Chapter 1 - A Chance Meeting

It was the middle of July. The sun had been scorching down for the last month and a half. Evan was a young man, only 29, but he had the body of an absolute God. And didn't he know it. Evan was an underwear and swimwear model, and got paid for it handsomely, because the company he worked for just didn't want to let him get away.

It was 15 minutes before another underwear show and Evan was standing in front of the mirror in the change-room. He was 7 foot 4, and every inch was gorgeous, he looked at his tanned muscles in the mirror, and began to flex his biceps. They were monstrous, rounded heaps, almost bursting the skin around them and with incredible veins throbbing around them. His chest was extremely broad, with massive protruding pecs, all golden-brown and practically hairless. His nipples were larger than the other guys around him, but not so big that they became less sexy. Eight luscious abs protruded out from his stomach, so far, that you could almost balance small objects on top of each one. His legs had fine grooves between the muscles in them all the way down to the ankle, with a fine, pale, covering of hair.

His broad build became thin as it came closer to his waist, until he was almost thin enough to wrap one arm around him. He was wearing a pair of tight, pale-yellow briefs that clung to his skin without a crease. Even though he wasn't hard, you could see how well endowed he was. The bulge in his briefs hung well below the bottom of the briefs' leg elastic.

Evan caught his own eye in the mirror and was again stunned at his own immaculate beauty; high cheek bones, pale blue eyes and perfectly cut golden hair. He noticed someone else looking at him, from behind. Reflected in the mirror he saw three of the girls he'd never modelled with before standing in skimpy lingerie, and looking intently at his muscular back and ass. He turned his head to look at them and winked, a smile broadening on his face. They burst into giggles and turned a dark scarlet underneath their make-up.

A short woman in black clothes and a headphone-microphone set approached him. She was carrying a small clipboard with a list of times and names.

'2 minutes.' She said, giving him a quick look over. She smiled and started to walk away.

'Thanks.' He said in his deep, charming voice.

He grabbed a bottle of water from a small table near to him, and drank deeply from it. He walked over to a set of black velvet curtains where the woman with the microphone stood.

'You're up first, Hun,' she beckoned, 'you ready?'

'Yeah.' He replied.

Her eyes glazed over and Evan realised she was listening to someone through her headphones. She held up three fingers to him, and he quickly composed himself, ready to walk out through the curtains. She waved him to go and he started to walk. He had done this so many times before, but still got a thrill of excitement.

He pushed the curtains aside and walked down the catwalk, shamelessly aware of his muscles throbbing and the protrusion of his dick thinly concealed by pale yellow material. He reached the end of the platform glanced at some of the people in the audience as he struck a pose, tensing his body to accent the muscles and then turned as he walked away. He heard clapping and the indistinct voice of someone over a microphone discussing the piece he was wearing. As he walked through the curtains once more, a thin, blonde girl in a blue underwear set brushed past him.

A hand grasped him by the forearm and pulled him into a small area with a seat and some make-up workers. A stout woman grasped his waistband and pulled his briefs to the floor. He stepped out of them, unsurprised; this was common practise at these types of shows. He was wearing a thin, satin, g-string shaped construct, which served the purpose of concealing his oversized genitals while the make-up artists slid on thin blue underwear and reapplied a light layer of tan. He was shunted aside to the end of the line of models, male and female, and realised as others returned that he would be the only one to go back out.

When nobody stood before him, he saw the woman give him three seconds again and started to move towards the curtains. He walked the catwalk again, but this time when he reached the end, he struck an insanely masculine pose, crouching on one knee, flexing both his ceps, as he had been instructed.

His eyes connected with the guy directly in front of him. A very handsome teen, with darkest black hair and a deep blue tuxedo. Evan faltered for a minute, there was longing in his eyes and an unbelievably strong sense of attraction. Evan gave a miniscule kissing motion in the man's direction, before raising himself and walking away, making sure to show off his tight butt cheeks as he walked.

The curtains parted and he noticed that only two or three people remained in the change rooms, the woman with the headphones, a make-up artist, and the woman who had designed this collection. Evan dropped the blue underwear and passed them back to the make-up artist and smiled at the designer.

'Good job out there today.' Said the headphone lady quietly.

He smiled at her with his bright white smile. She blushed and hurried away.

Evan walked over to the mirror and bent over to his sports bag beside it.

Someone knocked on the door, which surprised him, because the staff were free to come and go as they pleased, so why would someone knock?

'Come in!' He called to the doorway.

He continued to ruffle through his bag and glanced behind himself. The man was there, the attractive man from the audience who he had sent a kiss towards. Now that he saw him standing, he realised how much of an understatement 'attractive' was.

The guy was unbelievable. His face was smooth to a flaw and his features were perfectly symmetrical. He looked as though he had been carved by an expert. The deep blue tux he wore hid his body, but even so, Evan could see that the man was built.

Evan stood straight, suddenly aware of his skimpy covering, and felt the blood rush to his face.

'Hi,' he said calmly, 'you were in the audience, weren't you?'

'Yeah.' The man confirmed, eyeing Evan's package.

He moved across the room towards Evan, his hand outstretched.

'I'm Mark,' said the man as he shook Evan's limp hand, 'you?'

'Evan,' he replied, 'nice to meet you.'

They were both silent for a second.

'So do you attend a lot of these?'

'Nah, a friend had tickets and someone dropped out at the last second, so I came instead.'


It was becoming slightly awkward, neither knowing what the other was feeling, but all Evan could do was think of how much he wanted to take this Mark guy all for himself.

'I actually came back here for a reason. I kinda hoped you'd still be here, and would agree to meet me sometime.'

'God, yes!' Said Evan, a little too excitedly, and Mark seemed taken aback.

'W-well great,' he whispered, 'call me sometime...'

He reached his hand out and slid it into the back of Evan's thong, clasping his ass, and when it left, Evan realised that a thin slip of paper had been left behind.

Mark walked steadily from the room, and Evan looked down, to see a raging hard-on pushing on the thong. He bent over again, smiling to himself and began to change, slipping out of the thong, and putting on tight briefs, along with skinny-legged jeans and a loose blue singlet, which showed off his pecs brilliantly.

He pushed the slip of paper into the front pocket of his jeans, and then finally left the room himself.

Chapter 2 - A Steamy Shower

He arrived home that afternoon, and collapsed on the couch exhausted. He woke an hour or so later to find that the sun was already starting to set. He walked to the bedroom, threw off the singlet and jeans, and then was about to fling himself onto the bed, when he remembered the paper.

He reached into the jeans pocket and withdrew the slip, looking at it properly for the first time. It had Mark's name and number as well as a small winking stickman scrawled in the corner.

Evan smiled and put it next to the phone on his bedside table.

He turned on the TV in his room and then, deciding, kicked off his underwear and lay on the bed naked, in all his muscular glory. He rolled over and reached for the phone, punching in the numbers written on the paper.

'... ... ... Hello' came Mark's voice.

'Hey there, it's Evan,' then not sure, 'we met today?'

'Oh, of course!' he sounded thrilled.

'I was just getting into bed and was thinking of you.'

'Oh yeah?' The anxiousness in his voice showing again.


'But, well, its 8'o'clock.' He sounded confused

'I said I was getting into bed... not going to sleep...'

'Oh? OH!' he shouted suddenly.

'You busy?'

'Not at all.'

'Good, cos I feel dirty, and I was gonna take a shower, care to join?'

'Sure, yeah, jeez.'

He seemed startled by the forwardness, and Evan hoped he hadn't scared him off by being too fast, but then remembered how they had met, and felt relieved.

He told Mark where his building was and what apartment he was and Mark said he'd be there in 5-10 minutes.

Evan stood up from the bed, deciding against jacking off like he had been about to do. He picked up his jeans and singlet and started to pull them back on. He got some wine from the fridge and dimmed the lights slightly. He switched the TV off and put on some slow deep-thrumming music.

After a while of wasting time, a soft knock came from the door.

He walked over to the door quickly and looked through the peep hole. Seeing Mark's beautiful face in the hole, he felt his cock give a throb of approval and hurried to open the door.

'Hey there stud,' he said quietly, 'long time, no see.'

'Good to see you too.'

Mark walked inside and Evan passed him a glass of wine from the counter in the kitchen, keeping one for himself.

They both sat on the couch and sipped slowly.

'So, Mark, should we skip the foreplay and move straight to the hot stuff?'

'I'm up for it if you are.'

Evan was astounded at himself for not noticing the outfit sooner.

Mark was wearing what looked like an old pale yellow t-shirt, and tight ripped jeans. The t-shirt clung to Mark's beefy arms, rounded and veiny in all the right places, with an enormous bulge on each side, badly covered by sleeves. His shoulders were almost spherical and his pecs caused such a huge amount of material t stretch, that the shirt didn't quite reach his jeans. Even with the dense denim, Evan could make out an impressive bulge in the crotch area.

They placed their glasses on the small coffee table and Evan gripped the sides of Mark's shirt.

'Pale yellow,' Mark laughed, 'I noticed it looked good on you.'

'Anything would look good on you...'

He pulled suddenly, using all his strength, and tore the shirt clean off the stud, revealing a heavenly body, almost as good as Evan's. Mark's pecs were absolutely gorgeous, they pushed out centimetres from his chest, and were so huge, his nipples looked like they had been pushed down by the sheer mass of them.

Mark slid the singlet off Evan, and hesitated.

'What?' said Evan, realising they were both only wearing tight jeans.

'Well, I've never been so close... with a guy...' he said embarrassed.

'Don't worry; I'll guide you through the rough patches.'

Evan undid his fly, and Mark hurried to copy. They both unbuttoned their jeans and stood wearing nothing but tight-as-hell underwear.

Evan saw that Mark was as hard as he was. He reached out and grasped the covered cock, hard. He used it to lead Mark into the bathroom, making out with the Adonis all the way.

Evan slid his thumbs smoothly into his own waistband and lowered the underwear to the ground, standing before Mark, with his built figure showing, and his constantly throbbing cock brushing Mark occasionally.

Mark followed suite, somewhat more nervously, lowering his underwear to the floor. As he stood up, Evan's jaw dropped.

'Jeez, that's huge!' he gasped 'I mean, I'm a good 9 ½ inches, and you're clearly bigger!'

'Yeah,' Mark said, blushing all over, 'I'm 11.'


He wrapped his arm around Mark's neck and kissed him more passionately than before. He pushed him into the large shower and twisted the handles to warm water spilled out over them both.

They continued to make out, more passionately still.

Evan pushed his own head down and started to worship the stud's nipples. Kissing them. Eating them. Feasting, gorging on them.

Mark let out a moan of ecstasy. And Evan move even lower, sucking on each of the bulging abs on Mark's handsome stomach. Mark's cock pushed against Evan's chin, so he moved down again, enjoying the steaming water falling around them.

He was bisexual, so he'd only sucked a couple of guys, but from what he had been told, he was good at it.

He plunged his head onto Mark's first few inches. Then a few more. And a few more.

He moved back, then forward again. He steadied himself, then took it, all the way. All eleven inches, and Mark hadn't lied. He writhed in a fever of passion as Mark throbbed in his throat.

'Oh... God! I'm... I'm... gonna!' Mark panted

Evan sucked harder and got the message across, because soon after, Mark blew. He had never had someone cum so much. He got it shot down his throat, then it flowed into his mouth and the sheer mass of it caused some to drip slowly from his lips.

Mark was moaning again, and seemed surprised when Evan swallowed most of it down. He seemed a bit worn out, so Evan turned the shower off and stood up. He scooped Mark in his arms and laid him on the floor towel.

Mark's eyes were still rolling, and his legs were trembling slightly. Evan grabbed a small hand towel from the sink and started caressing Mark's luscious body with it.

He spent extra time rubbing down the smooth pecs and abs.

'So, Mark, you never told me how old you are?' he whispered sensually

'I'm 19.'

'Holy crap! A body like this? At 19!?' he was utterly astounded

'Yeah, I'm into hardcore bodybuilding.' He was smiling again

'But even so, look at you.'

'Yeah, I've done some experimenting with steroids and stuff.'

'Really, looks like you got all the good and none of the side effects!'

'Yeah, I was using enhancement pills at the same time. The bottle promised an inch in a month, but, well... I guess it reacted with the roids, and I grew 6 instead, I more than doubled.'

'God, that's awesome.'

He was finished drying the bodybuilder and stood up.

'Care to spend the night stud?'

'Sure, why not.'

They moved into the bedroom and Evan lay down on his stomach.

'Can I confess something to you Evan?'


'Well, that was my first time, doing anything like that.'

'Yeah, you said.'

'No, not with a guy... with anyone.'

Evan looked up at his youthful face.

'Ok.' He smiled. 'Care to go even further?'

'You mean...'

'Yeah. I want you to fuck me.'

He looked hesitant, but excited.


He straddled Evan quickly and started to massage his shoulders gently.

'So, you're Godlike body, and what? No one?'

'Yeah, it was mainly my choice though.'

His hands were stroking Evan's lower back now, and he was readying himself.

Evan arched his back and got himself into position.

'Ok.' Whispered Mark, shaking his arms.

He started.

Evan pushed himself back, and moaned softly.

Mark was going still deeper, and he was good, going in all the right places.

Evan was ready, and he told Mark so.

So Mark started to thrust, moving slowly, then faster and faster.

Evan was in a fit of ecstasy. He realised he was cumming all over the bedsheets, but he didn't care.

Both men were screaming in passion now, and Evan could feel the teenager throbbing and cumming inside him.

Evan was having so many orgasms he couldn't keep track of them, and was almost falling unconscious with pure lust.

Mark withdrew. Evan collapsed on the bed and felt warmth deep inside himself.

'That! Was! Amazing!'

Evan was thinking the same thing, especially for this guy's first time.

Chapter 3 - Morning Glory

He awoke the next morning, alone in his bed, naked, with a single sheet draped only over his crotch. Evan didn't know if he had manoeuvred the sheet that way during his sleep, but felt slightly offended at the thought that Mark had done this. He sat up and saw Mark's jeans lying outside his bedroom, and realised the boy must not have left.

He stood up, admiring the size of his own boner, so huge that he felt a good sort of pain in it. He strutted into the kitchen to find Mark standing with his back to Evan.

Evan quietly walked up behind Mark and lifted his hand. He pushed his fingers smoothly into the crack between the massive cheeks of Mark's bubble butt.

'HOLY SHIT!' Mark yelled, jumping.

'Hey there, stud.' Evan chuckled.

'I was just about to wake you,' he smiled cheekily; 'I could barely resist sucking that massive boner while you slept.'

Evan reached out his hand once again and grasped the end of his lover's semi-hard cock. He began to pump back and forth and felt the cock lengthen in his grip.

'Damn, that is one huge cock,' he spoke longingly; 'I mean, my ass is still tingling. How big did you say that monster was?'

'11 inches.' He replied, a light blush appearing in his cheeks.

'I'm not sure, stay here.'

He walked into the bathroom and opened the cupboard behind the mirror, where he kept pills and bandages. He grabbed a small plastic tape measure from the lowest shelf.

'Here.' He declared as he re-entered the kitchen.

'What... you mean?'


He grasped the 19 year old's almost erect gift. He pumped again, and Mark's breathing became heavier. He continued pumping until Mark breathed that he was about to pop. Evan sat the end of the tape measure at the base of the massive appendage. He unrolled it until he reached the end and looked closely.

'Hah, you're wrong!'

'What? You mean I'm not 11 inches? I measured pretty well when I got off the pills.'

'Were they out of your system at that point?'

'Wait, you mean...'



'And a half.'

'Hell! People get shocked when I tell them 11! What'll they say now?'

'They must have been some pretty potent pills!'

'I guess so...'

His sentence was cut off, on account of Evan starting to suck his hardened cock.

After a few minutes of sucking, Mark blew another huge load. Evan was prepared this time, and swallowed the lot.

'My turn.' He said after licking his lips.

'Oh... Ok...'

It was clear to Evan that Mark was hesitant.

'Go on, I bet you'll like it.'

Evan stood up, and Mark took his place on his knees. He seemed to ready himself, then opened his mouth as wide as he could.

The model slowly pushed his cock into the bodybuilder's waiting mouth and was greeted by his warm, moist tongue. He pushed further, until his head was entering the throat. He moved his cock back, just as Mark began to gag. Then pushed forward again. Mark took it even further this time, almost to the base.

'God, he's a natural!' thought Evan as he felt Mark's nose brush his lower abs.

He started to thrust faster and felt a thrilling tingling in his cock's base.

He warned Mark, who indicated he wanted to take the load.

Evan moved harder and faster, pumping his own cock with the young man's throat. Then he blew.

It was a major load, and he sprayed four times.

Mark swallowed most, but then choked and ended up spitting it up in the sink.

Evan congratulated him on a job well done, then proceeded to suck on Mark's bulging pecs. He worshipped the guy, realising for the first time that he was a decade older than the boy.

He sucked the 19 year olds nipples, biting down on them slightly.

'I should actually be going,' Mark said 'I kinda have to keep up with this schedule I worked out, cos I'm entering the teen division of a bodybuilding contest next month.'

'But, don't they test for steroids?'

'Yeah, but I've been off the roids for a while, and by then they'll be completely out of my system.'


Mark pulled on his tight underwear and struggled to pull them over his enormous legs. He then put on his jeans and then groaned softly.


He leant over a picked up the torn up shirt from the night before.

'Don't worry; I'm sure I have something in your size.'

Evan walked to his wardrobe and pulled out a white singlet top.

'Here.' He said, handing it to Mark.

Mark pulled it over his steroid enhanced body and looked down at himself.

'My size?'

The singlet was very loose, and hung to the point that Evan could see Mark's nipples clearly.

'Yeah, it looks great on you.'

Mark kissed Evan and started to move towards the door and Evan slapped his ass.

He turned and winked, and then he was gone.

Chapter 4 - The Job

That Monday, Evan got a call on his mobile.

'Hey, this is Evan.' He said, and was surprised when a French man answered.

'Hello, Mr. Stevens? This is Francois, you've heard of me.'

'Yes, I have! In fact, I'm a big fan of your work.' Evan said excitedly. He had indeed heard of Francois. He was a famous clothes designer who specialised in women's lingerie.

'Well, you will probably not know that I am releasing a new range of men's undergarments.'

'No, I actually hadn't heard that.'

'Fine. I saw you on the catwalk last Friday and I said to myself: 'That is him! That is the man who will be the face of my new line!' and so I contacted some people I know and got a hold of your number.'

'What? You want me to be the face of your new line of underwear?'

'Yes, I assure you Mr. Williams, you will be paid justly for your time.'

'No, of course, I'd love to do this, when do you want me?'

'Meet me at the studio on 24th at 11:00 tomorrow.'

'Yes, sure, see you then.'

'Goodbye, Mr. Williams.'

Evan was thrilled. He had always wanted to move into private modelling, the sort where you get your face and body splashed all over magazines and brochures, and especially the internet, and now he finally had the job.

The rest of the day passed in a flash and it was Tuesday before he knew it.

He woke early, and steeped straight into his shower. He turned the jets on as hot as he could stand and stepped into the glass cubicle. He felt something beneath his feet, and realised that there was still some of Mark's cum on the floor of the shower. He scuffed at it with his foot, and it came off.

His mind flooded with the images of the Friday night and he felt his cock give a throb of approval. He grasped it hard and started to pump it just as he had done Marks.

He came with barely any coaxing, and managed to get most down the drain.

He pulled on some loose boxers, knee length shorts and a long t-shirt, which suited his height perfectly.

He did a few push ups and sit ups to make sure his muscle stood out well.

He ate a banana, drank a protein shake and left the apartment.

He got into his car, which was nothing special, and headed to the studio.

Evan walked through the doors, and slid his sunglasses to his forehead. A tall, well built man with styled brown hair and sparse stubble covering his chin and upper lip. He wore a black shirt with a wide collar that accentuated his bulky chest. The sleeves clasped tightly onto his hulking biceps. He had thin legs, and wore a pair of stylish black pants.

This was Francois.

'Ah, Mr. Williams! So good to see you again.'

'Please, sir, call me Evan.'

'Well of course, but then you must call me Francois.'

Evan smiled charmingly and Francois returned the gesture graciously.

'Where do you want me?' Evan asked the man.

'Well, I want you relaxed, so I have arranged my personal masseur to work out your tension before we begin.'

Evan was shocked and pleased. Francois led him to a room in the back where he instructed him to strip down, put on a towel and then come back out.

Evan took the time to get semi-hard before wrapping a towel around his muscular waist.

'If someone saw me,' he thought, 'I want to look good.'

He opened the door to find Francois waiting in the hall, his shirt even more open than Evan remembered it.

'Good, follow me.'

He led Evan to small room where a muscular Latino man stood in a tight white t-shirt and just as tight pants.

'Make yourself comfortable,' the man said as Francois left, 'and we'll begin.'

Evan was unashamed, so he dropped the towel and stood, naked, in front of the man. The man's jaw dropped, and then he composed himself quickly. Evan laid stomach down on the table and the man's hands slowly caressed every inch of Evan, every inch. The man, with some encouragement, jacked off Evan's 9 incher until he almost came, but stopped on command.

Evan put on the towel again and left the room, after slipping the masseuse his number.

Evan reached the main studio to find Francois conversing with some camera crew on how they should set up he set.

'Ah, good, you're finished,' he smiled knowingly, 'how did you enjoy Pedro?'

'He was very... professional.' Evan said, and saw that Francois understood.

'Ok, Evan, put this on, and we shall begin.'

He reached out to a table that held 10 differently styled pairs of underwear, all designed for a man, and handed one to Evan. It was a blue pair of briefs, with a red stripe down the left leg, and a red edge on the material that opened to allow men to take a piss.

Evan turned his back on the camera crew, but purposely not Francois, and dropped his towel again. Evan then proceeded to pull on the tight fitting briefs, and caught Francois' mouth open at the sight of his monstrous genitals. He reached into the underwear, and positioned himself to show off his symmetrical bulge, then winked at Francois before walking to the set.

He stood in front of the white backdrop and awaited his orders.

'Ok, Evan, put your hands on the back of your neck, and raise your elbows into the air.'

Evan did this, flexing his biceps, and then spread his legs and rotated his left one. He knew that this showed his leg muscles magnificently and really pushed out his cock.

'Perfect,' proclaimed Francois, 'I can tell this will go smoothly.'



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