Sean got a great summer job working on a cattle farm until College starts in a few month's. Ken and his wife Mary have own the Farm for well over 10 years now. There were also 3 other people who were hired workers since Ken and Mary son's were all grown up now and are over on the West Coast making a living for themselves.

Sean got his own little cabin about a half mile from the main Farm house, They also give him a RV to drive for his work duties and for him to have some fun with. He drove that RV all over the 100 acres property. Sean always goes down to the brook for a swim after his shaft is all done at the farm. 

It was late afternoon when Sean was in the water when Ken show up with a towel and swim trunks to join him. Ken was now in his middle 50's now with a great body for his ages. He stood well over 5'11 weigh a solid 180 with light body hair and always kept a trim moustache, He also had a 2 inch scare on his right side of his lips. Some people say he looks like Harrison Ford in the movie Witness. 

They both enjoy the refreshing water as Ken wrestle with Sean a few times as he was trying his best to dunk him under the water. You can see that Sean was getting real turn on as he felt Ken body and crotch were rubbing against his thigh and legs. It was not to long after that the both heard the air horn going off telling them both that it was close to dinner time.

 The wind outside was picking up when Sean heard someone on his cabin porch by his bedroom window. He began to open the door and notice that it was Ken standing there a little drunk. Ken try to explain to him that he got into a huge argument with his wife over his drinking and that he had to stay in one of the empty cabins that night.

 You can hear the thunder roar now as the rain was coming down like buckets as the two of them were enjoying each other company. Ken was just relaxing in his tight Adidas Track pants when Ken made the first move on him. They both started to kiss deeply as their cocks started to get hard. Sean then took Ken hands and walk over to his bed before they had sex.

Sean began to undress Ken all the ways down to his tight with Jockey Pouch brief that he like wearing. Now it was Ken turn to undress Sean. Ken was laying there as Sean mouth was sucking on his semi hairy blonde nipples as his own cock started to get harder. It only took a few seconds until Sean was deep throating Ken 9 inch hairy uncut dick.

" I love your dick Sir "

" Take it all the down "

The blow job lasted a good 5 minutes before they both stop for a little break from it all.

 " That was very nice Sean "

" You have a great cock to suck Ken "

" I will love for you to fuck my ass "

" Wow that will be great "

" I never fuck a man's ass before "

" You will love it Sir "

Sean was bend over on the bed hanging very tightly onto the headboard that were made out of cedar logs. Ken then put lots of spit on his massive callous hands before he started to shove his dick up Sean small tight hole. The fuck is well into 10 minutes as Ken was fucking Sean ass like a machine gun.

" Fuck Sir I loved your cock '

" Fuck me harder Sir "

" Love your hole "

"Fuck it is so tight "

" Fuck it feels so good Sean "

Both there sweaty body are in full sexual tension as the Ken became more aggressive and more anger with ever thrust coming from his cock. Sean can hear his balls slapping against his hole aa Ken was screaming and moaning from it all.

" I am close Sean " 

" Give it to me Sir "

" Fuck me Ken "

" I love your dick "

" Almost there now dude "

" OH Fuccck "

" Fuck I am going to shoot "

" Holy Shiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt "

Ken howl out with huge passion as he pull out of Sean and shot 2 loads at once off all over his smooth bubble butt  ass cheeks and hole. They were both very tired as the cum was still hanging off Ken huge dick before Sean got on his knees to lick the rest of it up. Ken was so turn on by it all he started to get another hard on. It only took a quick 2 minutes that Ken shot off another load of semen all over Sean moustache and mouth.

Sean then walk over to the fridge to grab some juice so he can wash the cum all down. It was just after 11 pm now that both of them are down in the brook washing off their dirty sweaty bodies from the fuck they just had. There was a bright Full Moon as Sean was bend over a Maple Tree stump as Ken started to pump his ass once again. There was know more cum left in him before he pull his cock out. Sean was now standing there still before Ken began to suck on his nice 7 cut dick this time. 

" Fuck Sir your mouth feels great "

" I love your dick Sean, I love your dick "

" You like to take me '

" Yes please give your load "

" Almost there "

" Please give me your juice "

" Here it comes Ken "

Sean quickly pull his cock out of Ken mouth before he shot his load all over his mouth,blonde hairy chest and nipples. Ken then reach down on the ground to grab his towel so he can clean up all of the cum that was shot all over him.

Over the next couple of months they both kept their distance from one another. It was Sean last night at the farm that he got together with Ken for another great time. Sean had a great orgasm by being the first man ever to fuck Ken Virgin ass. As for Ken it did not take long for him to sell off the farm since he caught his wife fucking the local Sheriff a few times over by the Maple Leaf  Tree. Ken got well over 3 million from the divorce settlement and ended up buying a nice Beach House in San Diego were he enjoy swimming and surfing everyday before he became the oldest person in California to become a Life Guard.

He loved working on the beach seeing all of those Hot men surfing and playing beach volleyball every day. He was also old fashion and love showing off himself and those 70's USA OLYMPIC SPEEDO SWIM SUIT the ones that made Mark Spitz and Sam Elliot so famous.

The End 




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