Three weeks into my gig at Coxon & Dicster had been a blast. At first, a few of the girls had some reservations about me working there because I wasn't transgendered myself but I guess I won them over with my naturally cheerful personality. At least, that's what I thought it was. Hmm....

Anyway, the Monday morning of my fourth week I'd just finished the mail when Angela came into the mailroom.

"Ben, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, Angela. What's up?

"Well, I know Veronica usually takes care of courtesy client blow jobs but she had to pick up Debra. Her car broke down and they won't be in for at least an hour. The client is a little distraught and she needs a nice suck to take the edge off a bit. You don't mind do you?"

Courtesy blow jobs are a service we offer to clients if they want it.

Sometimes a client needs to relax or calm down and a good blow job often does the trick. (this is, of course, if the client is pre-op)

"Absolutely not! Glad to help out. Where is she?"

"Conference room B. Thanks so much, Ben."

"No problem at all."

As I said I'd come to love cock and up to now the only cocks I'd had were the girls in the firm I was looking forward to some new dick

When I reached conference room B at the end of the hall down from the reception desk, the door was closed so I knocked.

"Come in," a voice inside said.

When I opened the door I got the shock of my life. Sitting in conference room B, looking as hot and sexy as ever, was none other than Shannon Stevens the gorgeous weathergirl from Channel 8 news! I couldn't believe it.

This is the girl that every straight guy in town with a heartbeat lusted after. A guy in my last job had a shrine to her in his cubicle. Sometimes when she'd do a remote story a crowd of lust filled men would gather in mass and drool over her. I was just really hard to believe that 'it' girl of local TV was really a shemale!

Yes, the girl with the long flowing auburn hair, the killer legs, the gorgeous face, and the 36 D tits was a guy!

I couldn't help it. When I saw her my mouth opened up and I probably would have caught a few flies had there been some in the room

She looked at me and smiled that famous smile. She then stood up and put her hand out. I took it and she had a grip that rivaled Debra's.

"Hi, I'm Shannon Stevens. You must be Ben. Angela said you'd be in to suck me off."

And with that she calmly hiked up the hem of her rather short tan mini skirt pulled down her panties and pulled out a cock any male porn star would be proud to possess. It was at least 8 inches and was already semi- erect. She sat down, spread her gorgeous legs and waited for me to get started.

I was still in a bit of shock and hesitated for a few seconds but she was a bit on edge.

"Angela said this would not be a problem for you."

"Oh no, it won't be Ms Stevens"

And with that I got on my knees and took her cock into my mouth. Now I'd sucked a lot of cock the past three weeks, what with Debra's daily blowjobs and the Fuckfests but this was a bit different. I mean not only was it a client it was Shannon Stevens for fuck's sake! I was a little nervous to say the least and a bit apprehensive about sucking her.

She sensed I was having a problem.

"Angels said you'd done this before. Is there a problem with my cock? Is it too big for you?'

I took my mouth from her cock. " Oh, no. Ms Stevens. It just ...well you're Shannon Stevens! Surely you must know how every guy in town lusts after you. I'm just in a state of disbelief."

She patted my head like I was a puppy.

"I know it's a bit of a shock to you, Ben but just think of me as another cock that has to be sucked. You enjoy sucking cock don't you?"

"Oh yes! Absolutely! I guess I got a little taken aback. I never expected to see you here!"

She smiled and kissed me on the fore head.

With that, I started the blow job in earnest. I took hold of her thick shaft and lovingly licked to the head paying particular attention to the piss hole. She moaned when I did this and stretched her legs out. She put her hands on either side of my head and took control of my mouth. At this point she stood up and began to fuck my mouth. With all of the cock I'd sucked since my arrival at the firm, my gag reflex was just about gone I I could now deep throat even the longest of cocks so Shannon's was not a problem.

This went on for about ten minutes and then she began to grunt and I could feel her dick stiffen in my mouth so I knew from experience she was about to cum.

With a somewhat manly "Oh, shit"! from Shannon, the first shot hit the back of my throat with a great deal of force but I was able to handle it But then came the second. And the third. And the fourth. And the fifth.

And the sixth. Then seven. That's when I stopped counting. It became obvious to me at that point that Shannon Stevens, the most lusted after girl on local TV was nothing short of a fucking stud!

She finally finished cumming and her cock slipped out of my mouth.(Still, unbelievably, semi-erect!) She plopped back in the chair and stroked her spent member.

"Wow Ben that was great! You could give my ex-boyfriend a lesson or two."

I was still on my knees and when I got up the bulge in my pants was quite evident

"Oh, you poor baby. Do you need some relief?"

"Well I..."

"Come over, sweety. Let me help you out."

I walked over to where she was sitting and she deftly took my cock from my pants and proceeded to give me the sweetest blow job I ever had.

I didn't last long because I was so turned on by the fact that the one and only Shannon Stevens was giving me head. I stiffened up and just as I was about to shoot, Shannon pulled her mouth off of my cock and my load shot on the conference room table.

After I was done, and sitting totally spent in the chair next to her she said, "Be a hon and hand me that roll of paper towels, baby." Every room and office in the firm must have a roll of paper towels in it at all times because it's unpredictable when a mouth, ass, or cock will need to be wiped. During a Friday Fuckfest we go through about three rolls!

She stood up and took the roll, ripped a couple of sheets off and calmly wiped of her cock and balls, then she reached into her hand bag , retrieved a tube of lipstick and compact and fixed her lipstick then turned to me and gave me a smile and a wink.

"Oh, man that felt good"

You might have thought she would have just pulled up her panties fixed her skirt, and then sat demurely waiting for Debra (her personal attorney) to arrive.

You might have thought that but you'd be wrong.

What she did next really surprised me. She stepped out of her panties, kicked off her heels, and put both of her feet on the conference room table about two feet apart, laid back in the chair with her arms at her side. She then ran her fingers through her hair. She then turned to me

"Nothin' takes the edge off like a good knob job! And I gotta say, Ben you're pretty good. How long have you been here?"

"Only about three weeks or so."

"But you've been suckin' cock a lot longer than that, haven't you?"

"Well, not really." I then related my story of being hired and how I was hired and she was somewhat surprised.

"Debra and I go way back and if there's one thing I know about that horny bitch is that she LOVES blow jobs. You must have made quite an impression."

"She said I was a natural"

"She was fuckin'-a right about that!"

Looking at and listening to Shannon, It was hard to believe that the sexy yet somewhat demure weathergirl and this obviously highly sexed and deliciously foul mouthed shemale were one in the same person, but there it was.

I'd cleaned up and was ready to leave when Shannon stopped me.

"Do you have to go back to work right now, Ben?"

"Was there something else you needed?"

"No, I just don't want to be left alone. I don't know when Debra will get here so can you keep me company until she arrives?"

"Sure, Shannon, I'll be happy to." Like I was going to say no to her.

"It's just this shit that I'm in has me wound real tight and I'm really upset about it. It's not every day you get blackmailed."


"Yeah. This cretin from my college days when I was still living as a man, says he can prove that I'm not a woman and threatens to expose me if I don't give him what he wants."

"Money, I guess."

"Yeah. He says he wants 20 percent of my salary or he'll expose me. I know I might have to go to the cops eventually but as of right now I'm trying to keep as much of a secret as I can."

"Well, your secret sure is safe with me, Shannon. Besides, If I were to say anything I'd get fired. And I, for obvious reasons, DO NOT want to be fired!"

Just then Debra entered the room and she and Shannon exchanged a hug and a hot kiss. That was my signal to vamoose so that's what I did.

When I left the conference room I had to take a piss and went into the bathroom. When the firm rented the space in the building they paid for a private bathroom. It's big too. It has two large toilet stalls and a large double shower(Debra had it installed because she and Angela being old gay frat brothers, liked to shower after they fucked. It has since become essential for after Fuckfest cleaning up) It also has two urinals. A few of the girls still like to stand up to piss Angela and Tamera mostly.(The first time I saw one of them do it, I'd been here a week and was standing there taking a piss when Angela walked in and calmly stood next to me, whipped out her monster cock and casually took a piss making small talk the whole time like it was the most natural thing in the world. After she left, I had to run into a stall and relieve myself, I was so fucking turned on!). Even though all of the girls could use the ladies room without any incident, the environment of the office is, as you may have guessed, is very sexually charged and it's not unheard of for a girl to have to go in restroom and ah... relieve herself. Such was the case that day. When I got in there one of the two stalls was closed and I could hear grunting noises coming from it. Then I heard "Oh,shit"! I just continued to take care of my own business and just as I'd zipped up out of the stall came Cynthia, our receptionist.

As she stood in front of the mirror fixing her make-up and hair, she asked me about Shannon. There are no secrets in the office and I told her what Shannon told me.

"What a fucking prick! I hope Debra nails that cocksucker!"

"I'm sure she will"

After she was done and we were about to leave the restroom, Cynthia was standing behind me in front of the mirror, As I said (in Part1) she's 6'5"

in heels and had about a head on me. She put her hands on my shoulders.

"You know, Ben, I haven't had the chance to tell that I think you've been a real asset to the firm since you started. I'll be honest, I kind of resented the fact that Debra didn't try harder to hire a girl like the rest of us but you've really won me over." Then she pinched my cheek.

"And I love that tight little ass of yours."

Then just as she was leaving she said, "And we might just get that little ass in a skirt yet!" And she blew me a kiss. Now I had to go into the stall and relieve Myself!

It was really weird watching Shannon on the news that night. I thought if everybody else knew what the firm knew it would blow the lid off this town. I found myself pulling my pud as I watched her calmly talk about the cold front moving through and the chance of rain. I was thinking to myself how strange it was that I'd sucked her cock that very morning. Bizarre.

Things were pretty much business as usual in the office for the next couple of days. On Tuesday, I helped Tamera with copying of documents in a case involving a homeless transwoman who'd been raped and beaten in a shelter. She was suing the city for damages claiming they didn't protect her sufficiently and even failed to get her proper medical care. I know she'll win.

I love Tamera. On top of being one of the hottest t-girls I've ever seen.She's really bright and down to earth. She's not ashamed of her prostitution and pornography past. It was a means to an end as far as she's concerned. But it also gave her a unique perspective on a lot of the pro bono cases we handle like that of the homeless woman. She's been where these women have been in a lot of cases and has a real understanding.

I also love her huge, beautiful, cock.

It's a thick, long shaft and scrumptiously uncut. When I peeled the skin back on that rod for the first time at my first Fuckfest and got a whiff of that musky odor for the first time I nearly creamed right then!


On Thursday, I'd just gotten the mail from our box in the lobby and as I was waiting for the elevator I saw Shannon enter the building. She stopped at the desk to call upstairs but I walked over.

"Hi, Shannon."

She turned and smiled when she saw me. "Oh, hi, Ben!"

"It's ok Eddie." I said to the guard. "I'll vouch for her" We then proceeded to the elevator. There were a few gawkers, of course, who recognized Shannon but they were going out as opposed to in and we had the elevator all to ourselves.

We made small talk on the way up. (NO we did NOT discuss the weather!).

But as we approached the 28th floor she looked at me and said, "Debra and I going to discuss strategy today and it might be a bit trying. I was wondering if I could stop by the mailroom afterwards so I can take the edge off a bit. I may need it by then"

I looked at her and swallowed hard and said, "Of course you can Shannon."

As we exited the elevator she squeezed my right ass cheek and whispered in my ear, "I might need more than a blow job". She then made a kissy face at me and hurried to Debra's office.

I, of course, knew exactly what she meant and I decided right then I would be prepared. So I went into the top drawer of my desk in the mailroom and retrieved a plastic bottle of lube. I went into the bathroom and went into a stall and lubed my asshole for Shannon. Now granted she said she MIGHT need more than a blowjob but I wanted to be prepared just in case.

Just as I was done sorting and delivering the mail, I heard the meeting breaking up. Since there was no disheveled clothing or messed up make-up, I assumed that the meeting had been strictly business. Curiously, Monique was in the meeting with Shannon and Debra, which I found kind of odd since she was just a paralegal. I found out later why she was there.

Shannon gave Debra a peck on the cheek and she smiled warmly at Monique.

Then she spotted me as I was heading into the mailroom.

She followed me in and closed the door. She was wearing an impossibly tight black skirt that day which came just to the top of her knees along with a tight white long-sleeved top and a black blazer. She took off the blazer and then without any hesitation, took off the top. Her magnificent tits were barely held by the white half- cup bra she wore and she quickly freed them. She then pulled the zipper on the side of her skirt and wiggled out of it. Underneath she wore black stockings, garter belt and black panties. She stood about 6'2" in her black high heels.

She then hooked her hands in the waistband of her panties and slid them down her long beautiful legs. Her cock and plum sized balls now swung between her slightly spread legs.

"You don't need an invitation, do you?"

I didn't.

She stood there in the middle of the mailroom with her hands on her hips as I rolled the chair over to where she was standing and took hold of the shaft of her already hard cock and began to lick the head as I'd done the other day. She got week kneed when I stuck my tongue in the piss hole and had to support herself on my shoulders. Her cock was now soaked with saliva as I moved my lips over it.

"Shit, you are so fucking good at this!"

I was only encouraged to suck even harder. After a few more strokes, I removed my mouth from her cock and began to lick and suck beautiful balls.

Another thing I found out at the firm is that I fucking LOVE balls. Almost as much as I love cock. Whether they're in my mouth or slapping against my ass, I just fucking adore testicles.

I stopped sucking on her balls just long enough to unbutton my shirt and remove my pants. I knew that Shannon wanted to fuck me and I was more than willing for her to penetrate my hole with her gorgeous cock.

After I totally undressed, Shannon told me to bend over my desk .

"You're not gonna take it bareback, are you?"

"No. There are some condoms in my desk drawer. A common office supply at the firm"

"What about lube?"

"I lubed up before in the bathroom."

She smiled as she grunted softly. I bent over the desk and she slowly entered me. As she did, I for some reason, thought that less than a month ago the Idea of getting fucked up the ass would have been repulsive to me.

But here I was getting pounded for about the 20th or 30th time in the past month and was loving every FUCKING minute of it!

Then I thought about who was actually fucking me. Shannon Stevens. The super hot Channel 8 weathergirl who was really a shemale! It was just too much to comprehend so I didn't try. I let the fleeting thoughts go and concentrated on the dick that was pounding my ass.

The key to getting ass fucked (which I learned the hard way) was to push out as if you're taking a shit. This opens up your sphincter muscle and allows the cock to penetrate more easily. Well, I was an old pro by now and with the lube Shannon had an easy time of it.

"Oh fuck, your ass feels so fucking tight!"

"Fuck me, Shannon! Give that fucking man meat! Shit, that cock feels so good!"

Shannon balled my ass for about ten minutes. Shafting my hole with her member and ,of course, I loved the feel of her big balls slapping against my ass and prostate.

I felt her tense up in my ass and I knew she was going to cum.

"I'm gonna come, baby," she gasped. "I wanna cum on your face!" This was not new to me either. Monique liked to do facials and had done it several times to me during Fuckfests.

She then pulled out pulled off the condom and I faced her cock as she furiously stroked it and she shot a fat load into my face. About seven or eight ropes of jizz washed over my face as I luxuriated in her spent seed.

Just then the door to the mail room opened. It was Veronica.

There I was sitting at my desk with a face full of cum and Shannon standing there still holding her spent dick. Veronica was nonplussed.

"Oh, Shannon! Hi. I thought you'd left. Ben, did Angela get that UPS delivery she's been waiting for?"

I didn't even bother to wipe the cum from my face. I shook my head. "No.

I'll have to call up about it"

"Ok, I'll let her know. See ya, Shannon!" she walked out.

Such is life at Coxan & Dicster

As Shannon and I were cleaning up and putting ourselves together, I asked her how the meeting with Debra went. She smirked and said "Pretty good"

Even though I work for the firm, even I am not privy to the private conversation clients have with attorneys but from the look on Shannon's face, they'd come up with a whopper.

"Funny, when you and Debra and Monique came out of the meeting ,you didn't seem all that happy about it."

"Well, what were gonna do is risky but the payoff, I think, will be sweet."

"Can you tell me?"

"Sure, what were going to do is get Jack Mulberry, that's the guy who's blackmailing me, in a compromising position."

"Is that where Monique comes in?"

"See, the reason Jack is blackmailing me is simple: he's getting a divorce and his wife will get half of everything and that will put a serious crimp in his lifestyle and he can't have that."

"So essentially he's putting you through this hell so he can party"

"Yeah, but what he doesn't know is that I know he has a weakness for shemales. I know a few girls 'in the business' and they told me he has a weakness for she-cock."

"Well. I can't fault him there," I said.

She smiled as she put on her blazer and prepared to leave.

"I hope you really nail the prick, Shannon. You deserve peace in your life after all the shit you've already been through." I paused a moment as she put her hand on my cheek."No, really, I always thought people on TV and stuff were self-important dickheads but you're different"

"I'm not as different as you might think. I can be a bitch sometimes too.

But you've been such a dear these past few days that I find myself already thinking of you as a friend." Then she came over to my took a Post-It and gave me her number and asked for mine. "Even though we've just met, I feel like I can trust you and I'd really like to keep in touch."Then she kissed me said goodbye and walked out.


On Friday morning, Veronica was hanging out in the mailroom going over the list of items she'd procured and things she had to do before the Fuckfest

and, as usual, was stressed about it Over the month I'd been with the firm she and I had become kind of close. We often help each other with each other's work and have lunch together a lot. She;s a real cutie pie. At 30, she's been living as a girl for 10 years and has been with the firm from the beginning. In fact, she was the first employee hired after Debra and Angela formed the firm. The title 'Office Manager' is sort of a vague description of what she does which is just about everything but actually practice law. She fusses over the Fuckfests especially.

They started as an after work threesome about three months after the firm was founded, she told me. She, Debra and Angela had put in a particularly trying week and to take the edge off they had a fuck party after work and it became a tradition. Naturally, as each associate was hired, they were all enthusiastic participants.

"The first time Angela fucked me I couldn't walk for two days. You know how fat her cock is"

I did. The first time she fucked me I thought I was going to be split in two. My hole is not nearly as tight as that now but it's still a challenge.

"Would you do me a favor, Ben, and check over this list for me? I don't want to forget anything."

"Of course, but you always do a great job with this why do you fuss over it so?"

"I guess I'm just a neurotic."

I studied her list:

Three rolls of Bounty paper towels

One bucket of condoms

Six extra large syringes (no needles, of course) filled with lube

Two extra bottles of lube (you can NEVER have too much lube!)

Catered spread of subs cooling in the fridge

A fresh supply of make-up products in the bathroom (so the girls can freshen up before they leave)

Make sure the tables and chairs are moved from the conference room and the plastic is covering the walls and floor (after all, cum, unlike piss, cannot be directed as easily and often goes where it wants.)

Make sure the air mattresses are ready.

Make sure the blinds are closed and the curtain to the reception area is closed.

Poker chips are ready.

A cooler filled with ice and bottled water

"It looks like you thought of just about everything, Veronica. Is there a special tonight?"

"Oh. Yes! Tonight were playing 'Bukkake Tag'! I think that's new to you, isn't it?

"It sure is!"

"Do you know even what 'bukkake (pronounced bu-ka-ki) is?"


"Well, it's basically one person sucking off a large group of men. There are a lot of porn videos portraying it."

"Where does the 'tag' part come in?"

"Well, we draw chips to see who will be 'it' then I say 'go'. I set a cooking timer for five minutes. In that five minutes we play the children's game of tag and what you have is a bunch of naked shemales running around the entire office, tits, cocks, and balls flying everywhere trying not to be tagged 'it'. Because who ever is it when the time runs out is the bukkake cock sucker and has the suck everybodys cock and get cummed on. Do you understand?"

"Wow, that sounds like fun!"

"Oh, it is! It's our most popular game, but I like 'Blind Shemale's Bluff' too."

"What the fuck is that?!"

"Well, once again we draw chips and when a certain chip is drawn by a player they are the 'blind man'. They are blind folded and are given a cane. They have five minutes to touch another person with the cane if they don't they get gangbanged. But if they manage to touch somebody then that person is gangbanged."

"Shit, that sounds like fun too! Is that all?"

"Well, if we're really board we play 'Cum Drink War'


"Everybody shoots a load into a cup with a large funnel. Then we play an elimination game of the card game "War" the loser has to drink the cum.

"That sounds kind of gross."

"It is. I got sick the first time I did it. Like I said, we have to be really bored. Will I see you for lunch today , Ben?"

"Of course."

She smiled and left.

I began to think I wanted to be 'it' in the game tonight and get to suck all that cock. I mean, I've sucked all my co-workers' cocks by now but the idea of doing them all at once and getting drenched in cum got me as hard as I'd ever been. The only other game I'd played previously was called

'...And Spank Me Too!' In that one if you drew a chip to be a bottom, you not only had to suck off and get fucked by your partner but they spanked you too. That, consequently, was the first time I bottomed to Angela. So not only did I have to get ass destroyed by that monster cock of hers she also spanked the hell out of me beforehand. I loved every minute of it.

I couldn't believe how different of a person I am now than I was before I walked into Coxon & Dicster. My only goal, at that point, was to get a job so that I wouldn't have to move back in with my parents .I would never have even dreamed of sucking somebodys cock or getting fucked in the ass.

But now I don't just look forward to it, I crave it. Everyone in the office knows of my new found weakness for cock too. But to their credit, they don't exploit it. They just like the convenience of having a very willing mouth and ass whenever they want it or need it.

I began to think that that is why I was really hired. They really weren't looking for a 'mail guy'. They were looking for a mouth and an ass to be available for eight hours a day. See, I do very little real work. There is the mail but there really isn't enough of it to justify paying somebody 750 dollars a week to do it. Debra said as much when she hired me. But deep down, I know now that I had a love for cock even before I took hers in my mouth. I just either wasn't aware of it or was unwilling to admit it. When me and Frankie Wilson sucked each other off when we were teenagers I told myself at the time we were just two guys exploring,experimenting. Now I know better. While I don't know about Frankie, I remember liking it. A lot. But we never spoke of it again. He moved away three months later because his father, a Marine sargaent, was transferred, and that was that.

When my mouth and or ass are not being used there is really nothing for me to do. I go on the internet and play games or watch transsexual porn.

There is Debra's 3pm blowjob but that is rarely the only cock I will suck during the day.

I am basically a whore. I get paid to get fucked and suck cock. And what is so strange to me is that I absolutely love it!

I find myself wondering now what other changes are in store for me.

Before my first Fuckfest, Veronica clued me in on the rules. Rules?! For a Fuckfest you say? Well she said they decided early on that in order to preserve the randomness of the whole affair that who fucked who would be decided by the drawing of lots. They tried a few things at first that really didn't work (she did not elaborate) until they finally decided on white poker chips. What we do is simple. Everyone draws a chip from an old watch cap. Four have the capital letters A-B-C-D written on them with marker and the others have a-b-c-d in lower case. If you draw, say, a capital A, then you top the person who draws the lower case a and so forth. But that does not mean you won't get fucked because the person you're matched up with gets to fuck you in the second round. But of course a blowjob comes first. Capitals get blown by lower case then they fuck them. But then the tables are turned in the second round and the previous top now bottoms. This insures that all mouths and asshole get filled. Get it?

I then asked her what they did before I got there. She told me they would take turns bringing in a "ringer," an outside shemale to round out the eight. She admitted to me that, before I was hired, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find somebody else who not only could get fucked but who could fuck as well. It was when she said that to me that I began to think about exactly why I was hired to begin with. Now, I have no doubt.

In the 4 weeks I'd worked at Coxson and Dicster, the Friday Fuckfest was something I began to look forward to with great anticipation. The very idea gathering with all those naked, horny ahemales any one of which was ready to shove her cock down my throat and fuck my tight hole, gave me the shakes. Up till now I'd been fucked by Angela (OMG!), Tabitha, (who showed up that day dressed as a Candy Striper), and Cynthia. Of course, I'd gotten sucked by them and fucked them too, but, I have to admit, I enjoyed it much more the other way. What was happening to me?

Friday was the one day of the week that Debra forwent her daily blowjob so that she would have enough in the tank for the Fuckfest. I mean, she's a stud, no doubt about it, but she's no Monique. As I said Veronica told me she came EIGHT times in one session. I know I saw her come five times once.

One by one the girls entered Conference Room A. They were all nude(most of the time they all wore stockings, though). They were laughing and enjoying the unencumbered feeling of their tits, asses and especially their cocks and balls flying about with abandon. The first time I saw it, it seemed like a surreal dream. Seven beautiful shemales standing nude in the middle of a room all knowing they were going to fuck each other. Some girls cocks were already fully erect but all were at least partially erect in anticipation of what was to come. The Fuckfest never got old.

Smells are always a big part of it too. Since Fridays were dress down,(everyone except Monique. She would never be caught dead wearing anything but the tightest skirt or dress and high heels. That day she'd been wearing a skin-tight red dress which showed every curve she had along with a vee neck showing ample cleavage with flesh tone stockings and open- toe pumps. To make it even hotter, if a girl wasn't leaving the office on a particular day she would often forgo "tucking" and if the dress was tight enough you could clearly see the outline of her cock and balls. Such was the case with Monique that day), so all the girls had their cocks and balls tucked up in tight jeans all day and when they came off the musky smell of cock mixed with sweat and perfume made for an indescribable aroma.

I, for one, had become addicted to the smell of cock and nowhere was it more prevalent than at the Fuckfest. I didn't know who's cock I'd be sucking that night but it couldn't have mattered less. They were all scrumptious works of art. Hard and veiny the way a cock should be. All way bigger than mine for sure but that was part of the turn on for me. That all of these gorgeous women were all more man than I was

"Ok, is everybody ready?! " exclaimed Veronica as she entered with the hat containing the chips.

All of the girls were stroking their cock by now and all were hard as bricks. My ass always puckered at the sight knowing one of these beautiful specimens was going to find its way into my mouth and asshole. One by one we reached into the hat and pulled out a chip. The results were as follows: Debra-D, Angela-d, Cynthia-C, Tabitha-c, Tamera-b, Monique-a, Veronica-A, and lastly myself-B.

This meant I was matched up with Tamera, who'd never fucked me. I'd sucked her delicious cock a few times but we'd yet to fuck. Tonight that would change.

We looked at each other, both with huge grins on our faces.

"Get that sweet ass over here, white boy! Mama's gonna show you how it be!" With that she pulled me over to one of the mattresses and we kissed long and hard. All of the other couples were similarly engaged as the Fuckfest was now in full swing.

It was no secret that Cynthia and Tabitha had a thing for each other. It was not uncommon for them to spend their lunch hour in Tabitha's office fucking and sucking each other. They made no attempt to muffle the sound so they were really hiding nothing. All the girls have sofa bed in their office for such a thing anyway should the need arise. This, therefore was nicely serendipitous for them.

Debra and Angela, of course, were old fuck buddies from way back to their days as closet queens in college, so they both knew the territory. (Their history will be related in a future installment).

The other couple was Veronica and Monique. Veronica got the capital A so she'd be topping Monique first. They like all of us were making out at this point and all you could hear around the room was the smacking of lips, giggling and moaning. All the girls were groping tits cocks, balls, and ass as they began to make their way down to the blowjobs they'd be giving their partner

Tamera was kissing me and stroking my cock at the same time.

"You ready for this mouth, baby?'

"Oh yea!"

With that she sat down on the mattress and put her sweet full lips on my rock hard cock. I usually prefer to bottom, as I've said, but Tamera is an extremely talented cocksucker. Her porn and escorting back round, gave her a unique ability. She moved her mouth over my cock as I took hold of her head.

She pulled off and looked up at me.

"I don't play that. I'll suck you off but you're not gonna fuck my mouth.

You're not man enough for that."

I should have been offended by that but I wasn't, because she was right. I wasn't man enough to do that to her or any of the other girls in the firm, for that matter. Even though Tamera was blowing me she'd just reminded me of something that I realized was happing for a while now: My manhood was slowly slipping away the longer I stayed at Coxon and Dicster, but I had no intention whatsoever of quitting.

As she was sucking my cock, which as I have said is not very big, Tamera seemed distracted. She kept stopping and looking at the scene about us.

She would still be stroking my cock but was obviously not into me that much as a bottom. I was still getting excited , though, watching everyone else. I didn't usually get that opportunity as I was always engrossed in that I was doing during the Fuckfest. But Tamera's disinterest in me afforded me the chance to really see it,

By now the fucking had begun and the tops were latex wrapped and the asses had been thoroughly lubed. Although everyone was shouting at once you could still hear what they were saying.

"That's it you old bitch," Debra was saying. "Take this cock the way you took it in school. Like the fucking low rent queen you are!"

"I can barely feel that pencil dick of yours in my ass, you old faggot!'

Then Angela began to push her ass back and took Debra's cock as far as it would go in her ass. She turned to her and said. "Is that all you got bitch?. Come on you fuckin' lame cunt! FUCK ME! FUCK ME WIT' ALL YOU GOT!


I then looked over to Cynthia and Tabitha. Cynthia was on top but their union was not as loud or nasty as Debra and Angela's. There was much more like to lovers than two old fuck buddies challenging each other . Cynthia was hold holding Tabitha and slowing and lovingly fucking her as if they were deeply in love. (Which I am convinced of.)

"How does it feel, baby?," Cynthia whispered into Tabitha ear as she slowly fucked her. She had hold of her tits as Tabitha rested her head on Cynthia's shoulder as they kissed. Tabitha stroked her own cock as her lover fucked her. It was beautiful.

Veronica always fucked like a little bunny. She was on her tip-toes as she entered Monique's hole. What Veronica lacks in size she makes up for with enthusiasm. As her cock pistoned up her ass, Monique seemed more amused than turned on. She was laughing as she stroked her meat clearly enjoying herself.

And so was I.

Even thought I didn't have enough cock to keep Tamera interested, she was till doing a fantastic job sucking it. She moved her beautiful full lips over my shorty and totally engulfed it in credibly licking my balls at the same time.

"You ready for some hot black ass, sugar?'

"Sure am!"

She then moved her mouth from my cock and knelt on the mattress offering her sweet ass to me.

I accepted.

Years of porn and escorting gave her ass a flexibility that rendered it somewhat loose. But she knew how to work a cock and held my little tadger in place and I fucked her as hard as I could for the next five minutes or so. She really didn't move too much or moan or anything or even act like she liked it all that much(My guess was, she didn't) My smallish cock was not enough to satisfy Tamera but she stuck it out and was relieved when I finally came.

She wouldn't let me cum on her so I shot my load on the floor. When I was done, she hugged me and said, "I'm sorry baby, but only real men get to come on me." She then kissed my forehead and asked if I wanted her cock now.

I did.

Since my gag reflex was all but gone from all the huge amount of cock I'd sucked in the past month, I had no trouble whatsoever with Tamera's rod.

Consequently, I didn't mind if she fucked my mouth(Not that she would have cared if I did protest. When Tamera played the dominant roll, she didn't ask anything she just took. She fucked my mouth for about ten minutes and then was ready to pork me.

I was ready.

Tamera had never fucked me before, so I knew this would be a nice treat for me. I love new cock and she didn't disappoint. She knew my ass would take her meat with no trouble and she was right. She slid in all in one motion and began to bang my ass with abandon. As she was fucking me she said, "I don't know whay I haven't treated myself to this sooner. This boy's ass is so fuckin' sweet! And I love fuckin' white boys anyway. I gotta get this more often"!

I'd been waxing my carrot as she fucked me and when she said that, I busted another huge nut on the floor.

She was close too and was really jackin' my ass now as hard as she could.

"Oh shit, Tamera! Gimmee that fucking hard cock! Give that little white boy what he needs!"

With that she pulled out of my ass and I stuck my face in front of her cock and she shot what seemed like a quart of cum I my face. I loved it!

Afterwards, we sat on the mattress and watched the other couples as they finished. The best show was Monique and Veronica. Monique was having a good old time jamming her pole up Veronica's sweet little ass. She's kind of in the same boat with me sexually. We're both bottoms and excel at taking cock. The harder Monique fucked her the more Veronica wanted it.

Monique jammed her babymaker as far into Veronica's ass as it would go but she was still backing up for more. In the heat of battle, Monique reverts

back to Spanish and she was doing so now. But she did manage in English,

"I goin' to cum, baby! Give me your face!" She then shot a huge, fat load on Veronica's face and she loved it.

There was cum still on my face as I snuggled up to my lover Tamera. My eyes found Veronica's and we blew each other a kiss. I love her.

By now we were all fucked out(for the time being that is) and were all standing around getting some much needed fluids. Amazingly, Angela, Cynthia, and Monique were all still stroking their cocks as if ready for more. There would be more, of course, but not right away, a rest was in order now.

I went to the bathroom and was followed closely by Veronica. We were standing in front of the urinals taking a piss when she leaned over and kissed me.

"What was that for?"

"Just an impulse. I was watching you with Tamera. You're really a bottom like me and I feel a special connection to you that I've never felt with anyone else here, Ben. You're like me you really don't like fucking anybody do you?"

"Well, I used to, but then so many things have changed for me in the past month, it's hard to keep track."

"Has anyone ever told you you're pretty?"

"No, but I've never been told I was handsome, either."

"Well, I think you are. And I'd like to prove it."

I thought about the implications of what she was saying. I must say the idea intrigued me but it was all happening too quick and I wasn't sure I was ready to go there yet.

"I'll tell you one thing. This game we are playing tonight this...ah.."

"Bukkake Tag."

"Yeah. When you told me about it this afternoon I got so fucking turned on I couldn't believe it."

I paused for a moment.

"I want to do it."

"Want to do what?"

"I want to be, 'it'. I want to suck everybody's cock. I think they all know I want to. Anyway, I don't think they really want to play anyway. Do you think they'll go for it?'

"Are you kidding?!" They'll go for it in a heartbeat!"

We shook off our cocks and rushed out of the bathroom and Veronica took my hand. She lead me in the conference room where we found the girls standing around casually stroking each other's dicks. They all looked up when we walked in.

"Listen up girls!," Veronica began. "We're not gonna play tag tonight."

"You chitting us?" Monique asked.

"No way!" cried Angela.

"No. instead we have a volunteer cocksucker. Ben's gonna blow us all!"

The funny thing about it was no one was really surprised. They all just gave each other a knowing smile as they jerked their dicks getting them ready for my mouth.

I sat down on the nearest mattress. There was no order at all as they lined up with the closest one to me, Tabitha, going first. She had a sly smirk on her face as she stuck her cock in my mouth and pushed it in without any regard for me at all. At that point a running theme developed.

They all would simply use my mouth for their own pleasure fucking it as if it were the best ass they ever had. Tabitha held on to my head and bit her lip as she fucked my mouth. Cynthia walked over and they began to kiss her as she shoved her cock further down my throat. She stopped paying attention to me about half way through. I could hear the smacking of lips as Cynthia's and Tabitha's make-out reached a frantic level.

"I'm gonna come, baby!," Tabitha said. But she wasn't talking to me, she was talking to Cynthia.

"Yea, baby. Let me see you shoot that big load in his fucking face!"

Tabitha pulled out and indeed shot a hot steamy load all over my face and chest. She was a bit week kneed but had Cynthia's support. She pulled the last drops of dick juice and told Cynthia she loved her. Cynthia kissed her and immediately shoved her own fat rod down my throat.

Then Monique decided she couldn't wait any more and moved over next to Cynthia. Now, Cynthia is some what bigger than Monique but they know of her back round are...ah...respectful of it. A former straight male gangbanger, she done time in prison (Her story will be told in a later installment, so keep an eye out for it.) she could be somewhat unpredictable, so Cynthia shared my mouth with her. She pulled out and let Monique in. I immediately grabbed hold of Cynthia's cock as Monique fucked my mouth. The other girls took the hint and gathered around me. I was sitting on the mattress in she-dick heaven. My mouth started hopping from one cock to another and I was jerking a cock in both hands. Everywhere I turned was a hard, smelly cock, as the girls had not cleaned up from the previous orgy.

"Ooh fuck! I goin' to come!," Monique exclaimed and with that drenched my face and hair with a tremendous gusher of jizz. It was her third nut of the night but was no less the load. As I said, she can cum at least five times in one session.

By now all of the cocks had found their way into my mouth, and they all began to furiously wank them in my face. Cynthia was first, followed by Angela, then Debra. Tamera stepped forward and busted a nut on my cheek.

Last but not least was Veronica. She furiously stroked her six-incher until four ropes of dick juice shot out and in to my face and chest.

By the end my face, hair and chest were drenched in cum. Some of it still wet some dried by now. Nobody really knew what to say. I knew what they were all thinking though. They wanted me to buttake at every Fuckfest from now on. That was no problem for me. I would do this everyday.

"I'm hungry," Debra said. "Veronica, go to the kitchen and get the food, sweety."

"Ok, Deb."

And with that we all gathered on conference room B and began to eat. Now mind you we hadn't taken a shower or anything yet so the girls all smelled of dried cum, musky dick, and perfume. We all gathered naked around the table and they made small talk. I really didn't have much to say. My manhood had all but disappeared by now and I was in contemplation of that.

I looked around the room at the beautiful women of the firm and wondered what was in store for me. Who or what was I now? What had I become.

Monique, who was sitting next to me, said, "I want to fuck you." The other girls were all engaged in conversation and didn't hear her. "I haven't fucked you yet and I want to."

I wanted Monique to fuck me. She's a gorgeous Latina, as I've said, and she sat there nibbling on a sandwich with her legs spread and her semi=erect cock now growing harder by the second. I got down on my knees between her stocking covered legs and took her cock in my mouth. Such a thing happens during Fuckfests and so it garnered no special attention from the other girls. Monique, in fact, continued to nibble on her sandwich as moved my lips over her beautiful tool. I then took my mouth from her cock and began licking and sucking on her tremendous lemon sized balls, the smell of which was intoxicating.

But everyone's cock and balls smelled like that now as couples began to pair up for yet another round of hard sex. We'd all just taken an hour break so our balls were filled with jizz again and ready to spew. There was no drawing this time so the pairing were totally random except for Cynthia and Tabitha who paired off in the direction of Tabitha's office where she, like everyone else, has a sofa bed. I doubted we would see them for the rest of the night.

Monique lead me by the hand back into conference room B, sat down on a mattress and I continued to suck her off.

"Ooh, poppi you do that so good.!" She put her hand on my head and began to fuck my mouth. I felt her stiffen and knew she was cumming and tried to stop it knowing she wanted to fuck me. I should have known better. This was Monique. I remembered her prowess for being able to shoot multiple times. So I let her shoot her sweet load on my face, which was now covered in shemale fuck juice.

Smiling, Monique sat back stroking her still hard cock and told me to get on all fours on the mattress. She then grabbed a rubber slipped it on shot some lube up my ass and slipped her amazingly once again erect cock in my ass. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and rubbed her beautiful,

big titties on my back as she shoved her hot Latin stick my hole.

"Ooh, poppi your ass is so fucking tight. It feels so good wrapped around my stiff Puerto Rican dick! You like this big dick, baby?"

"Oh, God! I fucking love it! I can't believe you never fucked me."

"I gonna fuck you again, I tell you that."

"Anytime you want, Monique, ant time you want!"

She then sped up the pace and shot her fifth load of the night on my ass.

I didn't see it but It seems as big as the others. When we were done, we kissed and said that I was gonna take a shower.

There were already some other girls in there. Veronica who was walking funny because she'd just been screwed by Angela's fat monster, and, of course, Angela her self who was giving Veronica a bath as she was too fucked out to do it herself. Monique and I were at the other shower playfully washing each other.

I'd guessed taking showers with other people was nothing new to Monique as she's been in prison. Looking at her now it was hard to reconcile. What with her hot feminine body long dark brown hair and even her long red nails and red polished toenails, it was hard to imagine that not that long before she was a tough as nails gangbanger. Looking at her made me realize that anything is possible. If she could do it,,,,

By now it was around 9pm and it we were all getting dressed and heading home for the weekend. I was tired and fucked out and just wanted to get home and sleep. I went to the mail room to close out my computer and take care of some last minute things when Veronica popped in .

"You heading home?"

"Yea, I'm really tired and fucked out."

"Cause it was wondering if you'd like to come over my place for a while. I bought some new clothes and I'd like your opinion about them."

"I don't know anything about women's clothes."

"Maybe It's time you learned."

I looked at her for a long moment, thinking. Was it time? I kind get a vibe every now and then from some of the girls that they'd like it if I did but I just didn't think I was ready and didn't want to be pushed into something prematurely.

"Maybe next week, V. I'm really tired."

She came over and kissed me. "Let me know when you're ready." And left.

Would I ever be ready for such a thing? I didn't know. I knew I was scared. And I knew what I was scared of. I was afraid I would like it.


When I got home later I was exhausted. Everything hurt. My jaws were achy from all the cock I'd sucked and my ass was a little sore from the fucking but that over time was becoming less and less of a problem.

It was about 9:30 when the phone rang.


"Ben, this is Shannon how are you doing?"

"Hi, Shannon! How are you doing?" I must say I was surprised by her call.

Even though we exchanged numbers I never really expected her to actually call me. Sometimes people say things like that but don't mean them, especially people in Shannon's position of celebrity.

I heard her sniffling and knew she'd been crying.

"I know it's late, Ben but I was wondering if you could come over. I called I sick at the station. I've made a decision about something and I need to discuss it with someone I trust who isn't emotionally or legally involved."

"Obviously, it's something to do with your blackmail issue."

"Yes, but there's something else, too. It's too involved to discuss over the phone. I live at 4879 Lakeview Terrace. Do you know where that is?"

I told her I did and that it was not that far from me.

"I can be there between 10 and 10:30 is that ok?"

"Absolutely! I look forward to seeing you.Bye." And she hung up the phone.

When I got to Shannon's apartment, she greeted me at the door wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. I don't think she was wearing anything when she called because she didn't have any underwear on. There was no visible panty line and her bulge was very visible. She was also barefoot. I'd never gotten a good look at her feet before and they were beauties with bright red polish.

She put her arms around me tightly and began to lightly cry. I patted her back and hugged back. She pulled back and looked at me.

"Thanks for coming , Ben. I knew you wouldn't let me down. It's incredible how close I feel towards you in such a short period of time."

"You're easy to get close to, Shannon."

"Not usually. I try to keep people at arms length most of the time. It's just something about you. I know why they love you so much at the firm."

"I'm a good cocksucker!"

"That you are! But it's something else. I think it's you're humanity. And they know they can trust you."

"That they can. And so can you. Tell me what's troubling you, Shannon,"

We sat down on the couch.

"Well I've made a decision and it could either be the worst one I've ever made or the best but I know now that it's something I have to do" She paused and turned her head when she looked at me again there were tears in her eyes again.

"Monday on the telecast when I'm through with the weather, I'm going to make a brief statement . I'm going to reveal myself, Ben. I'm going to come out and tell everyone that I'm a man."

I was stunned to say the least.

"You're not going to try to trap Mulberry?"

"No, I'm not. Something happened yesterday that made me think that playing his game, be it as a victim or a revenge blackmailer, is something that I can't do without feeling like a hypocrite.

"About a year ago I was seeing this cop, Eddie. He was nice guy, a widower, who has a 15 year old son. He knew I was a TS and accepted it. We broke up over scheduling more than anything else. He worked all kinds of crazy hours and so did I and we just couldn't work it out but we're still friends. I also got very close to his son. Having lost his mom when he was 10 he sort of looks upon me as surrogate mother I guess. But he doesn't know I'm transgendered. His father didn't tell him because he was afraid he might blurt it out unintentionally and expose me.

"Last night Max, that's the boy's name, called me crying saying he had to get something off his chest and asked if he could see me. I, of course, said yes and he came over. His father had gone to Georgia yesterday to extradite a prisoner and would be back Sunday, he said.

"About an hour later the doorbell rang and when I answered it I was surprised to see a beautiful young woman standing there. She had long blonde hair and was wearing a t-shirt type black dress. I was confused until she said 'Hi Shannon. It's me Max.'

"I would be lying if I said I was completely shocked. As I said, he and I had gotten very close and I, of course, know the tell-tale signs of a transperson, so when Heather, that's her girl name now, showed up, I was not surprised. She told me that she needed to tell her father because she couldn't take living the lie she living anymore. I, of course, understood her completely. She asked me if I would be with her when she told her father, you know, for moral support. I knew then that I had to tell her about myself at that point.

" 'Well Heather, of course I'll help you tell your dad. But before I do there's something you need to know about me'. And I told her I was transgendered too.

"At first she was a bit pissed at me because she thought I was deceiving her father but I assured her that her father was well aware of me and that he still loved me no matter what. She was very relieved when I told her that for she assumed at that point that her father would take it a lot better."

"But what does all this have to do with you?"

"They're coming over Sunday night when he gets back home and we're going to tell him together. We had a good cry and as I looked at this kid I thought how brave she was. She didn't know about me and didn't know how her father would take it. Suppose he disowned her. Then I thought about all of the shit she's gonna have to put up with in school and with the rest of her family but she's courageous enough to do it. And here I am being a coward."

"But she has a lot less to lose. She's not the one with a high profile job like you."

"That's bullshit! She made me realize what a coward I've been all these years. Hiding behind something that didn't really exist. Exposing myself to blackmail for a parasite like Mulberry and who ever else wants to do it in the future. No, Ben, it has to stop now."

We were sitting back on the couch and I had my arm around her.

"It's just that I need someone to listen to me who would just listen and not be judgmental or worse try to talk me out of it like I think Debra would have. Could you stay with me tonight, Ben? I really don't want to be alone"

"Of course, Shannon! Do you really think I would leave you alone at a time like this."

She hugged me and said, " I knew I could count on you , Ben."

"And believe me, I not doing it because you're 'Shannon Stevens' I'm doing it because I'm your friend."

She hugged me then she had a good cry. I just held her and comforted her.

There wasn't much else to do or say.

I must have fallen asleep on the couch next her but I didn't wake up there. I woke up naked in Shannon's bed with her arm wrapped around me.

But I also felt something else; She had her cock in my ass and was slowly fucking it. She then realized I was awake.

"I'm sorry , Ben but you fell asleep on the couch and I carried you in here and undressed you. I didn't really intend to fuck you but your sweet ass felt so good against my cock I just couldn't resist. I love your ass. It's so tight. I"ve fucked quite a few guys in my day but you might have the sweetest ass of all of them."

"I'm not angry, Shannon. You cock is great. It feels so good."

We were silent for a while as she slowly fucked me and kissed my neck.

Now, I'd, of course, been fucked before, but this was different. I felt different. All of the fucks I'd had before were hot and hard but this was much more loving and gentle. It made me feel...feminine, vulnerable. I really couldn't explain it. But Shannon seemed to know what was going through my head.

"Maybe, Heather and I shouldn't be the only ones fessing up. Maybe there's another girl ready to spread her wings"

Tears welled up in my eyes as I began to see things in my head that I'd put out of it for a long time. Things that I'd suppressed since I was a kid. Remembering that it wasn't just one mutual blow job with Frankie as I'd told Debra. Now I was remembering more than that. Way more.

Remembering how we'd played with girls clothes and make-up in his house.

A house where his parents were often away from. How we'd called ourselves Britney and Tiffany and made love as girls. I didn't want to believe it had really happened. The night before he moved ( his parents had gone ahead) we cried in each other's arms and made love one last time. When he left, I put it behind me and blocked it out pretending it didn't happen and went into a state of denial. Up to now there hadn't been a situation that brought it back. Until I got hired at Coxon and Dicster. Not until now.

But I wasn't ready to give in, not just yet. I had to contemplate the ramifications of it. I didn't think I had as much guts as Heather or Shannon. They were brave. But as I lay in that bed with Shannon's cock buried in my ass, I realized that it was inevitable.

I ended up spending the weekend with Shannon. I wasn't really prepared. I hadn't anticipated being there all weekend so I had to wear the same clothes the whole time. To her credit, Shannon didn't try to get me in girls clothes or anything like that, giving me space, letting me roll things around in my own mind first. We didn't mention what happened Friday night for the rest of the weekend.

Shannon did fuck me though. And not the loving sensitive screwing I'd gotten on Friday. They were more like the stud fucks of a Fuckfest.

Something I was more used to, more comfortable with, at least for now.

We went out to a movie on Saturday afternoon and, of course, Shannon was recognized and pestered for autographs. She was accommodating to a point until security stepped in. We sat in the back of the theatre and had to leave right before the end.

As we were heading home in the cab she said, "I guess on Monday all this will be over. I'll probably be a freak and an outcast."

I tried to be encouraging, telling her that it may not be the case, but I knew deep down inside it was. She knew that people would feel betrayed, fooled. Even if she didn't get fired she'd probably still have to quit.

She told me she would be fine financially. She had plenty of money saved and invested. Money she could live off of for some time. Plus she thought she might write a book. Her story would be interesting enough, that's for sure.

As I was sucking her cock on Saturday at about six in the evening, she got a call from Monique asking when they were supposed to meet. Shannon told her that it would have to wait because she had to go on a special assignment for the station and had to fly to Seattle early Sunday morning.

She explained that she was covering for another reporter who'd been called away due to a family emergency.

"We'll do it next week for sure, Boy, I wanted to nail that prick , too"

she said as she winked at me. She said good night to Monique and hung up the phone.

"I really like that kid. Just the fact that she would be willing to do this for me says a lot about her. How well do you know her?"

I told Shannon what I knew of Monique from the story Veronica told me.

She'd been over Monique's apartment one Friday night helping her prepare a brief that had to be ready for the following Monday. When they finished they got a little drunk and Monique told Veronica her whole story, which I then told Shannon. (as I said, it will be in a future installment) who sat fascinated for the next hour.

"That beautiful young woman. Unbelievable."

Shannon and I had a really nice weekend ,and kind solidified our relationship. We knew we'd be the best of friends from now on. On Sunday, I left before Max/Heather and her father got there. We both felt that it would be inappropriate for me to be there since I didn't know either of them. But Shannon called me after they left and gave me the lowdown.

It seemed that Heather's father was not surprised when she told him about herself and was more than accepting. There, of course, were the hugs and tears but all was ok in the end. Shannon told me she took Heather into her bedroom while her dad watched the Sunday Night Football game and at about half time introduced him to his daughter for the first time.

He thought she was beautiful. So all was well that ended well.

"Still gonna go through with tomorrow night, Shannon?

"I'm more determined now than ever."

"Did you tell Eddie and Heather what you were going to do?"

"I did."

"What was their reaction?"

"Oh they were totally against it. They said I was crazy. I never should have told Heather that she was my inspiration because she totally freaked out and started crying saying she never would have asked me for help if she knew it would lead me to this. After we got her calmed down, I explained to them why I was doing it. Eddie got angry with me saying I should have come to him or gone to the police to take care of Mulberry, but then I said the same thing I said to you; what happens when more Mulberrys come out of the wood work. It's time for this to end."

"Well, Shannon, all I can do is wish you all the best. One thing I do know is that you'll land on your feet. You're a fighter."

"Thanks, Ben. Be watching tomorrow night."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

"Oh, by the way, don't mention any of this to anyone in your office on Monday."

"THAT you didn't have to tell me."

"Thanks, Ben. Take care. I love you."

"I love you too, Shannon. Good night."

Monday was just another day at Coxon and Dicster . Depositions and briefs, dicks and blowjobs. Tabitha showed up as a nurse then around mid day, Cynthia threw on a lab coat and she and Tabby gave everyone a rectal

'exam' in the conference room at lunch time. Like I said, a normal day in our office.

I, of course, didn't let on about Shannon, but couldn't wait for the news that night.

The broadcast when smooth as silk and when Shannon was doing the weather she acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. She did her report, as usual, at the end of the broadcast and then she said she had an announcement to make. ( I recorded it so I could quote her exactly)

"If my colleagues will indulge me for a minute, I'd like to make an announcement of a personal nature."

They just looked and stared. Pete Carson the anchor who's as unflappable as they come seemed intrigued and Marjorie Martin was somewhat taken aback. Shannon continued.

"During the past few weeks , I've been dealing with a personal problem that came to a head this weekend and has prompted me to reveal something about myself that will probably come as a shock to most of you."

She paused and took a deep breath.

"I'm really a man," she said calmly.

The camera went to the rest of the crew who were shocked to say the least.

"Technically, I'm a pre-operative transsexual. Meaning, I'm a man living as a woman. I want everyone to know that this is not a publicity stunt by the station, who had no knowledge of this and who are quite probably going to fire me over it but getting the truth out is something I have to do. Not only for me but I hope to be an inspiration to all of my sisters out there being abused and humiliated trying to hide behind something they're not. I was being blackmailed by someone who knew my secret and in order to squelch him and others who may want to try the same thing. I'm sorry for the deception and beg forgiveness from my fans. But this was something I had to do. I'm very, very sorry."

At that point, she put her head down in the news desk and began to sob. To her credit Marjorie took Shannon in her arms and consoled her while Pete also with a very sad look on his face, signed off for the night.

About a minute later, my phone rang. It was Veronica.


"Yes," I said calmly. "I did."

"Are you fucking shocked?!"

"No, I'm not."


I told her everything that happened over the past few days with Shannon I explained that she'd told me what she was going to do and asked me not to tell anyone because Debra would try to talk her out of it.

"You bet she would. How could she do that?"

When I gave her Shannon's reason she seemed to understand, but was still shocked.

"You know, when she started her weather report, she seemed so calm I thought she'd chickened out myself."

"Well, I guess I'll see you in the office tomorrow. It'll be the talk of the town by then."

"I'm sure it already is."

And I was right.

Not only locally, but it made headlines all over the internet before the late night talk shows were even over. Every dickhead with an opinion weighed in about it. A lot were sympathetic but other were cruel and obsurd. She was congratulated for her bravery and vilified as a freak.

Just the type of reaction you'd expect. Neither of which Shannon wanted but she surely expected it.

She didn't give the station the chance to fire her, she quit on her own.

She called me a few days later after most of the dust had settled and we talked for about two hours. She'd actually gotten death threats which was, of course, ludicrous but they were from some guys who were still attracted to her even though they knew now that she was transsexual.

She 's moving out of the city and will write a book and perhaps tell her story on various talk shows but like I said Shannon's a fighter and will land on her feet.

As for me, I'm still struggling with questions of my own regarding what and who I am. I don't really know yet.

But I have been shopping for girls' clothes on line. I haven't bought anything yet. I'm just pricing. Just in case.


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