Arriving in the parking garage Novel led the way to a blue Aston Martin. Chord stared at the beautiful car with a starstruck expression. He walked around it like three times before he finally got in.

"You like?" Novel asked, with a cocky smile as he unlocked the car.

"Phsst, it's 'ight. I've seen better." Chord said with a nonchalant shrug, climbing inside.

"My dad brought it last month for my birthday."

"That was nice of him." Chord said with a laugh.

"Anyways where's this jail located? I've got a few errands to run so hopefully it's not too far." Novel asked, pulling out o the garage.

"Right, umm it's in Westfield on Broadway Ave. Do you know how to get there?"

"Eh, not really. I don't usually head to that side of town, but we'll figure it out. Unless you wanna drive?" Novel asked stopping the car in the middle of the street. He took the key out of the ignition and handed it to Chord. He climbed out of the driver's seat and walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for him to get out.

"Come on, blue jay you're holding up traffic." He said with a laugh.

"I'm holding up traffic?! You're the one who stopped!" Chord said, looking at Novel with a crazy expression.

"You want me to drive your expensive car?"

"You know how to drive, don't you?"

"Yeah, but that's not the point."

"No, but it's the only point that matters. Now switch sides before we get a ticket for being parked in the middle of the street." Novel said offering his hand out to help him out of the car. He rolled his eyes and grabbed Novel's hand.

Chord didn't like driving someone else's car. Every time he did, he either got into a wreck, the car got stolen, or all the above. But none of those cars had ever been a car that cost more than his the entire apartment complex he lived at.

With that he climbed into the driver's seat and positioned the seat and mirrors to his height.

"Put the key in." Novel said with his arms crossed behind his head in a relaxed manner.

"Please don't crash, I just had the paint glossed."

"Right, no pressure." Chord thought swallowing a nervous gulp. The sound of cars honked impatiently behind him as he tried to convince himself he wouldn't totally demolish Novel's car.

Irritated he rolled down the window, "Shut it! Calm the fuck down!!! I'm moving, I'm moving!"

"Road rage much?" Novel said with a laugh.

"Shut it..." Chord said in an annoyed voice. He put the key in the ignition and hoped nothing bad would happen. He stepped on the gas and definitely didn't expect the car to take off like a bullet as it torpedo down the road.

"Seriously Ease up!!! Ease up!!!" Novel yelled as Chord made a sharp turn.

"I told you I didn't want to drive!!" Chord yelled making another sharp turn.

"That's no reason to try and crash though!!" Novel screamed holding onto the door handle for dear life.

Chord's erratic driving lasted until they finally reached the west side. Finally calming down he made his way to the jail. Parking in the jail parking lot he quickly turned off the car, "Here..." he said handing Novel the keys.

Novel took the key and placed it in his pocket with a relieved sigh.

"Remind me to never let you drive again."

"Don't worry, you won't need to be reminded. I'll never drive again. But on the bright side I didn't crash."

"Yeah, miraculously. I'm kind of amazed that we made it here in one piece." Novel said getting out of the car.

"Whatever dude..." Chord said climbing out behind him.

They walked into the jail and up to the counter.

"Hi, I think my friend was brought here a few hours ago. His name is Koi. He has medium long messy green hair, black clothing, nose chain, spider tattoo on his left wrist..." Chord said leaning on the counter.

"Yeah, that kid's here again. How you doing Chord? Been a long stretch since I've seen you around. How long has it been? One.. Two weeks?" A police officer with Salt and pepper hair said strolling over.

"Hey Miles. I know, can't say it's good to see you under these circumstances."

"You really need to put a leash on that boy." Miles said with a laugh as he looked over to Chord's left at Novel. "Who's your new friend?" he asked observing how nicely dressed Novel was.

"Huh... Oh this is Novel Reid. My boss's son. I'm 'babysitting' him."

Chord said, placing air quotations around the word babysit.

"How nice. Nice to meet you, Novel."

"You too." Novel said shaking Miles's hand.

"Well let me get the paperwork drawn up, and I'll go collect that dingdong..."

"Thanks. How much is his bail this time?"


"Wonderful." Chord said as Novel pulled four hundred dollar bills and tossed them onto the counter.

"What are you doing?" he asked looking up at him in disbelief.

"I've got it covered."

"I really don't need you to do that." Chord said looking at Novel with an arched eyebrow.

Novel leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I'm sure you don't, but If I pay you'll owe me a favor. Maybe it'll involve a little of what happened earlier." he said with a cocky smile.

Chord blushed every shade of pink imaginable, as he tried to catch his composure Koi came out.

"Please don't let me see you in here for awhile, Koi. I understand you're passionate and what not, but please, try to stay out of here." Miles said walking Koi from around the back, handing him a sack with his belongings in it.

"I'll try, but I have another rally next week. So I won't make any promises." Koi said flashing Miles a cocky grin. "Omg Bro!! Thank you so much for coming. I really don't like spending time here." Koi said noticing Chord. He hugged him tightly.

"For someone who doesn't like spending time here, you spend a lot of time here..." Miles said with a sigh taking a seat in a chair.

"Eh, I don't spend that much time here." Koi scoffed, giving him a dirty look.

"You spend more time here than people who actually should be here, or actually work here." Miles said, with a laugh.

"Sooo, you admit I was unjustly arrested?!" Koi asked climbing on top of the counter.

"Wait, what? I didn't--" Miles started to say as he stared up at Koi.

"Free my minions!! Break down the iron cage you have them shut behind!! We shall fight and win we will! Free yourself from your oppressor!!" he shouted pumping his fist in the air as everyone stared at him with looks of concern and annoyance. Chord leaned on the counter resting his head on his hand with embarrassment.

"Koi... Koi... KOI!!!!" Chord shouted.

"Huh? What?" Koi asked looking down at Chord like it was normal to be standing on the counter of a jail.

"Get down..." He said through clenched teeth. "You're making a spectacle. Clearly you want to be thrown back into a cell? In your case they'd need to put a gag and a straight jacket on you and throw your ass into an insane asylum. Cause clearly you've completely flipped your lid." he said tugging at Koi's shorts for him to get down.

"Fight the power my brothers and Sisters!!" Koi said finally climbing down from the counter.

"What the fuck dude, are you for real? Seriously, why am I friends with you? Ahhh!!!!"

"Well, I'm starving. Did you bring the boss's kid? What's he like? Bet he's a spoiled brat that wears fur skinned from poor innocent chinchillas." Koi said with an eye roll completely ignoring Chord's comment.

"He's right next to me." Chord said cocking his head to his left.

Koi looked around Chord to see Novel. "This is the kid?" he whispered. "I thought he's was supposed to be like eight or something and maybe white. Is he mixed?" Koi asked looking Novel up and down.

"Yup. I was shocked too. I don't know, I didn't ask him. I assume he is since Theory's white. I don't know... But who cares, he's gorgeous, right?!" Chord said, sounding like a love struck teenager.

"How old is he? He looks our age?" Koi asked putting his lip ring back on.

"He's a few years younger than us." Chord said as Novel decided to speak.

"What are you two punkabillys whispering about?" he asked with a raised eyebrow watching Koi and Chord having their conversation about him.

"Punkabilly? Do I look like a Punkabilly to you? I'm a gothabilly if anything. Seriously, this guy is your boss's kid and he can't even tell the difference between our styles? So sad." Koi said flipping his hair out of his face.

Novel rolled his eyes, "I'm sorry your looks look similar to me."

He said with a shoulder shrug and a smug grin. He knew the difference between their styles and just wanted to mess with Koi.

"You would think that, Hipster." Koi said with a snarl.

"You say Hipster like it's an insult. Anyway, I'm happy I could get you out. It's nice to meet someone with such a colorful personality." Novel said with a cocky smirk.

"What'ev... Wait, your glad you could get me out? What the hell is this prep talking about?" Koi asked turning to Chord for an answer.

"Well I was going to pay, but before I knew it he slapped down $400 dollars. I told him that that wasn't necessary, but he wouldn't listen. So it was easier to just let him do as he wanted." Chord explained with an awkward smile not revealing the real reason Novel wouldn't let him pay.

"I see..."

"Wanna say thank you Fern-gully?" Novel said trying to hold in a laugh.

Koi glared at Novel for a second before he finally spoke again,

"Miles! Please take me back to my cell... I'd rather sit in a small cage than thank this blood sucker of society. You're killing society!!"

He said marching over backwards to Miles with his hands behind his back like he wanted to be handcuffed.

"Miles, would you happen to have an extra pair of cuffs on you?" Chord asked getting a brilliant idea.

"Sure." Miles said tossing a spare pair of cuffs along with a key to him.

"Thanks. Ohhhh, Koooiii!!!" Chord said in a singsong tone, marching over to him with the cuffs and a sly smile.

"C-C-Chord. What are you doing? You're not mad are you? I-I-I'm sorry... I'll just thank him. You know how I feel about being cuffed. It's against my rights. It's like chaining a dog up with a chain collar outside in the rain. It rust and it burns. It burns and it rust, till it cuts into the skin forever molding into you." Koi said making up some random ass excuse. Chord rolled his eyes shaking his head as he put the cuffs on Koi anyway.

"Note to self, take Koi to have a brain scan. He's definitely disturbed." Chord said placing the cuffs on him.

"Not nice!!!" Koi yelled as Chord drug him by the cuffs out the door. Novel followed behind them listening to Koi moan and groan like some animal that had been caught in a trap.

"Let me be free!! Your chains of evil shall never hold the!!!"

"Koi! Seriously relax."

"Let me free!! Your chain-"

"Alright, alright... Please don't say it again. It was bad enough the first time." Chord said as he pulled the key out of his pocket.

He unlocked the cuffs, Koi rubbed his wrist like he was in pain. Before Chord knew it Koi was down on the ground sitting criss crossed in some sort of meditation pose.

"What's Eco-friendly doing now?" Novel asked coming to stand at his side.

"I don't know... Koi what the fuck are you doing now? I've got things to do. You know I'm still on a work time. Novel has some errands to run, so if you want to meditate, do it in the car." Chord snapped pulling Koi off the ground.

"Release me. The prep is starting to spread like wildfire through your veins. It's clearly contagious."

"Just get in the car Koi..."

"I'll walk." Koi said standing with his arms crossed in front of him like a child who couldn't get what he wanted.

"Are you mental!!? Wait, why am I asking, it's clear you are!! Our apartment is several miles from here. By the time you make it home it'll be dark. Hell, forget dark, you'll probably be dead... Just get in."

"No!! I refuse to get into his Ozone killer."

"Don't you have a car? Oh, oh you probably get around by donkey." Novel said with an amused laugh.

"I don't and that's cruel to ride a donkey. They have feelings. I had a car but it died on me. It was electric."

"Pssht, ohhh!!! Electric. Fascinating. Get in. I'm sure none of your hippie friends will know you got in a car that didn't run like a bad Frankenstein experiment."

"Koi, please get in. This is my job on the line here, please." Chord said grabbing Koi's shirt. Koi let out a deep sigh as he climbed into the backseat. "Thank you."

"You owe me Chord. My street cred is on the line. I'm setting a bad example for all my followers."

"I'd think this would be boosting your street cred. Although, you can't boost what you only have in your imagination." Novel said starting the car.

"Hmph... Screw you!! Just drop me off."

"Aww Evergreen don't be like that. I'm just teasing you." Novel said with a loud laugh.

Even his laugh was pretty. Chord had it bad. But he knew he couldn't do anything with him. It was a major conflict of interest. Why'd he have to be the boss's son? Not that that seemed to matter to Novel when he was busy pinning him against the door.

"You missed the turn!" Chord heard Koi yell as he snapped back to reality.

"You told me to go straight!"

"Yeah, go straight till you get to the building that you passed! If you weren't so self absorbed you would've heard me."

"Look here Hippie goth, I wouldn't have missed the turn if you would've given me the correct directions. Duh!!" Novel said glaring at him in the rear view mirror.

"Go to hell!!" Koi shouted.

"You first!" Novel shouted back.

"Already there..."

Koi and Novel were like fire and gasoline. A very dangerous combination.

"Just make a U-turn up on 5th and Frankfort." Chord said pointing to the left.

"Okay..." Novel said with an annoyed eye roll as he made the turn.

A few minutes passed as they finally reached Chord and Koi's apartment.

"Just park there." Chord said pointing to an empty spot on the side of the street.

"Here we are, that'll be $400 dollars." Novel said looking into the rear view mirror at Koi with a glare.

"I hope you get it."

"I hope I get it too. Cause if I don't, I know where you live."

"Oh, the horror. I'm shaking..." Koi said with an annoyed look. "I'll check you later, Chord. Hopefully minus your earth destroyer." He said climbing out of the car.

"I'll see you at dinner. Please, no tofu tonight."

"If you don't like it don't eat. Or better yet, you cook." Koi said slamming the door.

Novel rolled down the window and shouted out a good bye with a wave. Koi gave a quick wave back that from Chord's view looked like he flipped him off. But he might've imagined that.

With that Chord and Novel headed back towards Hightower. The ride was silent for a while before Novel broke the silence.

"How'd you two meet? He's an odd ball. No offense. "

"L-O-L, I'm the only one who can call him an odd ball. But he definitely is an acquired taste. We met in middle school and he just happened to be my next door neighbor. We hit it off automatically. We're both into the same kind of stuff. We got into all kinds of crazy situations to my adoptive parents displeasure. We were fifteen when we went to get our first piercings. Gosh, the look on my adoptive parents faces when they found out was priceless! They grounded me for five months. No lie!"

"Wowza. That must be nice to have had a friend that long. I can't say that I have any friends like that. Most of my friends in all actuality are pretty much just people I see during photo shoots, runway, etc. I'm not close to any of them." Novel said with a low sigh. Chord couldn't imagine how lonely that must be to not have anyone to talk to. "Anyways, how long did it take to complete your tattoos? I want a tattoo, but I'm not a fan of needles. How many piercings do you have?"

"Well it took probably 11 hours. But definitely not in one sitting. The piercings were quick. I have about five, I think. I've sorta lost count."

"How do you not know? That's funny. Do you know where you have them?" Novel asked with a cheeky smile.

"A couple of them are in embarrassing places. Let's see; I have my nose, my left eyebrow is double pierced, my tongue, I have both my ears done; the entire left ear and gauges in both, I have my belly button done, but right now I don't have it in. I lost it somewhere. I'm sure it's behind my dresser. And I have an ampallang piercing on my cock."

"You've got a piercing down south? Didn't that hurt?"

"Not really. I've got a high tolerance for pain. It's really fun during sex. Oh my god!! I so shouldn't be telling you that."

Chord said slapping his hand over his face. He usually wasn't this open with a person he'd just met, but Novel had a charm about him that made him want to reveal his whole life story to him.

"Really? That sounds fun. And anyways you can tell me. I'm the one who asked. It's not like you're forcing the info on me. Seems like I've been asking all the questions, why don't you take a crack at it?" Novel said as they passed the passed his apartment.

"Okay, first question... where're we going? You just passed the apartment."

"Huh? Oh, I don't know,I feel like going for a long drive. It's rare I get to have a conversation that doesn't have to do with photo shoots and what not. I'm sure Koi won't miss you too much."

"I assume he won't."

"Okay question time... Ask me whatever."



"Okay. Do you have any siblings?"

"Nope... I'm an only child. I can actually relate to your situation. I'm adopted too."

"Really?! Get outta here!" Chord asked in surprise tone.

"Yeah, I was adopted by my mom who at the time was married to her first husband. He was a real douche bag. We moved here, she met Theory, they fell madly in love, and blah, blah, blah. He'd come over almost everyd-"

"Not to interrupt, but I thought Theory was gay? Not that he couldn't be Bi." Chord asked curiously thinking of all the signs that pointed to Theory being gay.

"Theory!?" Novel asked with a laugh. "Theory is the straightest guy I know. He must be putting on the best performance. At least he'd better be. I don't care if he's gay, but he better divorce my mom first. Can't have him cheating on her straight, or gay." Novel said parking his car. Chord looked around to see they were parked at the park. "Wanna take a walk?" he asked taking off his vest. Chord smiked, shaking his head yes. He smiled back, climbing out of the he walked around and opened Chord's door.


"Your spikes and studs didn't mess my seats up did they?" Novel asked with a laugh leaning against the car as Chord climbed out.

"No, I don't believe they did." he said, rolling his eyes at him.

Walking through the park for awhile, their hands brushed against each others a few times. Novel wanted to hold Chord's hand, but didn't want to move too fast and spook him. Although if earlier was any indication of moving too fast he had definitely blown it. As they continued through the park the sight of an ice cream stand caught his attention. They walked over and scanned the menu.

"O-m-g!!! They have Green tea ice cream here!! It's so hard to find." Chord said excitedly.

"Green tea, huh? That sounds good. I'm going to get a scoop of Raspberry vanilla chocolate chip swirl. You want a cone, or a bowl?" Novel asked pulling out some cash.

"That sounds yummy. A cone, or maybe a waffle bowl hmm..."

"You're an indecisive one aren't you, Little blue jay? I'll just surprise you." he said, as he put in his order. The man handed Novel a receipt and went to scoop the ice cream.

"I would've paid you know? I still haven't thanked you for paying for Koi's bail."

"I don't mind paying. Don't worry about it. And besides I already told you my true motives for paying." Novel said with a wink.

"Yeah about that-"

"Here're your orders!" The ice cream vendor said handing Novel and Chord their orders.

With that they continued their walk through the park. They made their way to a higher peak in the park where a bench sat on a hill over looking the park. It sat under a white cabana that some vines had grown up around. They took a seat on the bench and just watched all the activities that were happening in the park. Chord always found people watching so interesting.

"So anyway, back in the car you were saying that your mom

met Theory and they fell in love. So he adopted you? I mean obviously, your last name is Reid after all. Or you just could've changed your name..."

"Yeah he adopted me when my mother and him got married. He's been the best dad ever. Guess you could say since my mother and I met him we haven't had to want for anything. Theory has spoiled us rotten. My mother is pretty modest though. She's a sweet woman who wants the best for me. It's just sometimes it feels like she's trying to control my life. I love her, but right now I'm still in my live and learn phase. It's like just let me see if I can do something first before you tell me to find an actual job. Modeling is an actual job. I've never been one for an office job... I don't want to. It's just not my thing."

"I understand what your mom's saying. She just wants you to have a back up plan. You know you can't do modeling forever. Not that I'm trying to be negative."

"No I understand what you and my mom are saying. I just don't want to hear it right now. I know that now is the time that I should be going to school, so I won't have to worry if my modeling career comes to a halt. But I don't know... I just don't like school. It was bad enough when I had to go, but why would I want to subject myself to that kind of torture if I don't have to? It's a pain in the ass. Besides I'm not college smart." Novel said leaning back on the bench with a sigh as he took a bite from his cone.

"I understand. I tried the whole college thing for a year and a half. I liked it, but I had to drop out 'cause I couldn't afford the cost and I had just lost my job. It was a huge fucking mess. My parents wouldn't cut me the money even though I said I'd pay them back."

"Damn that sucks. You were going to school for design I assume?"

"Yeah for art and design. I draw a lot of designs still when I get the time. I was lucky to get a job with Theory considering I don't have a degree. He interviewed me personally which he never does. I was so shocked when I got the call that he wanted to interview me. He hired me right on the spot. He loved my look and personality.

I've respected and admired him since I was little. But he has me doing some crazy jobs. I'm basically an errand boy. I guess I should be lucky I'm good enough to even fetch coffee." Chord said with a sigh.

"He must be testing you. He had been talking about a blue haired boy he had hired that reminded him of himself during his younger days."

"Testing me? Well I should get straight 'A's. " Chord said rolling his eyes. "Wait, he said I reminded him of himself? Really!?"

"Yuppers, he did. Anyway just put up with it for a few more months. He'll let you do real work soon."

"Did he tell you that, or are you just being supportive?"

"He might've said that. You just have to wait and see."

"Well I hope I can make it that much longer." Chord said taking a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. Novel smiled letting out a small laugh.

"What's funny? Is there something on my face?" Chord asked hoping there wasn't.

"No, you just really interest me."

"Oh... Do I? " Chord asked with a small smile.

"You do indeed... You know what interest me even more, is that icecream?" Novel said curious to taste it. He pulled Chord's hand with the cone over to his mouth and took a few licks from it

"Wow, that is good! It's a lot sweeter than I thought it'd be.

I'll have to get that next time." Novel said licking his lips with a pleased look. Chord blushed for the 20th time of the day. He didn't think anyone had ever made him blush so much.

"I'm glad you liked it. You should try more things, model boy."

"There're a lot of things I'd like to try." Novel said with a sly smile as he looked Chord up and down.

"Didn't you already try me when you kissed me earlier?" Chord asked with a smile. Still wondering what made him do that, "Speaking of kisses... That kiss earlier... what was that about? Do you kiss all of your babysitters?"

"Not all, only the cute ones. And you're the only babysitter I've had."

"Oh that's a relief. At least I know I'm cute." Chord said rolling his eyes. "I'm sure you say that to everyone then."

"Nah, just you."

"So I'm just gonna be blunt and ask, Are you gay or straight?"

"If by straight you mean, straight to your bed, then yes. I like men."

"How do Theory and your mom feel about that?"

"They're cool with it. I've known since I was sixteen. I've kissed two boys and now you makes three. My mom was a little iffy at first, but she just said whatever makes me happy she'd support me."

"She sounds like a good mother. I'd love to meet her one day. I need some motherly love." Chord said finishing his cone.

"I'm sure she'd love you. My mom loves to give people love."

Novel said with a yawn, stretching his arms in the air. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He fell over onto Chord's lap like a small child who had had a long tiring day at the park. He looked so peaceful.

Chord rubbed Novel's head gently, thinking of how sweet he was. This had been a more peaceful experience than he had thought it was going to be. And to think he was going to leave. Maybe his job was just about to get better.

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