"Chord?" A deep voice asked.

It can't be.... It can't be... Not here. Not now. Chord thought, his heart beating at hyper force as he turned his head to the sight of his ex- boyfriend.

"Scene...?" Chord said in a nervous voice. He was taller than he'd remembered. His once short spiky blonde hair was now shaved into a Mohawk and he had a few more tattoos that now covered his neck and arms.

"Funny seeing you here. Haven't seen you since you left me..."

Scene said lighting up a cigarette.

"Yeah... W-w-what are you doing here?" Chord asked wishing he could just fade away, or be anywhere else but here. Talking to Scene wasn't in his plans for the day.

"You look good... Who's your friend? He looks comfy." Scene said blowing out a puff of smoke.

"He's just a friend." Chord said nervously.

"A friend, huh? I see. So you still staying with your little Gothic friend?"

"Yeah... I'm still living with Koi."

"That's nice. He owes me money for my stay in the hospital. He's lucky I didn't press charges on his ass. He bitch slapped me and almost broke my damn jaw."

"Scene... If you really want to get into it, you know that that beat down he gave you was warranted. You tried to beat the shit out of me. No, not tried, you did. Do you have any idea how badly you hurt me? You know what, I don't even want to get into this."

Chord said getting frustrated. It had been a year and a half since he had seen him. They had had a very volatile relationship.

"Babe, don't get all bent out of shape-"

"Don't call me, babe! And don't tell me to not get bent out of fucking shape! Just leave! I'm asking you nicely. You don't know all the things I really want to say to you. I'm having a calm conversation with you and you should feel lucky that I'm even giving you the time of day. But you're about to piss me off!" Chord snapped staring right into Scene's honey brown eyes.

"I don't know what I can do to make you not be mad at me. I really loved you babe." Scene said looking at him like he knew he could get him back.

Novel started to wake up as he heard Chord and another familiar voice. He yawned looking up with an annoyed look from being awaken from his nap. He cocked his head to the side for a moment looking Scene up and down.

"Scene?" Novel said in a confused voice.

"Didn't recognize ya layin' down. Been a few years since I've seen you, Novel."

"Yeah, just a bit. What are you doing here?"

"Talking to Chord. We were just catching up. Weren't we?"

Chord looked him up and down shaking his head in yes.

"What, you two know each other?" Novel asked looking at Chord and Scene curiously.

"Yeah, we used to date." Chord said getting up.

"Date? You don't say." Novel asked with a surprised look.

"Yeah we dated for five years." Scene said taking in another puff of his cigarette. "You two dating?"

"No, I told you already he's just a friend. I always hated when you'd ask me something and turn around and ask someone the same question I already answered. You're such an ass! I'm gonna go get some water. Excuse me..."

"I don't know why you're freaking out like this. I was just curious. Stop being such a little bitch!"

"Fuck you, Scene!!"

"Fuck me?! Are you for real." Scene said grabbing Chord's arms with his huge hands.

"Let go of me, Scene!"

"No, I'm still speaking to ya' ass. I don't no why you're acting like a little bitch. Nice to see you're still this weak little pathetic bitch." Scene said snatching Chord against him.

"Scene let him go! What the hell is wrong with you?" Novel said getting up from the bench. He looked at Scene for a moment as he tried to think of what he could do to help Chord. The scared look on Chord's face as he struggled to break away from Scene's rough grip was too much.

"Stay out of this, Novel! I'm dealing with his weak ass right now."

"You're hurting him. Just let him go!!" Novel said trying to pry Scene's hands off of him. Scene pushed him and he stumbled back onto the bench. With one of his arms now free, Chord slapped Scene as hard as he could. He released his grip on him as he held his face. With this opportunity Chord took off running down the hill. His mind was clouded with fear. He felt bad leaving Novel with Scene, he knew he should've stayed to protect him, but he couldn't even protect himself.

He also couldn't sit and pretend like he was okay having a conversation with a man that didn't respect him and put his hands on him.

He ran through the park till he reached the shaded trails that were hidden behind a mass of bushes and trees. He sat on the wood chipped rocky ground against a large sassafras tree and rested his head on his knees.

His heart ached, he didn't think he'd ever see Scene again.

He never wanted to see him again.

In all honesty he hated him and himself for being in a relationship like that. Tears stung his eyes as he felt the warmth of them running down his face. He held his head in his hands as he heard the sound of the bushes rustling.

He hoped it wasn't Scene coming to beat the shit out of him for slapping him, but he feared the worse. He searched the ground for anything he could use to defend himself with. He looked to his left and saw a thick fallen tree branch. He picked it up and grasped it in his hands preparing himself for what was about to happen.

The silhouette of a tall man stepped into the bushes.

Chord stood up quickly and began to swing the tree branch.

"OWWW!!!... OWWWW!!... HEY! HEY, CHORD!... CHORD, it's me!! It's Novel! Stop hitting me!! STOP IT!!" Novel said grabbing the branch.

Chord opened his eyes to Novel's beautiful face. His eyes began to fill with tears as he released his grip on the branch. He tried to catch his breath as he took a seat back down on the ground.

"Damn dude, you've got a good ass swing. I think you gave me a concussion, like for real. What happened back there?"

Chord looked over to him trying to dry his eyes, not wanting him to see him crying. Novel took a seat next to him as he waited for him to respond.

"Dude, what're you doing? You're going to get your clothes dirty. Get up." Chord said drying his eyes.

"So... They're just clothes. I can wash them. Anyway, are you alright?"

"No... I'm not. Where'd Scene go?"

"He said he had to go meet up with some of his buddies. He said he'd see you later. I told him not to."

"Yay, I can't wait." Chord said facetiously. "Thank you for saying that, I really don't want to see him. Are you okay? I'm sorry for running off and leaving you. Some babysitter I am, huh?"

"Huh, yeah I'm fine. I've been pushed harder. Don't worry about me... So like what happened between you two?"

"I'm glad to hear that. No, nothing. Are you ready to go?" Chord said trying to change the subject as quickly as he could. He looked away from him hoping he'd just drop it.

"We can go when you tell me what's wrong. I know that that had to have shaken you up. Please just tell me what happened between you two." Novel said turning Chord's face to look at him.

Novel pulled Chord against his chest and held him in his arms.

He could feel Novel's heart beating like crazy. He relaxed his body and just listened to it. "Novel, are you nervous?"

"Huh? Y-yeah I'm fine." Novel said pushing Chord from his chest gently as he sat up to get more comfortable. Chord copied and lifted himself up too. He didn't realize how high he had lifted himself up when he looked up and saw he was right at eye level with Novel.

They stared into each others eyes for a moment before Novel kissed him. He put his hands against Chord's face and pulled him into a deeper kiss. They kissed for a few minutes before Chord climbed onto Novel's lap. His lips trailed down Chord's neck kissing and biting it. Chord leaned back in response to the pleasure. The heat of Novel's breath on his skin felt so good. Novel made his way back to Chord's mouth letting his tongue explore his mouth. He bit Novel's lip sultrily wanting to be in his arms forever. He bit at his lips a few more times before his tongue got curious and decided to explore his mouth too. He moaned lightly enjoying Novel's soft kisses. It had been awhile since he had been kissed and a first that anyone had ever kissed him so gently. Novel's hands trailed down his body as his left hand slid underneath his shirt. He pinched his nipples twisting them tightly a few times causing them to harden.

"Ahhh!! Novel..." Chord moaned locking his fingers in his hair.

Novel's left hand slid down and groped Chord's package.


Novel unlocked Chord's hands from his hair and laid him down on the ground. He tried to slide his hand inside of Chord's pants but he was having a hard time doing so considering the three belts he had wrapped around him.

"You've got to remove half of these belts you have on... This is making it super hard to take your clothes off." Novel said with an irritated sigh.

"Ahhh... I'm sorry. How'd I know someone was going to want to undress me today?" Chord said rolling his eyes as he tried to raise up. Novel climbed on top of him, taking a seat on his thighs.

He grabbed Chord's hands and interlocked their hands together pushing him back down to the ground. He pulled his hands back and started undoing all the belts, straps, zippers and other doohickeys Chord had on. After what seemed like five minutes of undoing things he finally got everything undone. Taking a break from the lower half he took Chord's vest and shirt off. Once off he ran his fingers down the middle of his chest down to his faded abs. He kissed his shoulders and chest as he made his way to his nipples. He bit at them first before flicking his tongue over them. He moaned with pleasure as he felt Novel's hand slide between his legs. He wrapped his legs around him as he flipped Novel over. Now on top he began sucking on Novel's neck. He groaned enjoying the love bites he was receiving.

"Damn..." Novel said with a deep breath. He mingled his fingers in Chord's hair as they kissed passionately. He raised up still holding him in his arms. Chord wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him as they rested against the tree.

"Mmm... Novel... Lay down," Chord said pushing him back down into the dirt. He pulled his shirt off revealing a body that belonged to a god. He could see the muscles through his shirt, but to see them bare was like heaven. He ran his hands over his broad chest, taking in every cut line and detail. Novel pulled Chord's right hand up and kissed it sweetly as they stared into each others eyes. "Damn... your body is amazing."

Novel flashed a cocky smile, "I know." he flipped him back over onto the ground and unzipped his pants. He reached his hand inside and found that Chord wasn't wearing any underwear and as an added bonus he was completely hairless.

"Nov- ahhhh!! Shit don't do that. Ahhh..." he said as Novel fondled him.

"What a naughty boy you are. Hairless and no underwear...

Do you always go commando?" Novel asked squeezing Chord's balls.

He moaned loudly as he answered, "Ahhhh!!! Don't... ask me that... right now. Just take my pants off..." he said in a breathless voice. He pulled Novel's hand out of his pants and took his fingers in his mouth and sucked them before licking them slowly. He stared into Novel's eyes as he continued to suck his fingers, taking them deep down his throat enjoying the taste of his own nectar on Novel's fingers. Novel licked his lips as he watched. He had never been so turned on, he could feel his cock pulsing with arousal as it struggled to break free from the fabric prison of his pants.

"Damn! You're something else." Novel said pulling his hand away.

What the hell am I doing with the bosses son and out in a public area no less? The possibility of us getting caught is so high especially considering how loud Novel's causing me to moan. Chord thought to himself.

They were rolling around in the dirt like a couple of sex deprived animals. And neither one seemed to care. All they knew was that they were feeling better than they had ever felt in there whole entire lives. Novel smiled as he slid Chord's pants down around his ankles. He raised up and kissed Novel again with a sloppy aggressive kiss. Novel began stroking Chord's cock slowly. A bit of pre-cum dripped out, making Novel's hand slide up and down vigorously. He was intrigued by the large piercing on Chord's seven inch cock. He flicked it with his fingers a few times.

Chord moaned, flinching from the sensation. "Ahhh..."

"I wonder what would happen if I flicked my tongue over this...

I mean if just me flicking my finger across it sends you into this kind of state, imagine what my tongue would do..." Novel said licking his lips. As he bent over to wrap his lips around Chord's wet cock Chord raised up covering himself with his hands quickly.

"Wait, what are you doing? You can't..." Chord said staring into Novel's eyes questioningly.

"I was about to deep throat your cock before you jumped up like a crazy person. "

"Clearly. But you can't. I think we should go." Chord said standing up. He wanted Novel to suck him until the end of forever, but he wasn't sure that they should go that far. As Chord prepared to pull up his pants, Novel pulled his hips over to him. He placed his mouth around his mushroom shaped tip sliding his head down to his shaft.

Chord moaned enjoying the feel of Novel's warm lips wrapped around his cock. He grabbed at Novel's hair, his hands gripping it tightly. He helped Novel bob his head up and down slowly before switching to a faster rhythm. He sucked him like a pro taking him down to his balls.

"Ahhh... Novel baby... I'm cumming. You should stop now..." Chord warned gripping Novel's hair tighter as his body started to spasm with pleasure. He felt like volts of electrical currents were coursing through him. Novel ignored his warning continuing to suck as he squeezed Chord's cum filled balls.

"Ahhhh.... Novel!! I'm cumming! Please!! Mmm..." Chord yelled shooting out a huge load down Novel's throat. Novel took in all of his sweet and salty nectar making sure that none slipped out as he continued bobbing up and down on his thick cock.

Once he had finished he licked and sucked his balls, and lifted Chord's leg over his shoulder and continued sucking his balls. He took one of his smooth nuts in his mouth before sucking both of them into his mouth. He stared up into his fern green eyes as he continued to pleasure him with his mouth. He balanced himself resting his hands on Novel's shoulders, his fingers digging into his shoulders for dear life, leaving scratches all over. As he continued sucking, he let his hands trail around to Chord's ass. He teased the opening twirling his finger around as he prepared to enter. Chord reached around and grabbed his hand. He took his fingers into his mouth once again, lubing them up before placing his hand back behind him, giving him the okay to do as he liked.

Novel got the hint as he stuck his middle finger deep into Chord's tight ass. He moaned loudly as his muscles stretched and tightened around his finger. Novel drilled his finger in deeply a few times before slipping in another finger to play. He shoved them in deep, slowly at first following the sound of Chord's breathing. He continued for a few minutes thrusting them in faster and harder as Chord's breathing started to grow sharper.

"Ahh.... Baby... You gotta stop... My body can't take much more."

"Your mouth is saying that, but your body is saying keep going. You're clearly enjoying this, aren't you?"

Chord moaned unable to answer as another orgasm shot through his body. He began to tremble as he felt his body warm with ecstasy. He let out the last of his load as it shot into Novel's mouth. Novel swallowed licking his lips playfully, enjoying the taste of his honey. Novel pulled his fingers from Chord's ass, and licked his fingers as he stood up holding Chord's trembling body against him.

Chord's body fell limp in his arms as he passed out from pleasure. He smiled a satisfied smile as he laid him down on the ground and admired his body. He took a moment to observe the tattoos on his arm, the art was so detailed. Novel had never been so intrigued by anyone as he was with Chord. He smiled with a laugh as he rested against the trunk of the tree. He grabbed Chord and pulled him over onto his lap letting his head rest against his thighs. He covered his body with his yellow shirt before he drifted off to sleep.


A couple of hours passed as Chord woke up. He looked around seeing the dim light from the setting sun shining through the trees as he realized where he was. He raised up slowly covering his head with his hand, he felt so tired as he placed his hand against a warm body. He looked over to see his hand was against Novel's chest.

He blushed as he felt Novel's chest rising and falling beneath his hand. He couldn't believe what Novel and him had done. He wasn't sure if he should've dove back into the whole sex game with his boss's son, but he knew that this had to be the first and last time they touched each other.

He stared at Novel taking in his beautiful naturally bronzed skin, soft pouty lips, his body that looked beyond flawless. He wished he would've gotten a peek at that showstopper cock, but he knew it was probably for the best that he didn't. Although he wasn't so sure it was. He thought with a sneaky smile as he let his hand trail down to Novel's package. Before he could reach it, Novel caught his hand, and pulled it up to his lips, kissing it sweetly.

Chord smiled a startled smile, "That was fun, wasn't it?" he asked with a smile staring into Novel's eyes.

"Fun... Yeah. But the word that comes more to mind is, delicious.

I enjoyed that very much and I could tell you liked it, too. I didn't mean to tire you out. Eh, that's a lie, I sort of did." Novel said pulling Chord into a kiss.

As their lips parted, Chord decided to break up their sex-extravanganza, "Novel, as fun as this was... we can't do this again. Your my boss's son. This can't and won't happen again." he said standing up. He picked up his clothes from the ground shaking off the dirt from them.

"What do you mean it can't happen again? You didn't enjoy it?"

"Well yes, it was amazing. No one has ever touched me like that.

I mean I'm the one usually giving the blow jobs. This is my first time on the receiving end and I have to say this is the first time I've had public sex, but-"

"What's the problem? 'Cause I'm having a hard time finding the issue." Novel asked not getting the problem.

"What's the problem? Umm let's see, for starters you're my boss's son. There's the main problem. Like major conflict of interest."

Novel rolled his eyes," So... I'm his son. He hired you to keep me company, and to do whatever I want. Is that correct?"

"Yeah, but-"

"Then there's honestly no issue. You've kept me company, you did what I wanted and I'm satisfied."

Chord stood unable to argue with his logic. He had somewhat of a point. Novel reached for his shirt which was hard to pick up considering Chord was standing on it.

"You mind moving?" he asked looking up at him.

"Huh? Why?" Chord said looking down at him.

"You're on my shirt..."

"Oh, sorry."

Novel stared at the footprints that were left from Chord's boots as he held it in front of him. Chord zipped and fastened his pants, placed his belts back on and all his other doohickeys. Novel pulled on his shirt as he stood up. He stared at the back of Chord's body enjoying the view. He looked him up and down a couple of times before Chord turned around catching his gaze.


"Nothing, I was just looking... enjoying the spectacular view." Novel said with a wink.

Chord rolled his eyes dusting more dirt from his pale body.

"Well, I think it's about time we go home. I need to get you back to the apartment and I need to get home and make sure Koi hasn't gotten thrown in jail, again."

"I'm sure if he did, he'd call. Why don't you spend the night at my place? I'm sure you're much too sleepy to drive."

"That's okay. I'll cab it if that's the case."

"What if I say you have no choice?"

"What if I say you're crazy? Look, I need to go home. I've had a long exhausting day." Chord said with a yawn.

"Oh, come on! You're such a baby. Anyways let me drive you home."

"How am I supposed to get back over to your apartment tomorrow?"

"I'll come pick you up. That'd be fun. Although, all of this could be avoided if you'd spend the night with me. But whatever." Novel said with a shrug.

"Well that's not happening. Anyway, let's go. I've got some work at home to do called, sleep." Chord said with a yawn as he made his way out of the bushes.

Novel followed behind bumping into Chord who had stopped to straighten his clothes out again.

"You could warn someone when you stop. Seriously."

"Yeah, yeah. Calm down. I had dirt on me still. I need to take a shower, gosh I smell like outdoors."

"Oh, idea. You can take a shower at my place and then-"

"Look, stop trying to get me back to your place, dude. I'm going home. You're trying way too hard." Chord said looking over his shoulder at him. Novel rolled his eyes and let out a huge sigh. He grabbed Chord's hand and led him through the park back to his car. Neither said a word as they made their way through the lamp light lit park. Novel held onto Chord's hand tightly not letting it slip for a second. They made their way to the car, climbed in and fastened their seat belts. He started the car and headed down the road in the opposite direction from the apartment that slightly faced the water.

"Where're we going?" Chord asked with a sigh. "You're kidnapping me aren't you? Look, I'll scream if you don't turn this car around. And I'm a good screamer... I could probably blow out your ear drums and windows. Let me out!"

"Calm down Sassafras, we're going to my penthouse."


"We had sex under a sassafras tree. So I figured that'd be a cute nickname." Novel said with a deep laugh.

"Riiiightttt... Anyway, you have a penthouse?"

"You ask like I can't afford one."

"No, I was just askin'"

"Uh-huh. Anyways we're spending the night there. No choice." Novel said with a grin.

"You can't be serious? I told you to take me home... You're unbelievable. I don't like not being listened to. You're acting just like, Scene, making me do something after I told you no." Chord snapped.

"Calm down, Blue Jay. What do you mean I'm acting like Scene? You never did tell me why you were crying. What was y'alls relationship like?" Novel asked as he came to a stop light.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it!" Chord said slouching down in his seat as he turned his attention to the window. He didn't feel like discussing his personal life, especially the bad part of it. It was none of Novel's business anyway. And he wasn't about to make it his business either.

"Okay, since you don't want to talk about it, I'll guess and you just sigh if I'm right. You're good at sighing." Novel said making a turn down a street with lots of large buildings that seemed to be made of nothing but glass that glimmered with the combination of the bright autumn moon and the high street lights. Chord had never seen such pretty architecture as he stared up at the large buildings.

"Did he cheat? Was he bossy, or maybe both? Oh, oh he wanted to have public sex and at the time you weren't into it?... No? Okay, let's see umm... He umm.. I'm running out of stuff."

Chord rolled his eyes as he decided to just tell him.

"Look, just stop... you're never going to guess so I'll just tell you so you'll shut up... Scene used to beat me. He was very abusive. Verbally, physically, emotionally. It was very bad. A year ago was the worst. We had dated for two years before I moved in with him, I lived with him for three years. He was my first long term relationship and he wanted to make sure he was the only person I was ever with. He cut me off from my friends and I had no family to talk to anyways, so cutting me off from them didn't really take much. I was basically a prisoner in my own relationship.

I had finally decided to leave him, but he caught me and decided he was going to punish me. He threw me down a flight of stairs, practically crushed every rib in my chest from repeatedly kicking and jumping on me as hard as he could. He gave me two black eyes almost fucking blinded me in my right eye. My visions still not all the way restored and may never be back to full percent. He hit and kicked me for hours, I was very bruised and bloody by the time he was done with me. I kept screaming and begging him to stop, but it just fell on deaf ears. Luckily Koi came 'cause I'd probably be dead if he wouldn't have shown up. Scene had chocked me until I lost consciousness, I woke up to see him and Koi fighting. So, to sum it up, he tried to kill me. He abused me and I allowed it to happen. I hate myself for staying with him. I HATE him..." Chord said bursting out into tears. Novel stopped the car in front of his building. He turned the car off and sat staring at Chord with a concerned look. He couldn't believe that something like that had happened to him. He didn't know what to say. He wanted to comfort him, but he wasn't sure his words or touch could heal him.

Novel climbed out of the car and opened the passenger side door. He unfastened Chord's seat belt and scooped him up into his arms. Chord wrapped his arms around Novel's neck and nuzzled his face into his chest. He carried him inside and into the elevator, hitting the button for the 24th floor. It reached the top floor quickly as the doors flew opened. He made his way to a red door with the number #200 on it. He placed Chord on the floor and pulled his key out of his pocket and stuck it into the lock and opened the door. Once inside he led Chord to a vintage green couch that sat in the front room. Chord held onto Novel's neck pulling him over on the couch with him.

"Give me a second. I'm going to go find you something to change into. Just lay here and relax." Novel said, unlocking his arms from around his neck. He took Chord's boots off and placed his legs up on the couch. Heading into his closet he found an old oversized green cashmere sweater he hadn't warn in ages, and a pair of Boxer briefs that had checker print on them, luckily they had been a couple of sizes too small for him. He figured they might fit Chord's slender frame a little better. He pulled out a yellow wife beater and a pair of gray boxers for himself and placed it on his large California king bed along with the clothes he picked for Chord.

He walked back out into the living room to get Chord. He had drifted off to sleep looking very peaceful. Novel didn't want to wake him, but he was sure that he probably wanted to take a shower.

"Chord, Chord..." Novel said gently shaking him awake.

He opened his eyes slowly turning over onto his back, his eyes locked in on Novel's. He raised up and rested his head on the back of the couch.

"I'm sorry about that. That's so embarrassing. I can't believe I broke down like that."

"Don't apologize, it's fine. I'm sorry I made you tell. If I'd of known it'd make you feel this much pain I wouldn't have asked. I never would've imagined that that's what happened. What an asshole!!"

"Yeah, it's hard to leave someone like that even when you know you should. I never thought he'd put his hands on me like that."

"Well, hopefully you won't have to see him anymore. I can't believe him."

"Novel, how do you and Scene know each other?"

"We met at a party. We aren't really friends, we just hang with some of the same people. See each other at parties and what not."

"I see." Chord said with a sigh.

"Yup... So, you want to go take a shower? Not with me... unless you want to... But you probably want to get cleaned up. I'm going to order some take out. So just go wash up and relax. I laid out some clothes for you on my bed and put some towels in the bathroom. You can use whatever lotion and deodorant you want." Novel said walking off to look at a couple of fast food restaurant menus he had stuffed in his kitchen drawers.

Chord followed behind him, his attention caught by the floor to ceiling windows that had an amazing view of the city. He stared out amazed by the scenery of the city. Everything looked so small from up there. It was like he was starring at the sky upside down. The city lights were the stars and the busy streets filled with cars that zoomed by with their bright lights looked like shooting stars.

"Like the view?"

"Yeah, it's beautiful! I've never seen such a glamorous view. This is like a movie view. The buildings on this side of town are so beautifully built." Chord said with a big smile.

"I'm glad you like it. The views even better on the balcony. I'll show you that later. Is pizza and wine okay? I'll tell them no meat, no cheese, no seasoning. Just the box."

"You're such a smart ass! I eat cheese every now and again. Just don't let Koi know. Anyway, Pizza would be good, and I could take a bottle of wine to the head right about now." he said with a deep groan, trying to shake off the bad part of the day, "I guess I'll go clean up." he said heading to Novel's bedroom.

"Hey, leave the shower on when you get out. I'll hop in after you." Novel said peeking in as Chord was taking off his vest and shirt.

"Damn, your body is really sexy. Sorry, umm I'm gonna go order the food." he said turning around to leave. He closed the door behind him and rested against it. He tried to catch his breath as he felt his cock spring to life again. He was harder than a cinder block from just seeing his body. He wanted more of his body, but didn't want to move too fast. His heart was beating like a drum as the sound of the door opening interrupted.

"N-Novel, I mean, you've already seen me naked maybe we could... I don't know... shower together." Chord said, waiting for Novel's response. Without saying anything, Novel pushed the door opened. Chord stepped back and fell back onto the bed. Novel climbed on top of him planting a hot kiss on his soft lips.

"Did you order the food?"

"Mmm... no. I'll order once we get out."

Novel said kissing Chord on his stomach.

"Okay..." Chord said moaning with pleasure. He pushed Novel up for a minute and pulled Novel's shirt off. Novel copied pulling his shirt off too. He tossed it onto the floor and moved down to his pants. Chord's cock sprang to life as Novel slid his pants off.

He grabbed at the erection that was visible through Novel's pants.

He squeezed it teasingly before unzipping his pants. He pulled his pants off around his ankles, Novel stepped out of them quickly almost tripping. He smiled an embarrassedly, Chord smiled and went back to feeling up his cock that was stretching out the elastic waist band of his boxers. He was anxious to see how big he really was. He pulled down his boxers slowly as his love rod popped out. Chord's eyes opened wide with excitement as he took in the sight of his un-cut cockzilla. He had never seen a cock so thick and long before. His eyes moved down to his horse hung balls. He was nicely kept down south with not too much hair but just enough.

"Damn you're huge. I've never seen one this big before.

I don't even know how it will fit in my mouth or ass. Good gosh." Chord said licking his lips.

"Why don't you test it out. Just start with the tip." Novel said stroking his cock. Chord bit his finger seductively as he stared up at Novel with a coy smile.

Novel pushed him down on the bed as he climbed on top of him.

He stood on his knees dangling his cock in front of Chord's face.

A bit of pre-cum leaked out as he continued stroking himself.

Chord licked the tip, before flicking his tongue over the large head. Feeling like it was wet enough to easily glide down his throat, he slowly started swallowing him deep down his throat. Novel leaned back, resting his arms behind him on Chord's legs. He sucked him as deep as he could before he took a second to catch his breath. He flicked and licked the tip a few more times before taking it in his mouth again. He continued licking and sucking the tip teasing the slit a few times, letting his tongue dip around it before he slid his mouth up and down his long pipe. He bobbed his head up and down not even getting five inches down before he gagged. He opened his mouth wider swallowing more of Novel's cock. He sucked and sucked as Novel shot cum down his throat. Spit and cum gurgled up as he continued bobbing his head up and down. Novel shot another big load before pulling his dick from his mouth. Before Chord could swallow he kissed him taking his cum back. They took the cum back and forth between each other as they kissed sloppily. As they kissed cumwad dripped out of their mouths, dripping down on their chest. Chord opened wide as he laid back on Novel's lap waiting for his sweet treat. Novel leaned forward letting the glob of sweet poison drip slowly from his mouth into Chord's. He swallowed the sweet sticky combination and climbed onto his lap kissing him passionately as he wrapped his legs around him tightly. Novel climbed off the bed and stood up with Chord wrapped around him and carried him into his palatial bathroom. He sat him on the counter and went to turn on the water in the large clear glass shower. Chord sat nervously, he couldn't believe what he and Novel had did up to now. He never thought he'd be in this situation. This is the boss's son. Chord thought as Novel pulled him into the steamy shower. Though he wanted to turn back, he knew at the same time, he wanted nothing of the sort...

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