"Hey, Jesse, are you and Derek free tonight?" Liam caught up to me in the hallway near my locker. I was in a bit of a rush so I ignored him. He then stood in front if me obstructing my reach.

"C'mon man. Please..."

I shoved him out of the way and continued stuffing books in my locker. "I can't beg Derek to come on your group date every time."

"But so many more girls will show up if Derek does."

I zipped up my bag and walked down the hall. Liam followed me. When I saw the open door I dashed inside and yelled 'fuck off' to Liam. He was harmless but he was starting to get on my nerves. I heard some one laugh behind me and I spun around. Derek was sitting at a teacher's desk sorting through papers.

I set my bag down on the chair across from him and sat down. "So how can I help?"

"Well, I'm just trying to organize the events for the school fair this Saturday. Can you take a look at the papers here?" he handed me a pile.

Derek was the student council president. Which meant he planned school fundraisers and events. I lent a hand when I could. Tonight was one of the many nights we had to stay late after school. I diligently looked through the receipts he handed me. The School Fair was in two days so Derek was up to his ears in paper work.

Around seven o'clock we finished all the work we could handle. I felt completely drained and was ready to collapse. I helped him put papers away in a filing cabinet.

I tried lighting the mood a bit, "You were invited to another group date."

He groaned, "Well, I hope you said no on my behalf." He packed up his stuff and we walked through the school.

"Don't worry I did." I followed Derek to his car because he usually would give me a ride home. He popped the trunk and tossed both our bags inside.

When we were at a red light he leaned over and kissed me. "Do you want to come over tonight? My parents are out of the country again." Derek's folks travelled for about half of the year and even when they were at home they were racing from one meeting to the next. Derek had practically grown up without a mother and father, but he was completely independent. It was that trait that drew me to him in the first place.

At the end of my junior year we had started going out. I didn't know if he was gay or not but I confessed my feelings anyway. He said that gender wasn't a big deal to him so he said yes. We went on dates about once a week and spent weekends together.

He pulled into the garage and turned the car off. I left my things I the car because he would probably drive me back home in the morning. I called my mother and told her I was staying over at a friends' house. As I walked through the foyer the size still amazed me. The living room alone was about 1500 square feet. There were two floors and four bedrooms.

Derek took out a beer from the refrigerator, he offered me one but I declined. He sat down on the couch motioning me to join. I sat next to him leaning against his chest. He stroked my hair which made me chuckle.

"What?" he gave me a confused look.

I straightened up, "Nothing, I just felt like a dog just then."

He stifled his laughter, "You're adorable."

I pressed myself up close to him again. Derek set his beer down on the coffee table. He then kissed me softy. I kissed back harder showing him that I wanted it. I managed to climb on top of him. My tongue probed deeper into his mouth as I tried loosening the tie from around his neck.

He grabbed my hands, "Jesse, careful, don't tear my uniform. You can slow down a bit." I pulled his mouth back toward mine. He rolled over and we fell on the floor. He pinned me firmly underneath himself and continued stripping me. I asked him if we could go up to his room but he said it was too much of a hassle. We managed to stumble into the guest bedroom next door.

Before I could even close the door he led me to the bed. I knelt on top of him. We kissed again and I tried unbuttoning my shirt as fast as I could. I felt Derek's bulge on my thigh as I bent down. I kept my hands on his shoulders as I moved lower on his body. I removed his pants and underwear.

I began licking the head of his cock. There were small droplets of precum leaking out. I took his shaft in my mouth going down to his pelvis. Derek thrust into my mouth causing me to gag slightly. I continued sucking his cock.

"Jesse! I'm gonna come." He tried to get me to stop.

"Go ahead." I took him down to the root and he exploded in my

mouth. Spurts of semen shot down my throat and I swallowed. I kissed him again and lay down on the bed.

"Tastes salty," He licked the corner of my mouth. Derek then rolled on top of me, "Are you up for more?"


Derek lifted me onto his lap. He stroked my hard cock through my pants while kissing me. He took off all my clothes so I was lying naked beneath him. Somewhere he had found a bottle of lubricant. He used his fingers to stretch me out. He coated his shaft and rubbed some more on my opening. Derek spread my legs and pushed inside me. He fucked me slowly at first making sure I was comfortable. This wasn't our first time but he didn't want to hurt me.

I got used to it after a few minutes, "Derek--"

He stopped, "What?"

"You don't need to be so careful, but thank you," I rolled on top of him. In this position I could feel the entire length of his cock inside me. I bent over and kissed him while he pounded my ass.

Derek sat up with me still on top of him, "Jesse, I'm going to come." I wrapped my legs around him indicating he could come inside me.

"Fuck!" I shot my load between us coating his and own stomach in cum. Derek came right after me filling me up with his hot semen. I fell on top of him exhausted. He ran his fingers through my hair until I fell asleep.

I woke up at about seven thirty. Derek was downstairs making, or attempting to make breakfast. He handed me a plate with some bacon and a deformed omelets. I gave him a sarcastic, puzzled look. I took a seat at the counter. Derek set his plate down next to me and began eating.

"It's edible, I swear." He looked over at my untouched plate.

It felt kind of like we were a newly wed couple. I was trying to hide my happiness. I took a bite. The food tasted a lot better than it looked, "It's good."

We ate breakfast and then left for school. The day proceeded like any other. Everyone was in a food mood because it was Friday and the school fair was tomorrow. I wanted to meet up with Derek but I knew he was probably to busy with preparations. After school I went to a movie with friends. When I got home my mother was majorly peeved that I was out for so long. I called Derek and left him a message saying that I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow. At midnight I finally managed to fall asleep.

The next morning I spent the first part of the day helping my brother. He was moving all of his things to a new apartment. He and his girlfriend decided it was time for the next step in there relationship. I finished around noon. My mother asked me to take my sister with me to the school fair. I handed her $20 and then told her to meet me back at the gate in two hours.

I wandered through the booths. Derek said he would be using the principal's office as his 'command center.' The school building was basically a ghost town with the exception of a few faculty members trying to escape from students. The office door was unlocked and Derek was alone. He was eating lunch with his feet swung over the desk.

"Hello?" I said as I entered.

"Oh, hey." He said this with a certain amount of displeasure.

I locked the door behind me and sat on the desk, "What's got you in a mood?"


"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you didn't," he stood up and sat and the desk beside me. "I've actually been wanting to talk to you." I stayed silent, "I think we should break up."

"Wow, you're phrasing it like I have an option."

Derek took a deep breath, "Its just that...graduation is soon your going to USC and I'm going to Princeton. There on completely opposite ends of the country."

I could tell he was lying about something, "Location? That's what you're worried about?"

"There are a lot of things weighing on my mind right now and I just don't have time--"

"For me." I finished. He reached for my hand but I pulled back.

I walked to the door, "For what it's worth," I turned toward him, "I was in love with you."


I opened the door and left, for good. We were both seniors so it's not like we never saw each other again. We would pass each other in the hallway or during lunch but it wasn't the same. I used to jump at every opportunity I got to spend time with him, but now it didn't matter.

Just like he said, I went to USC and he to Princeton. I kept my grades up and still managed to enjoy college life. There were lovers who came and went. My only solid boyfriend was Cameron Michaels who I met in a bar one night. We were together for two years until we agreed it was time to break up. I bounced around with various internships during my college years. I landed my job working under Ben through a friend senior year.


My foghorn alarm blared at 6 a.m. I felt the top of the nightstand blindly trying to switch it off. My head was throbbing. I skipped showering and just walked down stairs to the seveneleven across the street. I bought two Advil's and a coffee. My day began when Ben called me.





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