I know that in the scope of life, there are some things that are sorta handed you, and some things that are options. I have noticed that in several areas, such as choices of your career for example, whether to be a Doctor, or a Construction worker, Driving a truck, being a lawyer. these are just several examples, but the choice of these are just that, a Minister for example believes that this is his lifes 'calling' So he makes a decision, a choice to be a minister. But there are some things in life that are not choices, What race we are born into, what color our skin is, the color of our eyes, whether we are male or female, tall or short, our facial looks, our parents ,these things are not choices but things that just are. Needless to say some things are sometimes questionable, for example, I am a Gay man I absolutely love other men, I love to have sex with them, I love to kiss them, have their companionship and generally be with them as opposed to being with women, whom of them I choose to be with is my choice but, being gay I didn't choose it, it just was. Many people especially religeous ones will tell you that somewhere in your younger life you made a 'choice' to be Gay or not, hogshit, I was looking and feeling desire for mens cocks when I was five, I remember one time at a swimming pool dressing area with my dad and uncle Jim, I saw uncle Jims and my Dads huge looking cocks and I was just staring I couldn't take my eyes off of them and from then on everytime I saw a mans dick I got a hardon, My little peter stuck out like a tree limb, that day at the pool I think I had a hard little pecker all day long because of that incident.

Well we don't stay little forever and we grow up, I was in High School, my senior year, I guess about 18 then and in gym class we had to take showers and I got a glimpse of my future, I went into the locker and I was in 'Nervana', God man, I got to see young mens bare asses, and cocks galore and my young body was definately reacting to it, Shit man I couldn't believe it, I saw short ones, Long ones, thick ones, cut and uncut ones and I had a fucking desire to reach out and touch someone, if you get my meaning, and I don't mean On Bell Telephone, I was starting down my path of life.

I guess my first life altering sexual experience was in my senior year of high school, Coach Donald Mason, a young coach in his second year of coaching, a college graduate, a former contender for the NFL, was our coach, we had been doing the after school tryouts for the baseball team and Coach Don, came into the locker room and gave the guys all the scoop about the team, what they would need, ect. and I was the locker room boy, It was my job to collect the towels and see that they were thrown into the washer and dryer and get them ready for the next day sometimes I would be an hour or two late in getting home, I was there in the storage room of the boys locker room, and In a box at the side of the washer and dryer were the jockey straps the guys wore, I had to wash them and put disinfectant in the wash for them which is usually bleach, well the guys had all left and I had a load of Towels in the washer and I looked down at those Jockey straps and realized that just a while before they had been hugging all the guys cocks and nuts and I grabbed a handfull and put them up to my lips and nostrals and I got a wiff of the most erotic odor I had ever smelled I was transported into gay heaven, god I didn't even remember where I was, I felt my cock get like a rock and as I sniffed and with my eyes closed and the sound of the washer hummed I started rubbing my crotch and feeling my hard dick which I had slipped out from under the leg of my gym shorts I was stroking it and the feeling of my cock was just unbelieveable and I was sniffing that odor and I just kept this up and when I opened my eyes, I saw coach Don standing there with his hand down in his gym shorts and he was watching me and stroking his cock, I jerked back and swallowed Hard, Coach said man, don't stop, Its fucking hot, man, and I said what? He said don't stop man, watching you is fucking hot, I didn't think of myself as hot but I wasn't the one looking at me, He walked in and said Tommy Have you ever been sucked off by a guy, I said no sir, he said Here man, do you like to look at guys naked and get excited about them, I said yes sir, and he said, o.k. lets do something about that, lets fulfill your desires, I said alright, alto I didn't know exactly what that meant, I let the coach who I really liked anyway just do his thing.

Now coach Don was about twenty four maybe twentyfive years old, built like a brick shithouse, whatever that means, but he had a body like I had never seen before he was fucking built, beautiful dusting of hair on perfectly built muscular chest, washboard abs, legs like tree trunks and a bulge in his jocky short that looked like he had a soccer ball stuffed down there, Well he came over to me and gently lifted me up and set me on the dryer and slipped my shorts, off and my jockstrap, and he took my jockstrap and stuck it under his nose and he said Tommy Yours smell like heaven too, He looked down at my cock and said Lets have a taste, shall we? I just said ug huh, and the coach just leaned over and slid my foreskin back and took my seven incher thick, hot, and throbbing into his mouth and looked up and said Tommy your cock is just delicious tasting and he started going up and down, and the feeling was out of this world, I had never felt anything like it, I was transported into another world, I could feel it as he gently massaged my nutsack and I was just kinda wimpering and lightly moaning and Never, ever before felt Like this, I was reaching over and running my hands thru Coach Dons hair and he was slowly taking me to the top of the world with his Hot mouth, I was fucking lost to time and space, Fuck I looked down and saw the biggest cock I had ever seen sticking out of his gym shorts, it looked like it was at least nine inches long and thick as my wrist, and he was stroking his own cock as he sucked me off, I lost it man the sight of that huge cock between his legs did it, I fucking said Oh Jesus man, and raised my ass up and felt the cum start boiling up into the shaft of my cock and I noticed Coach Don started slurpping and going faster and then as I blasted a load out of my cock head Coach Don Grunted and slurpped and groaned and his body started kinda jerking as I looke down at his huge cock and watched it as it unloaded it looked like a cup and a half of cum onto the storeroom floor, and he finally stopped jerking and sucking and just sorta fell back and layed there against the door for a few minutes and finally said Fuck Tommy thanks man that was indredible, I just layed back and said I know it was awesome.

We got up and cleaned ourselves off, and well needless to say a couple days later coach Don was back for some more, as I called it then, afternoon delight. This went all almost all year, One afternoon I told the coach I wanted to suck his cock like he did mine, He said Tommy you want to go to a movie with me tonight and spend the night I said sure man, that sounds awesome, Well I got permission from Mom and Dad, and well Dad was into sports big time and really liked coach Don and saw no problem with it.

We finished up at school and I went with Coach to his two bedroom appartment and we had supper got a shower and then chatted and the later that evening went and Saw The Third installment of the Star Wars Movie, I remember loving those movies so much, and the Coach did everything he could to make me happy, Well we got back to his apt and had a coke and he said ready for bed, I knew what was gonna happen, I thought, and we hit the sack I was laying there and He spoke to me and Said Tommy, I said yes he said I want you to do something to me, a little different, I said what is that, coach said, I want you to fuck me, O.K. I said sure why not, and he smiled and got some lube, he said no condom needed since your are young and hadn't been around at all, and I said alright man and he started sucking my cock, and got it nice and hard and then he lubed up his asshole for me and my cock and said now be easy at first and when I say go fuck me for all your worth, man I got up between his legs and I looked down at his gorgeous stomach he had his legs pulled up and back like a woman laying on her back and I got up to his manhole and stuck my cock head against his manhole and I pushed, fuck me man It was hot against the head of my cock and I could feel the heat and I started pushing it into he orafice and I felt it as he opened up and the head just popped thru, He sorta jerk and grunted a little and said easy man, and I pushed a little at a time in untill I had my cock burried balls deep into his ass and he smiled, and said That feels just awesome Tommy, I said yea I can feel it too. Then he said fuck me man, give it to me, and Nature took over and I started a rythm and steady continuous fucking, and feeling just out of sight, we humped and grunted and groaned and pushed up and back and he was snorting and I was moaning and saying man Im gonna shoot soon and he said go ahead because I am too, sensuality took over completely and I could feel each movement inside his body, he was contracting his anal muscles and milking my cock like a machine I felt the head swelling up and my cock felt like a peice of iron in his hot asshole, I could feel his pulseing heart beating in my cock head, it was that sensative, Man I had never felt anything like this before and then I just went rigid, I could feel that feeling in my nuts as they drew up into my body and I felt it as his rectum muscle massaged my cock and I felt the spasm, jerking, convulsing of my cock as it unloaded a loads of cum into his intestines, It was Mind boggling, I grunted and jerked and gasp for air and leaned over on top of coach Dons body and just layed there and I felt his spasm start while my cock was still in his ass, he was unloading semen thru his cock head and I felt it as it shot out agains my stomach and chest as I layed against him, It was fenominal, He just looked at me and smiled and leaned down and kissed me like a lover would kiss her man, I was in heaven man.

That year in High School I was in a dream world, My world had changed and I was a totally different person, My Mom and Dad was absolutely thrilled with my Grades, they had gotten much higher and I was more attentive to things at home and Coach was a very dear and close friend of our family, And no one ever became wiser of our love affair, He was eventually transferred to a State College and Became the Head Coach of the College Football team, and Guess what I became a College student there, graduated from there after four wonder years, and went on to become a Marketing executive in a large business firm. I stayed intimate with Coach Don and yes Lovers untill I moved out of the country and transferred overseas for the company. I have to say Life Has had many preset things for me and I have made many choices but Haven't regretted any of either. I am a happy well adjusted, prosperous Gay man It's kinda nice to take an evaluation once in a while and see the good things that have come of life.



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