The day was the following Friday since He had delivered the package to me for the next door neighbors, you remember, J.D.'s mom.

I was getting dressed like I was going out on a date or something. All my mind could think of was just how gorgeous he was, Hell I didn't even know his name yet, Oh yea its on the peice of paper he gave me, Name, number and address. Hell I had put it somewhere, where the hell did I put that, Oh yea, I went to the laundry hamper and pulled out my soiled bathrobe and checked the pocket and there it was in the pocket, lets see, O.K. his name is Walter.

I got myself dressed and ready and I heard the doorbell, I looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, and sure enough, it was six, right on time.

I opened the door and I saw just why I had wanted to go out with Walter, I said Hi, come on in.. He saw me and smiled, and said Hi Ken, I said, god you look good, He said yea, but I really like you better the way you were dressed the other morning, I just smiled and said maybe later, and smiled a devilish smile at him, and he smiled back.

We got into his awesome looking bright red Mustang and we went to an 'Applebys' to have supper. We sat at the bar and had drinks and laughed and I noticed he couldn't take his eyes off me, He leaned over to my ear and whispered, Ken I just stripped you naked with my eyes, and I am mentally sucking your cock, my cock jumped in my trousers at the thought, and I smiled and just sort of provacativly smiled and said Wally, not here, not now, here in public, what will people think? and I smiled at him and winked, and he said man your so hot, I would suck your cock in the middle of a busy intersection during work hour traffic, I said Damn man, this is getting hotter as we go along.

We finished up a really nice supper and went back to his apartment. We went up to the door and went in.

Walter, (Wally) by his own choice, Ask me, do you like it? it ain't much, but it's home, I said man this is really nice, he said thanks.

I turned to take off my windbreaker jacket, and there right against me was Wally, he waited untill I took off my jacket and he spun me around and grabbed me, and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the mouth sticking his tongue into my wet mouth, and started making out with me, God was I ready for this, Wally was kissing me and making me weak in the knees. I started pulling at this clothes and unbuttoning his shirt, I reached into his shirt and rubbed his lighly hairy, hard thick chest muscles, damn I was hotter that a blast furnace, my cock was hard and hot inside my briefs and pushing out against the material, feeling like it would split the pants material open.

Wally reached down and grabbed, and started rubbing my nuts thru my pants and rubbing against the shaft of my cock, I was breathing like I was air starved and licking on his neck, trying to get him into my mouth, man did I want Wally in my mouth, Finally I got Wally's pants unbuttoned and stuck my hand down into his crotch and felt his hard throbbing cock I started sliding his cock skin back and forth and sliding my hands down into his shorts and feeling his large balls and Wally was moaning.

Well after about ten minutes of this decadent feeling and stroking and kissing, I said lets go to bed, He said sounds awesome to me, we were already about naked by the time we got to bed, I had Wally stripped down to his undershorts, his shirt was somewhere on the floor, and his pants were down around his ankles, I pushed him onto his back and reached down and took his shoes off and then slid his trousers all the way off. He cock was thick, Long, and harder than a sledge hammer head.

Wally was slowly stripping me naked and he went down onto my cock like he was going in for desert, that's what he said I was, his desert.

We crawled upon the bed, and I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking, Wally swung around and took my cock into his mouth, and god it felt awesome, hot, wet and he was making my cock sing like a musical instrument and he was the virtuoso playing it. I was in limbo, feeling like I had died and gone to heaven.

Wally was wimpering and making sounds of appreciation as I slowly and methodically sucked his cock like a master.

He said man I never had a blowjob this good before, I just kept on sucking, He finally stopped sucking me and Said Oh Ken, AW JEEZO MAN, An I felt his cock start that pumping feeling as it unloaded about eight or ten vollies of cum into my mouth, it tasted like fine wine.

Wally moaned and said damn man, that was absolutely awesome, then he went back to sucking my cock, I said Wally I want to fuck you, he said Have at it. and he layed back on his back and put his asshole up in the air at me, I just layed between his legs and spread his love button opened with my fingers, and started licking and sticking my tongue as far as I could get it in his love tunnel.

I had him begging to be fucked within a few minutes and I kneeled up between his legs and put the head of my cock against his love button and I shoved, after lubing it up of course, but I had him humping up at me begging me to stuff him full of my cock, He was loving it and So was I.

I began to feel the climax building up and I was starting to feel like my cock was ten inches long and thicker than a can of green beans, I was fucking like I was plowing a large field, Damn it felt so awesome, and my cock felt so damn big just before it shot.

It felt so fantastic as my cock shot a load of cum into his turd tunnel, and he said, oh shit, that feels so fucking awesome Ken, I'm gonna shoot off again, and he started stroking his now hard cock, and blasted another load as I finally calmed down.

We both layed there, and felt totally drained, and we just gently kissed and made out like to newly weds, he smiled and ask me to be his boy friend, I said, I see no reason not to be.

Wally acted like a kid with a new toy, and kissed me and before the night was over, he had sucked me almost raw. But he was in no better shape, he had cum four times before that night was over and he was completely exhausted.

Well, Wally either stayed with me after that night, or I was spending the night at his apartment, we were together every night after that.

That happened in August, and It was now Thanksgiving weekend, I was getting ready to go to the store and purchase a Turkey and the trimmings for Thanksgiving dinner, Wally was with me, When I noticed J.D. Standing at their front porch door, talking on a cell phone. He smiled, and said hey Ken, wait up, I want to talk to you.

He finished his call, and came out and said man, you gonna be free for us to have some time alone, I said yea man, but I'm not alone, he said really man, you got some one on the string, I said yea, wait till you meet him, he's a doll. J.D. said man thats awesome, he said do you think he might be up for a threesome, I just smiled, being the wicked bastard that I am, and said, we will let him meet you and let him decied for himself, I won't make that assumption for him.

I invited him over for supper that night, Wally would be here and they would meet.

Well that evening J.D. was already there when Wally got there, I knew by the way Wally was looking at J.D. that he was liking what he saw, I introduced J.D. as My boyhood friend, and Wally shook his hand and stared into J.D.s eyes and said,'Well HELLLOOO There' I knew from that response what was ahead.

J.D. and Wally sat in the living room and talked while I finished up supper. I called them to the table and they looked at me and smiled and enjoyed a nice meal, Then Wally looked over at me and said Ken, would you have a problem with J.D. spending the night with us, I just looked at J.D. and smiled and said well, its alright with me, but I jested with Wally, But Where's he gonna sleep? Wally looked at me funny and said, With us of Course, I said are you sure he would like that? Wally said I'm pretty sure by what he tells me, I'm sure He would have no problem sleeping with us, I just said O.K with me.

They helped me do the dishes and clean up the kitchen and then we went to the living room and watched a gay porno, Damn I thought Wally was gonna rape J.D, but J.D. was enjoying it too.

Well things got so hot the porno was a waste, J.D. Had Wally's cock out sucking it like a hoover, and I was kissing Wallys lips, and pulling and twising his nipples. Damn we were all three hotter than a barn fire.

We finally made it up to bed and I watched as J.D. took his eight inch, gorgeous uncut cock, and slid it to the hilt into Wally's Ass, and Wally wanted more, I straddled his chest and slid my cock into his mouth, and he was in Hog Heaven, sucking and lapping, rubbing my nuts, and I felt his body bounce with each thrust J.D. made into his rectum with his big cock, I heard J.D. start grunting and felt his powerfull, muscular body, as he just shoved his big cock to the hilt in Wally's ass, and Wally shot a load clean upon my back and shoulders, and I filled his mouth with my love cream, we all flopped down on my queen sized bed, man we were out of breath, and just started kissing and making out again, Damn, WE finally finished up as the sun rose the next morning and we finally fell asleep.

Having J.D. join us in our sex, It gave it a whole new dimension. And All I can say for Wally, Is those FED EX Men really know how to deliver. Oh Yea! At least Mine does.



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