The light streamed through the window jerking me out of my sleep. I tried to reach over Ben the best I could with out interrupting his work to close the window. We were flying from California to New York for an advertising convention. Ben was the best in his department. I started working for him when I had just gotten out of college. He was 34 years old and married to his work. Early on we had expressed a mutual interest in each other and had sex a few times but just on an 'as needed' basis.

"Jesse," he didn't look up from his laptop but I knew he wanted me to take notes. I grabbed my notebook from the pouch in front of me and awaited his instructions. "When we land I have a meeting so see if you can arrange a lunch tomorrow with Daniel and his people--" he paused for a minute, "shit!" he furiously hit the delete bar. "Also, there was a screw up with my room that Daria couldn't fix so you have to talk to whoever is in charge at the hotel. I think that's about it. Just text me any changes in plans."

"Okay." I finished writing and closed the book.

The flight attendant got on the PA system and announced that we would be landing soon and to stow all electronic devices. Ben gave an aggravated groan as he saved his work and turned his computer off. The plane began it's decent into LaGuardia airport. Upon landing Ben hailed a cab and rushed off to his first appointment and I waited for the bags. Ben had been in such a rush he had forgotten there was a designated car for us so I changed the drop off location to the hotel.

I quickly walked up to the front desk. "Hello."

The female concierge gave me a perky smile, "Hello sir, do have a reservation with us?"

I dropped the bags near my feet. "Um, yes I do, under the name Tyler, first name Ben. I think there may have been a complication with our room. We were supposed to get two adjoining bedrooms."

She scanned the records, "Oh, yes. Let me call our manager over to see what we can do." A stressed looking man in a navy suit shuffled over. The woman explained the situation to him.

"I'm sorry but as you can imagine this is one of our busiest times of the year, so most of our rooms are taken. We have a few suites available.

"I'm pretty sure we can't afford that."

"Oh," he shot a glance back at me, "how about we do this, we can give you two separate rooms, and I'll lower the rate to your initial price for the inconvenience."

If the price was the same I supposed it didn't matter where we slept. Being neighbors was helpful for work purposes but riding in an elevator a few times a day wouldn't hurt. "That's fine. Thank you."

He handed me two cards. "These are your keys, you are in room 307 and your boss is in 512. Will you be needing any assistance with your bags?"

"Um I can carry mine but could the other bag be delivered to room 512?" I signed the receipt and began to make my way upstairs.

I set my things down and quickly texted the new room numbers to Ben and told him that I had the key. I called to arrange his lunch. After putting all my clothes in the bureau I decided to hop in the shower. The warm water was just what I needed after waking up at 1 a.m. and flying for 5 hours.

When I was finished drying off I noticed the TV was on in the living room. I saw Ben flipping through the channels looking bored. I realized that I just had a towel hung loosely around my hips so I quickly grabbed a shirt from the drawer. I briskly walked around the room hoping he wouldn't notice my indecent exposure.

"Here," I said as I handed his room key to him. I began to walk back to the bathroom but Ben grabbed me by the arm.

"You know that's not why I came here." He blocked my path to the bedroom.

I gave him a sarcastic look, "Nope, I'm pretty sure the was all I needed to give you."

He sighed, "Come on, I don't have anything to do for the rest of the day."

"You have a dinner at seven."

He flipped his phone open, "Well, It's 11 o'clock now so we have plenty of time." He pressed his lips against mine and wrapped his arms around my neck. Despite my exhaustion I could feel my body responding to his touch.

He dropped to his knees in front of me licking my abdomen up and down. My hard cock was clearly visible through the towel. He stripped it off me and began licking along the length of my shaft. As I reflex I gripped his hair guiding him down. He licked the precum flowing out teasing the head of my cock. He pulled me close as he walked backward falling back on to the bed. Ben sat up while unbuttoning his shirt and then mine. I knelt on top of him and kissed him breaking apart ever so often to remove his belt. He slid his hand down my back gently using his fingers to loosen me up.

I kissed the side of his neck causing him to moan, "Shit, I wanna fuck you."


I climbed off of him and knocked his suitcase on the floor looking for a condom. I ripped it open with my teeth and handed it to him. Ben positioned me on my hands and knees. I shut my eyes tight as the head of his cock slipped inside me. He kept going until his pelvis hit my ass. He pulled back out and slammed me again repeatedly.

"Ben! --Harder! Fuck me!" My mind had gone blank. I surrendered to the pleasure he was giving me.

Ben stopped and lay down in his back. He motioned for me to climb on top of him. I lowered myself on his cock all the way down to the hilt. Something of an electric wave shit through my body. Ben placed his hands on my hips timing my motions with his. Both our orgasms were becoming imminent and he thrust into me harder. Ben sat up and jerked my cock. I felt him shoot his load in me, triggering my own orgasm. I sank back down onto the comforter next to Ben.

When I woke up I rolled over on my side and noticed Ben had already left. He wrote me a note saying he was going to dinner and that I had the rest of the evening to myself. I took a hot shower for the second time today.

There was a restaurant inside of the Hotel that I decided to have dinner at. After my meal I decided to sit at the bar. For some reason I didn't feel like going back to my room. I had downed four scotches when the bartender told me I had enough.

I finally managed to navigate back to my room. My key card didn't work when I swiped so I got impatient. I was too drunk to realize no one would answer when I banged on the door. After five minutes I gave up and sat down on the floor. Exhausted, I almost fell asleep but was startled when the door opened behind me. I fell backward at someone's feet.

"Are you okay?" he scrambled to lift me up.

I still felt groggy but pulled myself up, "Yeah, thanks." with my vision returning I did a double take when I saw who was in front of me. "Derek?!"

A shocked expression spread across his face, "wait," I steadied my self against the wall, "Jesse?" I couldn't tell if he was glad to see me or not; probably the latter.

"'s me." I wanted to leave immediately. "I would love to catch up but as you can see I'm in no condition to form sentences." I began to walk away.

"Hey wait a minute!" Derek caught up and stood directly in front of me. "Did you need something?"

"Why do you assume I need something?"

He gave me a confused look, "Well you remember right? I manage the hotel. I thought you came to lodge a complaint."

I tried to put two and two together but with only half the IQ points I normally possessed I was at a loss. "No, I was just trying to find room 307 and I think I got turned around."

"Well, that's one floor up, explains why you ended up at my office. The least I can do for an old friend is walk you back safely." He said we were friends, what bullshit, but I was in no position to turn down help.

We took the elevator up one floor. He used his universal key to get inside. My bed was still a mess from afternoon quickie with Ben. I fell down onto the covers nonetheless.

Derek took water from the refrigerator and handed it to me. "Amazing, I never thought we'd reunite here."

"Crazy," I said sarcastically. I avoided making eye contact.

"Jesse why didn't we stay in touch?" his question was rhetorical but I had enough of his act.

I sat up, "Do you want to know why?" I could hear the aggravation in my own voice. "Because the pretentious douche sitting in front of me decided to crush my whole sense of love. I think the thing that bugged me the most was the fact that you didn't even seem to care. You just did what 'daddy' told you to do. Don't call us friends, we weren't friends, we used to have sex and go on dates, that's what lovers do. So now answer my question: how has it felt to lie to everyone for your entire life?"

"Wow, no one has called me a 'douche' since high school...I know you hate me,"

"I don't hate you, I'm just pissed."

He took a deep breath, "I'm sorry I hurt you."

I had lost my motivation to fight and slid under the covers. "You can leave now."

Derek threw the covers off of me, "Okay, Jesse, you can't just dump on my life and then not give me time to explain myself." He sat down on the foot of the bed facing me. "My life has been driven by the expectations of the people around me since birth - "

"So now you're trying to blame others," I retorted.

"No, I am not. I just want you to know that I have not always been in control of my own life. But I have no intention of blaming my personal mistakes on others." Derek moved closer to me, "I'll say it once more; I'm sorry. I wasn't able to admit it six years ago but I was in love with you and I still am." He looked over at me apologetically.

Hearing those words gave me the sense of closure I needed. I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from me. Derek had fallen back and looked both physically and mentally exhausted. I crawled over and lay down next to him.


I felt the bed shift underneath me as Derek knelt on top of me, "Yes, do you still have any feelings for me Jesse?"

"I don't know Derek. I can't give you an answer right now. I'm not sober and I think I need time to take in all of this."

He got up and stood in front of me. "Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night? I can give you some real answers then."

"Sure. I have to see if I'm free but I guess that's fine."

He pulled the covers back over me, "Don't forget to drink water." Derek turned off the light and left.

I tossed and turned unable to get to sleep. Derek said he still loved me but I didn't know if I still loved him. We hadn't seen each other in years and I had no idea if he really had changed. The old Derek was obsessed with work and his outward appearance. He put a high premium on what people thought about him, more than what he thought of him self. As far as I was concerned nothing had changed. So my answer is no...


It is confusing but this story is formatted with three parts. When you start 1B it will be confusing as hell because it takes place in the past but catches up with the present...but everything will be illuminated.





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