When I first joined up I had planned to make a career out of the

military, now fifteen years later, I was just out, a civilian, one of

the rest of the American population.

I had spent a pretty fair piece of time in the Army, achieved the

rank of Staff Sargent and had gotten out with honors. I even had

my superior asking me to reconsider staying in for another

seven year hitch, and retiring at forty with a full military


Looking back I had achieved everything I had wanted to achieve,

I had gotten myself to the rank of an n c o, and gotten my esteem

and body built up to the point that I was satisfied with myself.

Now what was I gonna do with the rest of my life? Looking back

I began to recall that first few months in Boot Camp back in the

days right after I joined up.

We had been working our asses off and had just finished a ten

mile hike with full geer, and our asses were dragging, and to add

to that feeling was the feeling that I needed go get my nuts off bad.

I hadn't even taken time to get alone with myself and give my

self a release with my hand. and my nuts were almost aching.

We had finally gotten back to the barracks and I was putting my

geer away, when I started noticing the other guys coming back

out of the showers with just a towel or nothing at all on, standing

by their beds drying off, holy shit was I starting to feel that feeling,

I knew I was gay, and I had entered the military under that 'Don't

Ask, Don't Tell,' policy issued by President Clinton.

Now here I was setting on the edge of my bunk, looking at all that

gorgeous meat that was hanging between the legs of the other

privates there in the barraks. Damn I was so horned up my cock

was hurting and I was about to burst.

My bunk mate came up to me and said, 'Hey man, that hot water

feels fantastic, I know now I'm going to sleep well tonight,'

I Looked straight at him and stared his cock, straight into the eye,

I could have stuck my tongue out an licked it, it was that close to

my face.

'Hey Kendrick, you can kiss it if you want.'

'You fucking wish Jerome,'

'Hey man, It sounds good anyway, hehehehe, I was just kidding.'

'I know man, but you do have an awesome cock though, you should

be proud.'

'yeah man, I have been told that before,' It really was an outstanding

cock, Jerome had a good seven inches, of thick uncut meat, and that

was soft, truth was, I would have loved to have been in a private place

with Jerome, it would have ended up differently, I really think he would

have let me suck him off.

I would have to say, most guys there in boot camp was horny, no time

for private sex, much less the mutual kind.

I finally noticed that all the guys were finished and in the barraks and I

grabbed my towel and headed for the latrine and shower room.

I stripped down and was already sporting about half a hardon, and I was

standing there letting that hot water run down over my body, it

was hitting my cock and making it harder than a crowbar, my cock

was standing straight upward.

I looked around ,not seeing anyone, and went to work on it, god it

needed some attention. I was into my jerkoff program, and I was so

close to busting a nut, when I opened my eyes, and there standing

at another shower head was one of the the other guys, staring at me,

smiling, sporting a very hard cock of his own, he was stroking

his very hefty cock with fervor, I could tell he was enjoying

watching me as he jerked off his nice thick cut cock.

I kept up the action as we stood there in the shower

and put on a show for each other. I noticed his breathing

and actions and he was letting me know by his sound and actions

that he was really close, I heard him gasp for breath as he fastly

jerked his cock, I quickly got to my knees and took his cock

into my mouth and let him fill my mouth with his load, god it

was fantastic.

His body jerked and spasmed as I finished him off.

'Oh Jesus Man, that was awesome, I never had a guy suck me

off before, wow!'

I licked my lips off and started stroking myself off, when he

reached over and took my cock and said, 'Let me do that for

you,' I gladly obliged.

It didn't take me very long as he gently stroked my cock ,

rubbing my nuts and doing a fantastic job for me.

I blasted a wad all over the floor and smiled as it washed

down the drain.

I realized that was almost fifteen years ago, the Other Army

guy that I had that encounter and I became very close

after that, we even went to camp Casey in South Korea

together. We had a very intimate private, close relation

with each other after that.

Well now it's fifteen years later and I'm out of the ARMY


I'm back home and god damn, has things changed in

my home town, everything is different, all my High school

friends have either married and left, or gone to college,

and most of them live in different states or cities, I didn't

know anyone, that is except my own family, who I wasn't

that close too.

I found this apartment and got a single, got all settled, and

decided to go out prowling, and looking for some men.

I found this bar uptown, one that had not been there before

and I decided I would just go in and scope things out.

I got a shower and cleaned up and went to this bar, and

got a Shot of whiskey, with a beer chaser and went

to a little table out of the way of everyone there in the bar.

I was looking to see what would come thru the doors, maybe,

just maybe, some nice looking dude looking to score some


I sat there for at least an hour, when this young guy, looked to

be about twenty three, maybe twenty four, walked in and took

stool at the bar, ordered a drink and turned around, just looking.

I noticed him and smiled and he nodded at me and smiled, then

turned back around.

I motioned for the waiter to come over and I bought the kid a

drink, he gave him the drink of his choice, the kid turned

around, smiled a big smile ,and lifted the drink up in a salute,

took a drink, and got up off the stool and come over to my table.

'Thanks man, that was very Kind of you. Mind if I join you?'

'Not at all, I was hoping you would.'

'Hi! my name is Ethan McGregor.'

'Hello Ethan, I'm Kendrick, just call me Ken,'

'You still in the Army Ethan? your wearing camo fatigues,'

'Yeah, just got back from Afghanistan, god that was one hell


'I can imagine, I just got discharged after fifteen years in the Army.'

'Hey I'm glad to be out after all those years too, things are different


'Hey have you noticed there is not one chick in this place?'

'Yeah, I noticed there is a good reason, its a gay bar, mostly

men, looking for hookups come in here.'

I played ignorant, 'No Shit man, A gay bar?'

'Does that mean, your looking for a guy to hook up with?'

'Sorry, yes, I'm almost in that situation that I have got to get it

on with a dude or I'm gonna die. Well not really but I need to have

some man contact, really bad.'

I just smiled at him and reached over and slid my hand up inside

legs and rubbed his very ample package, 'Will I do for a


I heard him gasp a startled gasp and then his face smiled,

he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, 'you got a place to go,

or do we need to get a motel room?'

'I have an apartment, wanna have another drink and then leave


He was staring right straight into my eyes as he said, 'what ever

you want man, it's alright with me.'

We had another Drink and then left, I was rubbing his inner thigh

I could feel a very hard thick cock as I rubbed.

The evening air was crisp and I was excited as a boy going out

with his first date. I wanted to eat this kid alive. God he was just


We got to my apartment and he set down on the couch, unbuttoning

his shirt, thats when I saw the most awesome body I had seen

in quite a while.

Ethan was a redish blond Scottish man, with a great body and

I found out in a few minutes one hell of an awesome cock and


I leaned in and started rubbing his chest and his sixpack abs, they

were so thick and pronounced, he smiled and said, 'That feels

fucking awesome man,'

I began to undo his pants, then I took off his boots and socks, his

feet were also outstanding, then I slid his pants off and I saw this

huge cock trying to split his underwear open, damn it was big.

I smiled as I pulled his underwear down and out flopped this thick,

long, veiny, cut cock, it was outstanding looking.

I Leaned over and said, 'Can I?,'

'Help yourself man, as you can see it likes what your doing so


I leaned in and took his nine inch Scottish cock to the hair in

my mouth, He almost squeeled with delight as I began to work

that cock over, he was shoving my head down as I sucked his

thick meat, and I felt his stomach contracting as he got into

the suck job with great passion.

I stopped and stood up and got my self down to my briefs, I was

watching his face as he smiled more each time I took off some

of my clothes, and when I dropped my boxers, I saw a great big

smile come over his face.

It happened like a flash as I watched Ethan dropp to his knees

he engulfed the full length of my 8X6 in. cock, his hot mouth

started working my cock over in one hell of a fantastic blowjob.

I was just getting into his sucking when he just stopped, looked

up at me and smiled and said, 'Hey man, I want that beauty in

my ass, you do like to fuck don't you?'

I smiled at Ethan and said, 'Baby, Is a Frogs ass watertight?'

and I pulled him to me and started kissing his mouth with wild


We left the living room and went to the bedroom where I pushed

Ethan down on the bed, face first, raised up his hips and ass to

my face level, and dove into his love hole with my tongue. Ethan

Went wild, I saw him grab the covers and pull as I ate his ass out

like the gormet meal it tasted like.

I don't remember anyone I had ever eaten out, getting that

excited and wild.

Ethan was moaning and wimpering with each probe of my tongue

into his poop shoot.

I had worked on his asshole about twenty minutes, making him go

weak with the sensations I was presenting him with.

then I stopped, got up, and put some lube on my cock, and

worked some into his asshole.

Then he said with his almost weak voice, 'Make love to me man,

I want your cock,'

'Hey Ethan Baby your wish is my command,'

I heard Ethan let out a long, stronge, grunt, as I placed the head

of my cock at the opening of his asshole, and with one stronge

shove, I buried my cock into his hot. moist, tight, turd tunnel.

I just held it there and I listened to Ethan thank me, 'Oh Fuck yeah

man, shit that feels so awesome,' Ethan loved having a big cock

his poop chute.

'OH yeah, thats it, give me that cock man, fuck me, fuck me like the

wild man I am, God I love that feeling,'

I was jamming, and ramming my cock to the hilt each thrust, pulling

it all the way out with each withdraw, and he was jamming his ass

back against my cock with each movement.

I could feel the sensations of his inner parts as they moved and

massaged my cock, milking it with each thrust, burying it with

each ram.

Finally I could hold back no more, I grabbed Ethans hips and

pulled his body tight against mine. I could feel his sphincter

muscle tighten around the base of my cock as I began to

unload my cum deep into his bowels, This Kid felt better to me

than another guy I had ever fucked.

I reached around and grabbed his hard cock, god it was hard

and thick, I began to stroke him off as My cock finished shooting

a thick load up his turd tunnel.

I felt that thick cock begin to flex as his cock started blowing out

a massive load of cum all over my bed covers.

He was still trying to fuck my now softening cock, it was awesome.

Ethan and I spent the night together and actually we spent the

weekend together and the next morning when we woke up, I let

Ethan fuck me, it was just as phenominal as the night before.

We have stayed in contact with each other ever since that night.

And we have enjoyed a wonderful time getting together as often as




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