Chapter 5 - The Model and the Designer

An hour later, Evan found himself getting dressed in his change room, a smile on his face that wouldn't falter.

He pulled on his own boxers, and had his shorts around his ankles when a knock came from the door. He figured that there wasn't anyone in the studio who hadn't already seen him in underwear so he called out;

'Come in!'

Francois stepped through the door, his shirt not even buttoned anymore. Evan's mouth began to water and he couldn't look away from the man's abs.

They were glistening, all eight of them, as well as his pecs, all coated in a thin layer of oil.

Francois had noticed.

He strut across the room, and stood close to Evan.

'You did very well,' he was whispering to the tall man, 'was that your first photoshoot?'

'Yes, it was.' He found himself whispering and in a moment of weakness, sucked the man's earlobe.

Francois seemed like this was going the way he hoped it would.

Evan hadn't heard from Mark since Saturday morning, when he practically ran from the house, so he felt that some fun with Francois couldn't hurt.

He slid his hands up Francois' hot, oily abs, over his flawless pecs and onto his bulging neck.

'How would you like to get up close and personal with me tonite?'

'Are you serious, Evan,' he sounded overjoyed, 'because workplace romances don't seem to go well most times?'

'Well, then let's both go into this knowing that.' He suggested. 'That this is only one (or two) nights of pure passion between two muscle-bound Gods, and not a commitment.'

'Of course, if that is what you wish.'

He found himself at Francois' apartment carrying his clothes and wearing only boxer shorts. Francois was already there, and wearing even less.

He wore a bright orange speedo and Evan could clearly see that the man was hung.

'My, my, Francois,' Evan called seductively to the man spread-legged on the couch in the centre of the apartment, 'quite a cock you've got there.'

'Heh! Yeah, I've done quite a bit of work on this baby.' He smiled and his grin broadened at the look on Evan's face.

'How so?'

'Evan, you hunk, thank God that you're pretty!' he laughed softly, 'I work in the modelling business, and from the studs that I have the joy of working with, I get the best secrets to penis growth.'

'Really!?' said Evan surprised, 'Care to share some?'

'Maybe later, right now, I wanna suck you off.'

He walked quickly over to Evan and grasped the young model's waistband. He pulled forward with such force that, not only did the thick elastic waistband snap, tearing the boxer shorts clean off, but also causing Evan to fall forward, his hard, throbbing cock pushing into Francois' waiting throat.

The man had some serious experience. His body worked like a well-oiled machine, shining muscles bulging and shifting, forcing pleasure upon the young stud now lying on the floor in a fit of ecstasy. His hand dug into the pecs of the model, grinding through the fibres of the young man's solid body. His other hand was firmly massaging the man's ass while his mouth and throat pushed Evan's quickly throbbing cock into his own body.

Evan's voice echoed deeply as he moaned with sheer pleasure. His heart raced at break neck speeds and every limb, glistening with sweat, writhed and arched. He was so completely consumed with lust that he didn't even realise that Francois was removing his speedo.

Evan suddenly burst. He felt his huge balls contract as he shot an immeasurable load down Francois' throat. He was surprised to see that Francois swallowed only about half, letting the rest spill over the model's godly stomach. He then realised that the sex animal on top of him had done this on purpose, and was now sucking every drop off his abs, and even his nipples.

Once he was done, he crawled to be face to face with Evan, who had already recovered most of his strength.

Evan sat up slowly, Francois still wrapped around him and groping his neck.

'My turn.' He whispered almost savagely.

He stood up, supporting the Frenchman's entire naked body, in all its muscular glory. He half threw him onto the wide couch, and the man landed, legs spread, with a raging hard-on. His cock was massive. It had to be at least 13 inches, curved and veiny, but surprisingly thin.

Evan was confident; he had taken some pretty big ones before. He lowered himself onto the monster cock slowly.

'Are you sure?' Francois smiled, 'I'm a pretty big challenge.'

'Ooh, yeah!' Evan felt the cock pushing through his ass, and he clenched his bubble but playfully as the second and third inches went in, Francois groaned agreeably. He pushed even harder, taking at least five more inches. He least a wince slip through his teeth, a combination of pleasure and pain flooding his body.

He raised himself, and Francois chuckled softly, thinking he was giving up, and was taken by surprise when Evan plunged downward forcing three inches more than before and he felt the hot muscular rod pressing down on all the right places causing cum to dribble from the end of his still moist cock.

He started rocking up and down, now taking the Frenchman's cock all the way to the base, letting it push into all parts of his own anatomy. He pushed up and down for several minutes until he felt a warm explosion around his abdomen.

Harsh rattling breath whispered from the limp figure collapsed on the couch underneath him.

'My God!' Francois said exhausted, 'Nobody ever took me like that. It was... unbelievable.'

Evan slid off the man in an agile manner, cum dripping to the floor from both sides of his body.

'So, tell me, Francois, where can I find a shower around here?'

Francois pointed to a door on the wall to his left.

'The bathroom is through there.'

Evan stepped into the bathroom and admired the marble shower area, with a large, wide jet hanging from the roof. He turned the tap to the left that had a red ring pattern on it.

Hot water consumed his body and steam started to fill the room around him. Alone with his thoughts, he became concerned.

'Is this all I am?' he thought to himself, 'Some loose model who'll drop his pants for any guy who comes on to him?'

He became lost in his own thoughts as he scrubbed his body with an expensive liquid soap. Fake tan from the day's shoot ran from his skin and mixed with small amounts of cum before falling into the drain. He twisted the taps until water stopped running onto him. He grabbed a soft white towel and dried off his hair. He looked into the floor length mirror that covered an entire wall.

His thoughts of his own empty life vanished as he looked at his reflection.

Even with the fake tan removed, his skin was a rich golden brown. His muscles gave him the appearance of some sort of God, with small droplets of water grasping to his brilliant skin. As he looked, his eyes slid to his cock, now shrunken and depressing causing an earlier conversation to spring to his mind.

Chapter 6 - Invitation

Evan, now completely dry, slid into a large bed with Francois, who was already asleep, and found himself drifting to sleep quickly.

He awoke the next morning from a hot dream, where Francois, as well as hundreds of other muscle bound men were sucking his cock. He found that not all of this was dream, as Francois was sucking his morning wood.

He let the man finish and came as best he could.

'Good morning sleepy head.' He whispered after swallowing the load.

'Morning.' Evan replied, then decided to get straight down to business, 'So about these growth secrets...?'

'Ah, yes!' Francois leapt from the bed and Evan watched the man's ass shake as he walked from the room.

He returned seconds later, holding a small official looking bottle. It had writing on it; 'WARNING: HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL DRUG!'

'Here's the rule;' Francois said, 'one pill, once a day equals one inch every week, and keep in mind, this baby will have some serious effects on your muscles.'

'As in...?'

'As in, a couple of weeks of this, and you'll be buying a whole new wardrobe, three sizes bigger.'

Evan returned to his apartment soon after and immediately read the label in full. From what he could understand of the label, it warned of what Francois had said, but also mentioned that it had had varying effects on the skeletal systems of some test subjects.

He shrugged and swallowed one of the tiny brown pills in the bottle. He looked in and saw that there must have been hundreds in there, maybe even a thousand. He put the bottle in the cabinet behind his bathroom mirror, next to his toothbrush.

A few days later, Evan got a call from Francois, offering another photo shoot opportunity. Evan accepted. It was a long day of wearing tight, spandex speedos and even a few pairs of boardshorts.

After the shoot, he stood alone with Francois wearing a pair of tight, green and black speedos. Francois pulled them down to Evan's knees, letting the model's cock swing free.

'Ah, I see the pills are working.'

He was right, it had been only four days and he had grown about ¾ of an inch. He was also more defined all over than he had been before, his muscles growing at an accelerated rate.

He stopped taking the pills after a couple of weeks, not wanting to look too fake, and he was already satisfied with his 10 ¾ inches down below.

He woke on a warm Friday morning with his massive cock in a small pool of cum. He smiled and got out of bed. He pulled on a pair of dark blue briefs and walked into the lounge room. He glanced at the clock and saw that it 11:15. He sat on the couch and turned on the TV. He flicked through the channels and found a porno about two hunky surfer dudes waxing their boards and the each other.

Evan flipped his semi-hard appendage out of his briefs and started to jack it off gently.

The phone rang and he got up, dick still hanging over the top of his briefs. He picked up the receiver.

'Hello, Evan speaking.'

'Evan! Hey! It's me, Mark.' A faintly familiar voice called.

'Hey, Mark! How've you been?'

'Fine, listen,' he said, seriously, 'sorry I haven't called you since that night, but, well, I kinda got a girlfriend.'

'Wow, good for you.'

'Yeah, I know it's kinda strange, but you were actually the one who gave me the confidence to ask her out.'

'Oh, Ok, that's great!'

'Yeah, anyway, I have this bodybuilding comp tomorrow and I wondered if you'd wanna come watch.'

'Jeez, thanks, I'd love to.'

'I'd be a great opportunity for you to scope out some... fresh meat, most of the guys there are gay... even the twins.'

Chapter 7 - Backstage Competition

The next day was there faster than Evan could believe. He found himself at a small hall that the competition officials had rented out for a day. He heard a shout for him as soon as he stepped through the doors.

Mark was standing there to the side of the hall at a smaller door. He was wearing a tight green speedo. His whole muscular body looked like it had grown in every direction since Evan had last seen him.

Mark called Evan over to him and the followed the door to the backstage area.

Evan's jaw dropped at the sight that was in front of him. Ten or more heaps of pure godly muscle stood before him, each was having bronzers and oil lathered onto them by young men and women who looked overjoyed at the chance to rub their hands over the gorgeous hunks.

Scuffling, grunting noises caused Evan to turn around, and what he saw made his heart and cock leap. Two men, barely younger than Mark, were half wrestling; they seemed to be trying to oil each other up and were arguing about the way to do it. They were the twins Mark had mentioned, both were extremely beautiful and so incredibly tanked that it was hard to tell where one boy ended and the other began.

'Hey, Steven, Paul, over here!' it was Mark's voice, and the twins turned to look over at them.

'This is the guy I was telling you about, boys, meet Evan.'

'Hey.' said the first.

'Hellooooo.' Crooned the other.

'I'm Steven and this is Paul, we're bodybuilders.'

'Evan, model.' He said, still in shock.

'Sorry to break this up, but I need your hand here Evan.' Mark was beckoning to him.

'Now where have I heard that before?'

The twins laughed and called back to him;

'See you after the show, stud.'

Mark needed Evan to help him oil up.

'Why isn't your girlfriend getting the joy of this?'

'Well, she's busy today.'

'Lucky me...'

He savoured every moment of the experience, rubbing every luscious crease of the Adonis' gorgeous hulking muscles. He glanced away for a moment, and then winked to the three overgrown hunks jacking their curiously small member to the image of them.

He finished, and left to go sit in the crowd.

He sat for an hour and a half, watching the men flex and pose in outfits that were barely decent. Te whole thing culminated in one of the three men who had jacked off to him in third place, looking annoyed, Mark in second place, and a tie between the two outrageously beautiful twins, each in a bright blue posing suit.

Evan congratulated them as they mingled with the crowd.

'Hey guys, good job up there.' He said jovially.

'Ok, straight to business, how bout we go to your place and give a good job down there.'

Evan agreed, perhaps too enthusiastically, and drove them both to his apartment.

The boys walked through the door. And before it had even shut behind Evan, their speedos had both hit the floor.

Evan gaped at the angels standing before him. He was buff, yes, but those two together were equal to about 5 of him.

Their pecs were amazingly huge and they each had ten abs, with massive latimus dorsi pushing out to the sides. They were also surprisingly hung for boys that were probably on steroids.

They both reached out and pulled his singlet up over his head, and his jeans down to the floor.

'Hot.' They chimed together.

Paul was on his knees, and grasped at Evan's briefs, struggling past his own massive biceps.

They both froze at the monster cock hanging in front on them.

Evan moved the naked hunks to his bedroom and layed down on the bed.

He was fully hard now, and the boys were still marvelling at the size of his massive dong.

Steven forced his own throat around it and worked it with expert skill. Evan became even harder and throbbed faster at the sight of a bulge in the hunk's throat. Paul climbed on top of him and started to lick ever inch of his chest and arms.

He came exceptionally quick, but much more than before he used the enhancement, in fact, he orgasmed for at least twenty seconds, causing Steven to gag as he swallowed the enormous load.

He rolled over after that and Paul pushed his dick into his ass. He knew these boys had experience, for while one fucked the model, the other would be sucking and massaging parts of him. Paul was also exceptional at working his prostate, because he was cumming again in an instant.

This went on for over an hour, each taking turns to fuck each other, Evan getting off to the twins sucking each other.

As Evan went to sleep that night, naked between two muscle freaks that worshipped him, he thought to himself;

'Life is good...'

And he started to suck the sleeping giants.



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