her if she had any condoms and lube.

"Top left-hand drawer, hon."

I heard the drawer open and I knew Debra also had a syringe for the lube.

Debra pulled her cock out of my mouth and I stood up and undressed. That done, Debra put her hand on the top of my head and I knew it meant she wanted me to kneel down. I did so and could feel Isabella behind me. She spread my ass cheeks and inserted the syringe and shot the lube up my ass.

I felt the warm familiar semi-fluid enter my asshole and I instinctively pushed back and open my sphincter to let her thick cock enter me. The woman inside me moaned with extascy as the cock pushed it's way into my shaft. When she was all the way in, Isabella began to slowly pump her member into me with ever increasing force until she'd developed a pace that was in synch with Debra's as she fucked my mouth. Isabella pressed her body on my back and I could feel her huge tits rubbing against me as she fucked my ass.

"Imagine your husband doing this, Britney. Imagine him taking control of you the way a girl like you should be controlled," she whispered in my ear as she pounded me.

At that moment the door opened and although my mouth was full of Debra's meat, I could see out of the corner of my eye that Angela had entered Debra's office and immediately began to disrobe. She went behind me and I could hear her and Isabella greet each other with a kiss as Isabella removed herself from me. I could feel the syringe placed back in my ass and more lube being shot up there. Once done, Angela entered me and took over the pounding of my ass. Angela is still a bit fatter than Isabella and was a little less gentle. As she went to town in my hole, Debra pulled out of my mouth and Isabella took her place. I looked up at her and she had a slight smile on her face as she lovingly ran her fingers through my hair.

"I still love you, sweetheart, and always will. That's why I want you to be happy. You're my little sister(even though she's only five months older than me)and I'll always care for you and protect you."

Debra was still jerking her rod as she watched Isabella and Angela fuck me from both ends.

"I'm gonna cum!" she exclaimed and Isabella said "MeToo"! Debra came over and they both stroked their cocks in my face and shot huge loads almost at the exact same time.

Angela, who'd been reeming my hole for about ten minutes now, also pulled out and joined the cum-in-Britney's-face club and deposited another magaload in my already drenched face.

At that point, I collapsed on the floor and curled up into a ball and began to softly cry. Why? I really don't know. Were they tears of joy upon the discovery of my womanhood? Were they tears of sadness over the loss of my manhood. At that point, I really didn't know which. But I did know one thing; my manhood was all but gone and I had some big decisions to make.

Isabella helped me up and took me in her arms. I continued to cry as she held me and stroked my hair. Debra has a sofa in her office and she took me over to it and I curled against her nude body. She didn't say anything right away. Nobody did. They just let me sob quietly in Isabella's arms.

"Shhh, it's ok, baby. Let it out," Isabella said to me as she held me.

"I just need time to think things out," I said.

"I know, sweetheart. We were just trying to help you make the right decision."

I moved from Isabella and sat up on the sofa and saw Debra and Angela standing there still semi-erect and jerking their dicks. I knew it was not over. Over the next hour and a half, they all fucked me again and I sucked them all off at least twice I think. After a while it was all a blur. When they were finally done, I put my pants on and quietly left Debra's office and went to the shower and cleaned up.

I passed Veronica without saying anything, Cynthia was on the phone, but looked quizzically at me as I passed. Luckily, no one else was in the office at the time.

I was soon joined by all of them and we showered together. Isabella and I washed each other as we'd done many times before.

"Like old times, huh girlfriend?" she said with a smile.


Over the next two days I was quiet and pretty much kept to myself.

Contemplating ones future is serious business and I wanted to make the right decisions. That I was a woman now was really no longer a doubt. But could I become one physically or could I just do it in my mind and only dress when I wanted to.

At home, I would stand in front of the mirror and push my fleshy little titties together and make kissy faces in the mirror. I did want my own breasts, that was for sure. I looked at my face and wondered how it could be more feminine. I had no beard to speak of and never had. In fact, my body had always been slight and thin and my complexion was always soft and

"girly." Perhaps my body was trying to tell me something? Something I never wanted to believe.

I scoured the internet now for women's clothes in earnest. I knew the type of girl I was and I knew how I wanted to dress. It was just a matter of finding the right clothes. I wanted to look sexy for sure but not slutty.

The fact that I WAS a slut notwithstanding, I just didn't want to look like one. But I still kept going back to my family. How could I do this to them?

Both of my parents are only children and both set of my grandparents are dead so all that they have is each other. And now with all of that they have a son who's really their daughter. It was the one hurdle I needed to jump and I'd be home free. But what a huge hurdle it was.

Around 1pm Friday afternoon, Veronica and I had just gotten back from lunch and were kind of teary eyed as we'd discussed my "situation." We were arm and arm when we got back and probably looked like shit but she was a good friend and a good listener, and I knew I could trust her. She went to her office I went into the mailroom to kill the rest of the day until the Fuckfest after work that night. Things had kind of changed regarding that now since Veronica and I declared ourselves total bottoms.

The other six would fuck each other now and we would sit and watch until it was all done than we would take on each pair one by one, one in our ass and one in our mouths. This would go on until they were fucked out. We'd jerk off (sometimes we'd jerk each other off) but that was about it.

A little after 2, Veronica peeked her head in the mailroom.

"Hi, Ben. Listen, could you see to the needs of a couple of clients.

They're in conference room B."

I knew, of course, that 'seeing to their needs' meant at least blowjobs and possibly ass fucking as well but that was my real job now and I was happy to do it.

"Sure, maybe it will take my mind off things for a while."

"That's my girl!"

I smiled as I walked passed her.

I knocked on the door and entered and found two beautiful shemales sitting next to each other. They both had long, wavy, dark hair and were dressed in identical outfits; Navy blue women's business suits with white tops and short skirts showing a lot of gorgeous leg with black heels. They stood up and must have been at least 6'5" in the heels. Their beauty was breathtaking and they smiled broadly. The other thing was they were identical twins.

"Hi,', the one on the right said. "My name is Bonnie and this beautiful creature is my twin sister, Buffy. We're the owners of Bustcock Advertising."

I shook hands with both of them and their grip was as strong as steel.

"You must be Ben. We've heard a lot about you," Buffy said. They even sounded alike.

"All good I hope."

"Yes, mostly about the good blowjobs," Bonnie said.

With that they took off their jackets and tops and revealed four of the most incredible tits I'd ever seen incased in half-cup bras.( About 38 DD,if I'm any judge) After they removed them, the tits swayed only a bit as they were very firm. They then removed their skirts and were down to panties, stockings, and heels. Then the panties were removed and the moment of truth revealed two of the most gorgeous cocks I'd ever laid my eye on. They were both about the same size,about10 inches and about 5 inches of girth and best of all, uncut. The special thing about an uncut cock is the smell. The musky smell of a man is one of the most erotic odors on the face of the earth and these girls had it to spare.

I didn't know which cock to suck first. They were both mouthwatering specimens. I was standing closest to Bonnie(I think)so I took hers first.After going to my knees, I gripped her shaft and put it in my mouth as Buffy rubbed her also rock hard member against my cheek. I then began to alternate between cocks as they both stood there with there with their hands on their hips watching me. I looked up at Bonnie and realized she had more than a few somewhat masculine treats as did Buffy. They were both kind of square jawed and their foreheads protruded just slightly. But still only a very keen observer would know that they were really men

.Other than perhaps their height, they would fool just about anyone.

"Oh my god, that is so fucking good!" one of them said. I wasn't sure which. I then gripped the shaft of both cocks and licked both heads at the same time. They giggled when their cocks touched and then I could feel Bonnie (I think) spasm and I knew a load was cumming. I had already had so much cum on my face in the past few months that I'd come to think of it as skin moisturizer. I closed my eyes though as I hate getting it in there because it's itchy.

The loads they both shot lived up to the size of the cocks they bore and in a moment I found myself once again as I'd found myself often in recent months, with a face full of jizz.

They both fell back into the respective chairs they'd sat in and absentmindedly stoked their cocks and shook the last bit of juice from them. I got up and retrieved the paper towels and we cleaned up. They did not bother to dress right away.

"Veronica told us you were good and she was right! That's one of the best blowjobs I've ever had, wouldn't you say Buff?"

"For sure, sis. She can really suck a cock!"

How did they know?

"Veronica told us all about you, hon. She said you might not be up for those suck jobs because of your 'problem', but that sure wasn't the case,"

Bonnie said.

"It's ok, babe. We both faced the same troubles when we made the switch five years ago. Our family wasn't too thrilled about it either," Buffy said.

"They kind of accepted the fact that we were gay although we'd never actually come out,"Bonnie said." In fact, we never did anything with anybody until we graduated college. We worked for an ad agency and got into a few gay clicks in a very clandestine way, mind you, and attended a few 'chick' parties. All male affairs where everybody showed up dressed as a woman. Most of the guys looked pretty bad"

"Yea," Buffy said, "especially the bears" We all laughed.

"But we would always knock them dead. We figured if we were going to do it, even for a party, we were going to do it right. So we learned about clothes and make-up and stuff and began to like it so much that we wanted to do it full time," Bonnie continued. 'You'd never recognize us if we showed you pictures of us in college. We were man's men. Slim, athletic, totally ripped builds, the works."

"Yea, we used to look like the men we date now," Buffy said.

They both rolled their chairs over to where I was sitting and both put their hand on my shoulder.

"It's a little hard at first, especially getting used to the HRT but you'll be ok. When you really see yourself as a girl for the first time, you'll wonder why you ever even wanted to be a boy in the first place,"

Bonnie said.

"You're gonna be gorgeous, sweetheart. Men will flock to you. And the best part of it is the power you'll have over them. You won't believe what you can get them to do," Buffy said.

"I know for a fact our feminine wiles were a deciding factor in a lot of the accounts we got over other agencies who were just as good as us,"

Bonnie said.

I didn't see myself as the kind of girl who'd do such a thing but it was nice to think about having the option.

Just then Tabitha entered the room and they greeted her like an old friend.

"Tabby can tell you about the chick parties, can't you Tab?" Buffy said

"I sure can! But I was kind of already starting my transition at the time so I was kind of cheating"

"You still looked great!" Bonnie said.

"Yea, you were one of our insperations," Buffy said.

"I can't wait to see her," Tabby said as she kissed my cheek.

As I was leaving both of the Bustcock twins gave me a hug and kiss and words of encouragement.

They also gave me a lot to think about.


The rest of the day was very routine and as we prepared for the Fuckfest that night, I was looking forward to the diversion. Cock, you see, had become my great equalizer, my anti-depression drug. When I had a cock inside either end of me(preferably both ends at once), all was right in my world. Especially now since Veronica and I had been relieved of being tops, the Fuckfests had become even better for us. We are pleasers. We get off the fact that our mouths and assholes are pleasing others. We are also extremely submissive. We're just very girly girls.

Ironically, unbeknownst to us, the other firm members had decided that it would be a gangbang of Veronica and I that night. Well, needless to say we were all for it. So we ended up spending the night with various double teams of firm girls at either end of fucking our mouths and assholes with total abandon. The wildest part for me was when I had Monique up my ass and Tamera in my mouth. Monique is soooo fucking hot! When she's invading an asshole with that beautiful Latin cock of her's she gets into a frenzy and pound s away like there's no tomorrow. Remember, she and I are the two youngest members of the firm at 24 and 25 respectively so she's a young stud who can really give it and I'm the young little whore who can take it.

Just after the festivities, I was ready to leave when my cell rang. It was my landlord telling me that the building next door to mine had caught fire and that it caused the electricity in my building to short out and that I would have to find a place to stay for at least the weekend while they repaired it. Shit, I thought. What was I going to do now? The only place I thought I could go was my parents house. It would be ok for the weekend I'd guessed.

Just that moment, Veronica came in to say good night and I told her of my predicament.

"Why don't you just stay at my place I have the extra bedroom!"

"I don't have any clothes. The only extra clothes I have are at my parents' house."

"Don't worry. My brother left some stuff when he last visited me. He's about you height and build"

"Gee, thanks, Veronica. My folks live all the way on the other side of town. It would have been a real pain in the ass to go all the way there. I can't thank you enough!"

"Don't be silly. It's only for the weekend."

"Yea, just for the weekend."

We stopped at the market on the way to Veronica's place and picked up a few things for dinner and for breakfast the next day, She told me she made great pancakes and I was really looking forward to that because I love them.

When we got there it was about 10pm and we just had sandwiches and a little soup as we were kind of tired, not just from the work day but from the workout our mouths and assholes got at the fuckfest.

"Monique and Tamera really went to town on your ass tonight didn't they?"

"They sure did but I loved it though!"

"So how long is the charade of "Ben" going to continue?"

"I don't know, Veronica. I mean I know it has to end eventually I'm just scared of what my family will do."

"Do you really think they would disown you? Do you really think they'd be that mean? Think about it; you say they're all you've got. Remember, you're all they've got. I really don't think they'll be that hard on you.

I think you're using that as an excuse because you're afraid."

I looked at Veronica for a long time or at least it seemed that way. She put her hand on my shoulder.

"I'll tell you right now, I lied about my brother's clothes being here.

Why not be a girl for the weekend you're here. Let me dress you up. I'll make you so pretty you won't even recognize yourself. What have you got to lose?"

I thought for a moment and then said, "You're right Veronica, what DO I have to lose? But it can wait til tomorrow, I'm bushed"

"Actually you've been cocked," Veronica joked. "But I get your point.

We'll do it tomorrow. But no more punkin' out, Ben, tomorrows the day"

"No, no more punkin' out, I promise."

Veronica woke me up early the next day and after a light breakfast she said, "Ok, girlfriend, into the shower. We have to shave your little ass before we make you beautiful."

I quickly disrobed and stepped into the shower with Veronica. She shaved what little hair I had on my body in a jiffy and brought me over to her vanity. After patting dry(girls don't wipe, they pat), she put a sleep mask on me.

"What's that for?"

"I don't want you to see the finished product until we're done."

I didn't quite understand why but I figured she knew what she was doing so I gave in. That had become such a huge part of my personality in recent months that I began to consider it second nature. I'd become a 'giver', giving myself to just about anyone who wanted me. In my mind, becoming a woman was just a natural progression of this. Not to say that that is part of being a woman but the fact that I was becoming one was just another way of pleasing others. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to become a woman. I knew the time had come but it was my new giving nature that pushed me towards it quicker than if I'd have done it on own. Looking back on it now, I'm glad I was pushed.

The first thing Veronica did was give me a pedicure and then she did my nails. She put extensions on the and polished them. When my toes were dry, she helped me onto sheer thigh high stockings. She then proceeded to dress me. I could tell the dress was sleeveless with a rounded collar and zipped up the back. It was tight, but I could still move it fairly easily. She then had me sit down and she covered me with a sheet. She then turned me away from the mirror and proceeded to make-up my face.After the foundation, she did my eyes. Since I couldn't see what she was doing my anxiety was very high. Of course we'd played with make-up and clothes when Frankie and I were kids but this was different. I somehow knew this was going to be a life changing experience.

Lips were last. She told me to open my mouth and she applied the lipstick.

All that was need now was the wig. She told me to close my eyes and then she retrieved the wig, placed it on my head and combed it out. She then took my hand, helped me up and led me over to the full-length mirror.

I opened my eyes

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. Words really can't describe what I saw and felt at that moment. For the first time in my life I really saw myself. It was like I'd just been born as a24 year old woman.

My face was beautiful. That's the only way I can say it, the only word I can use. She'd put a long wavy red wig on my head and it framed my dace beautifully. The dress was a simple green sleeveless, mid thigh piece with a round collar. My nails were long and red and my toes which peeked out from the open-toed black pumps were red as well. My stockings were black as well.

"Oh my god, Ben, err... What is your name?"

"Ruby," I whispered.

That was all I could say for some time as I turned to the left and right examining myself from every angle. My bust was somewhat modest and I raised my hands and touched them.

"They're old pads I used to use before I got mine done. They were expensive that's why they look and feel so real," Veronica said.

I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I stared at the image of the beautiful girl in the mirror. Veronica noticed and quickly grabbed a tissue before all of her great work was destroyed

"So, let me ask you one question: Is Ben officially dead?"

"Yes," I again whispered.

"Well, it's about time. So, I guess Coxan and Dickster has a new employee!"

"Yea," I said as I smiled and whispered this rime.

I began to walk around the room and, to my amazement, had no trouble with the heels. I guess it was like riding a bike. But it wasn't just the heels. My whole body was in tune with my new look. Almost as if it had been waiting for a long time to be in the clothes it was in. I knew that in spite of the way I felt about my parents knowing, there was no way I could ever put on another stitch of male clothing(unless it was a male lover's shirt, I thought with a slight smile).

Men would be part of my life now as they always should have been. But I was also aware of the irony that , as Ruby, I could never be the little slut that Ben was. Oh the cocksucking and anal invasion that ran rampant in the office would continue for sure but that was among girls. With men it would be different. As I looked in the mirror,I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to give this away. Any man who wanted to fuck Ruby was going to have to earn it.

Veronica and I spent the rest of the day doing, guess what, SHOPPING!. As Ben, I never really spent a lot of money,(another reminder of how totally boring he was) so I spent it for him, I spent more on clothes and shoes and make-up that day than I think I ever spent in a year as Ben. With my accounts all but cleaned out and my credit cards maxed, an exhausted Veronica and I returned to her apartment and plopped down on the sofa. I was ok walking in the heels but they do hurt your feet so I kicked them off and so did Veronica. We took turns rubbing each other's feet and were soon kissing like two lovers who'd been estranged for years. We quickly stripped and were in her bed in no time and I was making lesbian love for the first time since I was a 14 year old boy in the arms of Frankie. Out smallish cocks were still cocks none the less and we stroked each other's dickies as we attempted to swallow each other's tongues.

We did everything two shemales could do to each other. Sucked, fucked, kissed and caressed. I was never so excited in y life. I must have cum about four times and Veronica kept right up with me. What rally turned me on was the feeling of our stockinged legs rubbing together. I shot a load just from that!

As we lay in bed afterwards, we talked about the future.

"I was thinking, Ruby, Why don't you move in here with me? I mean why should you continue to spend clothes and shoes money on rent when you can cut it half and shop?"

"You must have been reading my mind. I was thinking the same thing!"

We couldn't move anything out of Ben's old place yet because of the blackout. Not that there was that much to move in the first place. I'd completely exorcised him from my life. As far as I was concerned he no longer existed. I still felt a twinge of guilt over how my parents were going to take it but I realized that I had to live my life for me and not them, so Ben had to go.

The next day Veronica and I walked around the neighborhood and she introduced Ruby to quite a few of her neighbors, none of whom knew we were really men. I a pink t-shirt type top with a white skirt and white sandal heels. God, I loved being a girl now. The exhilaration of feeling the wind blow my hair(even though for now it was just a wig) and having it run up my skirt was fantastic. How could I even even think of ever being a boy again.

We ordered Chinese for dinner that night and afterwards I picked out my outfit for my first day at Coxon and Dickster. I didn't want to dazzle. I wanted to show Debra and Angela that I was professional. I'd decided that I was going to study to be a legal secretary. Oh I'd still be sucking cock and taking dicks up my sweet ass but as Ruby I had ambitions, and one was to perhaps be a member of the Firm one day as a lawyer myself. I knew it would take time but I was willing to put the time in and do the work, and Monday was the first day on the road to that end.

I went to bed early that night and got up earlier than I usually did as Ben. That took some getting used to as he was a night owl. I could afford no such luxury. I had to spend way more time in the morning getting ready now than he did. Make up alone took 45 minutes. As Ben, I'd be out in 15 minutes. As Ruby it was over an hour. But I loved it. I didn't think the novelty of being a girl would ever wear off. The sensations were sometimes too much. For example, as I was putting on my make up I actually had to go and 'relieve' myself!

I knew Veronica had called Debra and told her about Ruby and so the girls in the office all knew that I had FINALLY transitioned. They, of course made a huge fuss over me and I loved it. They were all grabbing my ass and talking about 'getting in my panties'. I loved it.

I went about my business as usual and went to lunch with my new roomie Veronica around 12:30. When we returned an hour later the office seemed deserted.

"Where'd everyone go,"I asked as I turned to Veronica. She just smiled and closed the curtain on the glass door of the entry way. I turned and out of conference room A came the entire firm. Every girl was completely naked except for a pair of thigh high stockings and heels. They were all stroking their huge cocks. I did not have to be told what was going to happen. I was going to be gang banged. By the end of the day all seven dicks would occupy my mouth and asshole.

Veronica came up from behind me and helped me disrobe.

"Leave your bra on, Ruby," she said.

I was then led into the conference room.

The room had been set up as it would be for a fuckfest except for the fact that there was only one air mattress had been set up. I sat on it and faced a parade of cocks for the next hour. Dicks were stuck in my face and mouth as my co-workers introduced me to womanhood. Only Monique shot a load as she of course could practically cum on cue. The load ruined my make-up but that was of no great concern. What really turned me on was when I looked around at the cocks that were all covered with my lipstick.

Yes, MY lipstick. It was on the beautiful face of the girl I had become.

When all the cocks had been sucked and made ready I bent over on all fours on the mattress and my asshole was raided by the girls at the Firm. As one would leave my ass she would go to my still cock hungry mouth. It was nothing short of a fuck free for all and my little ass pussy was the epicenter of it all. And I loved every FUCKING minute of it!

I would not even attempt to describe the event in detail as after a short while it all became a blur. All I remember now are seeing dicks in my face and feeling them up my hole. I was fucked from every position you could think of. I was on my back, my knees, my side, everywhere. I couldn't tell you how many times which girl came how many times they came. It was just a complete blur.

I know I was fucked at least 15 times because each girl fucked me at least twice. I couldn't tell you how many times I sucked cock that day I know it was a lot. When they finished with me I was drenched in both wet and dry cum and Veronica and Cynthia helped me to the shower. They removed my wig, heels and torn stockings and helped me in to the shower. I clung to Cynthia as Veronica washed me. I cried tears of joy while resting my head on Cynthia's tits.

"Shhh, it's ok sweetheart. Cry it out. You're a girl now it's ok to cry."

She pulled me back for a moment and looked at me. "You'll cry for no reason at all when the hormones kick in, right, Veronica?

"Yea, but don't let it get you down. It's all part of being a special girl like us. Welcome to the club."

After I was put back together(somebody even had an extra pair of stockings), Debra told me I could have the rest of the week off to rest up and heal a little. I thanked her as I had never been fucke3d like this before as Ben.

As we were leaving in the elevator in dribs and drabs, Veronica and I got on with Debra.

"I still don't know what I'm going to tell my parents."

Debra looked at me with an odd know smile and said, "Believe me, Ruby. I don't think that's going to be a problem. No problem at all."

I gave Veronica a puzzled look and she shrugged her shoulders.

What could Debra have meant by that?





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